Administrator considers Moses bids from West Brom, Forest, and now Newcastle?

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Moses: Another Nigerian gymnast.
Moses: Another Nigerian gymnast.
Administrators currently in charge of the financial affairs of Crystal Palace have been considering bids from West Brom and Nottingham Forest for talented 19 year old starlet, Victor Moses. In a further development however, Moses’s agent, Tony Finnegan, has now claimed that Mike Ashley and Newcastle United have finally thrown their hat into the ring with a bid too. Though we are not cynical here at NUFC Blog, it has been known for agents to talks complete and utter guff in an attempt to get the best possible deals for their clients. Of course though, we wouldn’t dream of suggesting that anything of the sort was happening here!

While the West Brom bid is known to be around £1.5 million, it is not known for certain what the other bids are at this stage. However it is thought that the player will eventually go for a much higher sum, with West Brom manager, Roberto Di Matteo conceeding that he may lose out to some much weightier bids before the player’s fate is sealed.

Meanwhile, the Administrators have acknowleged that Moses was intententionally left out of the Palace squad for their away game with the Magpies yesterday evening (much to the annoyance of Palace’s manager, Neil Warnock), with head administrator, Brendan Guilfoyle admitting:

“I could not sleep worrying that Victor might be injured, which could jeopardise the future of the club,” adding:

“The manager was very disappointed.”

Moses is a versatile winger, who can also operate as a striker. Born in Nigeria in 1990, he has, so far, spent the whole of his footballing career at Crystal Palace, having joined the ranks of the youth academy there in 2004. So far, he has made a total of 90 appearences for the South London club in all competitions, finding the net twelve times. He has also made numerous international apperences with the England Under 15, Under 17 and under 19 teams.

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96 Responses

  1. Can’t see it to be honest.

    Look at his stats, they are comparable to Carroll’s, and they are hardly owt to write home about! Dunno what all the fuss is about.

  2. How do we know that WBA have bid £1.5m?

    I mean we bid £1.8m for Beckford and this guy is a much better prospect.

    I would say £3m to clinch it.

  3. Of course, he’ll have had the advantage of seeing our ground, fresh in the back of his mind when making a decision.

  4. Reckon he’ll end up at Man City or Arsenal, languishing in the reserve teams for a few seasons, bit like Walcott did.
    Would be pleased if he came here, but if not…life goes on.
    I’d rather some cover for left back sorted out first!

  5. Can’t help but get excited about this even though i know he will end up going to a PL side. Think he would choose over Brom and Forest but he’s off to the highest bidder. Could see the likes of wigan or the scum signing him.

    Would be happy to get in another CB on loan and a LB. Moses would be such a bonus though!

  6. I think Perchy will want to make the left back spot his. Villa wanted to buy Bale,but were stopped because of Spurs needing him until after the African Cup. Maybe then Villa would sell Shorey to us !.
    If Moses saw us beat West Brom and QPR, I should expect him to want to come here. Two and a half million should clinch it…..wait for our dreaded panel !!!

  7. Alan,

    I don’t think this seasons performances will have much baring on where he goes.

    I imagine he will look at 1st team chances, where his best chance of PL football is and who has the resources when they get to the PL.

    I still think he’ll end up at a PL club this month anyway.

    We won’t have to wait too long as the window closes Monday.

  8. if I was moses I’d way rather go to the toon than wigan or the scum, not even biased, I reckon a club with our history and ground is more attractive than a pl club with worse history and on the way down.

  9. I reckon the money originally meant for Beckford was used to buy Routledge. However, if we genuinly have made a bid for Moses then Ashley is seemingly realising that improvements need to be made and that money is needed. I assume that if the money is pretty much identical from all clubs then he gets to choose where he goes?

  10. We dont need another winger! We need a centre forward netting goals often! I think gary hooper is a good chooise!

  11. I’m hoping young Victor enjoyed it up here last night so much that he didn’t leave ;)

  12. Williamson and Routledge were smart moves, now, despite looking not the most attractive candidates to land him, atleast we’re entering the bidding for a much sought after young prospect. Do I detect small amounts of forgiveness of Ashley creeping in with some fans?

  13. AndyNUFC,

    I don’t think it is so much forgiveness as people just being open enough to admit when Ashley does well.

    I think the vast majority of fans have always said that if Ashley pulled his finger out and did some good stuff, we would all admit it and get off his back a fair bit.

    The guy has proven himself a complete idiot so far but so far only covers the past. It is possible that with less “expectation” on his back in the Championship this season and with a hugely reduced wage bill that will reduce further when Geremi and Butt leave in the summer, Ashley is more confident to spend when asked, nevermind having a solid and experienced football brain like Chris Hughton in charge.

    Maybe Ashley needed to start lower league like a lot of young players do. He certainly seems to be buying himself the rest of the season without major moans, if nothing else.

  14. Ali mate surely the idea of netting one of the biggest prospects in english football is more important than the fact that ‘we don’t need any more wingers’???
    I’d rather see him playing on the left with Jonas playing through the middle. My ideal team for the rest of the season:

    simpson williamson tayls/colo enrique
    routledge smith jonas moses
    Lovenkrans Ranger

    If we get moses in him and Ranger could form a lethal partnership playing off eachother, then maybe finally in a few years time the toon would be able to contribute players to the national side! Now there’s a thought…

  15. From what I see and hear can’t all 3 Jonas, Routledge and Moses play on the wings and ‘across the middle’ (An Ashley Young/Milner type role), or upfront in Moses’ case? We do have cover for the wings for the most part but I openly admit we should probably push the boat out for what’s on the surface a “luxury” signing, but a well invested one at that. I like the fact Ashley has bidded for him, but I can’t see us going past much more than £3.5mill for him, which isn’t all that bad considering we’re in a season when the be and end all is just simply do the adequate amount to win games and get promotion, realistically.

  16. would be great if we could get him, for the team and the positive vibes the club would be wallowing in, would show a bit of ambition

    and i disagree ali, we need decent wingers, moses is proven in that regard, and is improving probably better than r taylor pancrate and jonas already

    but i also hope the clubs eye is on some defensive cover as thats a big concern now

    probably lost enrique and tayls for a month at least

  17. Aye, to be honest i think you’ll struggle to find fans that will ever forgive Ashley for his past antics. He at times has made us the laughing stock of the footballing nation. However, fans will recognise and applaud things he does properly, of course he will, after all, its what he promised when he first arrived!

  18. Maybe instead of looking for custom made players, we should look at forming some into new positions?

    If we still had James Milner, you can bet he would always play on the wing. Martin O’Neill tried him in the middle instead one day and he is playing crazy good football now.

    Who is to say we couldn’t stick Jonas or Moses (if we get him) in the middle and they be a similar revelation?

  19. Moses has vast potentail by all accounts so I think it would be a good investment for any club.

    They’ll obviously sell him for less than he’s worth as their being forced into selling their best assett.

  20. andy if ashley bids 3.5 mill for him before any other pl clubs he’ll be ours. God the idea of us signing a genuinely promising youngster is so nice! It must help that we beat palace last night, woulda been a better advert if we’d turned em over with some decent carpet football…

  21. Yeah, I don’t believe it will ever come to a majority of fans openly praising Ashley, but I do see sense and applaud his, what some fans dub, “cost cutting ways”. If anything, he’s put NUFC through some drastically needed detox this season, shifting dead wood, halfing the wage bill and made some sound signings – as well as employing methods to maximise revenue generated for the club.

  22. if its true we have bid for moses,dont rule toon out,even if we are a mill out,as ashley deals in cash,just what admin want

  23. Aye Wicky, it’s not that hard to play good in a good team though, but Milner’s done very weel this season. In all honesty I always saw him as a middle player, he played there early in his career and his work rate, shot and vision was always going to make him a good attacking player. Not boasting myself as an all seeing prophet by any means, but his crossing let him down somewhat and I recall it being one of the attributes that made the £12mill for a “winger” seem too good to be true.

  24. icedog,

    You’re right, Ashley has the ability to just write a cheque out for a couple of million there and then – Can Forest and WBA do that?

    Not many PL teams pay up front, so it does have it’s advantages having a billionaire owner – Sometimes anyway.

  25. Ross says:
    January 28, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    “He at times has made us the laughing stock of the footballing nation.”

    To be honest, Ross, it’s the fans have had a bigger share of the hilarity.

  26. Aye Worky but we don’t have a monopoly on that.

    Every club in the world have silly, fickle fans.

  27. May as well stick with the Moses signing instead of fans/Ashley, who’s side are you on?

    I only say that because frankly, any time I try to make any input on the subject on here I get “gang banged” off people who can’t stand civil discussion, which is sh!t craic.

  28. see some of toy are preparing to give Ashley abit of day light as one who has defended him on occasions is it safe now to leave my bunker.On another point apparantly honduran defender Chavez is in toon talking about a loan deal

  29. Barney got run over by a cho cho. has anyone seen that uncle Ed has went mad you have to type out shit just to post. Ed you have been evicted :lol:

  30. AndyNUFC says:
    January 28, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    “I only say that because frankly, any time I try to make any input on the subject on here I get “gang banged” off people who can’t stand civil discussion, which is sh!t craic.”

    Andy, the case has been investigated and solved.

  31. Whatever happens for the rest of the season Hughton deserves tremendous credit for galvanising the players AND the fans, sure the football may not be pretty at times, but it’s largely winning football and he seems to be going for the right kind of player and deals to suit NUFC at this moment in time, who knows what will happen if and when we get to the Premiership, but lets enjoy it while it lasts…

  32. AndyNUFC says:
    January 28, 2010 at 10:35 pm
    Moondust, care to elaborate on that bunker comment?

    there is still plenty of people that think MA is the devil and is going to flock anyone then put us into administration. folks views are changing though ;)

  33. workyticket says:
    January 28, 2010 at 10:40 pm
    DIBBLE! Or should I say …
    Pack it in ye radgie get!

    ye radgie old get ;)
    but he has just found out that Barney is dead

  34. I don’t know what’s going on but since being a regular poster on here since Ed’s original blog closed I used to really like this site and having a natter on with people. Now though, people like Stardust, this Dibble and Moondust (obviously an alias of the first aforementioned) seem scared or at least intolerant to my opinion and frankly, I could ignore it, but why should I come on here and read people writing sh!t about me? I’ve never started any personal attacks on anyone on here, it’s not my nature, but if people can’t even post a disagreement in a civil manner then why should I even bother?

    People like you are turning this blog into proper bad craic and to be honest, if you’re going to badger me forever then i’ve got better things to do with my time than come on here.

  35. Mike invests sensibly,shows intent,respects the geordie nation…people will change.
    That is all he needs to do and mutual respect and happiness is soon to follow.

  36. Cant see why Ashley would pay a few million for Moses is he is planning on doing one in the summer. If it goes through, fair play to the fat man.

    At the moment we are spending what a top championship team should, so in the summer hopefully Ashley will spend what a solid premiership team should if we get promoted.

    Althouth i can never distinguish between Ranger and Moses playing for U19s on TV, so will have a nightmare in level 7.

  37. AndyNUFC > Moondust (obviously an alias of the first aforementioned)
    You are completely wrong and where have i said anything wrong about u or to u ?

  38. Well I apologise if i’m wrong about a seemingly obvious alias on the name and the bunker comment, whatever that was… But I still keep the sentiments directed towards DRIBBLE and STARDICK.

  39. Andy i know what happened i read >

    barton12 says:
    January 28, 2010 at 10:19 pm
    see some of toy are preparing to give Ashley abit of day light as one who has defended him on occasions is it safe now to leave my bunker.On another point apparantly honduran defender Chavez is in toon talking about a loan deal

    and for some strange reason i put your name on the reply >
    MOONDUST says:
    January 28, 2010 at 10:26 pm
    AndyNUFC > is it safe now to leave my bunker.
    no not yet

  40. ANDY; your just have to acept where ever we go we find no-alls,let it go over your head(i used to know one mother/in-law ha

  41. AndyNUFC says: > Well I apologise if i’m wrong about a seemingly obvious alias on the name

    There is loads of Stars but only 1 Moon ;)

  42. Ahhh Moondust I do apologise then!

    And icedog yeah, I suppose you’re right. To be honest I get more satisfaction thinking about their sad existence!

    Anyway, change of subject, what’s the odds for Solano to bag one against us this weekend?…

  43. Thanks for the sentiments TGS, but I feel maybe i’ve painted myself as a little victimised here which is far from the truth! haha.

    It’s just bad craic when you get doylums ruining a good community spirit – as toon fans and recent goings on it’s natural for there to be differing opinions and disagreements, it’s just unfortunate these people can’t put any civil debate forward and choose to respond with whatever 4 letter words they get taught off their big cool mates.

  44. I will be suprised if Nobby starts on Saturday, but if he comes on I would expect a fantastic reception, just don’t give away any daft free kicks!!!!!

  45. ANDY off subject,my son was at match (usedto play good standard)said he was very impressed with the pos/sense of williamson,dont know what others said

  46. well if he joins up…we azll know that is not going to happpen because of our stupid, snob heded, DIK wad owner….but if he did consider it we just signed rooney

  47. Most folk on this site are prety switched on in the crazy world of NUFC and offer varying opinions and views which should be respected and debated with integrity.
    Preaching over…………

  48. Yeah williamson had good game once he had calmend down after 15-20mins or so would not have had him as man of the match though i think some people getting a bit carried away with him like

  49. Well icedog, if I were to adapt a typically Ashley way of thinking – he’s 26, 6ft4, and for 1/tenth of the price should be able to do at least HALF the job Coloccini can do! I didn’t see the match unfortunately but my mates tell me he’s a no nonsense defender and ever wasted a pass – something which Coloccini and Enrique can sometimes be guilty of. For £2million, I think Routledge and Williamson were probably 2 of the best, shrewed signings we’ve made – and if they have a good season next year in the good league then at least their sell on price should ensure us a nice profit were they to leave!

  50. Apparently Danny Simpson broke the news on his facebook!

    He also said about Routledge joining too.

  51. icedog,
    I was there last night and offer the following comments on Williamson:

    Appeared to be calm and assured, good in the air, could not fault his positional sense and he constantly communicated (or tried) with the Argy, Frenchman and Hungarian……..
    A good start but I will reserve judgement until he has played at least 10 games.

  52. Andy – “doylum”, good word :)

    Honestly, you’re not being harangued by as many people as you think.
    You can almost take the (s) off the end of doylums, when you talk about the wind-ups on here. They know who they are… ;)

  53. talking money some press are saying williamson one day loan (EMG),then signed on free 3half yr contract,something to do with not having to pay watford anything (pompy)dont know what to belive sometimes

  54. If Mike Ashley bought Moses from Crystal Palace after getting Williamson from Pompey, it would be as if he picked up two bargains in “closing down sales”. For him this would be a little ironic! :-)

  55. If we got Williamson on a free (icedog@69)then it shows how bad things are at pompey then dare i say it but Ashley as i have said time and again is doing the job getting the clubs finances sorted (back to my Bunker)

  56. icedog,
    Your son was right it was an awful game, Nolan must not play in a 4-4-2 formation.
    But that’s a different subject lol.

  57. BARTON12 come up for air ha yes they must be in shit they got there int/net cut of for non-payment

  58. I think Williamson is slightly behind Taylor and quite a bit behind Colo on this season’s form.

    Thought the lad did really well, was committed and threw himself into tackles and blocks. All typical of a defender’s debut performance I guess? Could have done better with some of his headers (instead of playing head tennis with Palace players) but in fairness he was better when settled.

    Very solid but in truth, his MOTM said more about how poor the game was than it did about him. But yeah did well after getting over blowing out of his arse in the first 10 mins! :)

  59. Also find it hardto believe the lads who are suggesting we don’t need any more wingers and then citing Pancrate, Lovenkrands, Guthrie and Ryan Taylor as options can’t have been watching much this season. Pancrate isn’t up to the job in my opinion and the other three simply aren’t wingers.

  60. Pancrate a flash in the pan could not understand Houghton putting him on at rightback last night

  61. well lads off to have couple of jackie/d,mail reporting GIVEN being sued for cut of 6mill t/f to m/city

  62. I Love you Ashley I do I love you Ashley
    And If you by us a Striker
    I will love bite your POO :)

  63. Andy – thanks for the compliment since I am away and not online – and its nice to see hypocrisy is rife in Andys household calling me Stardick and then having a go at me for challenging your view – which I have done only a few times AFTER last weekends game when you went all suicidal on us.

    To stay I stifle debate is utter tosh – on the contrary I like to challenge and stimulate it.

    Get a backbone and in the future feel free to challenge me at the time to my face rather than sniping behind my back.

  64. stardust mate you’re on an internet blog, to ask someone to ‘say something to your face’ is a bit backwards to be honest!

  65. Know this is nowt to do with the toon but just been told Benitez is leaving Liverpool today

  66. lol @ the slapfight.

    Honestly lads, who gives a flying sh*te if somebody disagrees with you? The whole point in voicing your opinion is to receive debate and criticism is a healthy part of it. Stardust is very blunt in his arguments, but he does start debate and very intriguing ones at that, if you don’t like it go elsewhere, pretty much. Nothing against you, but Stardy really doesn’t hit out for no reason (or at least not as far as I’ve seen on this blog – Ed’s was a different story, of course).

    That said, I really, really hate people spelling “craic”. It’s a word that’s often used to stereotype the Irish pubs and clubs to us silly foreigners. Look up the etymology of the word, it’s very interesting.

  67. Thump = Boring….

    Stardust is away in Australia according to some of his comments on another thread although it must be a different Australia to the one we all know as when he said he was sunbathing on the beach it was 3am there.

    Takes all kinds I suppose.

  68. Stuart – Australia wouldn’t let Stardust any where close to its borders.

    The only way he would’ve got there was to have been transported along with convicts, the insane and others that England wanted rid of!

  69. Crystal Palace’s Administrator was interviewed on the radio last night and one thing’s for sure, he’s not going to hurry to sell Moses.

    Yes, he needs an injection of cash to run the club but he’s commisioned an Agent to deal with player transfers. So, Moses or Ambrose won’t come cheap.

    An added comment was that Citeh, ManU and Arsenal are watching with ineterest and Arsenal were said to be wiling to go to £8m!

    A nice thought, but can you see MA splashing £8m on an 18 yr old?

    Dream on….. but it would be great if we got him to go with Ranger et al.

  70. For those outside the North EAst and Cumbria, the programme’s only showing on BBC North East or BBC Cumbria areas.

    Those with Freesat should be able to get it or if you’re on sky, I’d heard it may also be picked up.

  71. Devonmag – agreed lol

    Thump – cheers fella – I couldn’t understand where the broadside came from.

    Stuart – the Australia gag was in response saying I was digging a hole for myself – onviously too subtle for you!

  72. To be fair Henry was a right winger…Now I realise that comparing Moses to Henry is a big thing but there is no reason why we cant raise him to be a pacey front man playing off either shola, carrol or ranger!!