For Foxes sake! Hughton surveys carnage before Leicester battle.

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Steven Taylor: "Out for a while" says Hughton.
Steven Taylor: " Out for a while" says Hughton.
While last night’s worrying hamsting injury to very important left back, Jose Enrique, has already been covered in these pages, Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton, has also been looking at the other injuries within the squad in the build up to the weekend’s away game at Leicester.

On casualties, Shola Ameobi (shoulder) and Danny Simpson (ankle) he said:

“I know Shola will be touch and go, Danny Simpson probably not, but certainly the Cardiff game.”

Moving on to longer term knee casualty, Steven Taylor, who is probably suffering with a “grade one” ligament sprain, he added:

“Steven Taylor will be out for a while, certainly a good few weeks, but at the moment, I’m not sure how long. He’s just being assessed by a couple of people.”

Meanwhile, the Stratford Supremo’s hunt for defensive reinforcements goes on. Though latest recruit, Mike Williamson seemed to slot in very well to the defensive gap left by Steven Taylor, more will be required if the the Toon’s current injury woes continue. On a brighter note though, much needed right back, Ryan Taylor will be back for the Leicester game, leaving us with a probable back four of R. Taylor, Williamson, Coloccini and Kadar.

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50 Responses

  1. Just put this on the previous thread, but for those who miss it Newcastle, west brom and forest have all made bids for Moses according to his agent

  2. I don’t think Moses will have any choice really – The administrators will take the best bid – They to.

    This is Ashley’s moment, is he going to take this chance?

    He always said he would spend the money on the right player.

  3. I haven’t got a link I’m affraid dan4toon, I’m at work but just saw it on the White strip on ssn. Sorry

  4. Comon Victor you know who’s the biggest and the best come upto SJP for PL footie next year, we would be glad to have you on board :-)

  5. It’s not worth even talking about the Moses bid, simple facts are that our best chance to land him at all would be a loan deal after a premier league is undeniably going to sign him. Off that notion, there’s no point if we have Jonas, Routledge, Raylor, Pancrate and possibly Lovenkrands and Guthrie.

  6. lads! moses would be a great signing but i wont hold my breath. anyway he could play 1 upfront with 2 wingers in moses and routelege and give jonas a free role he then can go forward instead of going back 4nolan and smith he can also run throu midfield which we are missing so smith or nolan can hold and sit.

  7. ++ I’d let Raylor and Pancrate go at the end of season, if Moses can play left wing (or Routledge for that matter) would be a great investment and would play 50% of the games maybe

  8. Apparently all three bids are around the same amount of mone. If its just between the three of us then i can see him arriving at the SJP. However, i can see Spurs, Villa etc waiting on the wings for an offer to be accepted before the match it and bamboozle us. He would really balance out our attacking options though, leaving only our central midfield area to address in the summer.

  9. IF and thats a damn BIG IF we were to sign Moses then that is exactley the way MA said he wanted to try and run us. Younger players with potential or at least hungry to prove something. No over priced leeches. IF this happens I’ll be getting that on a shirt. But I think my coin is safe there.

  10. “Younger players with potential or at least hungry to prove something. No over priced leeches”.

    I think Williamson and Routledge fill that criteria and were spot on acquisitions – our transfer business this season has been top notch IMO.

  11. Where we have an advantage over other CCC sides is that Ashley likes to pay his purchase transfer fees upfront, this would most likely suit the Palace administrator.

    Off the subject, a mate of mine spoke to Taylor last night and he expects to be out for 3 months……..

  12. I would be so, so happy if we got Moses. Just lodge an improved bid to west brom and forrest’s right now and he’s ours. 3 mill may be a lot but if we offered them that straight up he’d be in black and white tomorrow. He’ll be worth tripple that in 5 years atleast anyway. We have a serious advantage with them being in administration, cos the administrators will take the best offer asap. Also, him and Nile are England U-21 team mates, so we have that as a big advantage as well! C’maaarn Ashley, sign him up!

  13. newcastle enquired about victor moses but the line went dead when they were told he’d be over a million pounds – the administrators have heard nothing from them since.

  14. I think there’s every chance he will still end up at a PL club.

    I would also question the source of this story (Agent) as they do have a history of making stuff up to engineer a more positive outcome.

  15. Dragonera-good to see you commenting more regularly on here recently mate!..I agree RE Moses, infact part of me thinks even if the bids have been made, his agent has only gone public with the information to speed up the premiership clubs. He’ll know there will top flight clubs considering his player and if he comes out and goes “oh look! all 3 clubs who are currently poised to return to the PL have made bids for him!”, then clubs like spurs and villa as you say will realise they need to stick their bids in relatively quickly.

  16. Sorry Barry but do you have a problem with us not getting bent over and absolutely shafted for players? Personally I’m sick of the Luque’s, the Owen’s and the other trophy signing flops of recent times. Players like Nolan for £4mill, Bassong £2mill, Simpson £500K, Routledge + Williamson £1mill… does that suddenly make us a poor club with a tight fisted owner? No, it makes us a financially apt club with a sensible owner choosing to spend wisely in times of still uncertainty. Transfer prices are over inflated these days.

    By the way, Portsmouth is doing now what we would be doing right now if we hadn’t had £250MILLION pumped into the club out of Ashley’s pocket. Aye he’s made mistakes and we’ve been relegated, obviously, but i’d rather be flying high enjoying winning a league lower than struggling, being a laughing stock in the Premier league, about to go into administration under Shepherd – as we would have.

  17. Stuart, N’Zogbia’s agent telling him Bayern Munich, Spurs, Arsenal and Villa were in for him a good example?

    On that subject, N’Zogbia is a fantastically gifted young player signed by Robson… if only we’d signed one good manager after sacking Robson instead of chopping and changing frankly n0bhead managers like Sounness and Allardyce – i’m sure we could have seen the best of him and not had the attitude. I still hold his agent hugely responsible for his disillusionment at the club, the falling out with Kinnear, and his wanting to move away.

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  19. This is a test of ashley’s ambition. three million would clinch the deal. put into context it is six month wages paid to butt and geremi. now who would miss those two.
    Do the deal. Show some intent Mike. If we are not in the market for this type of player we are dead men walking

  20. AndyNUFC says:
    January 28, 2010 at 8:31 pm
    …………… the falling out with Kinnear, and his wanting to move away.

    >>>>Aye Kinnear calling him Charles Insomnia didn’t help lol.

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  22. TonyGreen-I found Nzogbia’s reaction to the whole insomnia situation hilarious too. Clearly a simple slip of the tongue and all of a sudden Kinnear hates nzogbia, he doesnt even know his name, this that and the other. I’d love to get Moses but i cant see it happening. Us making bids will surely alert other clubs. It’s all about his ambition i suppose, he’s guaranteed first team football here and given our fanbase etc, he’ll enjoy it. Just depends on whether he wants to immediatly join up with the likes of Villa and try to get a starting place, but even they have the likes of Fabien Delph still trying to break into the first team.

  23. Ross, he wouldn’t start here – not with Routledge, Jonas, Pancrate and all the strikers we have.

  24. AndyNUFC says:
    January 28, 2010 at 8:56 pm
    Ross, he wouldn’t start here – not with Routledge, Jonas, Pancrate and all the strikers we have.

    >>>>>>> Did you say that with your tongue firmly in your cheek?

  25. villa have got more wingers then any club! so thats a no go! man city want johnson so that tells me he doesnt want to go their sit on the bench so thats why they have gone for johnson. this kid wants to play and not for the money that only leaves forest because west brom have just got a winger and would he take a risk on them!

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  29. come on lads we all have apoint of view lets just try and be a little more fiendly and hava debate we all just want the toon to do well

  30. Aye Dibble I get up and go to my college and get my A grades which is taking me to University and to a degree into a good job, so what’s your point? Icedog, have I started any bother on here? Never – it’s people with an intolerance to democratic debate and different opinions that can’t put up with me.

  31. icedog says:
    January 28, 2010 at 9:38 pm
    come on lads we all have apoint of view lets just try and be a little more fiendly and hava debate we all just want the toon to do well

  32. ANDY?/DIBBLE;no andy i have not seen you start bother on site,you put your point which is your right dibble do not reply to things you do not like it is also your right.what i do is say i dont with points m8

  33. This reminds me of Bobby Robson’s transfer policy, get them young and British.
    Also as much as l detest Ashley’s dishonesty with Keegan and us,the supporters,he is doing what he later told us he was going to do.
    Thats get rid of the overpaid hangers-on and impose a wage cap. He also said he wanted to buy youth and develop them into a good team and l think buying Moses would be a good indicator of Ashley’s real intentions.