Leicester City v Newcastle United – An away fan’s guide.

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Advice for away fans: Divven't argue with this gadgie!
Advice for away fans: Divven't argue with this gadgie!
On the back off a scrappy yet ultimately effective 2-0 win against crisis club, Crystal Palace, The Toon turn their attention to the Walker’s Stadium and a Saturday evening clash with Leicester City. It’s another local one for me as I live about 25 miles from Leicester, and work even closer!

The game is shown live on Sky TV so fans should get the treat of a live stream of the game. Generally, Leicester is not a happy hunting ground for us, with only 1 win in our past 7 games away at The Foxes. I will be among 3,250 Toon fans in attendance however, watching to see if we are going to be more successful this time around.

We’ll head south down the A1, join the M1 at Leeds and keep going south until you reach Leicester Forest East services. Once you hit these services you’ll need to get into the left hand lane and get ready to leave at J21 (M69, A5460). Take the A5460 and follow the signs for the city centre. Keep your eyes peeled for a railway bridge because just after that there is a set of traffic lights which you’ll need to turn right at. The road is called Upperton Road and will be signposted Leicester Royal Infirmary. When you go over a bridge you can either go straight over into Walnut Street or follow the main road to the right and take the next left into Filbert Street. From there you should be able to see the ground.

For parking, there are plenty of street spaces available near to where you turn right after the railway bridge mentioned above. Obviously if your parking on the streets than make sure your car is parked legally as there is sure to be parking enforcement in operation. Another alternative is to park at the Leicester Tigers ground. It’s well signposted and is a 10-15 minute walk from the ground. I’ve checked and the Rugby fixture has been moved to Friday evening so parking there should be fine and will cost £3, so my Leicester Tigers supporting father-in-law tells me.

Finding somewhere to have a drink could be a problem, or it could be fine. It all depends on what mood the police are in! Leicester city centre is around a 20 minute walk from the ground so you’ll need to be at the ground a good 2 hours before kick-off to give yourself the time if thats where you’d like to go. One pub that usually welcomes both sets of fans is called ‘The Leicester Gateway’ on Gateway Street. Head towards the university campus and you’ll find it! There are some pubs to avoid aswell, these are called ‘The Victory’ and ‘The F Bar’. Also, opposite the away entrance is a memebers only club called the ‘Half Time Orange’.

For those coming by train, there is a pub opposite the railway station called ‘The Hind’ which is generally where the police shepherd travelling fans into before walking you to the ground.

Alcohol inside the ground is generally sold, or not, depending on police advice so it very much depends if we are deemed ‘high risk fans’ by the police. If there is a lack of alcohol though, at least you’ll be able fill up on the usual pies and pasties.

Lets see if we can out-fox The Foxes eh?

Howay the lads!

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60 Responses

  1. Another way to get there is to keep on on the A1 past the M1 turn to the M18, and take that across to the M1, cuts about 20 mins off travel time!

  2. It’s just been on SSN (on the backpages of todays newspapers) that Hull have their entire squad for sale.

    Can’t wait to see them go down this season. Maybe we can get Shearer on the pitch to sing.

  3. Sunday evening BBC Inside out program all about Mike Ashley and his Business empire make sure its not missed

  4. Barton, we’re seeing evidence that Ashley’s doing good things for the club and has apppointed Hellawell, the former Blair ‘drug tsar’ as CEO of Sports Direct International.

    I suspect he’s on a charm crusade to raise his credibility following the knocks his reputaion’s had of late.

    In the light of that, amd if of course my feeling’s correct, then we can expect more good deeds to win the fans and media over.

  5. lesh i hope so mate then again i have been givin him credit for sorting the financial mess out for months now it has’nt made me very popular on this blog like,i had to get myself a Bunker.

  6. There’s absolutely no way Arsenal will pay £8m for Moses.

    The adminstrator has got to say there’s plenty of interest and were not in a hurry to sell. The fact is they need to sell before monday.

    They need to pay creditors off and their only assets are their players.

  7. Morning lads, dunno if its been mentioned but Gary Jacobs of The Times is reporting in what looks to be a rumour column that we last night matched the 1.5 mil bid made by WBA for Moses. Cant see him going for anywhere near that cheap being their main moneymaker, just have to wait and see what happens by the looks of things. When does the window close? Monday?

  8. Be good if we can get moses..fingers crossed.
    Tricky away game Saturday if we play like we played against palace I am going for a draw.

  9. …. and, Ashley’s £1.5m bid is no different to putting a toe in the water.

    I’m sure that if MA sees the potential, he’ll go for Moses and maybe Moses will see the advantage of joining us as he’s more chance of first team games than at say Citeh or Arsenal. He’ll also have noted Ranger’s emergance into the squad too.

  10. Think matching wba bid is the right thing to do , if they reject our bid they will reject wba’s and we can take t from there.

    At the end of the day Palace need to sell him more than we have to buy him ( tho it would certainly show the ambition of the club if we get him )

    Any more rumors? Anyone hear of this left back from hondoros we are meant to be taking on loan

  11. Just been on SSN, David Craig says we have signed Fitz Hall and the board are optimistic with the bid for Moses who is keen on the move, Steven Taylor out until March though.

  12. He’s another one who’s a decent Championship player.

    I don’t know how they sneak these players in. He’s had the pics done already!

    So the club think Moses is keen on a move to the Toon?

    Cannot be too many PL clubs in for him then.

  13. Johno toon yes he can play full back ,saw him a few times when I was living in Wigan,decent enough signing for the championsip and will certainley do a job in this current injury crisis

  14. Newsnow are also reporting we have signed a dutch left back from chelsea on a one month loan, Patrick Van Aanholt, kin hell, a veritable avalanche of signings, must have been a good week at the wheel in Vegas.

  15. Sources close to the player says Newcastle are his first choice. The board met with the players agent and the adminstrators yesterday.

    Although I don’t expect this to be done quickly, I imagine the administrators will want to drag it out and leave the door open for new bids.

  16. Stuart, drag it out?, three and a half days is what they have got but there is always the danger of a premier league coming in, problem is that we can offer him first team football rather than bench warming and reserve team football.
    Reading Teamtalk, the mackems fans are keen on him, hope he signs for us as he would be a great addition.

  17. BBB.. yes, these signings have come and dealt with very very professionally.

    Well done to the whole lot of ’em and especially MA for loosening the purse strings.

    Promotion would go a long way to his rehabilitation and if he decided to stay with us and make a real go of success over a few years, I’d be more than happy.

    Right, I’m heading for me bunker again!!!

  18. Is that number five now?

    But Hughton has said were also in for a striker and Moses! Surely Moses must be that stiker otherwise that would be potentially 7 new signings!

    Un heard of!

  19. Stuart – you always said you would judge Ashley at the end of this window -IF we don’t sign anyone else, as we will always miss out on some we try for – what is your judgement at this point in time

  20. Whohooooo, Finally A cover for the left-back slot. February is pack with fixtures,so having a 1month loan stint is good enough.

    Now A creative mid-fielder,and a striker,be it on loan or perm deal is fine.


  21. Alright Stardust like I have said on numerous occasions I have a very forgiving nature,if Mike wants to stay and become a real part of the local culture and club,treats the heritage and fans with respect and sensibly builds a good team in the next couple of years then I will be back onside.

    It’s just no fun hating the owner of something you have loved since being a kid,keep up the good work Mike and Co…let’s top off this window with new Striker and march back to the premiership.

  22. Stardust says:
    January 29, 2010 at 10:47 am

    Cannot find fault to be honest.

    We missed out on Beckford and Killgallon but it would have been stupid to pay the sort of transfer fees they were looking for considering they were out of contract in six months.

    I think we have enough now to secure promotion although I would be more secure if we managed to get a striker – If we get Moses that would be the icing on the cake.

    Maybe Ashley is starting to enjoy owning a football club again.

    Well done Mike Ashley.

    Still think he’ll sell if promoted though.

  23. Judging by the comments in the journal article, Moses and his camp seem to be sensible in saying that he might not benefit from joining a pl club. I may be seriously jumping the gun but I have a hunch that should we provide the 2.5 mil or whatever it is they want, we would be his preferred destination. The two signings made today can’t be faulted, fair play to the club as someone is really getting their backside into gear like! Is anyone optimistic re Moses?

  24. Bl**dy hell, it’s hard keeping up with all these new signings, we must have been the most prolific club in the transfer market – and as yet (fingers crossed) no-one been sold yet.

  25. Credit where it’s due, the club have acted very professionally in this transfer window, signing these players with the minimum of fuss – well done to all.

  26. Agree Deb,very pleased with the clubs efforts and the way they have gone about business..if we get Moses then I will be very happy indeed.

  27. What’s a substantial bid though?

    I class £3m as substantial. Ashley always did say he doesn’t mind spending big money on the right players.

    I reckon that would be accepted.

  28. We would be a good option for Moses-at a prem side he would be rotting on the bench and he seems to want 1st team football.
    3M seems a decent deal and he is still young and will develop at the Toon I am sure.

  29. Maybe 2.5 will be enough but i think 3m would nail it.
    Seems he will defiantly be sold before the window shuts which is good for everyone.

  30. Deb – Ah, great minds think alike eh?

    Stu – Wey fingers crossed that it is around that mark, would be devastated if he went to any of our promotion rivals or the SMB.

  31. Wouldn’t go so far as saying I would be devastated if we don’t get Moses…seems Mike has got his cheque book in hand and sure they have other strikers they are chasing at the minute.

    Just please to see some new faces in the black and white and feel we can push on a bit now as we where looking a bit haggered.

  32. SJT – I think it will show real intent if we can land Moses. Must say I’m really pleased with what’s happened this transfer window and I don’t think any of our fans can complain. Hopefully they will stop singing that embarrasing song to Ashley as they are going to look very foolish.

  33. lads why not just ask what they want and get it dun before other clubs come in! sign him up like bent harry does it at spurs! we are going to save money on germi and might get a small fee becasue he wants to go so we dont have to pay him anything.that would be about 2 mil with saving his wages and a fee.

  34. SJT – I wouldn’t be devastated if he went to the likes of Arsenal or Man City but it would sting like hell if he did end up at Forest or West Brom or S’land and be a success…

    Just spoke to Simon Bird from the mirror over twitter, he said that CH was very confident of getting his man this morning in a press conference, so it’s more a case of probably not possibly, so *fingers crossed*

  35. Toonlad-I’m pretty much the same RE Moses. I’m quietly hoping to myself that if he doesn’t end up in black and white, he’ll be playing premier league football.

  36. Re the Moses bid, ours is the only cash up front bid so unless a pl team comes in, we should have a very good chance of signing him.

  37. lads,
    potential moses signing does seem exciting….not seen much of him though. How good is he actually? Or is he one of these media over-hyped british youngsters?

  38. Am a second year at Leicester de Montfort uni and off to the game tommorow.. Only live 5 mins from the ground, in terms of pre lash pubs, The Gateway was a corker of a pub but has sadly closed down now, ‘The Robert Peel’ is a good’n which is literally just down the road from the Gateway.. Peel will welcome away fans. On the other side of the uni about 10 mins walk from the ground is ‘Soar Point’ a nice big cheap student pub which would be a good place to drink.. Any more questions, just ask.. See you at the game, sat in row U I think.. Fingers crossed for Moses to come on board as well, will be a massive coup if we can!!

  39. Lboromag – Aye, that’s the way I go when I come back to The Toon. The only problem is there is roadworks on about 20 miles of the stretch between Leeds and Doncaster on the M1. I’ve been held up there for 30-40 mins a few times! That’s why I’m trying to get people to use the M1 from Leeds as it cuts down on potential traffic snags.

  40. Allman22 – Great info mate, thanks! Last time I went to a Leicester game it was The Gateway for me, still at least we have some good alternatives now.

  41. toonsy – No worries lad, yeah Gateway was open til last year, was belting £1 a bottle on a monday, shame it closed, soar point will be cheap and a bit of skirt to look at too haha.. Howayy

  42. toonsy – sorry but this away fans guide is a complete waste of time – now dont spit your dummy out coz i think the other articles you have posted are not – all bad – there’s parts i even agree with.

    so drop this rubbish & concentrate with the other stuff – you know i know best.