Peterborough v Newcastle United – An away fans’ guide.

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Peterborough's London Road ground.
Peterborough's London Road ground.
With only four away games remaining in what now appears certain to be a whistle-stop tour of Championship grounds, the Toon Army roll into Peterborough for top versus bottom clash. Promotion could be a very real possibilty on Saturday as Newcastle look to seal the deal at the very earliest opportunity.

It’s that possibility of promotion, combined with other fators, that should ensure that Peterborough is swamped with Newcastle fans that don’t have tickets for the game, to compliment the ones inside the ground that are lucky enough to have got one. Should Saturday be the clincher then I expect a memorable celebration round the town, certainly there will be from me as the main aim of promotion would be secured and we could focus on the secondary objective or clinching the title. On top of that the lads will almost certainly be wanting to prove a point after Peterborough’s 2-0 victory over us earlier in the season where it was felt by some of our more senior players that didn’t play that the Posh rather overdid the celebrations and rubbed salt into the wounds of the kids that played that night.

Weighing in at some 200 miles it is still quite a considerable trip, albeit a simple one straight down the A1(M). Hit the A1(M) until you reach as far down as the juntion with the A605, there are two separate junctions for the A605 so make sure you take the first one! Follow the A605 all the way into Peterborough until you reach the junction with the A15. The ground is visible from here although you will be able to see the floodlights from much further away.

Those making the journey by train are in for some good news. The rail strike wont affect your travel as it starts on Tuesday and if you look hard enough or pre-book tickets then you can get a direct return ticket from as little as £40. From the train station it’s a short 10-15 walk away from town along the main London Road until you reach the ground. Just be warned that the police will be around to direct you and they can be unreasonably heavy handed.


There is a car park at the ground itself although I hear it is quite expensive. As an alternative there is a pay & display car park on the London Road between the ground and the town centre or you can use the main pay & display at Queensgate in the town centre itself. There could also be some street parking to be had but you’ll need to be wary of over zealous parking patrols.

Pre-match drinking.

Right next to the ground is a place called ‘Club Metro’ that is welcoming away fans and will be showing the Man Utd v Chelsea game on Sky should you wish to take that in. Another pub is called ‘The Cherry Tree’, situated on the road you approched the ground on (Oundle Road) there is also the chance of parking your car there. If real ale is your poison then try ‘Charters’, a barge moored on the River Nene that serves real ale and chinese food.

Feeling hungry?

Aside from the places I have mentioned above, there is a KFC near enough opposite the ground or alternatively there will be food available inside the ground itself.

All in all, 4,400 mags in the away end taking up an entire stand and a bit of another stand teamed with the importance of this game will make for a great day out. I’ll be standing in the terrace behind the goal so give us a wave if your going!

Howay the lads!

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79 Responses

  1. It’s only because it’s easter and I’m having a nice drink up in Aberdeen. Blame the drink…

    Still think we’ll need to invest a decent bit of money next season and people who think we can survive on free transfers and £1m players are dreaming. lol

  2. Jay Jay the snow hasn’t been to bad down here but it has been fu*king freezing and the wind would blow you away. But I think its over now ;) .
    Stuart keep it up it suits ye though I do think most people realise that we need some investment :)

  3. i’m there! behind the goal on the terracing. should be a good day, hopefully promotion will be secured and a huge celebration after in the ground! i reckon 3-1 to us,peter, shola and wayne scoring. howay the lads!

  4. I’ve re assesed my prediction for Monday – I was a tad optimistic, think 7-0 more realistic.

  5. i will be happy with 0-1,more so if not playing ;) as i think n/f have blown out

  6. Haven’t been on here much…but coming from Goa, you guys are my solace as I keep getting ragged about the fact that my team is nufc rather than manure or chelski or arsenal…wouldn’t have it any other way though…made me quite glad to hear you guys being supportive about people who live in other parts of the world having an equal right to claim they’re just as black and white through and through…cheers you lot…

  7. On that note…anyone know of those sites wherein people put up like fantasy kits of their own design that they hypothetically think could be next years kit???

  8. Fernando666 says:
    April 1, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    “Haven’t been on here much…but coming from Goa, you guys are my solace as I keep getting ragged about the fact that my team is nufc rather than manure or chelski or arsenal”

    The first person I ever met in Goa (at Dabolim airport funnily enough) was wearing a Newcastle United shirt. He was absolutely crazy about the Magpies!

  9. Fernando666 says:
    April 1, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    “On that note…anyone know of those sites wherein people put up like fantasy kits of their own design that they hypothetically think could be next years kit???”

    Some people have sent their fantasy kit designs in here, Fernando.

  10. Fernando666 says:
    April 1, 2010 at 6:38 pm (Edit)

    “Haven’t been on here much…but coming from Goa, you guys are my solace as I keep getting ragged about the fact that my team is nufc rather than manure or chelski or arsenal”

    Fernando, tell them all to Goa away..

    …I’ll get my coat :lol:

  11. @worky…that’s the first I’ve heard of…they are few and far between…in fact, had seen a car registered to vasco (very close to dabolim) with the nufc crest on the licence plate…& there was this one waiter at a restaurant with a batty jersey on once…& you have great memory for names…when were you in Goa…?

  12. Just to add that Charters has a large beer garden and as well as serving great real ale also serves several lagers

  13. Fernando666 says:
    April 1, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    “when were you in Goa…?”

    That was in 1999, Fernando. Worst flight I’ve ever had (huge German knees in my back all the way) and the worst airport runway I’ve ever been on. It’s probably totally different now though.

  14. Fernando666 says:
    April 1, 2010 at 7:14 pm (Edit)
    @worky…how can I find em?

    Put “Fantasy football shirt designs” into Google or some other Search Engine, Fernando.

  15. Aye Worky, Goa has come on a touch since the 90’s – They don’t have the pot holes on the runway anymore!

  16. Stuart79 says:
    April 1, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    “Aye Worky, Goa has come on a touch since the 90’s – They don’t have the pot holes on the runway anymore!”

    Stuart, the strangest thing was that most of it was actually designed to be like that. They had these gulley type things in the runway which made the plane go “bdum bdum bdum” all the way down. I had two massive German knees in my back all the way too. I went with “Sovereign” airways for about 50p all in.

  17. Sorry, but this is one of the most boring blogs in ages, just let it die a natural death, I know you tried hard to save it Worky, let it go ! RIP !

  18. watching benfica / liverpool – jeez that insua is sh1te, johnsons great going forward but a cr@p defender – in fact if you take away carragher, gerrard and torres liverpool are decidedly average and they’ve spent about 100 million!

  19. I think it is clear to see now that Moses was badly advised in his decision to jump straight into a premiership dog fight with Wigan. His agent sounded like a right uneducated twat and he clearly guided Moses down the wrong path. His time at Wigan will only stunt his progression as he isn’t scoring at all, playing very little, and is part of a team playing very poor football. His confidence must be declining rapidly. He should have joined us and blended with team before trying to make an impact in the Prem. Silly boy.

  20. Always thought Moses was making a big mistake in going to Wigan. Not one regular first team player has come through the ranks so they don’t develope young talent at all.

  21. bedrock @22……….aye big beergarden but its pissin doon………….aye I kna,i’ve started early doon here.HWTL

  22. Someone please do the maths for me….

    The ground holds 15,313. the average attendance this season is just over 9000 (whole season not the last few games where it has dropped) we have just over 4.100. If the average attendance is 9000, and say an average of 1000 away fans that leaves a hard core support of 8000. The game is sold out so does that mean we are taking over 7000 or are the home fans coming out in force? I’m there, got my ticket and its only 2 sleeps away bring it on.

  23. i hope that wigan go down sooo fcuking much as le sulk (zogs)will be going down as we are coming back up again! classic. Now i know this may sound really really really far fetched but does anyone think that liverwank are about to do a newcastle and implode and end up in a relegation dog fight next season with us even finishing higher?

  24. Chuck, your comment @ 28 was off topic and going strictly by your rules shouldn’t have been posted.

    Jeez, had to try hard to stay awake then. Just the mention of Chuc zzzzzzz

  25. anyone noticin hw many free chances the opposition strikers getting in a game against us…well say one in a game…..thats the difference between the premiership strikers and the championship……there s a huge difference in class levels between these two……si i hioe that we are prepared for the premiership coz if those strikers get a chace they usually put the ball in the back of the net…..this season when we are not playin at our best we grinded out results ryt…but i don t tink u can do that in the premiership with the raise in the quality of strikers….but fingers crossed we could give all the teams in pl a shock!!1

  26. Dragonera@34,
    What a strange twist of fate that we ended up with Routledge after missing out on Moses and i dont think Hughton could have bought better for the money in that position.
    Williamson has also been outstanding and was MOM for me against Forest.
    Best has been disappointing but there is still time yet and as Meatloaf sang, “Two out of Three aint bad!”.

  27. Saroof @ 44,

    I’ve been saying that all season mate, and it’s more than one chance a game.

  28. yea u r ryte stuart……..some of the terrific strikers n d pl will murder us………hmmm……nd m nt entirely convinced about simpson……my gut feeling is that he wont cut it n the pl……i would say that perch of forest is an able replacement 4 him….he didnt give gutirrez an inch of space during that match and he got frustrated….this season no one has done that to him…shows that he isn t a bad buy…..and as far as williamson is concerned ..he z a good player but i fear that the pace of the pl will catch him out more often than now……enrique luks great nd so has coloccini improved a lot i would say…but still his lack of pace at tymz gives me the creeps….

  29. My ideal scenario would be for us to win tomorrow and Forest to draw!
    Why? Because then we would have 86 points and Forest’s maximum would be 86. With our superior goal difference that would mean that realistically we are certs for promotion. However, we would not be absolutely certain MATHEMATICALLY so we would still need one point on Monday – which would make the Monday’s game and (hopefully) the absolute sealing of promotion a great night!

  30. The season so far…….
    harper-excellent behind the goal…..but must say that strikers in the pl would finish most of the chances they get giving the keeper no chance….but he deserves the credit 4 an outstandin season
    krul-one 4 d future definetly….should be gettin play tym nearin the end of the season….only prone to decision making….and shld communicate with the defeence
    simpson-would not make the pl cut coz i got to say that he z not that gud..caught out far too often..gotto be lukin 4 perch
    williamson-played gud till nw,can definetly tackle,aerially gud,but susceptable to pace
    coloccini-definetly improved from last season dunno whether it z lack of quality but postioning a lot better..
    enrique-outstanding,pace skill,strength… it ol…
    r taylor-gud when he has come on,gave several assists
    s taylor-solid as rock when he has played
    f hall-actually lik him has some pace in him nd gud at the ball at his feet….
    kadar-definetly improved as he played more…surly can develop into a gud defender
    routledge-has gud pace,but gotto be more consistent if he has to be a hit in the pl
    jonas-has had a gud season played 75 % of his game very well but has had a couple of bad games in btwn…but still has givin us the killer edge at tymz….creating space 4 others
    nolan-has played gud this season banged goals in 4 fun but overall game should improve
    smith-has played his heart out this season,started of very well..but injured of late
    guthrie-shining light in the middle of the park..has givin several assists this season.corners ,freekicks…defintely will improve as season goes on
    barton-our best midfielder in the squad but needs to fullfill that promise
    pancrate-dunt know y he doesnt take on his man at tymz coz he has pace to burn
    butt-last season defintely
    ranger-this lad is gud but should play
    best-still yet to show his potential..unlucky i myt add
    lovenkrands-pl quality this lad…definetly one of our 2 strikers up front
    ameobi-when played has delivered the goods
    carroll-aerially gud but lack of pace makes him predicatable…but learnin quickly to play to his strengths

  31. Although I want us to secure promotion and the championship as soon as possible to give the youngsters a run in the team, I think it would be great for us to secure promotion Monday night at home infront of the tv cameras, but I’m sure the 4000 travelling supporters will have a different opinion.

  32. Toonsy @42 – yeah, I can only assume that Chuck doesn’t live in the UK – if he did, he probably wouldn’t have found this blog to be quite so boring :(

    Here’s an extra bit of info that they gave on the website, for the benefit of fans driving down to Peterborough:
    ‘Satellite navvies should head for: PE2 8AL’

  33. Would love to be going to the match tomorrow, how hard is it to get tickets for away matches? Toonsy where are you mate :)

  34. You meant If you’re going, give a wave.

    I’m looking for Shef Untd to break the home streak. NUFC will just be too juiced-up to keep the poise they need against that stern test.

  35. Toonsy, a couple of lines in your write up caught my eye, firstly a a barge with a beer garden! Lots of water plants I imagine. (OK I get what you mean I just had this very silly picture in my mind when I read it :) )
    The second one was the comment that the police can be heavy handed, what do you expect in what is now a non democratic police state. That one who openly smashed the protestor twice at the G20 protest and was exonerated as he said she looked threatening!! And I am willing to bet that the one who pushed over the paper precipitating his death and wasn’t even part of the Demo will also get away with his brutal attack.
    Sorry about my rant but the town I live in is ruled by an inner circle of councilors all with their nose well into the trough. who are hell bent on “improving” the town by destroying all of the mature trees just so motorists can take 1 minute less to get to the town centre, which incidently now has no small interisting shops anymore.

    Apart from that we should beat the Posh with not to many problems, they aren’t bottom for nothing and we aren’t top by accident either. But freak results do happen so you never know.

  36. Agree with Magpie6699

    Ideal scenario for me is 3pts (winning, or not losing, becomes a habit, which is why I say going up as champions is still very important)and then forest get held to a draw.

  37. Caught up with some of the lads who I hadnt seen after the Boro game the other night and they confirmed what I thought about the Boro police. We got split up and I got away before them but not before the police got totally unnecessarily heavy-handed. I know it was as much to dowith the fixture and circumstances but the coppers love a scrap as much as the supporters (those who are up for it I mean).

    Wish I could had made Peterbro but have other commitments. It’ll be a great day out either way.

  38. Big Willy – You must live in the same town as me :lol:

    jay jay – I’ve got tickets for evey game I wanted away from home. The only one I’ll struggle with this season is QPR by the looks of it :(

    Couldn’t get tickets for Villa last season either.

  39. a couple of little typos but I do wonder at times where this country is going and sometimes feel the need to get my indignant rage out quickly rather than avoid occasional errors.

  40. Toonsy I’ll give you a clue, it just might have the longest non commercial pier in the world. ;)

  41. Toonsy why will you struggle with QPR, I was thinking of going to that game. Is there a cap on away supporters.
    I was just thinking of turning up and if necessary stand quietly (oxymoron) with the home supporters.

  42. Willy – Tickets get offered to season ticket first, then members, then public. Because there is high demand the club slap a loyalty points system on it so those who have the most points can apply first etc. It started at 50 points, then 35, now 22 so I’m not a million miles off it. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    I couldn’t sit in the home end mate, it would end up getting ugly as I wouldn’t be able to keep my gob shut.

  43. Toonsy, I agree, thats why I said it was an oxymoron, keeping quiet as our goals go in would be highly contradictory to my probable reactions. Looks like it might be highlights on the BEEB again, unless the game is shown on TV live (not SKY).

  44. toons/BW – not looking good for away tickets for QPR, unless you fit the criteria. I would expect most have gone now. We’re in the process of getting QPR memberships to get home tickets. It’s looking that desperate.

  45. Just talking about tickets , if we go up how hard might it be to get tickets for home games anyone?

  46. So toonsy, if your not a member or a season ticket holder it’ll be tough to get tickets, unless you’ve been buying plenty of tickets and built up points?

  47. This season seems to have zipped by at lightning speed….I am crossing my fingers and toes Big Mike builds more bridges and does some decent wheeling and dealing pre season.

    I think with a decent spend say 15-20m plus a good loan or two and an additional few xmas presents in the winter window we should be fine.

  48. Johno – If you get in there early mate, home tickets aren’t a problem.

    jay jay – Best bet is to get a membership which costs £20 for a season then have a look on the club website for the date that away tickets go to a members sale. On that date phone up at 9am. That is what my mate does and it works for him everytime.

    Alternatively you could always ask to borrow someones membership number although that is based on trust as obviously you’ll be paying for the tickets but they’ll be going to someone elses address. You just have to wait for them to get forwarded.

  49. Haha Toonsy,
    I have been good lately…spreading positive Toon Vibes !!!
    I am saving the bad shit for the transfer window if it is a big let down…just been down to primark they had a sale on the bedsheets which could come in handy if Mike Ashley takes us for MUGZ :)

  50. I didn’t realise West Brom were playing today? Home to Leicester at 5:15pm. Come on the Foxes.

  51. Cheers for the info toonsy, think I’ll get the membership, sick of sneeking in at the wrong end, if you excuse the expression :)

  52. Bit of a ‘carry on’ double entendre there jay jay :D

    With the membership this year you get £40 in vouchers off home match tickets and a keyring ;)