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He had fighting spirit...
He had fighting spirit...
Rumours will no doubt have reached most Newcastle supporters that Habib Beye is reportedly unhappy with his time in the Midlands. Part of the villainous collective that saw us relegated last season, Beye became an official Villain when Martin O’Neill took him to Aston Villa in the summer in a £2.5m deal.

Arguably one of our most consistent performers while at the club, it was inevitably a kick in the teeth when he jumped ship following our drop into the Championship. Some will argue that he was entitled to leave and play as high as he could, having almost always put in a decent shift for the Mags. Others will insist he should have stayed and fought to get us back up, some even cynically considering that a deal was brokered on the day of relegation at Villa Park.

The Senegalese international has only turned out five times so far for Villa and the Daily Mail suggest he will inevitably move on in the summer. Putting two and two together, you might think a versatile defender with a connection to the club, experience of the Premiership and who would be available for a relatively decent price would be an obvious option should we get promoted. But it’s never that easy, especially given the circumstances under which he left.

Assuming the rumours are true and he’s available in the summer, would you have him back?

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38 Responses

  1. I have no respect for Beye.

    He said he wanted to stay in public but then made it very clear he wanted leave in private when the players asked who wanted to stay and right a few wrongs.

    It would appear Martin O’Neill has already worked his temperament out, in fact it looks like he worked that out very early.

    He is one I wouldn’t want in the trenches with me.

  2. Beye was at first good for us, and also good for himself with good wages etc but it has been said many times by both players and staff that the disruptive influences moved on from the club in the summer and the dressing room is better for it.
    No, wouldnt take him back, one in a line of many French players at the Toon who have flattered to deceive with hearts the size of a split pea.

  3. I was sad when he left and I think he could still do a Job for newcastle in the premier league, however IF we gain promotion I think we should look upon it as a fresh start, a new begining.

    If we are backup next season we will have to do some SERIOUS strengthening tho.

  4. Wouldnt want him back he jumped ship first chance he got , yes he is a good player but has proved he does not have any real feeling for the club . Also he does not fit into Ashleys transfer plans , too old and too expensive (wages not transfer fee).

  5. Sod him!

    “Love the club and fans” and “I’m here for the fight” ring in my ears before he jumped ship. Let him rot on Villa’s bench!

  6. Off topic, with the Plymouth game being moved to Monday 19th April from the Saturday for live tv coverage by Sky, this will make it the 18th live tv game for us this season.
    Surely our TV revenue this season will be more or close to what we got last year contradicting the gloomy forecast.

  7. Played well for the toon and I dont blame him for moving on at his age especially with all the crap that was going on at the time.
    That said the phrase you made ya bed now lie in it comes to mind, however if o’neill would do a loan deal and pay half his wages :-)

  8. bbb – No because the price per match is a lot lower. We had 20 matches on TV last year which works out at around £600,000 per live match. this season it’s closer to £100,000 oer match.

  9. ay toonsy was one of the first to put his hand up when players had meeting on who wanted to go,then fed the press with bull-shit for us to read let somebody else have the turn-coat

  10. bbb – mate we got 37 million last year and this year will get 6.5 – doesn’t matter how many times they show us

  11. In fairnss to Beye he did well in the 50+ games he played and always seemed to give his best (NUFC Player of the year ’08), Toonsy your right there were articles with him quoted as saying he wanted to stay and help etc etc, however at 32, and with all the crap that was goin on, I think he was entitled to leave in order to play at the highest level for the last few years of his career.

    To answer the Q tho, not a chance we should take him back, he’ll be 33 this year and to be honest I doubt he would be any better then Simpson.

  12. Had every right to leave, good player for us, but found out at a better side. Thanks, but no thanks

  13. do any of you guys also find it a little funny that the two ‘rocks’ in our deffence last year, beye and bassong, who were loved and extremely highly rated by all, both became bit part players after moving to top 6 sides? As far as sides outside the top 4 goes I always thought it was us, villa spurs and everton. Think we quite nicely make up the top 8 but it’s sad to see how far we’ve dropped when arguablly our best players warm the benchs for spurs and villa.
    (different story of course with Given and Milner, who imo were the two best players we had in black and white over the last 5 years)

  14. devonmag,think you might find bassong has played most games for spurs m8,might it might be becauce of woodgate NORMAL injs like

  15. devonmag says:
    March 4, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Just shows how bad we were last season, and how far behind we are – It will take time and an awful lot of cash to get within 30 points of Villa and Spurs.

  16. icedog are you sure mate? I was pretty sure he’s Harry’s 5th choice after King, Dawson, Woodgate (when fit) and even corulka played out of position? Could be wrong here, but only ever see him come of the bench. The last time being when he didn’t have his shorts on and had to run back for them, that certainly impressed Harry!

  17. this is very true stuart but doable, we have the foundations and the history to ahcieve it within a few years of staying up we just need a cash injection and more than a little patience

  18. Thought he was one of the best full backs we’ve had. The real question though is “Would the players have him back?” That I very much doubt. Don’t understand why he doesn’t get a game at Villa. I watched the CC Final and Cuellar was bloody awful.
    Simpson for me is too lightweight, both in body and especially spirit. He will definitely be found out next season. We need a new right back.

  19. no thanks. as its been said, he was one of the first to come out with all the “i want to stay, get the club back up, etc etc”
    he’s 33 next year, and there would be no need to sign him back based on a couple good seasons, when we already have a decent simpson and r taylor who can cover at RB

  20. I think we could use him if he wasn’t looking big wages im sure he could help Butt carry the nets and the Balls at the training ground you can never have enough helpers. He was good in a shit team but shit in a good team ;)

  21. big dave now now :P,devenmag not 100% but woodgate out king plays 1 in 2 or 3 games,i just on m,o.d hes always playing mind there only highlights like so could have come off bench m8

  22. He wanted to stay and was lined up as Captain IF Shearer had still been here. Also a rift with Barton (who was also due to go if Big Al had been given the top job) basically put a nail in his coffin. If he wants to come back i would gladley welcome him back.

  23. hey batty great to hear you was getting worried about you.how the youngng now mate?

  24. BATTY,been that many storeys and tales on here to were you have been or gone you could write a book or make film m8,dont know what title it would be like :W

    whats it like to be stalked m8 :)

  25. Beye was always a great player for us. I think he loved being here and really did want to stay but was moved on by Ashley to get his wage bill off the books. I’d certainly hope he’d come back again, just without the huge wages!

  26. Jill Beye was not that good average at best but we thought he was good cos the standard was so poor in our team, I’d rather have players who actually wanted to play for us instead of jumping ship at the first chance,
    I felt the same about steven taylor but fair crack to him he stayed and helped out but will struggle in the top flight like last year!

  27. Beye was pretty good, definitely better than davenufc is giving him credit for. I don’t really care about the circumstances of his departure, we have to look ahead now, not back, which is why I don’t think we should try to get him if he’s made available. He’s also to old now as well, as many have already pointed out.

  28. Sure, like to see him back, played well for us, not so sure Simpson can crack the PL, good to learn from Beye a real pro., could platoon them.
    So, get over the Roy of the Rovers attitudes, this is a business and Beye`s doing the best he can, get him if we can.