Geremi heads back to Turkey to join former Villa and Man City star?

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Inexplicable joy!
Inexplicable joy!
Mike Ashley will be a happy man after Newcastle managed to move on Geremi as early as the third day of January. High-earner Geremi has only made nine appearances for us this season and Turkish side, Ankaragücü have signed him on an 18-month deal, where he’ll join former Aston Villa and Man City forward Darius Vassell. Geremi played for another Turkish side, Gençlerbirliği in the late ’90s before he joined the Galaticos of Madrid.

Although there’s nothing on our official site, the Ankaragücü website announced earlier this (Sunday) evening that the signing is confirmed although it’s not yet clear whether they’ve paid anything for him. And Geremi will not be available for his new club, until after the African Nations Cup, in Angola this month.

Signed by Sam Allardyce in 2007 and even installed as captain, Geremi’s contract was due to run out in the summer and it will be a surprise if we have managed to persuade the Turkish side to part with any sort of substantial fee. Indeed the very fact that we have cleared down, in the region of £50-£60k-a-week wages will be a blessed relief to the board. And hopefully as a consequence that will kickstart activities, and money can be reinvested more effectively in this January transfer window.

Ludicrous wages and a knackered pair of legs that were shot before he even ventured onto the hallowed St James’ turf, meant Geremi was always on a hiding to nothing. Even if he was making the effort it was hard to tell, given that he made Kevin Nolan look positively mobile. I would have said the same about Nicky Butt, but that’s maybe pushing it. Chelsea knew what they were doing when they got rid, and Mourinho even told Sir Bobby as much. So unfortunately, aside from a few good deliveries (and even they were limited amongst many that hit the first man) and arguably a positive influence around the training ground in the changing rooms, it’s good riddance to good-money-down-the-drain.

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115 Responses

  1. Even if there is no transfer fee it saves about £1 million that would have been paid until his contract expired.

  2. Just one more set of knackered legs to get rid of now then, lets just try and sign young talent and let them play.

  3. I’d love to see us get some young ‘uns in who show the pace and quality of a handful of the Leeds kids. I know it was a special occasion but I thought their enthusiasm and the pace was impressive. So was the quality in spite of the type of game it was.

  4. I am good bowburnmag. Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year lads and lasses.

  5. I agree they pulled together well for the big occasion, I liked the attitude of the team but in particular I thought Howson, Johnson and that Aussie Defender really stood out.

  6. Nothing against Geremi, by all accounts he is a good bloke and has been helpful in helping the younger players and being a mature influence, it’s good he is gone.

    Also, I think it is slightly unfair to level the same criticism against Nicky Butt. For a 35(?) year old defensive midfielder, I still he still plays to a high level and he will have an almost coaching role at the club just now.

    He’s still the best back up for Alan Smith and I’d keep Butt until the end of the season.

  7. I’m actually an admirer of Nicky Butt, I just meant his pace. Any pace Nicky once had is fast disappearing.

  8. A good deal for the club – and we’ll save another 60K/week when Nicky Butt leaves the club in the summer, although I’d love to see Nicky on our coaching staff. It loosens up the purse strings – but hopefully we’ll no longer hand out ridiculous fees and wages again – under Freddy Shepherd it was almost criminal. Slowly but surely we seem to be getting our financial house in order – we’ll need to because we’ll need 4-5 top players in the summer should we get promoted. Bit it’s looking good – hopefully we can get Beckford and Kilgallon in next week.

  9. I would be happy enough for Butt to leave. He does some awful passes without even looking to see if anyone is in the area he is passing to. He is on similar wages to Geremi and that is too much for someone warming the bench.

  10. Every one is screaming about Beckford but so far I’m not totally sold on the idea. I would like to test the water with billy sharp not sure of his deal at donny. But we really need to make solid signings that hopefully can bridge the gap between CCC and EPL. Or at least be sold at little or no loss if they fail.

    Guess it’s another shitty crappy transfer window ahead.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had to compensate Geremi for the drop in wages over the next 6 months.

  12. I’m in total agreement with Dr Ed on this.

    It’s all about the money now and slowly-slowly.

  13. Ed Harrison says:
    January 4, 2010 at 12:08 am

    “but hopefully we’ll no longer hand out ridiculous fees and wages again – under Freddy Shepherd it was almost criminal.”

    Almost? ;-)

    Seriously Ed, it’s great to see you on wor ‘blog. Keep it up!

  14. Let’s not forget that a lot of these ‘high earners’ that we are trying to get rid of.. Geremi included, were bought by big sam with mike ashleys approval!! Let’s not be thinking ma is a genious, still putting right Fred shepherd’s wrongs!! He’s only correcting his own mistakes, two years later. Fred shepherd spent money on transfer fees that the club didn’t have.. The wage bill was never out of control! Which is the lesser of the two evils??

  15. Both Butt and Geremi in their day were great players, you dont get to play for the top clubs in Europe without being talented.
    O`k they have lost a bit of pace but next time you see them play, pay attention to what they do, may surprise you.
    The great players make what they do look easy, sometimes it looks like they are not putting out, unlike others (Smith)who are constantly going full bore.
    It`s mostly about reading the game and positioning.
    Unfortunately everyones career comes to an end and yes we could use younger legs, although this is becoming a fairly young side, perhaps we could use a bit of exprience.

  16. Ed.Harris
    Do you have some magical formula for getting 4-5 top players in during the summer, without paying ridicules wages and fees.
    Face it this is the EPL we are talking about, where it`s expected by both players and their agents.
    Even Arsene Wenger pays ridicules wages and fees and he wrote the book.

  17. Hope we can do a young Man Utd, in the early 90’s. When all beckhams and giggys first started.

    It will all start in Newcastle Utd.

    Get all the youth around the world together and slowly mould gel them and make them a good young team.

  18. Man Utd have already save a lot of Millions when they groom, their star’s of the early 90’s, becks, giggys, scholes, neville bro’s (new version= the brizalian twins”)

    We have to spread our scouting networks and look for talent also, we can’t always sit on the arm chair and await for the talented kids to join us.

    How did A.Fegie discover the “brizalian twins bros” and how did he sign them so “smoothly” without the others giants club and world richest club, (RealM,ManCity,Barca,Inter,)interferance?

    ***This is what Newcastle Utd needs to know and learn.

  19. Even Arsene Wenger pays ridicules wages and fees and he wrote the book

    If players was good and willing to play hard. Why not?
    Saw how Cers.Fagas return from injury and got injury again within mins on the field be created one and score one before going off.

    But of course, some good players might still not adapt well just like “Antonio Ryes” he was back to spain but he was still a good player just could not adapt to the English game.

    Liverpool – Youssi was a good player, cheap and good, started from westham, why not newcastle( anyway, more then good in the current Newcastle team.)

    etc…there are still “lots of shells on the beaches” – KK

  20. Quite happy about this, if I’m honest. Regardless of the fee we got for him (I’d be happy with a few thousand if that) we’ve cut a good amount off the wage bill with a player that’s hardly used and that’s always a good start to the transfer window.

    Let’s look to Beckford and Skjelbred (dammit I demand we get him in just to settle the transfer rumours) and maybe a decent CB (I’d be happy with Kadar, though) and maybe getting Jonas a personal trainer… or a flashing light on the oppositions goal so he knows where to hit.

  21. Thump – Now Skjelbred is premier league material, potentially anyway. He is certainly a different calibre to what we have and what we are trying to sign!

    To top it off he is a Toon fan aswell so i’d guess his commitment and desire to go to the end for the cause would never be in question.

  22. i hope we can attract Nicky Butt as our part of the coaching team also.

    He have good strong charter to help the youngster to be more brave and fight for the ball.

    Nicky was a good player in his department,
    Newcastle Utd just “over use” him last season.

    Just like Man Utd, they know when to use scholes and giggys and they have the regulater starter apart from the two oldies. (both are just like lethal weapon)

    Butty should be the case but we just “over hual” him. The situation at the club now is getting on the right track.

  23. lesh – making up for lost time with your posts? :)

    Good to see you again, all the best fella.

    Aye, sentimentality rules in my head sometimes, and I think Nobby could still do a job.

  24. Nice to recognise all the “old names” on here. Ed – are you still in NC? Warmer than here – I’m getting sick of the snow / ice palaver.
    Good deal for Geremi – however good he is behind the scenes, we pay his wages for appearances and he wouldn’t get close to the squad for me – Lua Lua, Donalson Pancrate etc are better back-up options for me. Just hope we can strengthen – but as a natural pessimist I can’t help feeling we’ll miss out on Beckford. He reminds me of Andy Cole a bit – only interested in scoring, selfish – but gets the chances and puts some of them away.
    Lousy cup draw for the 4th round – no change there for us then.

  25. magpie6699 – we need you to stick around for some ‘realism’!

    Incidentally, it’s friggin -8 in parts of Durham, at least it is according to the car while I was driving to the station!

  26. bowburn – I have a sneaky feeling its gonna dip below that in the Wesh mountains where im working tonight! Not looking forward to it!

    Incidentally, did you manage to keep a straight face whilst writing this article? I dont think i could have written this without a bit childish grin. :D I mean, getting rid of Geremi and getting cash for him is probably one of the most ideal transfers for us! Reportedly around 3 million a year in wages saved plus a million pound fee = Laughing all the way to the bank.

  27. Hallelujah!

    Never thought we’d get rid.

    Maybe the million we got for him will go towards paying the extra needed for Beckford.

    I’m not sure but I don’t remember a more pointless player for NUFC on such outlandish wages.

  28. toons – I’m fairly sure the fee being discussed is the fee we paid them to take him! :)

  29. Of course we’re only saving from now until the summer when he would have been bombed.

    But that’s still somewhere in the region of £1m in wages, regardless of any fee we got.

    Surely they haven’t paid for him? Their guy looks inexplicably happy as I mentioned in the caption, so I can only assume something is up ;)

  30. All the best Bowburn et al.

    Tell you what, being based in the South and without access to the net over the last fortnight, I feel just a little starved of Toon info…… well. apart from a couple of disappointing results while WBA just chug on, and on and on!

    And, Mr Ed H…. good wishes to you sir. [Edited]

  31. Geremi doesn’t look too happy. He has the look of a man who’s just taken a 80% pay reduction.

  32. Good to get the wage bill down, BUT…

    Does anyone else think back to Hughton’s “nobody leaves” quotes and then back to managers’ quotes just before previous windows and how they then got shafted by Ashley?

    Glad to get Geremi off the books (Barton next, please) but is it an indication of how much notice Ashley takes of his manager’s opinion?

    Sorry to be pessimistic, but it is bugging me.

  33. At the risk of stirring the pot re comment 22 (Davis-toon), wasn’t that Wises job and didn’t he actually get some very good youngsters in. Also we hav’nt , as far as I know signed any since he left. Perhaps it would be an idea to get a less toxic version of him back to do a similar job.

  34. Whumpie – what was CH meant to say “I will keep the squad I want but get rid of players who have no chance of playing who are on high wages – Id sooner give those opportunities to our younger squad members” A statement like that would be great for morale wouldnt it?

    For gods sake man – get a grip.

    Why turn it into an Anti Ashley comment when we have stability – Q – Wouldnt you have got rid?

    The mind boggles at the ability of some to perpetually search for reasons to hate and mistrust.

  35. Back from the gym -(yes, I was dropped on my head as a baby and hence am stupid!). A slightly worrying thought is not that we had to pay the Turks as such to take Geremi , but that we are still paying a proportion of his wages and might only be (say) half his wages in credit. As I said, I’m a bit of a pessimist, but it wouldn’t be the first time such an arrangement has been used. However, all the reports are assuming it’s a straight deal with no mention of a fee so maybe we have saved nearly £1.5 million.

  36. Stuart and Stardust – yep, I do expect that it was the case that Hughton was all for it. I’m just pointing out the deja-vu here.

    And Stardust, if you think anyone is going to give Ashley the benefit of the doubt, think again – he used it all up months ago. He’s had four windows and done the same thing in all of them, so why the hell would anyone not see this and be a bit nervous?

    I’m happy with the way things are going… sort of… but I don’t think anyone who’s not got much confidence in Ashley needs to ‘get a grip’ – they are just prepared to learn from past experience. Unlike some, who just stick to their guns blindly no matter what.

    My guess is that this WILL be different. I think we may ship out one or two others (unfortunately not much hope of Barton being among them) and probably get 2 more in. Then, if we do get promoted, spend more serious money in the summer once you know it’s backed up with TV revenue.

    Sensible stuff.

    But since when has that meant anything under this regime?

  37. Whumpie,

    I understand your concerns, but as I said back in October that this month is pivotal in the ownership of the club for Ashley.

    He needs to be given some credit for investing another £20m into the club so we don’t have to sell the likes of Nolan, Smith and Jonas ect… Also so we can buy players.

    If we do buy Beckford and Kilgannon that would probably cost nearer £4m. Who will have signed the cheques? It won’t have come from our pockets or sponsors pockets, it will come directly out of Ashley bank account. Does he not deserve credit for that?

    Although I imagine the same people who will cheer a Jermaine Beckford goal or a Kilgannon clearance will be the ones singing the ‘get out of our club’ song, convienantly forgetting who’s actually paid for them.

  38. Ashley could spend 50m in this window and the next and I would still despise him.
    I don’t expect any major transfers in this window and would be surprised if we spend more than £5m on players and Mike will probably make £10m selling some assets as part of the deal.

    I don’t trust any statements from the club either who have admittedly lied and deceived the fans.

  39. Has anyone else noticed that ashley is doing exactly what he set out to do?

    He is making sure that we arent paying over the odds for wages, we’re top of the league with the core of players we had from last season.

    How much do we get if we win the championship and get promoted (I.E tv money etc)

  40. We’ve cut our cloth accordingly, so this window will
    make a totally different statement.

    New game.

  41. Mike Cashley is far from my fav.peron but lets be honest without his investment the club would have went to the wall Freddy & the Halls got off far to lightly

  42. Never mind Beckford, who I rate, Victor Moses for me please. Only problem is, it looks like he will be going for around £5m. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we probably can’t afford a £5m player right now. :(

    Merry New Year!

  43. Stu – despite a considered and thoughtful viewpoint, which even by your own admission has changed quite drastically since the summer, would you not agree that Ashley has p*ssed on his own chips and it’ll take a long time to taste the vinegar again?

    I’m not saying it can’t work in the long term, but that until he proves he’s not just in it for himself and unless he continues to make amends gradually, then he can pat himself on the back and leave us to enjoy the football.

    I don’t think it’s unwarranted that the ill-feeling still exists. Certainly less are persisting with the anti-Ashley tirades. And there’s no reason why good business decisions that benefit the club can’t be recognised, but I think we’re a long way from any fundamental reconciliation and praising him and I think that’s understandable.

    Call me a negative get, but I’m still waiting for him to jump ship. ;)

  44. A very Merry New Year to you too MT.

    I was just about to send a search party out. :)

  45. Micky we can easy afford £5m.
    Mike can sell Butt,Carroll,Ranger,Nolan,Shola,Harper and still have some change left over for Moses, gambling and helicopters.

  46. can i just ask why everyone actually believes that ashley has invested 20 mill of his own money this year as himself and llambias are proven liars? im not trying to stir things up but im just wondering if people actually believe this. I for one dont because I cannot see where this money has gone. We still have the parachute payments since being relegated, we have amongst the highest attendances in england (much higher than most would have forecasted including ashley)……….we sold million and millions worth of assets both in the the summer and last january……our backroom staff has been significantly reduced as well as 150/300 staff being cut in the summer.

    so i still do not understand how this 20 mill could still be going to pay off debts and outgoings especially as I seem to remember being told we were virtually debt free, and there is simply no way our expenditure could still outweigh all this income. unless of course that 20 mill is going towards paying off ashleys loan…otherwise we should have plenty of money to spend in january (though i would prefer to save some of it for summer and invest heavily provided we go up)……am i missing somthing?

  47. Buddy @57…. you’re right in referring to MA and DL’s lack of truth in the past but like it or not, MA is funding the club at the mo – who else is? The wage are stll being paid and the wage bill represents a huge proportion of revenue.

    Without additonal funds from somewhere, you’d be seeing a Portsmouth-type situation.

    MA and DL have exactly acquited themselves with honour but for goodness sake, booing the guy’s not gonna do any good at all!

  48. What we need to establish is the knowledge that we’re not the idiots of the past, willing to splash silly amounts of cash for any old player, just cos we will & are so far north we feel no one will join us otherwise.
    That means playing our cards close to our chest & giving other teams bosses the idea that we’re no longer an easy touch.
    Maybe, just maybe, we’re getting there.

  49. buddy says:
    January 4, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    If Ashley hadn’t put the money in we would have sold Smith, Nolan and the likes or we go into administration. Which one do you prefer?

    The parachute payments are only £12m! Our turnover has been halved to £50m, with a wage bill still around £35-40m.

    Lets not forget the transfer fees that we still owe for the players that aren’t actually still here.


    My view point has changed drastically yes, but only on the proviso that Ashley does something positive this January. So far so good, nobody has left (who we wanted to stay) and talk of decent players coming in for decent money that by rights we don’t have to spend.

    I stated I was happy to give Ashley a chance and if he comes up with the goods I will applaud him.

    Maybe he is righting a few wrongs? I know he has afew to choose from like….

    But even you his arch enemy would find it difficult to cheer a goal by Beckford and abuse the very man who paid for him? Sadly I fear many are not that intelligent and humble.

  50. buddy – Don’t forget relegation cost us an awful lot of TV money. Add to that the sponsership thats been lost, corporate events and other things of that ilk are just passing us by now aswell.

    There wont be any proof that Ashley has put £20 million in until the accounts are published i guess. But bear in mind that although we have sold millions worth of assets, we still have a wage bill that dwarfs the rest of the teams in this league, and most of the premier league aswell. That £20 million is to help with running costs.

  51. SJT – I’d like to think so, but so far all everyone has been talking about are £1m and £2m players.
    £5m seems like “smashing the bank” these days!

    BBM – Yeah, been away for a while over crimbo, so this is the first time I’ve been able to log on for a while. Back at work you see. :D
    Also, we’ve just bought a shiney new iMac, so I might be able to sneak on for some after school blogging.

  52. stuart and lesh,

    yes i realise what you are saying BUT if our turnover is now in the 50million mark (possibly more because of attendances) , then as you say the parachute payments are around the 12 mill mark, then take into account the 40mill plus of sales over last jan and summer (i realise we will get it in installments but its still coming in) i do not get why we would need a ‘further’ 20 million just to survive and operate….our wage bill is as you say down to around 40 million. i accept that there are still other areas to be paid for but for me it still doesnt add up. would turnover and parachute payments not cover the majority of of our outgoings or am i being terribly naive?

  53. Its not just the 20mill he put in this season what about the 130mill+ intrest free Cashley has put in the previous 2 years the fact is freddy & the halls nearly sent the club to the wall if we keep on telling Cashley to get to f**k then what happens if he copys George Houghton at Darlington (Last Season) and just turns the taps off so to speak then we will be up sh*t creek

  54. i no i am simplifying it but as i do not know the real figures i am just trying to work out why and how we need this extra 20mill simply to ‘function’

  55. Stuart – love your new honest realism – dealing in facts and life now I see! :)

    “But even you his arch enemy would find it difficult to cheer a goal by Beckford and abuse the very man who paid for him? Sadly I fear many are not that intelligent and humble.”

    I disagree with that – BBM is now a radical – he would cheer and hate at the same time – he has obviously had a life full of easy decisions.

  56. I stopped the ‘Get out of our club…’ bit a while ago to be honest. I still get the occasional odd glance but there are many more around me who have ceased to concentrate on the negatives.

    You know I agreed with your decision to give him a chance, and I will. But it goes beyond January for me. He has a lot of wrongs to right in my opinion before he earns any sort of respect. I’m still not happy about Llambias knocking about either.

    The difficulty is knowing how much of this is really intentional and how much is just because he’s here until he can get out for the right price. Are we really all pulling in the right direction or is he just safeguarding an investment and riding on Hughton’s wave?

    And unfortunately, it’s difficult to say that feeling will ever go away. After all that’s happened it’s much more difficult to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  57. Buddy -re 57 – you will have to await the accounts when released in Jan next year to find that out – but so far – financially – every word they have uttered is 100% correct and truthful – as corroborated by the filed accounts.

  58. Yeah 5m seems like 100m under this regime.
    Love the imacs just got myself the new unibody macbook over xmas :)

  59. It would appear that Geremi is not a done deal and is still on our books, could this be a rerun of the Shola effect. Just in case I am misinterpreted here, I don’t think keeping Shola was a bad thing but I don’t want Geremi “Boinging” back on us repeatedly.

  60. Buddy man, the outgoings of the club don’t just go on wages and NHI costs!

    Ever wondered where the money comes from to cover transport, equipment, maintining SJP and Benton, costs for power, catering, stewarding, police, St Johns Ambulance, hosptality, printing etc etc?

    As for money from earlier sales are concerned, some of it will have gone into last years accounts and still we showed an operating loss.

    Think about the bigger picture eh and give these guys a chance to do things in their own swwet way!

  61. bowburnmag says:
    January 4, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    I personally think Ashley will try and sell if we get promoted but if that means he does more to get us to the PL then I’m all for it.

    I am a little concerned about the lack of forward planning at the club. I suppose they will say one step at a time but we really need a plan in place if we do go up.

    On the other hand Ashley might get the bug back, stay and invest some more cash. I cannot see it as I think he’s invested a lot more money than he previously planned to. That could open the door for a partner to come in and share the financial burden. That we he still has the enjoyment of owning a football club but doesn’t get all the abuse.

    We shall see though

  62. MT – now that’s what I’m talking about. The more the merrier ‘post-office’ is what the blog needs, and certainly of the calibre of your good self.

  63. bowburnmag says:
    January 4, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    “Are we really all pulling in the right direction or is he just safeguarding an investment and riding on Hughton’s wave?”

    I don’t understand Bowburn, they’re both the same thing. Do you want him to be wreckless with his investment?

  64. well to be fair stardust youre the expert in this area so i wont argue
    i just hope that we dont make the same mistake as every previous window and not invest enough and in the right areas
    my belief is that the lack of investment last january when it was glaringly obvious to all that quality and quantity was need was a major factor behind our relegation
    we need quality above all in this window…..if we get 3 quality players in i will be very happy….it could be the difference between automatic promotion, dominating the league in the process and having to slug it out to try and get promotion through the play off which i would be terrified of

  65. Buddy Man : i refer you to Cashleys statement in september 2008 after the KK mess when he put club up for sale round 1 to be fare he explains the financial situation and what his plans were going to be

  66. buddy says:
    January 4, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Ashley gambled last January and lost, that was one of his mistakes but maybe he will be trying to make amends?

  67. I think if the Owner invested in half decent players,was honest,showed a bit of ambition and let his real intentions be known things might change…personally though I just don’t trust Mike Ashley.
    The re-naming of the stadium was a disgrace,the Keegan Lies/Saga,the appointing of people like Wise/Llambias/Joe Kinnear,the blatant asset stripping,For Sale/Not for Sale etc have made me really suspicious of anything associated with the clubs owners.

  68. worky – I disagree. One suggests he’s here for the same reasons we are. The other suggests he’ll be out once the price is right. I’d be happier with the first one, and will accept he may surprise some of us by becoming a good owner. If they continue to build relations back with the fans, I’d be happy for him to stay ultimately.

    Although, I agree with Stu, we’ve gone from ‘young blood’ to ‘bad blood’. If he turns his attentions to the academy again we’ll know more about his intentions I guess.

  69. lesh, your correct of course but all im saying is that 20 mill is a massive amount of money, in the real world its mind boggling. just hard to imagine how it is all eaten up so easily on ”running costs”… holding back my dislike for the regime these days because we are doing well at the moment and we do not need any negativity but i think i am a realist and to say they have a long way to go to earn back my support is an understatement… more along the lines of bbm’s thinking on a lot of things to be honest…..i feel he often gets a rough ride from worky and stardust,ha

  70. Lesh, it’s mentioned on the Newsnow site, I think it’s the official NUFC site who are saying it.

  71. Buddy – even Keegan has said he would have kept us up last year with the squad we had – your perceived lack of investment was only one factor of a long list that contributed to our downfall – ironically – the same downfall that could be the start of something really good.

    A financially secure well ran club – (well we can wait to see the well ran bit – but now the mob mentality has died down – the club feels like our own club again – even more-so)

    Im an optimist and even I never imagined that Chris Houghton could galvanise a club and a city as quickly and as well as he has. no ego just great management of the players, management, fans and expectations.

  72. bowburnmag says:
    January 4, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    “worky – I disagree. One suggests he’s here for the same reasons we are.”

    Bowburn, being a fan and being an owner are clean different things. If the kerfuffles of last season can teach us anything, it was this.

  73. At the risk of repeating myself, but I will! Do not be surprised if in several years time, after we have lifted the European Cup, we are gagging to give Ashley the freedom of the City.

  74. Big Willy says:
    January 4, 2010 at 2:42 pm
    At the risk of repeating myself, but I will! Do not be surprised if in several years time, after we have lifted the European Cup, we are gagging to give Ashley the freedom of the City.


  75. Aye but I think that’s what bothers me worky.

    He came in with this whole intention of having fun, and enjoying things. Now he clearly underestimated things but I think he could still do enjoy it and make amends, if he lets the right people run it for him. In which case, he could be a fan and with no intention of making money but merely not losing money (or as best he can).

    At the moment, it still remains that the most likely outcome is, he’ll take the money and run. Which, while not surprising, will be disappointing. I’d like to seem grab his knackers and prove us wrong, and end up enjoying this whole daft football lark after all. [Edited]

  76. well to be fair lovenkrands, r.taylor and nolan (ragrdless of how well he has re-invented himself) were far far below the quality required at the time….even you cannot disagree with that…especially with the players that went out in january…anyway thats the past
    i agree hughton has done a good job but i think you are over stating his influence….we have a squad full of international players, players with champs league experience etc etc so the fact we are doing well at championship level is no magical management….his main strength has been creating the togetherness in the squad (helped by the likes of nolan) and i think he has handled the media surprisingly outstandingly. we do on the other hand play pretty poor football. even with no creative cm i still think with the quality of player we are supposed to have that we should be outplaying teams more BUT if we go on to win the championship the way we are currently playing then thats fantastic….then the hard work would really start

  77. Although, let it be said, that you don’t need to grab your knackers to enjoy football.

    However, if you’re Vinnie Jones or Dennis Wise, grabbing someone’s else might help you along the way…

  78. With the squad we have got we should be wiping the floor with most of the opposition,we don’t though and our ten point lead is now slipping.
    Hope we can nail some decent talent to the mast this January and push on,if no decent signings are made I think Houghton’s Hinari Kettle will run out of steam.

  79. Big Willy – While Ashley may turn a corner with the fans i think the european cup is still some way off! Kudos for your optimism though.

    For me, i’ll wait until the end of January first, then the end of the season before i decide about stepping back into SJP again.

  80. BBM “Now he clearly underestimated things but I think he could still do enjoy it and make amends”

    Trouble is with football fans BBM (you being a case in point) they are unreasonable. Do you not see this as a two way street – the fans having to make him feel like he belongs and is wanted – thats the easiest way to open his wallet – not to sign hate filled songs.

  81. Buddy – no I thought Lovenkrands etc would have been fine last year – collectively we failed – as you know I think a large chunk of blame goes to the fans for having opinions and hating the regime about what they had no knowledge what went on NOR did they consider all parties positions.

    Even now if we were promoted I think when competing with the team spirit Hughton has injected – we would be safe (16th to 11th ish )(not pretty or spectacular) but safe.

  82. Stardust – True, fans are fickle. All football fans are fickle, its how its been for a long long time.

    Do you think Ashley would curry more favour with the fans had he not had this big massive media blackout last season? A few words from him then at the right time and im certain that the depth of peoples disillusionment would have been limited. As you say, it’s a 2 way street after all.

  83. Stardust – I also dont see how you can solely blame the fans for us getyting relegated?

    Surely it was Ashleys poor decision making that led to him making wrong decisons, thus leading to the fans getting on his back?

  84. Stardust says:
    January 4, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    Agree to a certain extent but I’m not too sure singing nice songs to him will make him open his wallet.

    Although I think singing ‘hate filled songs’ could persuade him to close his wallet.

    IMO I think he will either sell or bring a partner in to share the burden, I cannot see him staying and bank rolling the club himself.

  85. Hughton “We wont be bullied over Beckford fee” = “He is now out of our price range”

  86. “Do you think Ashley would curry more favour with the fans had he not had this big massive media blackout last season? A few words from him then at the right time and im certain that the depth of peoples disillusionment would have been limited. As you say, it’s a 2 way street after all.”

    Toonsy – 100% agree – a few words every few weeks might have saved him 100million! I have maintained throughout thats the one area I criticise him heavily for – though to be fair thats what Llambias is meant to be doing! Its his job not Ashleys.

    I just hope he has learned from it. Mind you toonsy – Id rather have a Mike Ashley type pumping money into the club than leeches like the Halls and Shepherds sucking the very existence of the clubs past present and future into their grubby pockets.

  87. Toonsy “Stardust – I also dont see how you can solely blame the fans for us getyting relegated?”

    I dont. I have talked at length about the collective being to blame – we all failed.

    I just wish many fans would see their part in the downfall.

  88. toonsy says:
    January 4, 2010 at 3:17 pm
    Hughton “We wont be bullied over Beckford fee” = “He is now out of our price range”

    Leeds don’t hold any cards here.

    Beckford holds the aces, NUFC hold a few Kings. Beckford could push the issue by handing in a transfer request and Leeds don’t want their squad ruffled.

    He’s out of contract and Leeds will want the money, their just trying to squeeze as much as possible out of us.

    Happens every day.

  89. Stardust – “as you know I think a large chunk of blame goes to the fans for having opinions”.

    Heaven forbid the fans should hold an opinion on club issues, eh? A club that they love and fork out a fortune for every week, and have done long before he was here and after Ashley is gone.

    That’s gobsmacking even by your fellow-fan-hating logic.


    Rather than juxtapose my outlook to fit your model of a ‘club-hating supporter’, read my comments above and consider that there are alternative conclusions to come to.

  90. The Beckford saga sounds over Toonsy…..typical :)
    I picked up on Houghton’s use of the word “Ransom” earlier pwaaaaaaa pwaaaaaaaaa!

  91. @stardust – all fans have opinions, chelsea and liverpool have been barracking thier own teams/owners almost every game in the last six weeks many other fans have been doing the same all season i.e west ham, portsmouth, bolton – does it help the team , probably not but without the fans there is no football club full stop.
    fans are what makes the game, the majority of us work long hours for the 50 – 100 quid we shell out each game and the least we can expect is for the overpaid gits to put in a decent shift for 90 minutes.
    as managers and players often say “the manager can only pick the team, once they’re on the pitch it’s out of the managers hands” – fans don’t even get that privilege

  92. How can BBM be declared as someone who hates his club? The lad has to climb more steps to his seat than it does to get into heaven, put up with the vagabonds and cads who are always shouting and singing in language that would make a sailor blush. Plus, it’s always brass money cold up there!

    Now that’s commitment.:D

    It seems that now batty is no longer on Stardust’s hit list, BBM is.

  93. BBM – I do – but your current militant rants are more akin to a man selling memberships to a fascists party – you cant see what you are or have become.

    Please read point 100 – Collective Blame – we are all responsible for ourselves and our collective – fans (myself included) have to accept out failing in relegation – whatever part blame is applicable.

    Its called responsibility – you just happened to abandon post when you were needed.

    If you feel you were no better than a Sunderland fan or in fact worse as you pretended to be a supporter – thats your cross to bear.

    But please dont fire arrows at me for pointing out what fans did or did not do. I am commentating no more or less Mr Scargill.

  94. 104 – Stevep – agreed.

    But last years Newcastle self destruction will form the stuff of legend. Some of the morons even convinced themselves they can buy the club lol.

  95. It was the lunacy of the statement that got me.

    You know how I conducted myself, with as much dignity as possible in emotional circumstances. I make no excuses for singing anti-Ashley songs nor crucifying him for appaling behaviour at various junctures. I also stated that I was prepared to see what the future held. But that surely doesn’t mean I need to forgive and forget just yet? Nor that I suddenly trust a man who has only proven untrustworthy so far.

    I do my supporting in the stands and around the ground. I state my opinions here but I certainly don’t do it to encourage people.

  96. Stardust,

    I think you over estimate the influence of the fans on the team performance.

    I see Man Utd supporters setting up their own football club in demonstration to their owners and I see Liverpool fans demonstrating in Liverpool city centre against their owners, yet they haven’t suffered the same fate on the pitch as us.

    A bad atmosphere at the ground doesn’t help but if you give a footballer an excuse they’ll use it.

    The atmosphere around the club and the fans is still pretty poor at the minut, especially on match days but it hasn’t effected the team this year.

    I think the top and bottom of football are the players. If you have good players you do well, if you haven bad players you won’t do so well.

    Four managers in one season doesn’t help either though.

  97. Stuart

    Both Liverpool fans and Man U fans have a right to be concerned. Someone should have told them that money loaned to has to be paid back some day. And when the bad times come there is only a one way street to obscurity.

    Liverpool Fans and Man U fans are also in a very difficult position, if they let their unhappiness affect atmosphere in the ground and thereon performances – they will accelerate their downfall.

    So its not differing opinions that I am against – whatever they are – it is how the individual uses it – ie constructively or destructively. Surely everyone in the world can see the two are poles apart.

  98. @stuart79 – I think you’re underestimating the effect fans have mate – if the atmospheres mint it has to lift the players (away games this season are testament to this they’re kin ace this season man) you can see this lifts certain players, last season we moaned like f^^k or even worse sat in silence and this affected certain players as well – playing in a dead atmosphere is no good for a team low in confidence
    This doesn’t escape the fact that they are paid a ton of cash to put in a 90 minute shift but the psychology of certain players is def affected by the atmosphere in a ground

  99. What’s the point in buying something if all you’re gonna do is slag it off?
    Buy something else.

  100. Good bit of business this! Even if we get nowt for a xfer fee, just clearing up the wages is important. Best of luck to Schrek in Turkey.

  101. These guys are most of the time spot on their political comments. They continue as a interesting perspective. I pray The Young Turks will always be brave enough to tell it like it is and counter the GOP funded Fox Network conspiracy.