Big Al’s Big ‘Sheffield’ Wednesday?

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Ready to prove himself?
Ready to prove himself?
Amidst the many transfer rumours on the go at the moment is some managerial speculation, as the Dail Mail writes that Newcastle legend, Alan Shearer has put his name forward for the vacant managerial post at Sheffield Wednesday.

‘Big Wednesday’ was an American coming-of-age film portraying the ‘growing-up’ of a group of young surfers, dealing with the changes in their lives, and contemplating ‘the mythical day when the greatest, cleanest, most transcendent wave of all will come’. And maybe Shearer’s ‘Big Wednesday’ is close, when he finally gets chance to prove his managerial credentials, or not.

Some will argue that Shearer has already had his chance and proven that he’s not up to task, having singularly failed to have the impact we were desperate for in our relegation run-in. And it was ultimately under his guidance that we dropped like a black and white stone to the depths of the Championship.

But he was undoubtedly given an almost impossible task, as the damage was arguably already irreversible. Morale was shot, and the league position was damning when he took over. However, even his most resolute supporters were disappointed that he failed to inspire any sort of reaction from the hapless squad, and arguably the one thing we expected in abundance from Shearer, was inspiration for the troops. Though they may stop short of laying the blame squarely at his door, one win in eight was disastrously short of what we all hoped for.

Their argument will no doubt be that Big Al requires time, like any other manager, to build his own team and being chucked in at the deep end in such desperate circumstances, was hanging him out to dry. Of course having suffered the ignominy of being in charge of a relegated team, it was all the more painful for the fact it was his hometown club.

And perhaps Shearer felt like he had to make amends and that the best way to put things right would be to get the club immediately promoted. Whether that’s true or not, or perhaps it was down to disagreement on details is unclear but he was never given that chance. And instead Mike Ashley opted to give Chris Hughton the job on a permanent basis. A decision that has so far worked out well for us.

However, a source for the Daily Mail claims he is desperate to get back into management and is keen on the vacancy at The Owls.

‘Alan is keen to manage again and wants the Wednesday job,’

‘He has also said he would like Gary Speed to be his assistant.’

According to the report, former Bolton boss Gary Megson and Alan Irvine, who was dismissed by Preston at the end of December, are also in the running. As far as this particular footballer supporter is concerned, Alan Shearer has the potential to be a good manager but an appointment at this stage, considering their precarious position would still undoubtedly be a risk for The Owls. However, assuming there is any truth in the rumour, I’d say good luck to him and Sheff Wed.

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98 Responses

  1. I believe Big Al has what it takes to be a successful manager as he has shown that he is unlike many other managers, he has the guts to drop players who are not playing well. Eg. Michael Owen

  2. Well if this happens it will put paid to the argument that he’s only interested in jobs with a big cheque book, they have less money than us.

    If he does get the chance, I wish him good luck and I’m sure he’ll do well.

  3. Good luck to him, dunno why but I have this feeling that he will never manage us (again). It’s easy to say that he was in an impossible position but all he had to do was motivate the team enough to pick up one extra point. Perhaps he will turn out to be a good or even great manager but will it be with us. If he does good for SW, who are another EPL exiled big team then he may well stay with them ala Fergy.

  4. as the great stardust once said shearer is no ones mug so obviously mikey boy tryed to take him as one so good luck sir alan

  5. I think it would be great for shearer to go and cut his teeth as a manager at another club, all he had with us was a cameo roll which unfortunatley backfired, but 8 games is not long enough to make or break it as a manager. Judging by the boxing day performance the owls don’t seem to be lacking confidence, unlike our lads who appeared to have already accepted relagation. I hope he gets the job and does well and if i’m being romantic, help get ipswich relagated to give keano something else to moan about the gobsh1te, sorry ipswich fans, got nothing against your club, just your manager.

  6. 8 games was enough to give the players a lift, however it seemed that the majority of our players (martins, viduka, barton, owen, beye, bassong) were more interested in getting a new club than actually putting in effort on the pitch – they had obviously been told by thier agents that they had deals sewn up elsewhere (apart from viduka who had his own plans)

    not sure shearer will make it but I wish him luck

  7. If Shearer gets a job like this & does it ‘the hard way’, all credit to him.
    If he can make something happen then he’ll be welcomed back to the Toon with open arms, with the experience, to be a Geordie legend once again.

  8. im not sure about shearer as our new manager. its a massive massive risk! we,v gotta get this appointment right. there is 20millioninestment imminent so maybe he,ll be able to do something with the 10million avalible straight away. if lee strafford takes the risk and it pays off he,ll a legend!

  9. I’d love to see him manage Wednesday. For a start, it would give us a chance to see what he can do before floating the possibility of his return at some point in the future.

    Let’s be honest: it’s Big Al. He is god and I’ll always give him the benefit of the doubt because I’m horribly biased.

    How’s this for a rose-tinted view: I honestly think it’s partly down to Shearer that we’ve done so well this term. He came in and reminded the players what a ‘proper’ boss does in terms of discipline and squad coherence – and Hughton has continued most if not all of that. As someone has already said, it’s a shame that at the end of last season there were still too many cheque-chasers for it to take enough effect.

  10. owl83: one thing to consider is that Shearer will improve your recruitment prospects considerably because he can attract serious players. I hope it happens and that it works out for you, anyway.

  11. Shef Wed fans you are welcome to him hope the Boardroom doors are big enough to get his head through

  12. Owl83 do you think your supporters will fill the ground at home matches if shearer is appointed manager?

  13. Off thread but here we go again.

    Doubtless there’ll be no panic until January 31 when they’ll run around like headless chickens and end up with no incomers of any note….. again!

    Instead of phartarsin’ about and not acting before the window opened, I would’t be surprised if we don’t get Beckford and having lost Harewood, end up one down!

    When will these people ever learn?

  14. i think he could do us a job, but this appointment is crutial for us. if we get it wrong and go down wev had it. but i suppose with the investment shearer could attrct some good players 4 us. if he does get appointed i think all wednesday fans will back him. from what i understand though the investers want to choose the new manager. we,ll see in next few wks any way.

  15. Not convinced when Shearer was appointed and although only 8 games where played I didn’t see the normal motivational spark that a new manager usually brings to a squad.
    I hope he does well in management whoever he manages but the proof is in the pudding and it’s a results driven business so for that reason “I’m Out”!. :)

    Off topic…I see the usual dithering noises coming out of
    Held to Ranson…haha you think we where trying to line up a double swoop for Gerrard and Torres…it’s a promising 3rd division player FFS :)

  16. Owl83 you mentioned that there was a large investment coming in to your club giving the new boss a decent fund to work with i wonder if Mr Shearer would have been intrested in the job if he had the same conditions as Brian Laws

  17. sirjasontoon says:
    January 4, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    ‘Not convinced when Shearer was appointed and although only 8 games where played I didn’t see the normal motivational spark that a new manager usually brings to a squad’.

    Fulham fans could have said the same about Roy Hodgsons first 8 games in charge.

    ‘ff topic…I see the usual dithering noises coming out of
    Held to Ranson…haha you think we where trying to line up a double swoop for Gerrard and Torres…it’s a promising 3rd division player FFS’

    Would you pay £3m for a house that you could have for nothing if you waited 6 months?

  18. Beckford would not chose us on a free in 6 months.
    If we paid 3Million and he scores 10-15 goals the club would make that money back many times over in premiership revenue.

    Speculate to accumulate.

    Perhaps Hodgson drew on his managerial past experience to tactically out fox the opposition…something Alan Shearer was unable to do.

  19. Fair point about the £3m house Stuart79 – that’s assuming it’s still available in 6 months.

    Let’s assume Beckford continues scoring at his current rate, is he likely to want to come to Newcastle if there are bigger fish with bigger wages and offering Prem/ European football looking at him? I think not

  20. sirjasontoon says:
    January 4, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    How many other PL teams would be looking to buy Beckford next season? I cannot think of too many more attractive proposition than NUFC.

    Hodgsons experience didn’t help him in his first 8 games or so, so it’s a mute point you make.

  21. Sirjason @20 – like minds eh?

    Stuart@22 – if we don’t start scoring more and winning, there’s a chance we’ll not make it to the prem!

    Bear in mind that we had a 10pt lead before christmas and now it’s 5. WBA continue there winning roll while we draw!

    We need a scorer and someone to provide the service fro him.

    Speculate and spend £2.5m now or lose out on £miilions next season.

    Beckford’s worth a punt at that price I’d say.

  22. But to Un Mute my point Hodgson surely drew on his wealth of past managerial experience Stuart to turn things around?

    I think many premiership teams would take a punt on Beckford, Consistent goalscorers as you probably know are very few and far between and my gut feeling is that teams like
    Stoke,Wigan,Burnley,Blackburn,Wolves,Birmingham,West Ham etc could potentially have a decent goal machine for a minimal outlay.

  23. lesh says:
    January 4, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    We could sign him now for nothing, his contract would just start in June.

    Lets be honest here, Leeds know Beckford wants to go, they don’t want an unhappy player that might upset the apple cart. They aren’t Real Madrid, £1.5m is a lot of money to them.

    Leeds aren’t in the driving seat here, Beckford is and so are we.

    Even if we leave it until we can get him for nothing we will hopefully be in the PL. Who else is going to be looking at him then? Certainly not the top 4 or Spurs, Villa or Everton. Who will we be competing for him with? Wigan, Bolton, or Blacburn? Who would you choose?

    It’s bluff and counter bluff at the minute, it happens every day in every business. We hold the aces not them imo.

  24. Lesh we need goals and minimum outlay…Beckford ticks the boxes so we should stop dithering and get him signed up now before someone else does.

    We are not scoring enough goals and the Gap we had at the top is slipping as the season ticks on,If the problem is not addressed then we can kiss goodbye to promotion this season.

  25. sirjasontoon says:
    January 4, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    I think many premiership teams would take a punt on Beckford, Consistent goalscorers as you probably know are very few and far between and my gut feeling is that teams like
    Stoke,Wigan,Burnley,Blackburn,Wolves,Birmingham,West Ham etc could potentially have a decent goal machine for a minimal outlay.

    The teams you mention don’t have £2.5/£3m to spend on a player they can get for nothing in June imo. Birmingham aside who I believe have bigger fish to fry now.

  26. Stuart I am not fully aware of the exact financial status of all the clubs mentioned but if I was the owner of any of those teams and could possibly secure my premiership status with a 2-3m outlay I am sure I could raise the required capitol.

  27. sirjasontoon says:
    January 4, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    It’s a massive gamble when you take a Div 1 player and put that much pressure on him to keep you up. He hasn’t even done it in the Championship yet so I cannot see any PL club taking that risk.

    Beckford him self might look at it and say I don’t want to go to Bolton I want to go to Newcastle, Leeds don’t hold any cards whatsover.

  28. SJT – You say about Shearers 8 games in charge and him not being able to turn things round.

    How many games did it take Keegan?

  29. Off track – but latest comments say Newcastle are “mystified” by Turkish claims about Geremi as a definite signing. They are saying that at the moment he remains a Toon player (well, using the term loosely).

  30. As I have already said, (comment 3 if anyone is interested) it was his big chance to be a true local hero, a mere point extra from the games he had. Correct me if I am wrong but rather than motivate players he got their backs up and also I’m pretty certain he took a lot of criticism on Eds blog because of his tactics.
    To be honest I don’t care who manages us if we are getting the success we all crave. If at some point it turns out to be Big Al great, if it’s a green blob from planet X then bring it on. I’ve said it many times let him walk the walk before he tries to make a second coming.

  31. Toonsy Shearer failed and in football it falls on the managers head,I love Shearer but he failed to save us and failed to lift the team and we seen very little tactically that another 8 games may have resulted in any major improvements.

    Obviously I don’t have a crystal ball so we will never know how things may have turned out,personally though I think he was way out of his depth.

    Stuart-2m is not a massive gamble in premiership football terms when you have the potential of acquiring a £60m payout for a minimum outlay.
    Economics for 12 year olds.

  32. Stuart-Beckford him self might look at it and say I don’t want to go to Bolton I want to go to Newcastle, Leeds don’t hold any cards whatsover.

    Beckford might look at it and say nothing,he may even have a sore throat or be having his tonsils removed,maybe he is drinking a strawberry milk shake……c’mon Stuart you are typing so much drivel today…let’s stick to the facts,not astral projections or tea leaf readings from Gypsy Rose Lee’s Caravan on the Town Moor circa 1978.

  33. Will re-join the debate later Stuart just incase you thought I was running scared :)

  34. sirjasontoon says:
    January 4, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Stuart-2m is not a massive gamble in premiership football terms when you have the potential of acquiring a £60m payout for a minimum outlay.
    Economics for 12 year olds.

    It is if you ain’t got it! Banks no longer see football clubs as safe bets, not even PL clubs. Ask Portsmouth.

    Why do you think Coyle is leaving Burnley? Their budgets is non existant.

    Buying £2m worth of bank shares at the moment is a great investment as there at a all time low, they will recover and you could double your investment. Why doesn’t everyone do that? Because they cannot get the initial £2m that’s why.

    Same as buying a player

  35. cheers to who ever said i hope u stay up. i do 2. i hope u get beckford from leeds an killgallon from united i hate both of them!lol ill keep my eye on ur results nxt season when ur in premiership.

  36. Old Big Heed will be gutted. He thought he was in a position of power and the owner of NUFC would beg him to take control on his terms.

    That hopefully will be Shearers biggest lesson to date and stand him in good stead for years. You have to work with you board and the parameters they set Alan – otherwise years down the line – the house of cards will fall in.

    Now you can start elsewhere and learn your trade – as you showed at your first round of manager negotiations – youve got a lot to learn.

  37. Stardust says:
    January 4, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    Think your maggots are too big to catch anything with this one…

  38. Good luck to him imo. It’ll do him the world of good to cut his teeth with a team like Wednesday.

    And once again I find myself agreeing with Stardust. Big Al has a lot to learn and he assumed that his status in the Toon would give Ashley a reason to give him all his demands and more. If he’s going to make it as a manager he has to put down his ego, and I think he’ll have to learn that the hard way.

  39. Think its a good move for him , its a big club that has fallen on hard times , if the rumors up above of a cash injection are true its an ideal place for him

  40. stardust like YOU YES YOU SAID SHEARER is no ones mug so i take it mikey boy tryed to take him for 1 :lol:

  41. You would think they would learn from the past disastrous transfer windows and realise that we are buying players and not tracky bottoms.
    We will have already spoken to Beckford and Kilgallons agents and know the price quoted by the clubs so why isnt it agreed as Hughton said the business would be sorted at the begining of the window.
    I hope there is progress behind the scenes as i couldnt put up with another 4 weeks of big fat lies followed by patronizing shite.

  42. Agree with Clint Johnno – its not money he needs – its learning how to be a manager he needs.

    A whore can wear a Gucci Dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Tiffany jewellery but she is still a whore.

    Anyone can buy their way to an outsiders view – success. Shearer could no doubt spend money like any man, many footballers of the modern day have had too much money and think they can buy what they want – lifes not like that, football clubs arent.

    Take away the wrapping and money what is left. Someone who spends other peoples money in pursuit of their own vanity or a football manager.

    Well Alan – I hope you want to be a football manager not a whore wearing Gucci.

  43. Now then Batts (if your boys as good as his dad with a sniper rifle he will be fine and dandy over there fella lol)

    But as we all remember you were the man who said “Sir Shearer” lacked experience and shouldnt be manager of Newcastle till he had proven himself :)

  44. I slightly disagree with you Stardust , It would work out better for us ( assuming he does manage us again one day ) if he has a more grounded work experince working within his means building up a good man managment style getting the best out of players etc etc such as owen coyle , david moyes

    But it prob work out better for him if he given a pot load of money to buy success with a championship club to get premiership and then go for a higher profile club.

    Unfortuntly spending large amounts of money ( tho doesnt gurantee it ) helps in getting instant success and he may use a club with a bit of money as a stepping stone to land a higher profile job such as newcastle utd.

    I would rather him take the first road but I have a feeling he will buy success or atleast attempt to

  45. jay jay says:
    January 4, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    “My whore wear’s gola”

    A little known fact. It was Gola who were responsible for the terms “training shoes” and “trainers”.

  46. Shearer buying success will only hold him back, denigrate ‘his success’ & fail to win over the doubters. So would be a pointless exercise.

  47. Interesting when it comes to goal scorers I see on another blog that Barrie Thomas was nominated as one of the worse players ever for Newcastle.
    Im old enough to remember him and saw him play.Yes he was rough and crude sometimes but 48 goals in 73 appearances is some strike rate and 211 in total in 338.
    Newcastle could do with that strike rate from somebody now.
    The poorest striker ever for Newcastle ,I think not.

  48. Johnno – I agree with Clint Flick at 54 –

    re your “But it prob work out better for him if he given a pot load of money to buy success with a championship club to get premiership and then go for a higher profile club.”

    So what happens to the club he leaves behind long term? A new manager comes in wants his own players etc etc etc.

    I cant understand where this mentality that you can buy things but not pay for them comes from.

    Alan Shearer has to earn the right to be respected as a manager not ruin a clubs financial future for his own vanity.

  49. Don’t all managers want loads of money to spend?

    I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with that.

    There seems to be a mis-conception that there are great managers who get success without having any money to spend. It doesn’t happen.

    There might be managers about who over achieve but that would have alot to do with the scouting network of the club more than the talent of the manager.

    It’s scouts who find good players for no money, the managers have the easy job in coaching them.

  50. I think your missing my point a little , Im in full favour of clubs been run within their means and it would be better for the game if Fifa puts in a place some sort of rule about how clubs are run financial and it would be better for any of our future managers to have experince in this and build the club up from the ground.

    But my point is a have a feeling Shearer will go for a club with money to spend, instead of going to route of the two examples i mentioned about but kinda go a Roy Keane way and try spend as much money as possible , tho I think Shearer could be a bit shrewder than Keane and move when the time is right for him

  51. It does happen Stuart,
    soz mate, but moyes at everton isn’t minted by any means, coyle at burnley has done a blinding job, pulis at stoke has worked wonders, mourinho at porto, wenger is spending nowt compared with clubs of arsenals level, to name a few.

    All i’m saying is : if one does it without big bucks, it proves it was your management not the money. May as well play a ps3 game if you just wanna do the picking of top players.

  52. StanHardy – yes, I saw Barrie Thomas. Not much skill but he knew how to score and is a LONG way from being one of the worst players we have had. Remember Frank Pingel, Stimson, Tony Cunningham etc etc?

  53. Yep Clint – as always!

    Stuart – perhaps this makes sense to you.

    Great Managers work in the real constraints of their clubs and maximise potential, regularly exceeding expectation in terms of results and success that their budget, staff and facilities warrant. When they leave they leave a legacy and a future to build upon.

    Poor managers work outside constraints they are given, they demand and spend money that is not sustainable, want staff, players and facilities that can not be readily afforded.

    Accepted they have to be given licence by an equally incompetent Chief Exec (though KKs recent arbitration panel suggest MA cant even decide how to spend his own money lol))

    The same poor managers having thrown money at a problem “gambling” it will succeed – eventually leave at a certain point in the future and the viscous circle starts again. The club long term is only heading one way.

    Any man can spend money – only a great managers can maximise potential of resources within a businesses constraints – and thats what football is these days – a business.

  54. Cheers,
    surely what you’ve typed above should suffice for anyone
    not familiar with business reasoning.
    As, like you state : it’s business.
    This cannot be over stressed.

    I know for most of us it’s a game & a passion etc.
    But it MUST be run financially correctly.

  55. I still think Alex Ferguson was right when he said ‘if you want a good team you need good players, if you want a great team you need great players’. Unfortunately great players tend to cost afair bit of money.

    My point is that the managers who don’t spend alot have to rely on a good scouting network, these scouts will find top quality for very little out lay.

    Who’s got the talent, the managers or the scouts?

    It also has to be said that even managers with plenty of cash have failed.

  56. Aye,
    But a great team is the sum of it’s parts.

    Villa in the euro cup back when. Forest same.
    Denmark in the euros.
    Team spirit can take you a long way & top management is crucial.
    It’s true that the expensive teams get enough ref breaks.
    Our best team in decades was full of players who made good for us, not big names bought.

  57. Pav, Beresford, Venison, Watson, Albert, Peacock, Batty, Lee, Pedro, Clarke, Gillespie, Ferdinand, Hislop etc.
    Not names ’til they’d played for us & formed a great team.

  58. Even the Phrase “great manager” will have different meaning to different people.
    An example could be say you’re a chairman at a division 1 club languishing in the relegation zone for half the season….you bring in a new manager and have a decent cup run making a few bob for team investment and avoid the drop (spending Zilch on transfers)…Fans will think you where a messiah.

  59. Clint,

    Times are very, very different now mate.

    It’s generally accepted within football that the clubs with money are successful.

    It cannot be coincidence that the top 4 every year are the ones with the biggest spending outlay.

    You mentioned Everton and Moyes, they have spent more money than then below them over the last few years, before that they were in a relegation fight under Moyes.

    Wenger had to spend pretty heavily to get in a position where he could develop the youth also.

  60. Look at liverpool Stu,
    for every chelsea, manu, there’s the other side.
    Us for example: Where did splashing the cash get us.

    Yes you can buy some success, but also shit can go pretty bad too. It’s an incomplete science mate, isn’t it?

  61. Look at man city spent a fortune and they couldn’t buy a win towards the end of Mark Hughes reign.

    It is incomplete science agreed…you could have a team of all stars that think the manager is a goofball and don’t perform.

  62. Or you could have an average team,that train hard,respect the shirt and management, Gel as a squad and kick some ass.

  63. Wenger had restraints cos of them buying a new stadium.
    & i think it’s done arsenal the world of good.
    That could be us, managed properly, this time round.

  64. Wenger has done well,sold a fair bit though and still a way off lifting the premiership title or winning the champions league.
    Not won anything in 5 years either so not a Messiah just yet haha :)

  65. The key when making any appointment of this nature is finding a manager who will “act like an owner” if you do that – half of the battle is won (unless of course he is acting like Ashley and not saying owt to anyone lol)

  66. stardust divent star slaggin wor mike we would be fcked with out his cash another pompey :lol:

  67. Stuart – re your whose got the talent manager or the scouts comment:

    Its endemic in todays world that success or failure is attributed to messsiah’s, galactico’s, individuals etc etc etc. Where in reality it is usually a collective buying into a single simple vision and aiming for that vision every day.

    In such circumstance the person defining that vision, setting people free to achieve it, and relentlessly pursuing that vision will, on success – attribute it to their team – yet if it fails – they will take the blame on their own shoulders alone.

    The scenarios you describe are of the flamboyant short termist manager who builds nothing but a mirage of short term success and rotten foundations. Read Jim Collins – Good to Great.

    I am not saying money should not be spent- I am saying it should be within the parameters of affordability (short and long term – when the existing management have gone) and big money can be spent – as long as its generated and able to be repaid (something which Man U and Liverpool will never be able to do)

  68. Now then Batts – nice to see you admitting in public what you do in private!

    Only a loser would post on an defunct blog – fit cap wear if the

  69. stardy didnt understand ur last post but iam being serious aboot ashley saving the club with his cash still dont like him but a think a would of got on with him in me drinking days but it would have cost him :lol:

  70. Bloody Hell Batty – first Stuart coming over to the dark side, now you?

    My work here is nearly done lol.

  71. Wonder if Geremi went on holiday to Turkey & they started thinking he was there player now?

  72. stardy na never turn in to a yellow belly leaky arse like stu and gan to the dark side but iam glad mikey boy is still putting his cash into the club would you if people were calling u a fat geordie bstard even though u are :lol:

  73. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 4, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    “Btw, what happened to the form altering tools, or whatever they’re called worky?”

    It could be bit awkward sometimes, Clint.

  74. Stardust says:
    January 4, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    Re whores and class clothes etc…… there’s the old saying that:

    You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink,

    You can take a whore to culture but you cannot make her think!