Geremi NOT heading back to Turkey to join former Aston Villa and Man City star?

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Inexplicable joy!
Inexplicable joy!
Late last evening I wrote the following –

“Mike Ashley will be a happy man after Newcastle managed to move on Geremi as early as the third day of January. High-earner Geremi has only made nine appearances for us this season and Turkish side, Ankaragücü have signed him on an 18-month deal, where he’ll join former Aston Villa and Manchester City forward Darius Vassell. Geremi played for another Turkish side, Gençlerbirliği in the late ’90s before he joined the Galaticos of Madrid.

Although there’s nothing on our official site, the Ankaragücü website announced earlier this (Sunday) evening that the signing is confirmed although it’s not yet clear whether they’ve paid anything for him. And Geremi will not be available for his new club, until after the African Nations Cup, in Angola this month.

Signed by Sam Allardyce in 2007 and even installed as captain, Geremi’s contract was due to run out in the summer and it will be a surprise if we have managed to persuade the Turkish side to part with any sort of substantial fee. Indeed the very fact that we have cleared down, in the region of £50-£60k-a-week wages will be a blessed relief to the board. And hopefully as a consequence that will kickstart activities, and money can be reinvested more effectively in this January transfer window.

Ludicrous wages and a knackered pair of legs that were shot before he even ventured onto the hallowed St James’ turf, meant Geremi was always on a hiding to nothing. Even if he was making the effort it was hard to tell, given that he made Kevin Nolan look positively mobile. I would have said the same about Nicky Butt, but that’s maybe pushing it. Chelsea knew what they were doing when they got rid, and Mourinho even told Sir Bobby as much. So unfortunately, aside from a few good deliveries (and even they were limited amongst many that hit the first man) and arguably a positive influence around the training ground in the changing rooms, it’s good riddance to good-money-down-the-drain.”

Well just ignore it for now, because it’s a load of bollocks apparently. However, myself and other bloggers, along with the media don’t appear to have been duped by the normal vicious rumours. Instead, in true Newcastle United fashion, we appear to be part of a genuine ‘misunderstanding’.

Qualifying earlier rumours that the deal was not yet concluded, Newcastle has gone a little further and released the following statement on the official site:

Further to reports in various sections of the media today regarding the transfer of Geremi to Turkish side Ankaraguca, Newcastle United wishes to make it clear that whilst there are a number of clubs interested in possibly acquiring his services, any talk of him leaving St. James’ Park at this moment is extremely premature.

Geremi remains a Newcastle United player and has today linked up with Cameroon for the African Cup of Nations.

So how on earth could the Turkish club have confirmed this on their official site and paraded Geremi to the fans? It seems like a bizarre situation but sort of in keeping with the unorthodox off-field shenanigans of the past year or so. Why is nowt ever straight forward with this club and why do we have to become involved something else that we’ll ultimately get some sort of ridicule for, even if it is all their fault? And why can’t we get rid of that doddery sod?

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37 Responses

  1. Proper bollocks on all levels.

    Just when you think there is some of sort of footballing god that took him off our hands. Nee wonder Geremi looks shifty, he’s probably thinking “this doesn’t seem right like…” 8O

  2. Proper weird state of affairs maybe we got mixed up and its Nolan who is being sold to a prem team?

  3. Cashley and lambarse probably saw this blog, realised it was a popular move so reversed it immediatly. I’ve really got to learn how to spell!

  4. bowburn divent start gettin like ed h with ur storys i can see u starting too slag king kev next :lol:

  5. Geremi went on ‘holiday by mistake’ & ended up with the locals thinking he was their player now. In some bizarre ritual.

    Funny jay jay. :)

  6. Bats – nah, I always said to worky I’d advocate quality over quantity, and the odd good article with a loyal and knowledgable group of posters is preferrable to chucking out too many for the sake of it, particularly when we’re all busy and it’s all voluntary.

    workys been encouraged by the numbers and wants us to push on but I won’t be pressured. He’s not getting quantity from me just for the sake of it.

    Or quality for that matter… :)

  7. There’s nothing to say that Cashley would have done anything productive with the cash saved on him but christ, i’d have happily seen him gone even for the peace of mind that we’re not acting like right mugs paying this lad an outlandish amount to sit on the bench. Nowt against Geremi personally like, i’d say it about any player, its a complete waste of time. Lets hope this (yet another) farce, gets sorted.

  8. batty says:
    January 4, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    “worky do u know if stardust has got his medication sorted yet”

    batty, you know that Stardust need his medication when he starts gannin’ on about the “Law of Attraction”.

  9. Are potential free agents not allowed to sign a pre-contract agreement with any club they wish to in the January transfer window? I seem to remember that at this stage last season we were wondering whether Owen would do this. If he does leave without putting a transfer request in, aren’t the club liable to pay him the remaining lump left on his contract. Thats the way I understand it anyway.

  10. Reet, I’m off for a shower and then hittin the hay. Goodnight ladies and radgies of the blog.

  11. Yo! folks, stardust may yet be closer to reality than those opposing him, specifically in regard to Mike Ashley and his handling of the club.
    Think about it, where would we be had he not taken over and applied a little austerity?
    His infusion of funds could have possibly saved the club from financial collapse.
    Probably most fans by this time are quite happy to be part of a winning side, even though we are playing anything but attractive football.
    The same goes for our limited ambition in the market, we seem happy enough to be attracting people from the second and third tier clubs, which would have been anathema not so long ago.
    Hey, Mike Ashley, what a guy !

  12. chuck says:
    January 5, 2010 at 4:51 am – Chuck, you’re right about Ashley introducing a period of austerity into the club; without it, we’d have been in an insolvency position by now!

    However Chuck, he and Llambias have dropped some monumental ricks in their time at the helm and one would hope that they’ve learned from the experience and modify their behaviours.

    Stardust of course may well disagree with the second paragraph and doubtless we’ll hear from him soon.

    Speaking of Sawdust and Batty’s question about his medication I think the answer must be yes – either that or he was still feeling the warmth of the gloves with string attaching them that his mammy gave him!

    Happy new year Mr Stardust.

  13. And it seems that the Mirror are reporting that Beckford’s price has gone up to £2m after the ManU game.

    If that’s the case, surely a deal must be negotiable?

  14. I would imagine that there will be some negiotating to be done along the lines of ‘we’ll give you £1.5m up front and another £250k if we get promoted’. Maybe even another sum if he gets 10 league goals this season.

  15. course it’s bollox – vassell was kicked out of his hotel because the club weren’t paying the bills, he hasn’t been paid for a couple of months and the club is in turmoil – I dont see how they could afford geremi or why he would go there

  16. Lesh – morning fella.

    re “However Chuck, he and Llambias have dropped some monumental ricks in their time at the helm and one would hope that they’ve learned from the experience and modify their behaviours.

    Stardust of course may well disagree with the second paragraph and doubtless we’ll hear from him soon.”

    I agreed – I also however think its a two way street – MA and DL hopefully have learned by experience and mistakes AND hopefully the fans have seen that all was not as bad as they thought it was.

    We all learn all the time and we all get better – well apart from fools and Batty.

  17. Morning Batts – following your fitting yesterday – your Darth Vader mock up suit is ready for collection at Blackett Street.

    The dark side awaits.

  18. Troy isnt sure about Beckford. He seems to have a lot of baggage – his agent was on TalkSport last night saying he can be arrogant and is perceived as a risk by many as he is unproven at the top level

  19. Really funny that you think we are one and the same – Worky can confirm that we are not!

  20.….. we’ll just have to wait and see. One thing for sure though, MA’ll not be keeen to keep Geremi!!

    Stardust says:
    January 5, 2010 at 11:50 am
    Troy isnt sure about Beckford. He seems to have a lot of baggage – his agent was on TalkSport last night saying he can be arrogant and is perceived as a risk by many as he is unproven at the top level

    C’mon Stardy… I thought even you in your supreme wisdom would have realised it’s in Beckford’s agent’s interest to discuss the downside of his client.

    Isn’t that likely to lower potential interest and offers and moreso, Leed’s expectations and…. the chances of him [Beckford] joining us.

    Just a thought.

  21. oh FFS! Well, it is the Toon after all. Strange behavior by the Turkish club, though. bizarre.