Reading v Newcastle United – An away fan’s guide.

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Reading Radgies.
Reading Radgies.
This guide takes a look at Newcastle United’s next away game at Reading’s Madejski Stadium, scheduled for Saturday 9th January with a kick-off of 3pm. Again its quite a long trip from the Toon, but I’m sure that wont put the dedicated Toon Army off or stop some of our more local fans from making a shorter trip.

We’ll set off for the 300 mile trip down the A1, meet up with M1 at Leeds and carry on south. Just keep following the M1 past Sheffield, Nottingham and Leicester until you hit J15A (A43 / Northampton / Oxford). Leave the motorway there and follow the A43 towards Oxford. If you keep folowing the signs for Oxford then you’ll eventually meet up with the M40. Head southbound on the M40 and leave at J9 (A34 Oxford / Newbury). Follow the A34 for around 30 miles until you meet the M4. You’ll join the M4 at J13, so you’ll need to head east towards London for 2 junctions, making sure you leave at J11 (A33 Reading). The whole Madejski complex is well signposted from the motorway, but just in case you miss the signs, you’lll be fine as long as you bear left!

As an alternative, you can come straight down the A1 from the Toon until you hit the M25. Head anti-clockwise (in the direction of Watford) until you reach the M4 at J15. Join the M4 westbound and leave at J11 as above. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this way as it incorporates a lot of roadworks on the A1, the M25 traffic, aswell as traffic around Heathrow airport. You should also be warned that there are roadworks on the M4 at J11 so you may need to leave some more time to take account of these.

At the first roundabout on the A33 there is a car park which costs £7, although if you turn right at that roundabout there is some street parking. Imperial Way is the name of the road, but you’ll need to be there early. There are more unofficial car parks dotted around but beware they can be quite expensive – I’ve seen £10 parking advertised before! Another warning is not to park in the retail park next to the ground. You will end up either clamped or with a ticket!

Another option is to use the Park & Ride which is run by the club. For this, rather than heading for Reading on the A33, take the B3270 towards Earley and follow signs for ‘Football Car Park C’. Make sure you don’t park in the residential estate as this is permit parking only and is patrolled by clampers. To use the Park & Ride costs £3 for adults and £1.50 for children for a return ticket. The first bus leaves at 1:30pm.

As the Madejski is a realtively new stadium built out of town, it unfortunately means that pubs near to the ground are virtually non-existant. There is a Holiday Inn about 15 minutes walk away but this can be pretty swamped. For this, head down Imperial Way (as mentioned earlier) and it will be on your left. If this does get mobbed or if you fancy going somewhere else, then turn left after the hotel onto Basingstoke Road. Keep following this and you will come to a carvery pub called ‘The World Turned Upside Down’. Failing that then you can always grab a few drinks inside the ground for around £3 a pint.

As yet, I’ve been unable to find any solid figures over away numbers. All I have found so far is that its likely to be around 3,000, although potentially it could be 4,300. Im sure one of other contributors will fill this in of they know for sure.

Lets see if we can end our run of draws and get back to winning ways at Reading.

Howay the lads.

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73 Responses

  1. I saw the Reading – Liverpool game on TV and Reading looked good, so this game will not be easy. However they have not won in theior last 6 games (drawn 4 – lost 2). Their goalkeeper Adam Federici pulled a hamstring against Liverpool and had to go off and the youngster who came on was very nervous – so I was hoping Federici would be injured for next Saturday but he says today he’ll be OK – that’s a pity!
    But we have to start scoring goals to win games – and anything other than a win on Saturday will be very disappointing. Howay The Lads!!

  2. “To use the Park & Ride costs £3 for adults and £1.50 for children for a return ticket.”

    Whenever I see the phrase “Park and Ride” I always think of dogging for some reason.

  3. beckford must be there.anybody agree if we sell carrol and shola and get boyd and beckford?

  4. These guides are getting earlier and earlier!

    Although I have to say Reading did look quite lively against Liverpool. They obviously have a caretaker manager and we know that caretaker managers do have a instant impact.

    We need new signings asap to lift the club, fans and the players.

  5. Can’t really compare a league game with a cup game, especially when there are leagues between the teams, as it becomes ‘like a cup game’.


  6. toonsy,
    your guides are well comprehensive mate, well done.
    Do you work for google earth+ or something?

  7. you can predict a match but cannot predict a signing ch is gona very sure we geting a mature lb but idk who.he isnt english but based in a eurocup team.he plays like evra type.and dats d jan signing.any body signed is just an addition.trurt me

  8. Waffle Ganiyu…so you don’t know who from a eurocup team?? and plays like Evra…..What the Fk are you Smoking dude?

  9. Reading looked to have bags of energy against liverpool and I think it will be a stern test for the lads,we need to step up the game now the 10 point cushion is getting smaller by the week otherwise we will be on a slippery slope.

  10. Ganiyu, we should get rid of jonas and buy someone who will spend the next month in angola, did your brain slip into your porridge this morning?

  11. FYI. I believe that the Park and Ride return fare is now £3.50 adults and £2.00 child. The car park is free.

  12. I heard it has just gone down again £3.25 adults and children £1.50.
    And it is actually 299.7 miles round trip.

  13. sjt – chuck has taken over that mantle now! ;)

    He was ripping TomToon a bit the other day (although he was griefing MT by mistake), for his elaborate scouting missions. But I think he saw a vacancy and has taken on the challenge, and has since been championing Scottish players, that kid from Everton and Stephen Ireland amongst others. Although the latter is probably due to excess on the Amstel 8O

  14. Slightly off topic but I think Mike Ashley could get a bit of positive PR by reducing the ticket prices for the FA cup reply. What about £10 for an adult and £5 for kids?

    That would ensure a decent crowd and it would show some supporters that it’s not all about money.

    Just a thought but maybe it might betoomuch like good PR.

  15. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 4, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    your guides are well comprehensive mate, well done.
    Do you work for google earth+ or something?

    Cheers matey,

    No i dont work for Google Earth :D. A lot of the grounds i write guides for i’ve either been to or know where they are due to travelling around a lot (2,000 iles a week) for my work.

    I came up with idea as i remember what it was like going on my first away trip and i aim to write every guide aimed at someone who is going on their very first one. Yes, home games are very enjoyable but you tend to follow the crowd a lot and as such you end up where they go. With away games it’s different, one wrong bit of info about where to go and you could be in a home fans pub looking at a kick-in! Thats where these come in.

    I know certain people knock them but i enjoy writing them and hopefully some people enjoy reading them.

    On a sidenote, had my Leicester away ticket booked today, cant wait!

  16. Stu79 – aopparantly FA rules mean the lowest price we can charge is £15 for a cup game – weird, but the mackems the same problem as they wanted to charge lower prices but could not!

  17. Stu – It depend if Plymouth agree to that mate as they get a third of the gate reciepts. I cant see them saying yes when they tore the arse out of their own fans at the weekend!

  18. sirjasoon toon is a funny clown.Peter is too big for nufc and beta dan lb prediction was d italian or american.

  19. Bowburnmag – J/w if your going to the Plymouth game next wednesday? Because i will be and i am season ticket holder but always like these games, me and about 10 of me mates are going so should be good.

  20. Daan4tooN – Aye, I’ll be there mate, just got drop it into the convo to the missus that I have to fork out some more wedge for a Toon game! :)

    toons – hadn’t noticed but divn’t let this lot get to you about the guides mate, they just like a good twist. Bravo so far, and I’m sure more and more will find them helpful.

  21. I think the guides are excellent…just thought Adrian was being a bit picky so I decided to take the piss a bit :)

  22. Haha, well good luck with that one then mate, just hoping we get a decent crowd, especailly with attendance’s twindling atm, am going to sit in the singing corner where they get moved too when its a cup game.

  23. Aye, I wasn’t on aboot ye either, although I’d understand the confusion when I was banging on about “twisting” ;)

  24. toonsy,
    you’re doing a top job mate.
    A first timer couldn’t ask for better, i think you’ve got the angle just right.
    Keep it up.

  25. I was watching this report on SSN earlier about the shocking state of attendances in the FA Cup this weekend. I cant remember exact figures but it was something like Wigan’s attendance was 70% down on their average which, to be fair, isn’t the greatest to start with. Interestingly, in our game at Plymouth, attendances were 52% up on their average. I think some of the attendances for the cup at the weekend were embarrasing for the worlds premier cup competition.

    Dont get me wrong, i wouldn’t expect us to sell out and its not meant as a “our fans are better” dig. I just think its really bad in general. I know we’re in a recession and its been freezing, but we’ve also had recessions and cold weather before. I think something needs done, but i just can’t think of what can be done. At the end of the day its up to the fan if they wish to part with their money i suppose.

  26. I think it’s getting to the point where ‘it’s for giant killing’.
    The big teams can’t get up for it the same as a big game.
    middle teams think: ‘we can do without more games while we’re trying to survive in our league’.
    There’s a lot of games you can see for nowt on tv or the web.
    The prices should be ‘right’.
    & some teams just plain have crap ‘support’.

  27. I was watching some of the highlights and there was empty seats at loads of games over the weekend….maybe some clubs have been charging full wack,shame really as the competition has an amazing history and something people should want to go and watch.

  28. toonsy i enjoyed the read mate,speaking for myself and a few of my mates (there still is a few left) we have to cut the cloth when we were grafting we never missed home/away it was our life (sad fu—)over fifty years,now on the goverment gift we pick and chose thats life

  29. Food inside Readings Ground nothing to write home about despite the fact their Steak and Kidney pies (supplied by Waitrose!) won football pie of the year 2008/2009.

    Good Match Fact :) Football Pie of The Year Indeed.

  30. sjt,
    yea i watched the west ham v arsenal game, tons of empty hammers seats.

    We won’t be winning no ‘pasty of the year’ at SJP for the cheese n’ onion jobs in the Gallowgate, that’s for sure.

  31. :)
    Yeah watched the west ham match CF shame as I still love the FA cup,especially the upsets and seeing smaller teams having a battle and earning a bit of coin ion the process.

  32. Ganiyu was exposed aaaaaages ago on Ed’s blog if I remember as a Spurs fan, or an ‘alter ego’ of some other club’s fan.

    Whatever he’s on though is clearly too strong, I recommend a nice bit of green for the lad, taken moderately of course ;)

  33. Well Clint if he really enjoys his mental trips on the blog I suggest him to take a bottle of cough syrup a couple hours before… He will literally be away with the fairies :)

  34. BBM
    Where the hell is Bowburn anyway?
    Nah ! could never compete with Tom Toon, he dug up some of the rarest of spiecies, from places most folk have never heard of.
    My choices are all local guys and chosen with an eye on the purse strings, nothing exotic.
    Just amusing myself actually.
    Soh ! afraid it`s Amstel time again.

  35. Andynufc, i think it was chelsea he was exposed as supporting mate, i was on ed’s blog that night and i clearly remember him talking some utter sh1te that night as well!

  36. jay jay > i was on ed’s blog that night and i clearly remember him talking some utter sh1te that night as well!

    Did he ever talk anything else other than sh1te.

    Chuck I often wonder if Tom Toon ever comes on here under a different name

  37. Why on earth are Newcastle making a fuss over Geremi.
    If someone wants him please let him go even if it is for nothing.

  38. Can’t understand it myself Buda…we even make a hash of selling players as well as buying it seems.

  39. chuck – It’s in Durham mate. Next junction after the Durham city slip road. My new home having moved away from the sacred city upon the Tyne.

    CLiNT FLiCK – actually I always enjoy the Chicken Balti pies but they’re a bit pricey.

    Regards attendances, I know some clubs find it hard to strike a balance between the running and policing/stewarding costs against the likelihood of not selling enough to tickets to make it worthwhile. As a result clubs like Sheff Wed had whole stands closed. Sure to be a solution but I’m not sure clubs are convinced they’d get bigger crowds even with reduced prices to be honest.

  40. haha I didn’t even check mate. I just guessed because you were the last poster and it was lower case!! :)

  41. bowburn,
    i was being specific about the cheese n’ onion pasties mate.
    After the microwave of doom has spat ’em out, they’re like a soggy, stretchy, rubbery, bag of…, i can’t find the word mate. :)
    Still eat ’em like, captive audience ‘n’ all that.

  42. Big Dave
    In regards to Tom Toon, think he was a young dude who was at school getting an undergraduate degree, apparently studies cought up with him and he had to bow out.
    Had some interesting player evaluations, but mostly bullshit, trying to impress as youngsters do.

    Hmm! in Durham eh, does`nt that put you in the Sunderland catchment area ? and therefore suspect?
    Kidding, you know in my day there was none of that silly stuff, I mean the juvenile namecalling and hatred to-wards our neighbors, sure it was essential we beat them, but after that we wished them good luck, also I might add Boro.
    Times change, the attitude then was hope you stay in the first division , because there`s no one we enjoy beating more than you lot, ah well !

  43. People in Durham are NOT s’lun sympathizers.
    Maybe in the bits closest to the hovel, but nowhere else.
    Have a trip round, you only ever see Toon tops.

  44. Cheeky blighter chuck!! :)

    My better half is from the dark side though. Although thankfully she’s not a fan of football per se and the so the little one is a black and white now with no problems whatsoever.

    The in-laws and family are mackems though. They got us some canny teapots etc, all a bit posh but spoiled the effort by getting half of them in red and white stripes (I think it was a genuine oversight by another non-footy member though). My lass said they’d look nice in the front window. I disagreed and said they’d look much better at the very back of the kitchen cupboard, i.e the wheely bin outside. Women…