Championship fizz for Coca-Cola Shola.

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His head was on fire.
His head was on fire.
Well you can’t keep an average striker down. Love him or hate him, he’s entirely unpredicatable and yesterday Shola Ameobi managed to give us a brief period of respite with a convincing hat-trick which sent Reading packing.

From his first slightly fortunate headed goal to his perfectly-timed three goal tribute to Sir Bobby, it truly was Shola’s Perfect Day.
And so, you find yourself thinking perhaps he’s found his level. There will inevitably be sterner tests than Reading’s rearguard but there is a suggestion that Ameobi will benefit from playing against defenders perhaps half a second slower, mentally and physically, than their Premiership counterparts.

That it wasn’t a ‘classic’ hat-trick, didn’t detract from a fine performance and evidence that he can get goals in The Championship. Instead, yesterday was all about putting his substantial frame and head to good use and as one fine blog-owner mentioned, his head was quite literally on fire, on a day when he could and maybe should have had more. Therein lies the key perhaps, on yesterdays showing, Shola will find more room to maneouvre in the box, with less pressure and can expect to get more opportunities than he did in the top flight.

What’s also probably worth mentioning though was the assists. How long have we been crying out for deliveries into the box like the two from Enrique and Ryan Taylor (he CAN cross the ball in a black and white shirt)? That it was our full-backs who had to step up is digressing but if full-backs and wide players can do this, then with the height of Ameobi and Carroll and even Ranger and getting balls into the box like they did, we’ll definitely score goals.

But before I digress too much, while we lament the departure of some higher status, higher salaried but no less maligned strikers, has Shola given us pause for thought? While we speculate about the introduction of Nile Ranger and fret about getting in an experienced marksman, is the answer to our goal-scoring requirements already right there in front of us?

Well it’s a long season and that was one game and let’s be fair, pretty much everyone has had their say on him. In truth, while we all like the kid and appreciate his commitment and certainly acknowledge he has the ability to be unplayable at times (sometimes it looks like even he doesn’t know what to expect), he has more detractors than supporters.

Other than a few key goals along the way, for a kid with that physique, two great feet and the chance to become a local hero it has been frustration all the way thus far. But yesterday was different and it was Shola’s chance to shove it up his detractors and yes this particularly detractor felt the sharp end. Well done sunshine, more of the same please.

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28 Responses

  1. “From his first slightly fortunate headed goal”

    Bowburn, he did very well to get to that ball, as I wrote in my super-accurate match report.

    Shola’s confidence levels are extremely variable. When they’re right up, he can play against Barcelona. When they’re down though, he couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo. That sort of thing anyway, roughly.

  2. bri – sorry mate but that’s madness. It’s a play on words not a physical description. But thanks, the fact you’ve mentioned it, brings it to the surface.

  3. Top notch heedline BBM.

    …got my attention.

    Get busy with the Fizzy, it’s Shola Stream!

  4. Lol no problem and it about time he hit a few lets hope he can do it every week and get him on course to beat alans record even if itll take him till hes 50

  5. …me neither Bowburn.

    …had to make do with fizz bombs and milk. It never worked, the b@stards.

  6. It wasn’t the bike though, Rod, it was the posing around, the tassels coming off the edge of the handlebars, the big mirrors etc. I was going to do mine in black and white, but it wasn’t to be.

  7. I’ll bet they did worky; the purple ones were best. Bowburn, aye, that was for the posh kids. Used to drool over the Villa/Bar van in folorn hope that one day mi Mam would see reason to justify a litre of American Cream Soda with the milk.

    …alas, twas never to be………….

  8. Dandelion and Burdoch – what was that al about?

    Anyway, off to kip. Up early for a new gig in the morning, commuting back to my beautiful home city. I’m coming home Newcastle. Dangerously close to Central’s bars but brilliantly close to my beloved football ground.

  9. My lass just mentioned Villa pop! Although she hailed from the edges of the darkness as a kid.

    I think it might have been Bar/Barrs? that I drank but thought it was Robinsons or something originally.

  10. bowburnmag says:
    August 17, 2009 at 12:11 am

    “My lass just mentioned Villa pop! Although she hailed from the edges of the darkness as a kid.”

    Washington, Houghton, Shiney Row, Hetton, the outer ring of hell.

  11. I’ve always said Shola was a Championship level striker. I guess he’s proved me right. ;-)