Who have been Newcastle United’s most lethal Premiership strikers? Here’s the answer…

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Demba Ba - Newcastle United.
Demba Ba: Newcastle United’s hottest hitman in recent times.
Below is a table comparing the main statistics of all of Newcastle United’s main strikers who have played in the Hughton / Pardew years. There are six, Shola Ameobi, Peter Lovenkrands, Andy Carroll, Leon Best, Demba Ba and most recently of course, Papiss Cisse.

Please note that this is for Premier League games only. Championship stats have been excluded as they would obviously give the players who played a full season in the lower division an unfair advantage. As well as that, cup games have also been escluded too to make as level a playing field as possible (if you’ll pardon the pun). I think you might find one or two surprises in there, which was partly the reason I did this post in the first place.

I suppose I could have included Kevin Nolan too, as his goalscoring and assist figures would also stand up with the names below after Chris Hughton moved him further forward into the “hole” as they say, however this one’s for strikers and Nolan has always been a midfielder, albeit a highly attacking one in recent seasons.

This league table has been ordered in terms of minutes per goal scored, which is a far better way of measuring a strikers true goalscoring figures rather than just going by appearences and goals, which makes no distinction between a player playing a whole ninety minutes, or just a few minutes at the end as has been the case with so many Shola Ameobi’s Newcastle appearences in the Premier League. The same could also be said of Peter Lovenkrands and possibly Leon Best too.

Whilst there has been much criticism of Newcastle United’s strikers in the past, on the goalscoring front, all of the ones listed below actually have records which actually hold up rather well, especially so when you study the record of strikers from other teams in a similar position to Newcastle United.

So, without further ado, here’s the table!

Newcastle United strikers.
# Player App Gls TMP Ass MPA MPG
1 Demba Ba 54 29 4386 7 627 151
2 Andy Carroll 41 14 2394 9 266 171
3 Leon Best 29 10 1892 4 473 189
4 Papiss Cisse 50 21 4101 6 683 195
5 Peter Lovenkrands 46 9 2304 5 461 256
6 Shola Ameobi 269 41 13594 18 755 332
App – Appearences.
Gls – Goals.
TMP – Total Minutes Played.
Ass – Assists.
MPA – Minutes Per Assist.
MPG – Minutes Per Goal.

And finally, below is a tribute to Demba Ba’s time at Newcastle. It was made by “LathamNUFC.”


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51 Responses

  1. It didn’t really make sense to sell Best except for his injury record. Perhaps, they were vindicated when he was promply injured again soon after he left. Still, for what we got he would have been a useful backup.

    Same with Fraser Forster. For what we got for him, I didn’t see the point of selling unless there was a sell before you buy policy and we needed the money for Anita?

  2. GS
    I think Forster wanted to be playing first team football; likewise for Best and Guthrie. Can’t force them stay to sit on the bench if they want to be playing unfortunately and they were all at a stage of their career where it was not good for them to be sitting around.

  3. Class player Demba-should have stumped up the cash and kept him.
    Heard rumours he may be of to West Ham be interesting seeing him and AC upfront together.

    I would move Cisse out now after last season.

    Newsnow Newcastle United will now be renamed Newsnow Kinnear……What a prehistoric gobshite he is,nearly every link has that prick blabbing crap on it :lol:

  5. The two most potty mouthed men in football, Joe f****** Kinnear and Graham f****** Carr are going out scouting together. They’ll make Bernard Manning and Chubby Brown sound like a pair of vicars when they team up.

  6. Joe Kinnear is so Fackin ‘Ard even is own nightmares are scared of him :lol:

  7. “Joe’s a strong man and I was in the dressing room when he was throwing right-handers at some of the players if they weren’t performing. Newcastle’s players can expect the same.” – Vinnie Jones.

  8. Maybe he will be gentle and just throw Kebabs at Yohan every time his corner lands at the oppositions feet at the near post.

  9. Just picturing JK giving his halftime talk and all the french lads coming on for the second half with black eyes and thick ears haha

  10. sirjasontoon says:
    June 28, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    “Just picturing JK giving his halftime talk and all the french lads coming on for the second half with black eyes and thick ears haha”

    Or Alan Pardew taking his place in the dugout with black eyes and thick ears, SJT.

  11. Seriously though, Carr and Kinnear are like two peas in a pod and I can see them making a very good double act like Morecambe and Wise.

  12. That’s like the old joke

    JFK and AP are hanging off cliff edges 100 feet apart, and you only had time to save one of them. What would you do? Smoke a cigarette or drink a beer?

  13. “Though he meant it in the right way, Sir Bobby Robson used to call me Lomana Lua Lua or Shola Ameobi!”

    “Kinnear did it back with Charles Insomnia, but I don’t think it’s such a big deal this time.”

    “Like I said, anyone can make a mistake and I think you can excuse this one.” – Olivier Bernard.

  14. Do you think Kinnear will be able to pronounce Aubameyang? Will he get the right player or maybe his brother like when we got the wrong Amalfitano?

  15. Worky: have you ever worked out what Shearer’s goals per game are without the penalties? Not that all he brought was goals, but I just wondered since most of the above never took any penalties (probably for good reason).

  16. GS, I do know offhand that 58 of Alan Shearer’s 260 Premiership goals were penalties. That’s 22.3% of ’em according to my calculator.

    If 22.3% of Shearer’s 206 Newcastle goals were penalties, his total would have been 160 in 404.

    Milburn still scored more goals for Newcastle than Shearer did, only quite a few of his earlier ones were scored in the wartime league.

  17. GS says:
    June 28, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    “Do you think Kinnear will be able to pronounce Aubameyang?”

    I think he could manage “Wilf Bony.”

  18. Worky
    No he could’nt as i believe he’s bound for Swansea (Bony)and in any case he has’nt got the mansgers job, yet!

  19. Chuck, GS was asking me if Kinnear could PRONOUNCE “Aubameyang” and in an admittedly feeble attempt at wit, I replied that he could probably MANAGE TO PRONOUNCE “Wilf Bony.” :roll:

    I’ll get me coat…

  20. Haven’t been on this site for years. It appears quiet.

    I think you need a few characters on here to liven up the convo.

    :-D :-D

  21. Just heard an interesting rumour from a well placed inside source that Pardew has 10 matches. If it’s still pear shaped at the end, moves will take place to install Poyet as manager.

  22. Seems like a good time for me to go away for the weekend to a place where there is a bad cell connection.

  23. Pete_toon says:
    June 29, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    “Just heard an interesting rumour from a well placed inside source that Pardew has 10 matches.”

    But November would be one of the worst times to do it, Pete. The best time would have been the end of last season so there could be a pre season with the new manager and so on… Right in the middle of two windows is just the right time to make it as big a destabilising crisis as possible.

  24. worky @ 21 & 23

    Of course thats why i stated he has’nt got the managers job yet (Joe)
    You know, rock buns take your pick.

  25. That’s the problem now with wifi and 24 hour connectivity. I can still hear from idiots even when I try my best not to.

  26. @GS

    Oh dear. Dreary me :-D

    The greatest fizz I’ve seen for a long time.
    :-D :-D

    The trouble is GS, I have a google earth live app on my phone and I’ve just zoomed in and can see you standing on top of your mushroom desperately trying to get a signal on your phone.
    I sense you are actually enjoying communicating with someone from outside gnome colony. :-D

    Watch out for that cow above your mushroom !!!
    Splat! :-D

    Oh dear! GS will be busy cleaning up cow pat off his head and mushroom house for the next few hours. :-D

    I’ll pop back later fella to see how you’re getting on. :-)

  27. Another dreary day in the marketplace.
    with fans at each others throats out of shear boredom.
    I see where we have gone from a no way will we sell Cabaye to a “well twenty five million and he’s yours” attitude.
    Probably most fans would like to see hin stay, but for that kinda bread i would sell him un a NY second.
    Look everyone is replaceable and face it, he did’nt play that well to-wards the end of the season.
    You could probably get McCarthy from Wigan and pay most of Aubamayong’s fee for that kinda dosh.
    Glad to see we did’nt go for either Bent or Carroll,guess we have either Joe or Carr to thank for that as apparently it was rumored they were on Pardews wanted list.
    This situation with Pardew is not good, the guy knows he’s on a banana skin, but aint budging.
    If dumbass Ashley had’nt listened to his Casino friend and gave everyone a deal of a lifetime (unbelievable stupidity)Pardew couldda been back dahn sarf as we speak.
    And now that Pal Joey has put the keybosh on Douglas, who the Fcuk are we gonna bring in to bolster the back line, if in fact anyone?
    Too many cooks in the kitchen, this will eventually turn real messy.
    Certainly a move made out of desperation by Ashley as was his bringing in the french contingent during the winter.
    He had no one other than Carr to talk to in regard to football and it became obvious that there were cracks in the organization, between Carr and Pardew/Llambias, with no one to advise him, other than Joe.
    IMO Llambias became surplus to requirements as did Pardew (Ashley is ruthless when it comes to dosh)but you got Pardew and probably the coaching staff, all on eight year deals, who if a new guy is brought in, will go also.
    Though i believe Joe will replace Pardew, which may temporarily save the coaches.
    I dont see any movement going on in the market, apart from the big clubs and most have yet to be signed and delivered, though there appears to be a lot of interest by EPL sides in strengthening in this big money season, with the recently promoted sides buying desperately in order to stay where the money is.
    I would advise Ashley to do likewise instead of repeating last years mistake of not reinforcing the side, as we are still capable of being relegated with a side that came very close last season.

  28. Would love to be scouting with carr and kinnear would be like an episode of only fools and horses

    it’s a deal of a lifetime graham Carlton cole for 40 nicka

  29. Danny b says:
    June 30, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    “Would love to be scouting with carr and kinnear would be like an episode of only fools and horses”

    So would I, Danny, but it would be more like a day out with Bernard Manning and Chubby Brown. Carr’s swearing is so bad he even makes Kinnear sound like a Vicar!

    Although one is revered and one is reviled by some Newcastle United fans, they’re actually like two peas in a pod and I think they’ll get on like a house on fire.

  30. Had to re-read that Worky thought you said Horse on Fire at a glance :lol:

  31. “Maybe it’s the dignity of Alan Pardew”.

    A classic one liner from Ed.

  32. Does anyone remember Erik Pieters the PSV left back?

    There was lots of chatter about him being a top international left back who should have been over £7 million, but Ashley and Llambias the brilliant deal makers were playing “hardball” in a bid to sign sign him for a bargain £4-5 million and it dragged on like the Debuchy saga.

    Well Stoke have signed him now for around £3 million.

  33. Yeah I remember. We were linked or after him for a year or two a while back, right?

    Now Llambo is gone maybe JoeK can get transfers done faster.

  34. Erik Pieters Yeah I remember us being linked with him.

    I can’t see Ashley splashing much dough this summer-specially with the mood of the majority of fans….JK has got plenty contacts in lower divisions luckily so expect a few of them in before kick off.


  35. SJT, JFK might surprise you. He was looking at Ligue 1 one players before Carr was here. I remember him bidding for Stephane Mbia as a Butt replacement as well as one or two others, but Marseilles went mad and bid over £10 million in the end, which was a bit dear. Of course, he subsequently joined QPR last season but now he desperately wants to swap back with Joey Barton at Marseilles for some reason.

    I don’t think Joey’s too keen though. :-)

  36. sirjasontoon says:
    July 1, 2013 at 8:48 am

    “JK did sign Tim Krul though”

    To be fair, Joe Kinnear never actually said that he “signed” Tim Krul, SJT, he said that he “brought” Tim Krul. Like Forster, he was more or less permanently out on loan until Kinnear brought him back from Falkirk and integrated him into the first team squad after Given signed for Man City.

  37. Thanks for pointing that out :lol:

    Pardew has been very quiet since the end of the season,I think JK has stolen his thunder.

  38. Channel 4 have announced they are to make a film about Joe Kinnear’s time at Newcastle.

    4 wins and a funeral.

  39. what a waste of time even hoping for ANY new signing! can’t say iv ever been this worried on the 1st day of the window. might aswel just get ready for more tripe next season.