Newcastle United player review 09/10 – Strikers.

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Lovenkrands: A story of turmoil, tragedy and success.
Lovenkrands: A story of turmoil, tragedy and success.
The last in the series of our player reviews for the 09/10 season will take a look at our strikers and how they have done this season.

We have already worked our way through the team starting with goalkeepers before moving onto have a look at our defence and midfield. Our strikers have been very important for us this season and have combined to score over half of our goals this season, 47 of them in fact, and they have been spread pretty evenly between the various front men. For the first half of the season we spent our time playing mainly one striker with Kevin Nolan in an attcking support role, something that has probably helped Nolan score so many goals whilst limiting the chance of any strikers hitting the 20 goal mark. Still, it’s a team game as the saying goes, and as long as the ball is hitting the back of the net I don’t really care which player scores them. Let’s take a look anyway.

Marlon Harewood – A loan player that has actually featured enough to be included in one of my reviews. Signed from Aston Villa on loan until around Christmas and made 15 appearances scoring 5 goals during his time with us. Frustrated the hell out of me at times with his lethargic approach, made even more frustrating when you watch him actually run and chase the ball down, why couldn’t he do that all the time? Nevermind. Anyway, we probably would have signed Harewood in January had it not been for a foot injury sustained upon his return to Aston Villa.

Andy Carroll – Finished as top scorer with 19 goals in his first full season as a first team starter, a feat made even more impressive when you consider he had only scored four goals by Christmas. Carroll is the current subject of regurgitated 12 month old press rumours so he must be doing something right I guess. The next hurdle for Andy Carroll is his pending court case which is due to start on the 2nd of June. If he can clear that hurdle the he will be looking to kick on and prove himself at a higher level next season.

Nile Ranger – An inexperienced player with a lot of talent who was thrown in at the deep end towards the start of the season, and didn’t disappoint. His hold up play and awareness of bringing his team-mates into play are very impressive for his age. Needs to find the confidence to put away the chances he will get in front of goal but to be fair he has scored at all levels, including for England. Has made 25 apearances this season although 21 of them have been as a substitute.

Shola Ameobi – What can we say about the Fenham Eusbio? Frustrating to watch and unlucky with injuries are two ways to describe him. It’s a shame really as everytime he has had a run of games he has scored goals. He isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing striker to watch, often appearing to fall over himself quite a lot which has lead to the nickname ‘Bambi’. This has been another season wrecked by injuries, this time to his hamstring and foot. Despite that, he has still managed to hit double figures scoring 10 goals in 18 appearances, and only 11 of them appearances were starts.

Leon Best – A subject of division between fans, with some saying he isn’t good enough and others saying that he needs time to prove himself. Signed on the last day of the January window from Coventry City and has made 13 appearances without scoring a goal, although only six of those apearances have been as a starter. Needs to cuddle Marlon Harewood’s foot next time the meet as without that injury I doubt Best would be at Newcastle.

Peter Lovenkrands – As the caption under the photo says ‘a story of turmoil, tragedy and success’. Turmoil after he was cruelly released by the club in the summer, by letter if memory serves me correctly. More turmoil as the club dragged out their attempts at resigning him, something they managed to do just as the transfer window slammed shut at the start of September. Tragedy after his father passed away in January, followed by the success of promotion. Quite a season for the Dane then! Has only made 29 appearances this season after missing out on pre-season training but has returned an impressive 13 goals from those games. Could play a part next season and will be refreshed after taking the summer off to rest with his family.

I’ve left Xisco out, quite rightly aswell in my opinion, and that draws to a conclusion my review of the first team squad for Newcastle United over the past season. It’s been an impressive effort from the team this year. Quite frankly we have brushed The Championship aside although that shouldn’t detract from the fact that next season will be tougher.

I hope you have enjoyed this little mini-series and feel free to give your own reviews below.

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52 Responses

  1. All good stuff. Harewood’s contributions shouldn’t be dismissed even though he looked like he couldn;t be arsed at times. His goals got us points and those points made us champions.

    I disagree that shola isn’t pleasing on the eye. I still say he carries a 10% extra technical threat from our other strikers, albeit 20% less fight. In the premiership that sort of touch and turn is crucial when you’re up against it.. not just getting your head on the end of crosses – Carroll, or playing off the shoulder – Loven. As good as they have been at that of late.

    Surely 1 mobile striker is essential for next season, along with another winger option and full back cover. Apart from that, I can’t see how we could bring in more bodies, unless we move on key starters, such as barton or coloccini, which seems unlikely based on Hughton’s interviews.

  2. Thank god the Hare picked up the injury :) as I would hate to have been stuck with him he just didn’t look interested.

    Carroll well what can I add to what you have said allready, I honestly think he can go on to be a real cracker.

    Ranger as you said was threw in at the deep end Has loads of potental to really be a star, But sadly IMO Best seems to be holding back his progress.

    Strolla allways looks bad same as Crouch and any other lanky player, but I have allways said he must have something as every manager has played him.

    Best well I suppose we have to thank the Hare for that IMO I havn’t seen nowt about him that I like but I think the fact that he 1st said he turned down the no9 shirt ” because he wanted to earn it” then changing his mind and story put me off him straight away, along with the fact I see him as just being another obstacle put infront of Ranger. But while he wears the shirt I will support him and I do think if he scored we might see a different side to him :)

    Lovens as you said was messed about alot but still give it his all, playing just after his Father died told me all I need to know about him.

  3. ime sorry i just dont rate bambi seen him play many times in epl,just not good enough ccc is his level,hope carroll can step up will need him along with another good striker,as i said before blake at wolves scored 25 plus goals in ccc last year,in the epl this year hes scored 1,kitson is another good at reading cant cut it in epl,there are many others the same

  4. TOONSY just been reading back some posts.
    dont you even think about not commenting on the blog to me you are at least 50% of the show,99% of blogers enjoy your comments,when i first commented on here i got stick from odd ones and you told me to take no notice,kept me going,so m8 do the same
    how about a post on who toon should look at and which are fairy stories iyo

  5. Which ones are fairy stories? Most of them :lol:

    Seriously I thought about doing something like that. Would be interesting to see what names people come up with.

  6. icedog – we’ve all seen bambi play several times in the premiership, that doesn’t give you an authority really.

    I laugh at the ‘he’s found his level’,, is that because he did well and scored smashing individual goals in the CCC? Then how is that different to carroll or nolan? Haven’t they found their level by that same token? Carroll and nolan have struggled to make any impact in past 3 or 4 years in the prem,, suddenly they’re scoring goals – haven’t they ‘found their level’ too?

    Shola scored over 50 goals in the prem and europe,, he is a perfectly reliable squad man for next season – when let’s face it we have no evidence Loven and Carroll WILL step up.

  7. two things that would not surprise me would be taylor to spurs o”hare to toon,and J.B coming from stoke to toon

  8. Boater ye could say that about Nolan finding his level as he has played in the prem and never seen him tear up any tree’s, But ye cant say it about Carroll as we haven’t seen him for a season in the Prem

  9. BOATER, i have never said i am a authority on anything,it doesnt make you one either,it is imo,as to bambi i dont rate,think back how many times he cant even read the play,one game he was off-side 9 times,that only one of his faults i could name many

  10. “There will be one or two changes,” said Lambert. “There won’t be an absolute fire sale of changes, because the club has got a winning mentality at the minute and we will try and keep it going.

    “We know it is going to be hard up there, we’re under no illusions how hard it’s going to be, but we have earned the right to compete with everybody else and that’s what we will try and do.”

    From recently promoted Norwich City manager, Paul Lambert. Sound familiar? ;)

  11. BIg Dave – true Carroll has had his watershed hopefully this season – and deserves a chance at the big time. He could struggle next season, more to the the point the side might not be able to get as many balls pumped in to the box as he needs for his game.

    All I’m saying about shola is we know where we are with him.. he has his faults Icedog – no denying that. But take the forest game, their defence could deal with everything until shola took the ball from outside the box, turned a man and scored a fabulous individual effort,, we will rely on individual ability to carve out chances next season as the team won’t be dominating possession anything like as much.

  12. BOATER,i agree with shola goal,was just a punt imo,do you really belive he would even get that amount of time in epl or that class of defending in imo,i could be wrong have been many times m8

  13. AOD – You should have kept that secret, you could have used it in my next blog and won the competition ;)

  14. Arghhhhh~~~Was hoping to get a small token of appreciation. ;) :lol:

  15. JAY JAY,always rated him quite highly,good player,has good attitude too would fit in well imo

  16. Toonsy, pederson left sided, larsson right sided. But both would be good signings IMO. Have you any idea when club memberships are available mate?

  17. Anyway fancies any Italian players coming in??? Youngsters
    would be good too. get in Marco Verratti. ;)

  18. is larsson not more of a centre midfieild player,were as pederson is more of a wide player,plus larsson is another right-sided player its left footed players we are short of imo

  19. jay jay – I’ve renewed mine mate, they should be available soon. It’s £20 for a new one, but you get a keyring ;)

    If you want to borrow mine instead of getting your own then the offer is there.

  20. ish Gignac free????….hahahahas.

    Sadly he sign a contract till 2013 though. Might need about 6Million-9Million.

  21. AOD – £10 million is what Toulouse want. Guess that knocks that one on the head.

  22. Rangerman – Shame I don’t have many details. It could be an exclusive lol

  23. €10Million should be no problem,didn’t we bought Colo creamy for €10Million? And sold martins for €10Million???

    Oh wait,did i forget something??? hmmmmm

  24. wonder if spurs would fancy a swap and toon get there russian centre forward,not a bad player

  25. toonsy:
    May 8th, 2010 at 4:46 pm
    jay jay – I’ve renewed mine mate, they should be available soon. It’s £20 for a new one, but you get a keyring
    If you want to borrow mine instead of getting your own then the offer is there.

    And miss out on the keyring? No chance, but thanks for the offer. Can you only get one ticket per membership, do you know mate?

  26. jay jay – I think you get 1 away ticket per membership and 2 per home game.

  27. Cheers toonsy, can you give me a shout when they are available mate, I’m always to pissed to remember things ;)

  28. Rangerman – Cheers mate. My French isn’t what it was but I have worked it out (ish) :)

  29. @toonsy: is easy. copy the whole paragraph into google search,and click translate this page.

    Done deal. ;)

  30. As the summer transfer window has not yet begun, some rumors around Andre-Pierre Gignac has already emerged. The latest: Newcastle striker would come to oversee the TFC.The Genoa is also in the running.

    In an interview with TMW, relayed by FootMercato, agent of Andre-Pierre Gignac is very clear about the future of his client: “For now there is nothing concrete, even if I do not exclude as the situation evolves in the coming weeks. The will of the player is to leave Toulouse. “

  31. Nous sommes les Geordies, les garçons de démarrage Geordie, nous sommes heureux et nous sommes fous, mais le football soutient loyalistes, le monde a jamais eu!

  32. Icedog – The shola goal worked the defense, rather than just waiting for an opening to come,, Let’s give him his dues, he’s earned the right to be a part of the picture next season – even on the bench.

    Pavlyuchenko from spurs,,, hmm not so sure mesel. he can play aye but blows hot and cold – do we need another target man?

    We need a schemer support striker, with pace and a deft touch who can score 10 goals, but also will drop back into a bank of 5 when we don’t have possession. Robbie Keane from 5 years ago would do.

  33. Whats Gignac like? Is he a pacey forward?

    Looking at the freebies from the prem I cant see any that I would like to see at our place aside from LArson and Pederson really

  34. BOATER,so you judge a player on one strike? on that basis lets sign pancake? dont think so m8

  35. No i judge him on the entire season’s contributions, that goal was just an example of how he can offer us something different.