Marlon driftwood?

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Empty promise?
Empty promise?
Poor attitude, poor touch, just in it for the money. But enough about my career as a masseur, I’m talking of course about our half-hearted centre forward Marlon Harewood. Currently loaned to Newcastle by Premiership outfit Aston Villa, judging by performances so far, it would seem to most fans there were no flies on Martin O’Neill when he agreed the deal.

With the return to fitness of Shola Ameobi possibly coming sooner than we imagined, thoughts turn to Shola’s early season form and the expectancy or hope that he will fall back into that vein of form. If so, then he will almost certainly be a starter for Hughton and if you consider that we also have Andy Carroll improving with each game, Nile Ranger waiting patiently and capably in the wings for his chance and Peter Lovenkrands back on the books, you’d think Harewood would be fighting tooth and nail for a permanent move.

Of course that would imply he wants to be here but going on the effort he’s put in since his arrival, he’s looked like he didn’t really care much about it. And only in the Peterborough game has he looked anything like a striker of Championship quality never mind Premiership quality. But the more frustrating aspect being the lacklustre attitude in games. However, he has since stated his desire to turn this into a more permanent gig and to respond positively to the criticism.

So if the Peterborough game was the sign of things to come in terms of the effort he’ll put in, is it enough to make Hughton push for a deal, and would it be money well-spent? Aside from his bad attitude in the early games, his touch has been questionable, but in fairness he’s not had much match practice. He’s certainly a strong fella and quite quick when he gets motoring. He’s not prolific in the purest sense of the word but he can get amongst the goals. So he’s viable back-up if nothing else and he still has time to stake a claim as a regular starter. I guess it just depends whether he’d be happy with the prospect of the bench on a part-time basis and whether he can prove in the meantime that he wants the move enough or whether he’ll just drift out the way he drifted in?

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28 Responses

  1. If he does not up his game then I have no qualms in letting him go. Everything to has to be exactly the way he wants it. If a pass is not right too him he won’t go for it and its the same with goal kicks and long balls upfield. He could take a leaf out of Alan Smith’s book. He might not be the most talented player in our team but weighs in with his workrate and always gives 100%.

  2. BBM spot on mate Peterborough was the only game he looked interested, but as you say he hasnt had enough time to make an impression, but judging by some of his games he might have had to much time.
    Ever seen a mackem in Milan smith has been one of my fav players this season, I really hope he can keep his game and armband next season in the EPL ;)

  3. Worky you could be right there, If he is right BBM will have to start slagging off Smith would like to see smith get a goal.

  4. Can’t wait to get shot of Harewood & start picking on some other player.
    New victims, mmmmmm, yummy!

  5. BigD,
    i’m being sarcastic mate.
    It’s a thinly disguised dig at people that slag the players.
    Oh flip! I’ve gone & give it away now.

  6. Worky – basically, yes. Following Jonas’ upturn in form, I assume the players are now aware of our blog, are reading it and taking our constructive criticism and putting it to good use :)

    If Marlon doesn’t hang about, I might have a few pops at Xisco, see if we can’t secure him a permanent move. I see he came off the bench and scored!

    Or I’ll just slate Andy Carroll, he seems to respond most effectively.

  7. I wasn’t sure there.
    bowburn, if your personal slagging service makes players score, then full steam ahead brother.
    Your slagging/success mechanism is officially sanctioned.
    Until such time as it stops producing like, that is.

  8. CLiNT FLiCK > i’m being sarcastic mate.
    I sort of worked that one out mate lol but we should start to slag Butt again :)

  9. CLiNT FLiCK – the proof is in the pudding. Coloccini has been nothing short of a revelation compared to last year. Nolan is scoring goals. Carroll is improving all the time.

    I mean I don’t want to take all the credit but sometimes you just have to recognise you’re doing you’re bit for the Toon and take the accolades.

  10. Ok BigD,
    i know sometimes the typed page doesn’t have the emotional content we sometimes intend.
    I was just making sure mate. :)
    & by the way, get off Butt’s ass. Did y’see what i did there?

  11. Harewood is poor full stop, Carroll is a 5 goals a season striker at best – its easy to see where teams are falling down in prem and its a lack of a player who can score goals  -wouldnt be surprised if we get promoted and relegated next season

  12. bowburn,
    i’m absolutely in no doubt whatsoever that it’s all your doing mate.
    What happens if you punch one of ’em?

  13. How many predicted we would be no where in this league this season?
    Now we’re trying to predict next season.

  14. worky – by the way, I know we normally leave techie stuff offline but just realised my IPhone won’t allow me to add comments. Not sure if it’s firmware issues or since the site upgrades.

  15. :) maybe.

    Reet gotta hit the hay. I’m friggin knackered. Catch you fine gentlemen tomorrow no doubt.

  16. Well if you want to put lipstick on a pig all well and good, however.
    He`s allmost 30, basically a battering ram, not a lot of skills.
    what`s the next train for Birmingham.

  17. Guy`s trying to make a living, yeah he`s not that great, saw him at the Bolyn
    when he ran into Shea.,old style (Nat Lofthouse, WHO?) battering ram.
    Got the train schedules for a return trip to Birmingham ?