Van the man pays tribute to the fans!

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Van Aanholt: Good while it lasted.
Van Aanholt: Good while it lasted.
Most of us are aware that Saturday’s game at Watford marked the end of Patrick van Aanholt’s short term loan move from Chelsea and that he has now headed back down the A1 to the bright lights of London. Chris Hughton did try to extend the loan but Chelsea were unwilling to play ball as they suffer their own defensive crisis.

I can understand Chelsea wanting the boy back as he has been nothing short of exceptional in his brief spell on Tyneside, but with Jose Enrique now fit and raring to go in our next match against Barnsley, there would be little point in stifling the young lads development by sitting him on the bench, especially when we have young Tamas Kadar who can play left back should anything happen to Enrique.

It seems the Newcastle United supporters have made quite an impression on the Dutchman. After the final whistle blew at Vicarage Road on Saturday, van Aanholt split from his team-mates and walked over to the travelling Toon Army to pat a final farewell, for which he recieved rapturous applause. Reflecting on his reception, van Aanholt had this to say:

“That meant a lot – they like me, I think, and I like them. They have been important for me during my time here and I wanted to show them that at the end.”

“It was nice when they responded like that – they are brilliant fans and it has been an honour to play for Newcastle United.”

It’s always nice to recieve praise from players that effectively belong to other teams, and the lad has been excellent whilst he has been here with a string of dependable performances whilst deputising for the now fit again Enrique. It also seems we have now a new member of the Toon Army, with van Aanholt stating he will be keeping an eye out for us. He said:

“I will look for the Newcastle results straight away and I will keep in touch with all of the players”

“I have played every game and it has helped me a lot. The whole team is full of very good players and I really hope they win the league.”

“I have to go back now to Chelsea but I have loved my time here and it has been a brilliant experience.”

I’d like to have seen us try to sign him up or at least extend his loan but if Chelsea didn’t want to play ball then there is very little Chris Hughton or Newcastle United could do. Although it’s only been a short stay, nobody can doubt his work ethic and application and personally I’d rather have 11 van Aanholt’s over a Michael Owen or a Geremi.

Judging by the words of the player then I’d assume he would like to come back here. Perhaps it’s worth a cheeky bid in the summer if we do what looks likely and get promoted. I’m not saying he would get in ahead of Enrique but I’m sure he would get more of a chance at Newcastle than he would at Chelsea, and for how many years now have we needed a left back who can come in and cover in his natural position? Too long.

Thank you Patrick and good luck in the rest of your career!

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22 Responses

  1. Great to hear a lad his age speak so fondly of his time with us like. Bit annoying when things like this happen because i’ve personally been quite impressed with him during his short spell and even though he’s only been here a matter of weeks, he seems to count himself as a bit of a mag already. Seems to just be a young lad who wants experience on the field, a refreshing change. Would have liked to extend his loan until the end of the season but if Chelsea need him then so be it. Would welcome him back any day of the week.

  2. aye a canny lad will only get better.just watched eng game imo s.gee and lamps will never play together eng were crap in 1st half improved a fair bit 2nd half when capello switched it around abit

  3. see the daily crap is reporting that h.beye is going to leave a/villa played only 5 times,grass always greener eh :P

  4. Bring him to the toon he did a good job the short time he played put a black n white top on him lol

  5. icedog-England were shockin first half like. The only saving grace is that old Fabio has the balls to change it round when its needed. We certainly looked good qualifying. Rooney had an off night but is in the form of his life. TBF Egypt looked a canny team, passed us off the pitch first half. Lampard should have stuck away his first chance inside 5 mins tho.

  6. Well of course you’d take 11 Vans over a Owen or a Geremi. Can you imagine starting 4.4.12. Stick one of him at the back and the other 11 up front running around Carroll

  7. Good player was van the man would like to see him back but dont think chelsea will sell him.As for beye no thanks villa can keep him.Good to see a bit of stablity at the club now,think we would have gone under if shepard had not sold the club.Though i was dissappointed when keegan left,i think he would have walked as soon as he did not get his own way,same as he done to england and man city, though he was a good player for us and will always be a toon hero for that.Good to see joey barton is back in training as i feel he will still be a great player for us,if the boo boys get off his case that is.See nufc freezeing the price of season tickets for next year, good move by Asyley, i feel he is trying to make up for past mistakes, though i was not impressed when he first took over he has won me over now.Seen Llambias on sky sports news and feel he has a point, as a few of the supporters are unrealisic and feel some of the supporters just moan for moaning sake.Think butt and smith will be gone in the summer as i think they lack the pace for the prem now, so think we will be signing a couple of defensive midfielders in the summer,with a bit of pace,and maybe a couple of of flair midfielders as well to give us more options if need.As for the rest of the team i think they are good enough for the prem and the future is looking is looking bright for nufc.


    It takes a man with Balls to admit when he’s not up to the job and thats what Keegan did with England, realised he couldn’t do it so admitted it and gave them a chance to get someone in who could. As for Man City, i’m sick of saying it really but here we go one more time, He had a three year deal with them, was two years into it, Man City wanted to negotiate an extension and keegan said no he just wanted to honour his 3 years, so Man city’s Dummies came out and decided he should leave immediately!!

    Check the news reports at that time, was well documented!

  9. Just to change the subject for a moment. Did anyone see the Mexico V New Zealand game? I was impressed with Mexico. I know the NZ team might not be that great but Mexico played a blinder. They have so much young talent in the team and played amazingly cohesive football. It was nearly as good as Kevin Keegan’s Entertainers! The passing was spot on and beautiful. Great set pieces. Stand out players for me were:-
    Giovani Dos Santos
    To name but a few! I think Mexico will finish pretty high up in the World Cup this year. I’m sure it’s due in large part to there wonderful coach Javier Aguirre who was linked to the coaching job at Newcastle in Feb 2009 when Joe Kinnear was sick.

  10. I’d have to agree with NUFClite on some of those points, had Shepherd stayed I think we would have been in an even bigger mess. We we’re already on the way down, and slipping towards the prem trap door when he took over.

    I’m not a fan of Ashley’s and belive that the off loading of some of are better players didn’t help the cause, but it’s something which was always looming in the back ground. You don’t buy a business to lose money, and depsite what the papers are randomly reporting we’ll never really know what money he has put into the club.

    He’s made mistakes and his PR needs shot, but he seems to be keeping a low profile now and putting a stable structure in place (age and pay limits on players) and when/if we make it up and we add 4-5 more players to the team I see us having a realistic chance of staying up.

    Dropping down to the fizzy pop league (though gutting at first) has been a good thing, we’ve got rid of the dead wood, got a well organised defence which plays together(when could we last say that) and players like Gutierez,Enrique & Collo seem to have found there feet in playing english football.
    From 10th down in the prem league I see us being able to beat.
    Would love to have seen van sign but Hughton seems to know what he’s looking for in players, so who know’s what other up and coming players he’ll find :)

  11. nice to see habib beye threatening to quit villa due to lack of first team opportunities

  12. If we are promoted, we should take Beye back. At a discount price and on reduced wages of course.

  13. Re Beye I really liked him when he was here but now I say fuk him he thought the grass was greener. He was giving all this bull shit that he wanted to stay and the 1st chance he got he was away.