Peterborough v Newcastle – Match Banter!

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Too Posh for promotion push?
Too Posh for promotion push?
The first of many big games for Newcastle kicks off today, with the very real prospect of promotion making it’s first outing of the season. Today’s visit to London Road to face struggling side, Peterborough United, could result in guaranteed automatic promotion, should we come away with the three points and Nottingham Forest fail to take anything from their game at Bristol City.

On the flip side, depending on results, this game could also seal Peterborough’s fate and they could be facing the reality of life in League One next year. So despite a poor run of form, you can be sure that they’ll be fighting tooth and nail for this one.

You can check out Toonsy’s excellent match preview for all the usual pre-match speculation, gossip and such. It doesn’t look there’s any TV coverage, but if anyone finds any video links , I’m sure that would be much appreciated. Or alternatively, there are always lads and lasses looking for radio links as well. I’ll be making do with Lowes and Ando on Radio Newcastle. As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do…

Chris Hughton was speaking ahead of today’s game and how he would celebrate gaining promotion at the first attempt:

“I’m not a champagne drinker,”

“My preferred tipple? A nice cup of coffee.”

“But we’re not there yet, you’re always guarded when you’re on this side.”

Sorry Chris, but there’s a 30th birthday party kicking off next door and they’ve got plenty of champers. If all goes well today, I will be asking for the popping of some corks at 5pm and that champagne is getting well and truly quaffed.

Hughton clearly has Monday night in mind, as he’s made several changes to the team that beat Forest. According to the official site, the team news looks like so far –

PUFC: Joe Lewis (c), Kerrea Gilbert, Gabriel Zakuani, Charlie Lee, Liam Dickinson, Lee Frecklington, Tommy Rowe, Sergio Torres, Dominic Green, Scott Griffiths, Exodus Geohaghon
Subs: Craig Mackail-Smith, James McKeown, Jamie Day, Danny Mills, Ryan Bennett, Josh Simpson, Reuben Reid

NUFC: Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Jose Enrique, Fabrice Pancrate, Kevin Nolan, Alan Smith (c), Joey Barton, Leon Best, Shola Ameobi
Subs: Tim Krul, Tamas Kadar, Peter Lovenkrands, Nicky Butt, Wayne Routledge, Jonas Gutierrez, Ryan Taylor

Howay the lads!

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252 Responses

  1. You don’t want to know why I got delayed…

    Anyone got links for Monkeyspantry et al who need them?

  2. Stuart looks like we were all wrong with the team selection. The team looks slow and maybe going for a draw :( but then in CH we trust

  3. Ha, aye dirty is the right word.

    Clearing dog cr*p for this party… 8O

    Howay lads, promotion is close now man. So close.

  4. Bit disappointed with the line-up but you can understand with a big game on Monday. I have a feeling Pancrate will flatter to deceive once again on the right and Barton will tuck in too much and it’ll get very congested in the middle. We’ll launch the ball to Ameobi and Best and it’ll keep bouncing around or going through to the keep/defence.

    How’s that for upbeat??

  5. Monday’s only a big game if we beat this lot.

    How Newcastle United like would it be if we got beat today and Forest won?

    We wouldn’t be able to get promotion on Monday unless Forest lost at home.

  6. Stu – 30th birthday next door. My pal has got a load of people round his house but we’ve got no fence up and just share the garden. Problem is, the dog has got her toys etc all over his grass as well as our’s. Not to mention a load of sh*t everywhere. Bit rude not to tidy up.

    Course he’s got loads of beer and champers for me to drink, so it’s worth it!!! This could be a great day.

  7. this is what worries me about hughton,we should be putting our best team out,but like dave says in CH we

    howay the lads

  8. thought we were trying to win title,pete/br might take this as insult and kick on,dave you might be right a draw

  9. Hitman there is nowt we can do,I woulsd have went with the players that have done the job up to now as we should be going out to win this. But as Stuart said if we dont win today it could mess up the plans. But I will still go for 1-2

  10. why pancake he s**t and best the same it got draw all over.2-2 barton and shola :)

  11. Nah there’s nee links. Peterbourgh haven’t even got any sprinklers nevermind tv cameras.

    Team looks very negetive with Jonas, Routledge, Guthrie, Lovenkrands all rested for wednesday. I don’t know what to expect from Barton and Pancrate. I hope Hughton isn’t looking to just fall over the line because we really should be looking to win the title imo.

  12. best and shola do the same things but why is ranger left out i want to see him get some games in. it look like mondays game is the one ch want do it in :) if smith or nolan get yellow card the out of mondays game.

    3-1 come on the toon :)

  13. Hitman im starting to believe that Ranger has been messing about and not keeping the head down. I was thinking this is maybe CH’s way of keeping all his players sweet as he must know we need to win this game

  14. A bit of rotation is alright, we are top of the league, they are bottom, we are 53 points ahead of them with a game in hand- I reckon CH reckons this team can beat their team, I reckon he’s right.

  15. keepm the old players in ch! ranger not on the bench joke and play slow midfield this team is like as if we are at the bottom of the table and trying to stay up keep up the good work ch.

  16. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    April 3, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    “thanks for the link, worky”

    No probs FSOTC. Big Dave’s put another one up too so if one of them goes off…

  17. Dave – Stu was right about the Routledge of the Northern League!! Some lads I’ve played with have played for well over 15 clubs though. Not unheard of.

    hitman – aye, bit miserable. Not too cold like but got the covers up in case it starts tipping it down. Always easier to bear the elements after a few beers and decent bit of bait.

    Hear we gan, game on.

  18. Bloody hell, didnt realise Torres had made a shock move, nee wonder we’re 1 down.

  19. no it is a potential ch fu.k up playing these sh..t players. who got us relegated with nothing nto offer and then playing that useless lumb best playing upfront

  20. Sounds like they’ve started really well, but the playing surface by all accounts is in a pretty sorry state and passing the ball through midfield will be a challenge.

  21. I hope we don’t continue to play central midfielders on the flanks when we go up, why bring Smith back in?? If Guthrie needed a rest then Barton is his obvious replacement.

    At least play R Taylor on the right and Pancrate on the left if your wanting to rest Jonas and Routledge.

    A bigger name doesn’t mean you can play any position. Joeys set peices have been awful.

    HWTL, pick this up cmon!!

  22. icedog-bit of a strange team selection like. Barton is in the same boat as Guthrie in that he doesn’t like playing out wide, he’ll naturally drift inside and it sounds like its already happening. Nee offence to Leon Best but i’ve seen nothing of any real promise from him so far that makes me think when we need a goal he can get it, now would be a belter time to start though, lol

  23. Bit annoying that Carroll, Routledge and Jonas, comfortably our 3 most dangerous attacking options in recent weeks, are all sitting this one out.

  24. They’ve got some team there: Kerrea, Zakuani, Exodus Geohaghon, Sergio Torres, Frecklington, not to mention Dominic Green who’s already got one and the young Danny Mills on the bench, said to be a cross between Peter Crouch and Nwankwo Kanu. No matter, Leon Asim Best and Shola Ameobi to sort it out.

  25. Well by the sounds of things, the changes made in the squad arent working. Being outplayed by the team 8 points adrift rock bottom of the league atm.

  26. still cannot understand why ch has”nt went to win this with best team,hope he does not leave it to change it,they are playing canny sods nearly got another, hwtl

  27. if he doesnt get taken off at half he should be sacked. come on ashley do the right thing for once sack the clown ch.

  28. So our squad doesn’t need much strengthening for the PL?

    Don’t make me laugh!

    How many chances have bottom of the league Peterborough created against our 1st choice defence?

    Win, lose or draw this game our squad is just not good enough!

  29. icedog-They’ve obviously just thought we’ve got nowt to lose, fighting relegation, seen the teamsheet and want to spoil our party whilst getting a huge win for them. In saying that, Hughton has made 4 changes to the front 6, we’ve got Barton on one wing, Pancrate on the other. Both havent had any decent playing time for months, one isnt even a winger. Jonas, Routledge and Carroll would have been standard for me today. Regardless of what happens at Forest, put the strongest team out, take 3 points and march on. They’re 8 points adrift at the bottom of the league man.

  30. Such negativity… this is not a bad time to experiment. Hughton’s trying out this midfiled that has never played together against the bottom team. Please, the people waving emergency flags need to chill the eff out.

  31. Ross,

    Up until January we were playing an unbalanced side with Basrton or Guthrie on the wing and we lost our only 4 games while playing that silly formation.

    I cannot believe we have left Routledge and Joans out. You don’t get tired when there is something like promotion to play for.

  32. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    April 3, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    This midfield played like this every game earlier in the season – This is nothing new.

    It’s an absolute disgrace that we have made this many changes when were so close to promotion.

  33. You plebs do realise we have another match on Monday, right?

    If you can’t see why Hughton has made all these changes, I question your ability to tie your shoes.

    What fools.

  34. FSOTC-Why is it a good time to experiment? We’re at the business end of the season where every point makes a difference, we’re away from home and we can potentially achieve promotion today (albeit with help from Bristol City), and the goal is achieved, the season a success. The only thing that makes sense to me is to put our strongest team out and make sure we win the game. The experiment is clearly failing miserably as the team rock bottom of the league are running rings round us in midfield and creating chances openly.

  35. sounds awful like..
    you know what really gets me, when teams only turn up and play against the ‘bigger’ teams, like we did the last few seasons, its insulting to the fans that pay their money in my opinion. It only gets you one place, relegated….

  36. FSOTC I dont think experimentation is a bad thing But not untill we have promotion sealed. we should have put our best 11 out today. but hopfully CH can tell them at half-time to show a bit of spirit and go out and destroy this team as we should do

  37. makes me worry what his game plans will be in epl,i know this is only one game,but still what is line of thought,posh nearly got another one,hope big dave has faith in his 1-2 like

  38. They had a good start and a lucky goal, we’re now on top in the game and will go on to win it. All will be well. These players are still worth a go to get a result, certainly don’t blame CH even if he feels later he has to change it.

  39. experiment is done when we are 3-4 nil up which he still didnt do. so u dont experiment unless we are up! do u no anything about football i guess not

  40. Wickywoo-I’m sure everyone will be more than willing to listen to you when you’re calling them “fools” and “plebs”. How jealous i am of your superior intelligence.

  41. The half time result means nothing.

    This squad is definitely lacking in quality and depth.

    Glad were on equal terms but jeez Hughton and Ashley have some work to do in the summer.

  42. Who said anything about superior intelligence – it’s just common sense.

    If Hughton played the full team in both games and we lost our home record on Monday – you know what crap would be spouted on here about how he should have used some of the fringe players and how it was poor tactics.

    Think about it before replying next time, eh?

  43. Lads, it’s the BOTTOM team. We play again on Monday after ONE day of rest. They’ve played, what, 40 games now, so we need a bit of rest for some of our big players. Three games in a week is, physiologically, very very hard on the body whether you’re a plumber playing in the sunday pub team or your a professional.

    The midfield we have on now, to my knowledge, have NEVER played together. That said, Nolan’s in the running for our top scorer, Smith was the heart of the team for the 1st half of the season and Barton, love him or hate him, is good player when he’s fit. Pancrate–who the hell knows? But it’s not unreasonable to expect that group of players to put in a decent performance, given our schedule.

    It’s a gamble by Hughton and it’s not coming off well, but it’s not beyond imagination.

    That said, Jonas and Routeledge on a half time and this game will change.

  44. Smith slow the entire team down.

    I would be happy to see him gone in the summer – Huge wages and gives us nothing.

  45. Well done “Fans Should Own The Club”, you win the award for common sense and the ability to not be a reactionary psychopath.

  46. OK-

    So I know why Hughton chose the squad he did and you should too.

    We’re playing the weakest side in the league. Hughton is not playing just for promotion but to win the Championship. What better game to rest his star players than a game against the worst team in the CCC???

    Besides- this squad is more than capable of beating the Posh.


  47. should have rested these players who still wouldnt be quick enough to play better stick it up your pipe and smoke it. these clowns are paid 50.000 plus what are peterbrough players played the hole team wouldnt be on 1 of these slow donkeys.

  48. I dont blame CH but I think the players needd to blame themselfs for a below par performance.
    Ross your better off ignoring WUMS that call others “fools” and “plebs”

  49. Stuart79 although we need a creative midfielder i do think we have enough quality and quantity to survive next season . Dont forget quys our midfield today are players that are not yet back up too 100% sharpness (Barton , Smith ) and the commentators are saying te pitch is crap . bring on Jonas , Routlidge and loverboy for the last 20 minutes and we will win this . Best, Smith & Pancake to come off .

  50. AXEL-

    I think if we add a full back, a out-n-out winger, a creative CM, and another fast, creative striker, we’ll be sailin in the prem next season. No doubt whatsoever.

  51. well when i played common sense was win the next game not the one in a few days later,after all we have no cup days or euro games so were are your tactics come in with home game to come imo

  52. Axel man!

    This is our reserve team out there and were being totally outplayed against a team who are bottom of the league with just 30 points. Yet you think the squad is good enough to cope in the PL?

    Jesus christ man have a word with yourself.

  53. I think everyone agrees there needs to be reinforcements but this is going to be a slowly evolving team, that will probably stay up next year and with a bit of the spirit of this year may at best punch up to 10th, 11th, 12th. But back to now, this season has been happy days, enjoy that, this team today should be able to beat this Peterborough team- if they need Routledge and Gutirrez at the end ok but as was pointed out above another game on monday. Good, brave and logical management in my opinion, which will probably turn out to still get the result we need today. Let’s enjoy this year. Last week against Forest is still fresh in my mind.

  54. just been told ch has been sacked! and ashley has taken over team selection. ha ha

  55. Wickywoo-you questioned peoples ability to tie their shoes. The ability to do so does not hinge on common sense, you’re essentially calling someone thick. That is where you quite clearly questioned their intelligence.

    Again, the apparent crap spouted on a blog should we lose on monday night, is your apparent justification for Hughton playing this team?. I wouldn’t say the changes were necessary, nor have they been successful given the fact that we’re drawing with the team bottom of the table, and we dont even deserve that.

    Maybe your not as smart as i first thought?

  56. What was it that Leeds said in January?

    Were not selling Beckford as we will earn more money from his goals getting us promoted.

    Well it looks like they sould have taken the £1.8m!

  57. ross@106 good on you mate,god i will never hear the end of this from BIG DAVE 1-2 JB

  58. Ive been saying Barton could still do a great job for us!

    On a serious note we need to look at Charlie Austin at Swindon, who are going to knock Leeds out of the automatics!!!

    Stuart you were right they shouldve taken the money!!!!

  59. Leeds are sinking~~~~~ :lol:

    After Beckford incident,he hasn’t be scoring. ;)

  60. Big Dave-

    I wouldn’t doubt it like haha! What I can’t wait to see is CH’s Newcastle vs AW’s Gunners. If I had to bet, I’d bet on Arsenal, but I have a sneakin suspicion that CH could bring that “evil genius” factor to the plate. He seems like he’s gotta good heed on his shoulders like.

  61. If results stay the same we are all but up – We will need to lose every game and Forest will have to win every game 4-0.

    Come on Bristol!

  62. made a change we score end off! if he did that first place we wouldnt be in this mess in the first place so no ch u got it wrong and change it like u should have done that in the first place we could be 3-4 nil up with the first team then take them off not the other way a round.

  63. Stuart I often wondered if Everton have him basically signed up but he was just staying with leeds to the end of the season.

  64. Best misses a great chance – Are we sure this isn’t George Best, in his current form?

  65. Yes – Hughton has botched it all, hasn’t he?

    HUGHTON OUT. Infact, it should be HOUGHTON OUT.

  66. whoo hoo …. gaan on… beer o’clock for me.. oh its 8 in the morning here

  67. Pancrate should just be released now.

    Shola would be in the world cup squad if he had played all year!!!!

  68. Stuart79:
    April 3rd, 2010 at 4:21 pm
    Chris Camara is a star!
    Game over!

    That was great wasn’t it, I had tears in me eyes :lol:

  69. raffo says:
    April 3, 2010 at 4:23 pm
    Pancrate should just be released now.

    Shola would be in the world cup squad if he had played all year!!!!


    He’s not good enough in reality.

  70. Lookin’ at the maths-

    If Forest and Bristol draw, is just as good as Forest losing as far as we’re concerned like?

  71. 20 minutes for Bristol City to give somebody the pleasure of peeling me off the floor at about 3am tomorrow morning, lol

  72. Will anyone take Best off us in the summer?

    He won’t have a sell on value if he carries on like this.

  73. Stuart-

    I disagree. If you look at Nigeria’s team, they could use a big man with a clever finish. They’ve got Osaze Odemwingie and he’s lighting fast, but Ameobi could play along side him and make a BIG contribution.

    Also- my Nigerian friend sitting right next to me currently agrees. Nigeria has ASKED Shola to play but he won’t. He’s currently strongly thinkin about it though.

  74. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    April 3, 2010 at 4:28 pm
    I’ll be very curious to see how Shola does next season… if we make it up…


    He’s played in the PL for 10 years and he’s never done anything.

  75. Actually even forest draw tonight match,we are already promoted Back To Bpl.

    cause,whatever remains, IF Both Forest and Newcastle win all remaining games,is only down to Goal Difference.

    Which I don’t think Forest can usurp our GD. ;)

  76. get over yourself he is shi.t he isnt in the same league as martins and he didnt scvore loads of goals for us u must stop dreaming

  77. asim-

    Have you SEEN Martins’ for as of late?? He can’t hit the broadside of the barn from 10 feet away. He’s PANTS! Strolla could do way better bein paired alongside Osaze.

  78. My Nigerian m8 thinks strolla would be better with the Super Eagles than the Calou brothers, Martins, or anybody else but Osaze.

  79. what league are u watching! we are playing in the ccc and if u think the clown is better then martins sit next to ch and tell him please play him in are first teamif you asked all newcastle fans 99 wouldnt play him just u.

  80. @167: Yup. Unless we keep leaking goals,and forest keep banging more and more goals.

    But Monday Match is more assured for us.If we win that match.

  81. Nah Ice he aint gona drop Harper is he, just like he wont play vuckic. He hasnt even got him on the bench

  82. Just a thought but what do people think of Matty Taylor as a potential signing for next season? It seems hes gona move on and I have always rated him

  83. BD/Icedog-He’s been taking stick all afternoon as expected like, lol. If he sorted out his off field issues i’d be happy enough to keep him like. He can be a canny player fully fit.
    Feel a bit sorry for Best, nowts gone his way so far. At the same time though, he’s taking the cash, needs to start performing sooner rather than later, hasnt had a kick the day.

  84. Ross im not keen on Best but tbh I think he tries to much I think he might be a decent CCC player if he got the monkey of his back

  85. Big Dave-he puts a shift in like, there’s no lack of trying in him but there’s been a few games where he’s looked like he’s barely able to trap a ball with his back to goal and he seems so desperate to get the first goal that he’s panicked when given the chance.

  86. Prefer it like this really.

    We only need a draw Monday and promotion will be confirmed.

    Atmosphere will be awesone

  87. Big Dave-

    Good point m8. Just thinkin aboot St James’s goin mental like after we secure promotion officially makes me hackles rise (wtf is a hackle anyway??).

  88. Amen to that Dave, I have said that too.

    Good reslut, just beat the Sheff U spoons then I can take the mickey out of my mate at work

    Hes a Sheff U season ticket holder and thought they would be up this year and we would struggle!! plum

  89. So basically We are Up~~~~Wheeeee……

    can’t see we lose all remaining games,and forest catching up us with 20 or more goals in the remaining games for them.

    Next. The League Title.

    HWTL. :lol:

  90. OHurley says:
    April 3, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    “(wtf is a hackle anyway??).”

    OHurley, It’s a kind of decorative, feathered head decoration, usually worn by soldiers in their caps, especially in the UK military. See Big Dave’s picture? That feather thing sticking out the soldier’s hat is a “Hackle”.

  91. Just hearing John Anderson saying that he’s really worried that Peterborough who are more or less a Division 2 side passed the ball all round our midfield and out played us for a lot of the game.

    Someone else who is flying the flag for the ‘we need to seriously strengthen for next season’ brigade.

    That’s Shearer, Davies, Anderson, Lee, Brazil and Macdonald who all back my bid.

    Still some on here think they know more than the proffesionals – Astounds me, it really does.

    Hope ya watchin Ashley!


  92. Said it would be good if we won and Forest drew – we can sort of relax – but still technically need something from Monday – hope we play better though!

  93. Reet-

    Thanks m8s for the definition of “hackle” haha! Now- how the hell does something emotionally evocative make that thing rise like??? hahaha

  94. magpie6699

    Play better? We won 3-1, m8! Of course, it could’ve been prettier, I suppose :D

  95. Correction-

    We won 3-2 lol… ok so it wasn’t pretty. Magpie6699- you’re right m8 :D

  96. Job done. We did wgr we had to do, shame the other results went against us. Whitley Bay back at wembley too.

  97. O’Hurley mate – as Hughton said, job done – so no complaints from me about unpretty play. I just meant disappointing to concede 2 goals to the bottom team.
    The good bit is we have rested Jonas, Lovenkrands (who looked tired against Forest), Guthrie and Routledge who only played 45 minutes. Might even be a chance of Carroll in the squad. Let’s go for it on Monday!!

  98. Does anyone have the live link for the toon match tonight?

    I can’t wait!

    I’ve just cracked open a bottle of vino and sent the kids

    upstairs. Is it 7.45pm or 8pm kick off?

  99. Dave – I’ll be getting one out soon enough, your friend Barton WONT be getting a glowing report though!

    Harper – Schoolboy errors – 3
    Simpson – Solid – 5
    Colo – Same, but a bit more – 6
    Williamson – Same – 6
    Enrique – Same – 6
    Pancrate – Truly w*nk – -10
    Nolan – Best player by a mile – 8
    Smith – Anonymous – 5
    Barton – Get out of the club you big expesnive waste of space, 60k a week my arse – -10
    Best – Did well – 7
    Ameobi – Same – 7

    Granted Barton scored the goal but aside from that we should ask for a refund of his wages. Injuries, hasn’t been given a chance blah blah. All excuses, and he is fast running out of them! And that comes form someone who says people should lay off him!

    Pancrate – Doubt we will see him in a Toon shirt again. His little spat with Hughton just before HT may have sealed that! Despite that, he put in 2 good crosses which is more of a contribution that Barton!

  100. toonys,a man after my heart,keep telling big dave he is waste of space,think he must of been a RSM in the army,can”t tell them nowt ;),hope you enjoyed game m8

  101. Aye icedog, canny day out all told. I even decided to come up for Monday nights game. Missing us getting promoted would hurt me too much so im taking the plunge and returning to SJP :lol:

  102. Toonsy sorry mate you missed out on a party today :( but thats no reason to have a go at Joey :) . why Toonsy what got you annoyed about him ? remember I only heard commentary
    Toonsy I thought your exile from SJP was as a protest some protest that is you really do have conviction ;)

  103. toonsy least you can say you never went while they were in ccc (tec) get out,we heard you suck that first goal in back here

  104. Dave – I have an opportunity to go see us get promoted, would you turn it down? It doesn’t look like Ashley is going anywhere and he looks like he is giving things proper go, ergo my support. Beside, it’s an empty proptest when 45k turn up week in week out :lol:

    Barton – He wasn’t the only victim of my poison text, Pancrate also got it. Granted Barton was played put of position, but that is no excuse for his performance. Giving the ball away, unable to run, not chasing anything down. Lack of skill I can accept, but lack of effort is a big no-no in my book. Also got in the face of Williamson and Colo after conceding the 1st goal. The guy is a liability, has lost any resemblance to what he once was, the Barton we have waited 2 years to see. I don’t care about losing money on him, he needs to go!

  105. toonsy,but who will take him even for nowt,as they would have to pay him a wage,big dave might give him a job (sweeper) up like

  106. Toonsy I dont agree with confronting team-mates on the pitch for the whole world to see the same as supporters booing their own players thats a line that you shouldn’t cross. was he any better in the 2nd half ?. what was Pancrate confrontation like.
    I do agree its an empty protest

  107. Icedog I have said it before about him and Smudger who will take them. and if he takes a pay cut i would take him on as an apprentice but if he fuked up he’d be out on his ear

  108. think harper has gone off the boil in the 2-3 games,even in our 5-1 win at home i was right behind him was asleep in early min nearly got caught out before we scored

  109. Dave – He improved only after he scored, but not by much.

    Pancrate looked like he was being moaned at by Hughton (quite right too) and said something back. Then Pancrate didn’t emerge for the 2nd half.

  110. big dave what nee second chances like poor JB your a hard man ;) i will give you that marra you have said that,put bamby a couple more in as well imo

  111. Toonsy I dont want to come across as a big fan or making excuses for JB but do you think it might have something to do with not being match fit.
    I just believed that he could play a big part in our team but if he still has an attitude problem and hasn’t learned nowt then there is no hope for him.

  112. played a bit myself, not at that level like but i would moan at gaffer with them two on side,even if they try it helps

  113. I thought Best played much better when Routledge came on as Pancrate and Barton created feck all for the front 2.

    Match fit? If he isn’t match fit then he shouldn’t be starting and he certainly shouldn’t be trying to boss the players around that have got us top of the league! I mean, what gives Barton the right? What has been his contribution to the party?

    The guy is an arsehole!

  114. toonsy i said before to dave our saveing grace was the team bonding in last 6mths,how long has jb been out 6mths mmmmmm

  115. Icedog you have said that mate and I agree about team harmony and if someone breaks the bond they should be dropped into reserves for training untill they are shipped out. But then I could say well why did CH bring him back if he is a bad apple.

    Toonsy you sound as if you are really worked up about him so I except your judgement as your not normally like that ;)

  116. dave who knows what the powers to be are thinking,only thing ashlely got right wanting out kk talked him out of it so said press reports

  117. Icedog can you imagine young Toonsy Motson sitting there today with the old Sheepskin coat on :)
    I think your right KK talked them out of getting shot but I still dont know who was going to take him ?

  118. dave lol thats a real good one trying to piture it,motson normally sober like,nah its hurting my side,joking aside would let him judge me when playing,when i was sober like,he seems fair

  119. O`Hurley
    Yes the feathers on British Army, berets are known as hackles, but are not the hackles that are raised.
    Raising ones hackles refers to hairs on certain breeds of dogs, located on the neck and back, which can be raised upright. (border collies)
    Hackles are also common to certain birds, fine feathers located in the same spot.

  120. Guess having beaten (closely)the worst team in the league, with our reserves, plus a couple coming back from injuries, maybe CH does know what he is doing after all.
    Could be he is in fact one of the most astute managers we have seen at this club in a long time.
    Face it how many would have taken the job at the time he did (Shearer excepted)but would now jump at the opportunity.
    Well screw em ! I believe following the season this side has had with the players available he has worked miracles
    and always under the critical eye of the Toon fans, who take no prisoners and are prone to criticise every move he makes, just read above for confirmation.
    In which case, give the man a contract he deserves one.
    What more does he have to prove.
    Oh yeah ! in the PL it`s different !
    It`s not different, there`s just a lot more talented teams and if our owner has enough sense to strengthen the side, there`s no reason he can`t compete as he has done all season long in this division.
    If you got the horses, ok, if not, you will struggle, aint rocket science.
    Give him a contract !

  121. Chuck – I agree. If Phil Brown can make a team survive then anyone can :lol:

    On the flip-side, although no harm was done in the end, I’d prefer it if Hughton kept his tinkering for when things are wrapped up!