Plymouth game moved for TV.

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Pilgrims game moved for Sky TV coverage.
Pilgrims game moved for Sky TV coverage.
The away game at Plymouth Argyle has now been moved to Monday 19th April in yet another shocking display of respect for the fans from the TV companies, namely Sky in this case. It will take our haul of televised games to 18 for the season which is fair enough and all that, but surely someone must realise that some of these games being moved have casued trouble and inconvenience for the travelling Toon Army.

The game was originally supposed to be a normal 3pm Saturday kick off on the 17th which would give travelling fans the ideal opportunity to get there, watch the game and come home although most of their weekend would have been used up by the time the 800 odd mile round trip draws to a close.

Now the game has been moved it gives fans little choice other than to miss work for 2 days or fork out over £100 on a flight to get there should they choose to keep disruption to the minimum, even then they will still probably lose a day of work.

There is no doubt why this has been done. Any game around that date could be the date that Newcastle gain promotion and I’m sure that is one of the reasons behind Sky opting to move this game, but why to a Monday night? Why not move it to an earlier or later time on Saturday or even to the Sunday?

It’s understood that the club put up ‘strong opposition’ to both the Football League and Sky although ultimately it looks like these protests have been disregarded which is why we now have the result of having to make the longest trip in the Football League on a Monday. Of course, it’s great for non travelling fans or for fans that have Sky TV as it means the game is available for viewing and I’d imagine that internet streaming will be available for our worldwide fans, but it’s still a shocking decision.

It isn’t the first time that the TV schedules have messed the fans around either. The Swansea game a few weeks back left fans facing midnight start just so they could get there in time for the lunchtime kick-off. Ultimately that is still a better option compared to what fans have been left with regarding the Plymouth game.

Naturally, it doesn’t just happen against us and I’m not citing some form of conspiracy against us. In fact I remember at the tail end of last season when our home game against Portsmouth was switched to a Monday night leaving the Pompey fans in a similar situation.

With that in mind, I think it’s about time the Premier League, Football League, Sky and other bradcasters took into account that their actions are hurting what makes the game great, the fans. Sure I’m slightly peeved as the Plymouth game was one that I was secretly going to go to. Luckily I didn’t tell anyone until now as Sky have took the decision out of my hands and made it for me.

I understand that TV revenue is big money to clubs nowadays but it shouldn’t be used as a stick to beat the fans with.

It seems Sky have too much power nowadays.

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101 Responses

  1. I guess thats one of the downsides to being the best team in the CCC ;) Toonsy you are well on your way to being chief reporter for .org mate

  2. never gave it thought till you posted it toonsy,just shows money rules the day :(

  3. Dave – Chief? I’m the cowboy at the minute

    can we have a few more cowboys please

  4. asim – Think it’s a bit premature myself. Newcastle never do things the easy way!

    icedog – Thanks mate :D

  5. It’s another kick in the teeth from SKY for the travelling fans, that’s for sure.

    It’s also another HIDEOUS SKY commentary to be gotten through!

    I’m not that keen on commentators (or summarisers) at the best of times, but the idiots at SKY drive me mad in particular, and they’re only going to get worse as we get down to the last few games.

    CLiNT was good enough to tell me about the red button for the BBC games, but is there a similar facility for the SKY games? I’ve got a standard SKY box.

    I remember the good old days before sky digital when you could watch games with loads of options for the sound.

  6. asim,are you saying we only support them when they have done well,i dont think ie pull the ladder up ime alright. sad

  7. I remember watching a good few European games on the German channels as well. Those were the days!

    And you could install the thing yourself. No bl**dy £30 setup fee.

  8. Darth – I’m sure you can do something on the Sky red button. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t, especially as Sky pioneered it.

  9. I remember having one of the very very first wall mounted satellites when we were living in Chopwell. One of them ones that used to move. Everytime it moved we could hear the side of the wall creaking.

    Picked up nearly any channel, even back in the 80’s :lol:

  10. we have never done well! apart from giving us nightmares under kk. unless we lose all are games then we are up and i cant see that happening can u. forest will be under huge pressure from now in. the rest are to far back so we will be up by first or 2nd week in april.

  11. cornish – Clouds, silver linings and that :lol:

    I still reckon we’ll shift our allocation like.

  12. toonsy – It doesn’t seem to be an option. I’ve googled it as well, but I can’t find anything specific.

    If anyone knows how to do it, please post.

    My mate had an 80cm dish in the early 90’s. He used to pick up other satellites (Eutelsat and such) by reaching out of his bedroom window and moving it around with an old yard brush. You tell that to kids nowadays and they won’t believe you!

  13. these bloody rich fork alright for some ha ha had wor lass hanging out the window with wire and fork,god her arm used to hurt

  14. asim – Don’t count your chickens yet. We just need to keep winning until it’s mathematically certain. That’s the only way us going up will be guaranteed. Forest may be under pressure but so are we. The pressure is on us to keep winning. 13 games laft and only a 6 point advantage means promotion is still far from being a certainty.

  15. darthbroon;luxury i for wor lass,had to keep making her a cuppa no rest for the whicked nearly missed a corner or two.

    maybe you are a bit young to never heard wire&fork

  16. the pressure is on forest the gap is 8pts and game in hand! they need to win and us lose we have not lost 3 games in a row and we are not going 2. because these teams are not good enough to beat us even if we play shit!the good thing all are best players are coming back.

  17. asim – We’ll see. Perhaps I’m just being cautiously optomistic rather than taking it for granted.

  18. watched the Germany – Argentina game in Munich yesterday, and wor Jonas Gutierrez was absolutley mint, had Phillip Lahm, “one of the best right backs in the world” in a real spin….am glad we’ve got him…well done wor lad !

  19. allright campers….just read another “Joey Barton won’t be rushed back” report…it seems he’s ready for a return…point is, is this guy really knackered or is CH keeping him at arms length to prevent him rocking the boat ? We’ve done canny without him so far….

  20. nice to hear m.m was there any good final balls m8,not that it matters sometimes,it pulls others out of pos

  21. aye icedog, now and then, but none of the standard speedy winger stuff, getting to the bye-line and putting in crosses etc…more of a compact performance, plenty of movement, winning headers, putting in lots of tackles, not giving the ball away…worked his socks off he did…wee Diego likes him too…!

  22. jay jay ability for what thats my worry,had a good dressing for 5 months would not like to spoil it at this stage,how long has he been out 5 months mmmmmmmmmmm

  23. toonsy your not still worrying aboot promoyion are u like i sed a couple of month agoo mid april and were up ;)

  24. dog how are u m8 ,ive been working for a few week so that should be it now for a few month made enough too keep me wife and kids happy :lol: so a can have a few month off.

  25. you had me worryed m8 is your kid ok now? as i said before whats it like to be stalked by people

  26. dog aye me lads ok m8 he,s just gutted he couldnt go his mates funeral , how are u keeping m8

  27. I enjoy batty returning and firing out the abuse like, keeps me amused, haha. How you getting on batts? I’ve reverted to the blog as I’m on a sh!te train journey. Dunno what I’d do without the old iPhone like! What’s everyone thinking for satday? Another away win?

  28. aye i bet he was, watched it on tv the day,my nephew is in R.E. to,ime keeping good,better for reading your posts get a laugh eh :)

  29. Batty, I personally enjoy your unique input on the blog, like I said, keeps me laughing along like. I see alot are asking about your son? He in the forces aye? Fair play to him, I’ve alot of respect for lads that go away and fight for their country, sure it wreaks havoc on you and the missus at the same time as being proud of him though?

  30. dus hitman get on or is he still scaviging aroond the bins of gatesheed tryin too make ends meat the tramp

  31. ross aye he,s in the raf reg paras m8 he lost 1 of his mates last week young like southgate so he,s had too pick himself up like , but its shook the missus up abit

  32. Ross says:
    March 4, 2010 at 9:17 pm
    Batty, I personally enjoy your unique input on the blog, like I said, keeps me laughing along like.
    <<<< just have too tell it how it is ross tell the truth :lol:

  33. Toonsy an Idea for a blog Edline ‘The return of Batty’
    Batts I guess you have been flatout doing the driveways while the good weather is here mate :) . oh and I have had no spare skin for yrs mate except for the wedding tackle and its staying as it is :lol: anyway i dont like the pain anymore lol

  34. Welcome back Batty, the blog has been quiet without yours and Stardy’s little spats. Glad to hear your son is doing ok

  35. She is adorable Batts – I love every minute of it (even the 2, 3 and 4 am shifts lol)

    See your boy lost a mate – sorry to hear that fella – bet you feel helpless.

    One thing Batts – if we get promoted this year and we go up in the best financial shape we have been in for years – will you admit I have been right all along? Just off to polish my nails lol

  36. Stardy do you really do the nightshifts ? My Daughter is moving house at the min and we have been keeping the 2 Grandaughters for the last 2 days and im wrecked running about after them and I even had to start changing nappies again which isn’t 1 of my fav jobs :lol:

  37. stardy adorable well she must take after u lol as for the club we will be promoted by mid april and as u know i will admit nothing the fat man owes us big time and should just hand over the club too me

  38. Heard in the restaurant that I work in that we have 2 more extra games that will be played on BBC and also that we may be close to signing a deal for The Robot Peter Crouch as long as we go up, as he is 4th choice for the spuds now

  39. big dave;shit in the ear off ashley now on your hands i feel for you m8 ha ha watch out for the rash dave

  40. Yep Dave I do the night shift, my wife had to get up to feed her for the first 6 month so as she is now weened, I get up and take care of her – I had it easy so I feel like I am doing my bit!

    (I dont even mind the nappies lol)

  41. batty – “your not still worrying abobut promotion”

    I always worry batty. Following the Toon has made me like it. Nothing’s done until it’s done and take nothing for granted! :lol:

  42. So, His eminence Herr von Stadust does “the night shift, my wife had to get up to feed her for the first 6 month so as she is now weened, I get up and take care of her”

    Poor little mite!

  43. The Sun’ll not leave wor Cheryl alone and if she falls for this little ruse of Cole’s, she needs her head examined!

    She’s got an army of suitors on this site alone so come on guys, let her know where your hearts are.

  44. 2 pumps & a squirt @ 60 – it’s true what they say about you then.

    bowburn – why do you encourage this nonsense when you know fine well i’m an independant blogger ? i will not put up with it ,i repeat i will not put up with it.

    i see there are claims regarding an individual working away – these are false , all along he’s been walking among us like the devil in disguise causing trouble and hoping we turn on each other.

    – open your eyes and see him.

  45. Roy – it’ll just be the contrast between your often intelligent insight and alternate wind-ups.

    Please accept my apologies, your bi-polar activities shouldn’t be mocked.

  46. unlike my colleague & friend gail platt my preference has always been a cardigan.

    – you can change the face but not the gregory peck.

  47. of course i missed you batty well for the first five minutes & now i have sruck up a friendship with a very nice character that goes by the name of icedog

    – have you met him ?

  48. Batty-shows how much attention I pay mate, I must be a week behind thinking we still had another away fixture on the trot lol.