Toon fans: Would you like to be a derby day video star?

Posted on April 9th, 2013 | 21 Comments |

KSI presenting EPL clash.
EPL Clash’s presenter, KSI, in action.
I have been contacted by Peloton TV’s James Whittaker, who is currently working in partnership with Youtube to make football content. James would like to know if any of you Newcastle United fans out there would like to represent NUFC on the show “EPL Clash” and be filmed in a “bloggers battle” at 10am outside St James’ Park?

To use his words:

“The segment itself is pretty much a quirky vlog styled piece, mainly about the stadium, surrounding areas, current rumours, how your season is going and so forth. This piece will be presented by KSI.”

“It will only take 15 minutes to film, and will give the users a chance to plug the website and their own Twitter. It will be a quirky back and forth and give you a chance to pretty much have a go at a Sunderland fan on camera.”

KSI and Peloton TV have a combined following of 1,876,541 YouTube users when I checked, so it would certainly be a great opportunity to put yourself out there!

The show will be around five minutes long or less, and the filming itself should take around 15-30 minutes.

If you are interested, you can e.mail James at


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21 Responses

  1. And there’s more… you sold out, although you probably didn’t get paid. You say you don’t accept advertising on your blog and then promote this tripe? I wouldn’t be saying to me that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed anytime soon. I would be saying that you woke up on the wrong side of your principles

  2. Why so serious, GS? Looks like the blog is pretty much a conduit for a message from someone else.

  3. I am not being that serious. I as giving Worky a chance to vent since has been very calm recently.

  4. I got a France baseball cap for $3 on t’internet and will wear it to the pub with my replica NUFC shirt on Sunday to watch us slaughter the Fascist Mackems. I don’t care what Worky says about replica shirts, I am wearing mine.

  5. GS-damn, then. I’d hate to see you really worked up.

    I have no problem in principle w/replica shirts (I’m in the states, very hard to get anything real) but the last time I bought one we were relegated within 6 months and the player on it was sold.

    Only old-timey shirts for me from now on…

  6. Bet Xisco is gutted he never got to shower with one direction after training :lol:

  7. Blyth, it is the nature of blogs I think. I couldn’t figure if Worky was being serious or not.

  8. Ben Arfa will be on the bench ready too when we need a bit extra, as long as Pards does not swap him for Marv.

  9. From the list of available player, it appears Pardews priority is obviously, the Sunderland game.

    Hey go figure, to be beaten by Sunderland is unforgiveable, whereas we are expected to lose the tie against Benfica and there may be dissapointment, but its acceptable.

    Hey Pardew may not be much of a manager, but stupid he aint.

    Listen i ‘m getting a bit suspicious about all these injuries, especially the (he was injured in training yesterday stuff and he’s suffering from a knock)

    Not unlike the HBA injury, and miracules recovery, which i believe was a case of putting on too much weight.

    Can we be a bit more specific, please and stop taking the fans for granted (yeah, they will believe anything)
    Well i thought we had an outside shot to-day but looking at the list of available platers, no way!

  10. 2-0 at home is doable I reckon, we played well last week but two awfull defensive errors let us down. If we come out fighting and dont get too caught up in it I reckon we have a shot, however I think chuck could be right the sunderland game could take priority it is technicaly a more important game after all, would be nice to get 3 wins in a row though HWTL!!!!

  11. Toonforlife says:
    April 11, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    “we played well last week but two awfull defensive errors let us down.”

    Toonforlife, the whole point of defence is to stop the other team scoring. Therefore, it’s always a defensive error when the other team score. ;-)

  12. Krul, Simpson, Yanga-Mbiwa, Williamson, Haidara, Cabaye, Sissoko, Bigirimana, Jonas, Anita, Cisse

    Ugh oh