Does Pardew Know What He’s Doing Part II: Playing the Blame Game

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Alan Pardew points the finger.
"It's all your fault!"
It’s time for the long awaited second installment of this series looking at Alan Pardew’s role at the club, and if he know what he’s doing? (Hence the title). Because of recent events, I have decided to do a piece on his tendency to blame all and sundry other than himself for some disappointing performances this season so far.

Part II: Playing the Blame Game 

Because of all the success we had last season, anything that went slightly awry, (and there were many of them, but that’s for another day/blog) became difficult to criticise. Fans seemed to soften their opinions towards the fat man and Casino Derek (or at least turn them down to avoid derision from more optimistic supporters), and why wouldn’t they? The team was doing well and we looked like we had found stability and a vision for going forward into the future. This season however has been a different story.

The optimism gained from 11/12 was slowly eroded away, even the most committed Pardew apologists have doubts in their minds and most people now feel that he has overstayed his welcome. This deterioration in confidence doesn’t only effect the fans but also the players, the owners, but most importantly the manager. In an effort to avoid coming to terms with the reasons why his Newcastle career has gone so far downhill, Pardew now almost routinely blames different elements of the organisation (or at least ones that don’t have the platform to fight back) game to game.

The excuse (still) waiting to happen, the Europa League: At the start of our European campaign, Pardew made it clear that he will use young players to give them competitive experience in the Europa League group stages. I think we have now come to the conclusion that this was a smokescreen, not only to disguise the fact that we didn’t bring many senior players in to bolster a squad which had to contend with extra games. The second part of this plan came to fruition at…

The embarrassing defeat away to Brighton in the FA Cup Third Round (live on National Television no less): The players who had hardly set the world on fire in the group stages of the Europa League were put in front of the cameras earlier this month on arguably one of the most important games of the season, the FA Cup Third Round weekend. Facing a Championship team who looked far more up for it than we did, with experienced players who play a passing game was too much for a team of young players, who under normal circumstances would not be in the starting 11.

There may have been few ways we could have changed the team for the better that day due to injuries and the like, but that was no excuse for the way Pardew indiscriminately laid into our young, impressionable reserves who under challenging times had done their best compete on three fronts for the first half of the season.

“There are young players who have given everything there, their maximum performance. But unfortunately they shouldn’t be playing for Newcastle in the third round, they should be in our development team.” 

They were effectively used as scapegoats for his failure to build a squad resilient enough to play multiple competitions and avoid an injury crisis. So thanks to this incident, many of these players who Pardew put so much trust in last Summer will more than likely get sold off or be condemned to rot in the reserves, all thanks to something that they have no control of.

And finally, the Reading debacle: Not content with demoralizing half of the squad, Pardew then turned on the fans in his post match interview. Talking about the fans reaction to Yohan Cabaye being substituted in the second half, Pardew said:

“That negativity spread around the stadium and to the players, and that’s what happens when you’re down at the bottom. It was a negative stadium second half and there was a lot of oo’s and boos and the players were trying to do their best.”

Effectively stating that the reaction to his substitutions on Saturday made us lose the game. We all know that the real reason was taking our foot off the pedal before we had secured a much needed 3 points against a team who knew they were in a relegation fight, opposed to Pardew who uses post match interviews to destroy the already low confidence of the club and to reaffirm his state of denial that Newcastle will improve as the season goes on.

This new tactic of blaming the loyal fans who turn up to every game at St James’ Park and follow the team all around the UK and Europe, only to witness the decline of this great football club before their eyes is frankly laughable and a disgrace. Football supporters cannot physically influence the outcome of the game (Darlington away aside) and are not responsible for buying, selling or picking players, and guess who is? Another point is that the fans have little opportunity other than blog or forums like this (besides studying to be a sports journalist and asking more probing questions in post match press conferences) to react to Pardew’s ramblings or to defend themselves against them. I cant see him saying the same things about the owners or sponsors.

I may be getting a bit romantic here but essentially it is the fans who are the heart and soul of the club. Mike Ashley may have his name on the door, but in the hearts and minds of NUFC fans he is an (un)trusted custodian of the financial aspects of Newcastle United and the true permanent owners of this club are the members of the Toon Army. Fans have the right to criticize players, staff and owners (more right than the national media has) and it shouldn’t be taken negatively, the whole reason for the boos at the end of the match on Saturday was motivated by the desire to see the club improve but instead it has been manipulated by Pardew to blame them for the clubs misfortunes. This blame culture has now been extended to at least one of the players in the form of Toon bad boy Nile Ranger’s tweets also criticising supporters:

“Certain fans need to not come and support this team… Coming out to BOOO us.. Stay at home.. Don’t need ur BOO’s…. SAY NO MORE !!!!”

Followed up by:

“Last thing from me… To all the fans. U are not forced to buy season tickets.. Or pay our wages.. Please remember that…”

I’d like to see the reaction he gets when (if) he next takes to the pitch.

Pardew has to realize this, take responsibility for his own decisions and, if not admit them, attempt to change them for the better. But many people who follow NUFC feel that any attempts to do this now would be too late given recent results.

NUFCBlog Author: FarmerG I'm a 22 year old unemployed media graduate from Hebburn (yes, that Hebburn), South Tyneside. Long time Newcastle United Fan, some time season ticket holder. Generally skeptical about most things NUFC. All opinions are mine not yours, though most are correct :) Follow me @TheRealFarmerG FarmerG has written 4 articles on this blog.

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71 Responses

  1. Enough! We’ve had so much negativity (understandably) over the last few weeks we were all beginning to enjoy what looks like it might turn out to be a better day and maybe the turning the corner that we are all hoping for. Let us enjoy today if indeed it is so, without the endless repeated whining about Ashley, Llambias, Pardew and anyone else you can think of to have a moan about. Give it a rest. If things don’t work out then no doubt you will have further opportunity to enjoy your own misery.

  2. “That negativity spread around the stadium and to the players, and that’s what happens when you’re down at the bottom. It was a negative stadium second half and there was a lot of oo’s and boos and the players were trying to do their best.”

    I actually agreed with this comment as being pretty accurate. From the start, you could feel the tension in the ground – it was like a library with very little crowd noise or chanting. I reckon the players must have noticed it and it affected them. Tim Krul kept waving his arms at the crowd trying to encourage them to make some noise.

    The booing during the game was in response to Pardew taking off Marveaux and Cabaye. I don’t believe in booing at any time – it’s not going to help players’ confidence, and individuals might think it’s aimed at them – for example Marveaux walking off with the crowd booing.

  3. I am a 52 yr old fan who thinks some like the author are part of the problem with this club not the solution. Pardew has improved the playing staff since he has arrived and it has a better chance of staying up than last time around. If you remember plenty of mags fans were saying give youth a chance this season and in Bigi for £1m another good signing was procured this summer.

    Whilst Anita is inconsistent he has produced some good performances this season so is a reasonable squad addition.

    Injuries eg Cabaye and Hatem and loss of form eg Colo and Krul and particularly Tiote are the reasons.

    Those three are the spine of the team and they have been less than inspiring and need to up their game when available.Who would haveknown they would be so poor this season after last or is the author of the blog in possession of a crstal ball.

    Yes with hindsight we should have recruited during the summer but only players good enough for the squad. These players are not in abundance

    Look lets just see who we have at end of window. I am cautiously opromistic we will get a couple of good uns in to add to Debuccy.

    I wont be joining the idiots who want to change the manager now and as for those so called fans who booed the team and did contribute to us losing wake up and smell the coffee we are part of the problem if we ever do that booing in any numbers at a home game which the team desperately needed to win.

    Who watching us supporters would want to play for us after that reaction particularly as Cabaye asked to come off to protect his groin.

    Every manager makes mistakes Pardews was letting the pressure we put on him and the teaqm influence his decision to take off Marveaux to try and protect the result.

  4. @clarkie yes every manager makes mistakes, but Pardew has been making the same mistakes, game after game, all season. He makes the most confounding substitutions at the worst times. There have been numerous games this season where we needed a bit of creativity to be brought on the pitch, or at least positivity, and he would bring on Perch or Bigi instead. I am a fan of Bigi, and even Perch on his day. But to say those two are what we need to bring on when we need attack and ball retention is ridiculous. And his blind loyalty to Shola, who is so lazy and fails to contribute at all (except for every 10-15 games or so) drives me mad.

    The problem I have with not adding in the summer is that it was BLATENTLY obvious (all last season even) we needed, at the least, a good central defender in, as Williamson is not Premier League quality, and the head of the club didn’t do it.

    I’m glad we are making the additions such as Debuchy and M’bia now, but if we had added them in the summer like everyone knew we needed to, then we wouldn’t be in the position we are in now.

  5. What really depresses me is this recurring theme that none of the success of last season had anything to do with Pardew yet ALL the woes of this term are down to the same man. Just say you don’t like him – but of course that’s what you did time after time after time after …… We hear you loud and clear. I don’t think Pardew is the best manager in the world but is far from the worst and certainly is there is no one to replace him right now that I would trust any more.

  6. m’biwa arrives in newcastle, which one?, he’ll probably go to the jets for more money lol.

  7. hoosiertoon says:
    January 22, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    “And his blind loyalty to Shola, who is so lazy and fails to contribute at all (except for every 10-15 games or so) drives me mad.”

    Hoosiertoon, as I pointed out in a comment in the previous blog, both Shola and Sammy Ameobi have actually contributed quite alot when they have been on the pitch. They’re actually two of our best players when it comes to providing assists and are even slightly ahead of Ben Arfa in that department. That’s a much needed asset in the side with Pardew’s highly uncreative tactics.

  8. @worky fairplay, but as an American sports fan (where stats are held in the highest esteem) my opinion is that sometimes, especially in football, stats can be deceiving.

    When I watch Shola I end up frustrated and irritated every single time. It would be a challenge to find a player who is lazier than Shola, and near impossible to find one as lazy as he is, with his limited talent, consistently playing at Premier League level. Perhaps it is simply that I place an extremely high value upon high work rate that makes me feel this way about “Strolla”, but I believe that there are a number of people who would probably agree with me.

    When he comes on as a sub, fails to run about at all, and repeatedly commits fouls on balls upfield, I get frustrated.

    I actually like Sammy, think he has a massive amount of potential. He just needs to play consistently to develop his decision making, because he beats numerous players off the dribble, and then sometimes doesn’t know what to do with it. I think a loan out would be great for his development, but Pardew talks about getting loaned out as a punishment.

  9. I am trying to think of an analogy for what San Lorenzo want us to do with Coloccini.

    Suppose my wife was sick and I work in a different city. I go into a car dealer and explain the situation and ask for a free car to get home. What do you think they would say? After being turned down, I say yes, but my Dad says I need to get home.

    Maybe not the best analogy, but I don’t understand Coloccini either. Fly her to the UK for treatment. Fly the whole family in while she gets treatment. I am sure the club would even put them up temporarily.

  10. hoosiertoon says:
    January 22, 2013 at 3:46 pm

    “@worky fairplay, but as an American sports fan (where stats are held in the highest esteem) my opinion is that sometimes, especially in football, stats can be deceiving.”

    They can be deceiving if you don’t look at them closely enough and / or miss other factors, blaming the stats rather than sloppy analysis.

    Lots of people condemn Shola based solely on his goals and appearences, ignoring the fact that most of them have been as a 20 minute sub. However, if they were measured in terms of minutes per goal scored, Ameobi’s record actually isn’t that bad really. That’s one very crude example.

    Alot of players have been condemned for being “lazy” due to their style or gait when they actually aren’t.

  11. It looks like we will be getting some “bodies over the line”. They even fit in the Ashley bargain category so he will still be happy.

    I don’t have much faith left in Pardew but we might get a much needed lift. He has proven he can put a run together with a bit of luck and Steven Taylor making last ditch clearances and Krul playing out of his skin. So we can hope.

    Still, if the bookies have him odds on, he’ll probably only get the Villa game to prove himself. Ashley and Co have to be looking at plan B, don’t they?

    It should be interesting.

  12. If we get these three french guys iwe will have reinforcements its what we are lacking what other clubs have and that’s someone coming off the bench to change the game and shape of play with people like ranger campbell and sammi a on the bench they other teams must not even be worried about anyone changin the game!

  13. Nile Ranger is a straight-up piece of garbage who should probably watch his back around Tyneside these days.

    Tony Toon @ 1 sez:

    “Pay no attention to the yawning gash in the hull, the water flooding the engine rooms or the scarcity of lifeboats. Just enjoy the band and watch as the crew re-arranges deck chairs.”

  14. OK, which French manager are we going to get? We have (or look to be getting) half the international squad so it is only logical that training now be conducted in French. Krul and Cisse probably know a bit of French.

    That leaves only Steven Taylor (Santon maybe) to get out Rosetta Stone, with Colo looking to get away and Jonas’ loss of form.

  15. GS says:
    January 22, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    “OK, which French manager are we going to get?”

    GS, Carr’s favourite port of call is Lille because it’s the first stop on the Eurostar train, so why not get Rudi Garcia?

  16. Shut up! enough with the negativity, support the side, give Pardew a chance.

    Yeah sure, thats the answer to everything, is it ?

    He’s not the worst manager in the PL !

    Sorry but many would disagree with that.

    Though i have to say, he had little to say in the decision not to reinforce the side during the summer window, though he knew we would have problems with a small squad, playing in a much heavier schedule.
    That it would only take a few injuries before we were in trouble.
    But did’nt have the cojones to say so, only defending the fact we were lucky not to lose any of our big player.
    A smoke screen.
    Face it he’s nothing but a yes man, selected by a footballing no nothing (Llambias) and possibly one of most ignorant tactically
    Constantly reverting to a form of direct football, which is all he apparently knows.

    We lucked out having both Ba and a very productive Cisse, scoring goals for fun, with a fairly good defensive unit, with Tiote sitting in front of the back four, until Taylor got injured.

    Well the chickens have come home to roost, those buys we should have made in the summer, will now cost us more and there will be more of them.
    The panic button has truly been pressed.
    It’s amazing how money can focus the mind, with Ashley presently splurging like a drunken sailor.
    The fear of relegation plus the fact we lost Remy to QPR, has has been an inspiration.
    And hopefully he has learned this league is unforgiving, teams spend every year just to stay in place, there’s no resting on last years laurels, it takes money to make money.

    So if in fact some of us have negative things to say about ownership or management, it’s what we observe, does’nt mean we are not as avid a fan as the next.
    I would suggest if you want to only hear feelgood stuff, Ed’s blog has a constant supply, though i’m afraid he too, is beginning to sound a bit nagative lately

  17. Chuck: Ed is turning again. That’s what a few Frenchies will do. They’re even doing the imaginary line-ups again.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that Ashley has realized that it will cost him less to keep us up than it will cost him if we go down.

    Whether Pardew is capable is another matter. We really only need 16-18 points from 15 games so it is absolutely achievable. As I said above, I think Pardew has the Villa game.

  18. clarkie says:
    January 22, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    “I am a 52 yr old fan who thinks some like the author are part of the problem with this club not the solution.”

    Clarkie, you write that about the author for having the gall to criticise the manager, and refer to fans who want a change as “idiots” and yet you go on to critise Coloccini, Krul and particularly Tiote, blaming them for at least part of our poor form and writing:

    “Those three are the spine of the team and they have been less than inspiring and need to up their game when available.Who would have known they would be so poor this season after last or is the author of the blog in possession of a crstal ball.”

    So does that mean that you are part of the problem too clarkie? If not, could you please provide us with a list of people who it is permissable to criticise, along with those who are beyond reproach?

  19. Hows this lineup.

    Bigirimana or Ferguson

    Thats assuming both Simpson and Colo leave and we sign our present targets.

  20. chuck says:
    January 22, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    “Face it he’s nothing but a yes man, selected by a footballing no nothing (Llambias)”

    I know I’ve written somrthing similar already, but Bayern Munich managers are chosen by Bayern Munich board members such as Franz Beckenbauer, Karl-Heinz Rummnigge, Mattias Sammer and more, and ours was selected by Derek Llambias (or so he claims) because he saw a couple of West Ham games when he was a Casino manager.

    It does put things in perspective somewhat.

  21. i think mbiwa might struggle with the medical! see photo on the story from the guardian on news now.

  22. You know what is different this time – we are not leaving it until the absolute last minute to sign players (although time will tell if it is enough to save our premiership status).

  23. Can we all please remember that for the most part of this season we had all players available! But the direction of the so called management meant that we bi-passed all our creative talent. I am far from being an idiot, clarkie, just man who knows how the game works and see’s what’s wrong with our beloved club!

  24. GS
    At this stage, the last thing Ashley wants, is a repeat of our relegation season.
    Everyone is aware of the enormous increase in revenue, due EPL sides, come next season, which i believe has had the effect of refocusing Ashleys mind.
    I doubt if the club is any better prepared than we were during the relegation season, for the drop.
    Certainly no one believed we would find ourselves in this position, following a fifth place finish.
    It appears we are about to bring in four or five new signings, a far cry from last summer, panic inspired no doubt.
    With Ashley himself in control of making the deals.
    It appears from what we know, most are bargains, bought for well below their value, due to expiring contracts.
    With these additions hopefully we will be ok, plus it’s not before time as we had little in the way of quality in reserve.
    The one thing unusual is we could almost field an all French side, so WHEN we throw Pardew under the bus, can we have a Gallic manager.
    Alez ! Nouveau Chateau !
    The new chant will of course be
    Alez, alez alez alez !
    Similar to Ole! ole ole ole, chant.

  25. chuck says:
    January 22, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    “Certainly no one believed we would find ourselves in this position”

    Not quite true Chuck. I’ve been waiting for the car crash since he was appointed, even when we were fifth. You can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.

  26. Maybe its just time to get behind the team,if we get map and moussa sissoko through the door that will be no mean feat as they are both quality players that have been linked with some of the top clubs in europe.Any other signings will be a bonus as the way cashley works there will be no more major money spent.
    You can look at this two ways, firstly that the powers that be are totaly fkn useless and will continue to wreck the club until it is not worth a carrot because all of these signings should have been done in the close season, or secondly that the powers that be realise that they made a major bollox up of the summer transfer window and the season so far has made them realise that unless they invest in our fabulous club that their investment is going to get smaller by the week.
    I am on the fence on this one.

  27. And that’s Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa signed sealed delivered as well. 5 and a half year deal, wearing number 13 for those superstitious buggers out there.

  28. Yanga-Mbiwa

    All for less than fifteen million quid.
    And they say Arry’s a wheeler dealer ?

    Seems Ashley took control and signed what could be a very good group of Frenchmen for what could be described as the deals of the window.
    And in record time.
    Gotta say I’m more surprised than impressed, but impressed nevertheless.
    All we need now is a Frenchman to Manage them.
    And erm! what is it Llambias does around here again, perhaps he can share the same taxi, with Pardew.

  29. Its official mym has signed check out the nufc website hopefully sissoko will follow.
    Worky my time to get behind the team was not a reaction to anyone or anything in particular that has been said but just a general statement that if we want to stop in the PL then the twelth man needs to put his shift in as much as the other eleven.

  30. Oh, FFS, anything but the lineups!!

    One difference from 2008/9 is that the squad was without a doubt degraded during that January window. Given & N’Zogbia left; Ryan Taylor, Peter Lovenkrands & an out-of-form Nolan arrived. Yanga-M’biwa & Gouffran are potential PL stars-so maybe it’s somewhat of a downgrade (for now at least) on attack but an improvement of the defense. A competent defense is, statistically speaking, more often what separates sides that are relegated from sides that are not in the history of the PL. That’s why the Manchester United and Arsenal results were disturbing to me, especially after we lost Ba. I just hope it isn’t too late!

  31. Hell with this side, even Morinho will be putting in his resume.
    Hope these new guys are bringing their long johns with them, ah! what the hell they can always go and get a set at Sports Direct, hear they gotta sale going on.
    So is that it or is Ashley on a tear, just spending that dosh.
    Makes one wonder, just what the hell his intentions are with this club, in the long run.
    As the average age has to be close to the leagues lowest, meaning any profits are long range ?

  32. In my humble opinion this signing is as big as cabaye as the whole of europe knows how good Map is,Worky I asked you a couple of weeks ago why nobody had gone in for him and nobody was talking about him and you were no wiser than me,it still seems a bit to good to be true to me,after all the shit we have had to put up with we manage to sign one (maybe two if sissoko comes) of the most promising players in europe.
    This is definitely a step forward.

  33. chuck-IF we actually do sign all of those players, I do begin to entertain fantasies of big Mike & Dekka trying to attract an ACTUAL manager. Grasping at straws, I know…

  34. sammy-he is very good…has a skill set not totally dissimilar to Colo’s. Unfortunately if the latter leaves, it’s back square one.

  35. I’m well pleased with the Mbiwa signing. In an ideal world I’d like to see a marquee striker signing, but I won’t hold my breath. I do think we need more goals in the team though, as although I’m pleased we’ve got Gouffran, (or as close as you can be anyway) I don’t think he’s gonna have that many in him. From what I’ve seen he’s a decent player no doubt, but one you’d ideally have as a number 3 striker, maybe if you want to change things up a bit. Bit of much needed squad depth, rather than the man to fire us to safety if you catch my drift

  36. All Cisse needs is some more service and a little bit of luck he is still going to be a top class toon No9 i have doubt about that whatsoever

  37. Well, just got my email from the club about the Mbiwa signing. Well chuffed about my post this morning being full of complete bollox.

  38. Ashley, with this flurry of signngs, suggests he is in fact looking to establish a competitive side here at St James’ Park, no?
    Of course we understand, avoiding relegation is the primary goal.
    And having seen how Arry stole Remy, when he was confident he was as good as signed, must have been somewhat shocking.
    But, when the going gets tough, the tough get going and as much as i have criticised and blamed Ashley for any number of screwups, got to say, he did’nt fcuk around,
    but got four decent players in, in record time.
    No low balling, just got the deals done.
    I’m aware it’s in his interest more than anyones, but still gotta admire how quick the deals were negotiated.
    And feel a hell of a lot better about survival.

  39. It looks like we have more and better troops (a surge if you will) but we still have the same General who doesn’t even speak their language :)

  40. workyticket says:
    January 22, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    “Even Chuck the grouch want to bum Ashley now. Some people are just too easy.”

    He’s even slipped in an advert for ShortsDirect at @41.

    His family are probably tied up and duct-taped in the basement :)

  41. GS says:
    January 22, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    “we still have the same General who doesn’t even speak their language.”

    This is dead right, GS.

    If you looked at our team on paper at the weekend you’d have seen a quality set of players that should at least have seen us bobbing around in mid-table – even considering injuries and suspensions.

    If he can’t make headway pretty sharpish now, surely even Fat Mike and Dekka will see that he has to go.

  42. Worky
    You know i have never been an Ashley fan and detest both Llambias and Pardew.
    I’m simply astonished at how fast things have happened.
    It’s all come as an unexpected surprise, where of course one has to give a certain credit to the guy who made it happen.
    Even though first and formost it benifits him more than anyone, obviously a case of self interest.
    Where at the same time he benefits from a PR point of view.
    Hell if he fired both Pardew and Llambias right now and blamed them for all the screwups, could be the most popular guy in Toon.

  43. Perhaps the next signing will be a shithot Frog gaffer. That’d prolly be the best signing of the winder if it were to come off.

  44. Chuck, probably not as fast as you seem to think, though I would hardly criticise them for buying three new players.

    I haven’t quite made my mind up about Gouffran, divven’t knaa a great deal about Haidara but Yanga-M’Biwa seems to be a good player from what I’ve seen and he is pretty veratile across the back four.

  45. GS
    ……..we still have the same general, who does’nt even speak their language…….

    Hell i’ve seen scenarios, where even i dont understand him, if im honest…

    May not be such a bad thing him not being able to communicate.
    Perhaps one of the other English speaking guys can translate….
    ie; dont worry what he’s saying, lets just go out there and play our game, he won’t know the fcuckimg difference.

  46. chuck says:
    January 22, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    “May not be such a bad thing him not being able to communicate.”


    The great Garrincha was a brick short of a hod and made Gazza look like Einstein. They couldn’t even communicate with him in his OWN language and ended up just giving up and just sending him out there to do whatever he pleased. However he still won two World Cups, and one practically on his own in 1962.

  47. See, it was all part of Pardew’s cunning plan. He got us humiliated in the FA cup so we would have the weekend off. He made those idiotic substitutions on Saturday to force Ashley’s hand to bring in new players. And he criticized the fans so Ashley could come out as the good guy. Hell, as Darth Broon said, even Chuck is praising Ashley.

  48. Worky
    At least we have some depth now, someting we badly needed and just maybe these additions can get us a run in the uefa cup, or whatever they call it these days.

    But IMO we also need to dump a bunch of players, that are just not up to standard and replace them.
    The job is not completed by a long way.

    Plus we have to try and hold onto what we got, success would possibly solve that problem.

    Yes i realise this club is not located in London, has had little success in a long time and for some may be no more than a shop window, but everyone wants to be part of a winning side.

    If like during SBR’s time we could be a top four or six side, that would ensure we could attract the right players at the same time increase income.

    It’s a tough road, but with the right people, a manager and a GM, not impossible.

  49. chuck says:
    January 22, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    “Yes i realise this club is not located in London”

    Manchester isn’t located in London either Chuck, but their clubs seem to get by somehow.

  50. You have to think that Ashley has, whether purposely or not, laid out an ultimatum of sorts for Pardew with these new signings. If, even after buying these players and spending the cash, the results don’t start turning around soon there will be more than enough cause to get rid of him. In a way these new signings could be the final downfall of Pardew, which would be very ironic.

    That’s assuming as you have to that there isn’t enough just cause already to can him in Ashley’s mind.

  51. I’ve had a little guess at results from the fixtures left & have us finishing in 43 points to stay up, be interested to hear what others think. My workings include a draw with Villa & Ameobi putting in performance of the season against Sunderland to get our penultimate win of the season, the last coming at QPR to send them down!

  52. Remember when Pardew said our string of losses were due to Ba unsettling the dressing room. He must have been on the phone from Chelsea on Saturday then.

  53. GS says:
    January 22, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    “Remember when Pardew said our string of losses were due to Ba unsettling the dressing room.”

    That was a long time ago GS, he’s blamed other things since then, though not himself of course.

  54. Worky

    We could’nt even compete with QPR, a small London side with less than a twenty thousand seat capacity.
    As for the two Manchester sides, one owned by an Oil rich billionaire, the other with revenue possibly more tha any other club.
    Even sides like Liverpool have much more revenue, though sharing a city with another PL side.
    I hope you are not disputing the fact that London sides are a bigger attraction than the likes of North East sides lik Sunderland , Middlesboro, and ourselves.
    There’s simply more of everything and i see no sign of you, a dyed in the wool Geordie ever returning to the North East.
    It’s not a put down, simply a fact and yes i’m sure there are exceptions, there always are.
    But yes, London clubs do have an advantage when attracting players fom outside the country.
    As do wealthy clubs and successful ones, therefor our only hope is a bit of success.
    I’m sure this club sold more shirts during the Keegan and SBR eras than any time lately.
    I mean to non Geordies, hell every kid in Ireland either wears a Man. U., Liverpool or other shirts, the only black and white stripped shirts seen are Juventus shirts.
    Why could that not be NUFC shirts, all it takes is a bit of cuccess.

  55. Aye Chuck, but as I pointed out the other day, one of QPR’s owners, Lakshmi Mittal, is one of the World’s richest men, and the rest are either billionaires or multi millionaires.

    Toon’s biggest shirt seller around the world was Alan Shearer.

  56. chuck @ 48: you’ve used the past tense to describe events that MAY take place in the future. Just winding you up…

    worky-I wouldn’t touch big Mike’s bum with Ryder’s…

    hoosier @ 64: I hope you’re right.

    chuck @ 68: Occam’s razor. Ashley is just cheap. A cheap billionaire. Only at NUFC…

    George Steinbrenner, bought the New York Yankees for $10M and now the club is worth something like $2B. Why? Because he, a multi-millionaire-only worth $1.1B at his death-poured his money into the club. Sometimes it was done in an ill-advised way but it did eventually pay off. Winning is a very important aspect of any sport club’s brand and one that can be influenced unlike a club’s locale or history. Just sayin’…c’mon Mike-take a gamble on this club…

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