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As some of you already know, I am currently the Newcastle United blogger for, the website for the free newspaper distributed in London and several other major cities throughout the UK.

This time, I want to prepare two pieces for my Metro blog with your views. The first will be to reflect the views of my fellow Newcastle United fans on the current Yohan Cabaye transfer situation, and the second will be on Wonga’s sponsorship of Newcastle United now that the season has started. You can express your views on both topics or just one if you prefer but please read the note on word limits below if you want to contribute.

Like the previous one, they won’t be an epic pieces overall as they word limited, so it would be great if you could keep your entries to around 50 words for each topic, or 60 if you really must! To give you an idea, the paragraph after this one is 65 words, so something just a little shorter than that would be fine. If you don’t have Microsoft Word or something similar with a word counter and can’t be bothered to count the words one by one, you can find a very good online word counter here.

You can just submit your thoughts via the comments below if you want to, or alternatively, send them in by e.mail using our contact form. If you could put the name you would like to be known as in the piece before your thoughts, whether it’s your real name or a nickname, that would be great. Also, no swearing and nothing libellous please.

Finally, it would be great if you could get your views in by around 10 pm this evening.

Although this is for the website, sometimes my work is used in the newspaper itself, which has a circulation of over 1.3 million!

Finally, before I sign off, I would just like to thank Joe Sharpe, Toon Tony, GS, Pete Toon, Steve P, Joe Hawkins, Tunyc, Sampdiago and last but not least, Dokky for your excellent contributions to the last piece which was published.

Many thanks in anticipation, WT.


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65 Responses

  1. Yohan Cabaye is normally the perfect professional so I’ve been surprised by his actions. Are they forgiveable if he stays? It’s all about the commitment he shows on the pitch but personally I don’t want his exit hanging over us going forward, the way Rooney’s has done at Man Utd. It’s a matter of time but he should leave when we are ready.

  2. Two despicable organisations, WONGA and Sports Direct, birds of a feather, that presently have control of both Newcastle United and the local press.
    Not a good situation.

  3. On Cabaye, the guy wasn’t too impressive last season, though he may have been playing hurt.
    He has leadership qualities, a fair passer of the ball and is not afraid to put his foot in, plus he’s a decent dead ball kicker, gets a few goals.
    But he ain’t no Roy Keane.
    For £20m, yeah I would let him go, but I doubt Arsene will come up with that kinda dosh, so he’s stuck here whether he likes it or not.

  4. Let cabaye rot in the reserves for a while until he comes and apologises to the fans and the team like Suarez did at Liverpool. If he doesn’t let him rot in the reserves – no france squad for him.,

  5. Why do people care about wonga being immoral- the bigger banks who sponsor other teams get no negative press yet they cripple the worlds economy . Alcohol and gambling companies also sponsor plenty of teams and both can cause addiction and othe

  6. Do some proper journalism and INVESTIGATE yourself, rather than post a lazy arse article hoping for some controversial comments.

  7. Steve @4: if Pardew is to be believed then Cabaye will play against Fulham. It seems that if Cabaye stays he plays.

    I don’t know what he needs to apologise for? A bigger, London based team came in for him and he said he wanted to leave. There is not much chance of us playing Champions League football anytime soon.

    I am not sure if he went on strike anyway as the club would have fined him if he did.

  8. Cabaye would prefer to play for Arsenal for a variety of good reasons and Ashley would definitely sell him for 20 million. Unlikely to happen and all will blow over. A storm in a teacup.

    Football has become thirdly a sport, secondly entertainment, and first of all about business. Ashley got the best financial deal he could find. Get used to it.

  9. So Steve and Tim, the backbone of this blog, dont seem to like criticism of the regime ? Is it stooge time yet again ? :)

    Wonga are a truly shite operation who have difficulty “selling” their sponsorship to any decent club with a moral standpoint.

    Hearts, Blackpool and now the Fatman’s mob all show a blatant disregard of adverse public opinion and accept these loan sharks on board. They dont give a toss about fans or the image of the club – I wonder why ?

  10. Cabaye has been touted by Pardwho all summer long. So its hardly surprising we received a bid for him. Maybe, in future, each player should have a “Sale sticker” next to their names on the back of their shirts ?

    The Fatman would love that :lol:

  11. Tim says:
    August 30, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    “Do some proper journalism and INVESTIGATE yourself, rather than post a lazy arse article hoping for some controversial comments.”

    Tim, you obviously haven’t read this blog before and the previous pieces on Cabaye and numeraous other topics. I would suggest you INVESTIGATE yourself before making ill informed comments. ;-)

    To the rest of you, cheers for the comments so far!

  12. It seems that selling cabaye now for double or triple what Ashley paid was the plan all along,we have had to realize that with any half decent Newcastle players in the last few years,we have become a selling club.

  13. @AndyMac – no supporter of the regime, just prefer to read well written articles not ones begging for comments because column space needs filling.

    @WorkyTicket – no need for me to investigate pal, I’m not the one playing journalist because I got a blog for Christmas. And this isn’t a troll thing, just find the standard of article writing particularly poor in free newspapers. Hold on, is Wonga and Cabaye news anyway?

  14. I can’t get worked up regarding Cabaye. The club want to sell him. Pardew has coyly invited bids all summer. We’re well-stocked at CM; he wasn’t great last season and I always assumed he would be sold at a profit if possible. He’s one of our best players but this wouldn’t be such a big deal if the squad had been strengthened at all in this window.

    Re: W***A-The whole situation is a con and I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Less money, Virgin given no chance to bid, stadium name shenanigans-something doesn’t smell right. Maybe Ashley just likes dealing with shysters.

    Steve @ 5: fair enough question. It’s because 1.) W***A are particularly rapacious usurers, 2.) they’re not giving us as much money as Virgin was-you’d think a questionable sponsor would have to offer MORE cash and 3.) they’ve been party to a archetypically divisive Ashley con in the stadium naming charade.

  15. Can’t understand why so many fans are cheesed off with our “purples” Being sold off purely for gain. Is it me or was there not a very clear statement regarding our recruitment policy, which everyone knows about and partly misunderstands. In that, “Our policy going forward is to recruit younger, high quality players that will have a substantial resale capability.” Plain enough I would have thought, but knowing our fans as I have for the greater part of half a century,we tend to close our eye’s to that which we don’t like the taste of, wish it would go away before it happens. Am I not right?.
    The problem, it would seem is that although Mashley is not what we want, we unfortunately have to put up with the crap until he finally chucks his toys out the pram.
    Worky; Thanks again for another good topic and good luck with the new blog. You’ll always get the odd pillock giving you a hard time
    Themorra, 2/3-1 Toon.
    Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads.

  16. I can’t believe how many fans have been taken in by Pardew’s rubbish about Cabaye, especially as this has happened before with other players. Remember all the stuff we were spoon fed about Andy Carroll to take away the blame from the club and put it all on to him? Ashley must think we’re all daft!

    As for Wonga, don’t get me started! A despicable organisation that feeds of human misery and I’m ashamed to have them associated with my club

  17. If Cabaye wants to leave, Then there is no point having an unhappy player.
    He should honour his contract, And there’s no reason for him not to play.

    Not too much to be said about Ashley &, Apart from other double acts,” Rose & Fred west”, Myra Hindley & Ian Brady”, Get the picture?

  18. Worky, I’ll type that again.

    If Cabaye want’s to leave, Then there is no point, Having an unhappy player, He should honour his contract, Though!, And i see no reason why he shouldn’t play.

    When you think of Ashley &, All you have to do is compare other double acts.
    “Rose & Fred West”, And “Myra Hindley & Ian Brady”
    Get the picture?

  19. No matter how many half time competitions Wonga run, they are still a toxic association that makes me ashamed to be a fan of my beloved Toon. It will take a long time to wipe the stain from the club.

  20. I wonder if this Tim And Steve are the “Agents of Wonga”, Who infiltrate fan forums, & Blogs etc, To peddle their views?

  21. Joe, how about just “Ashley & Wonga, Rose & Fred West, Myra Hindley & Ian Brady. Get the picture?”

    Less is more sometimes ;-)

    Cheers once again everyone, there’s been some really good ones so far from both sides of the fence.

  22. GS says:
    August 30, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    “Wonga – a cutesy name masking a sinister purpose.”

    I would hardly call it “cutesy,” GS. It’s a travellers word like “chavvie” and “charver.” It used to mean coal originally but it’s been used for money for far longer than most people think.

  23. Worky: I always thought Wonga was just a slang expression like moolah, dosh or spondulicks. I didn’t know about the Romany connection although I looked it up and the dictionary said “possibly” Romany. In that case, it is quite a strange choice of name given the stereotypes of travelers.

  24. I didn’t know Charver was a Travellers word either. Did the mainstream turn its use against them?

  25. @Tim,troll or not,you did not really make a point,you just came across as bitter,resentful or plain immature.

  26. So it’s Fulham coming up, having scraped by against a third tier side big bad Morecambe,” we was under the cosh, from a big physical side.”
    Hey it was Morecanbe ffs, not Bayern Munich.
    This guy is unbelievable, makining a third tier side into a threat.
    If like last year, where he played an academy side, knowing well we couldn’t compete for the nowhere cup and play in Europe at the same time, cause nobody had apparently informed Ashley we just didn’t have the bench for it.
    It was a convenient defeat and looking at the side we put out against Morecambe, seemed more of the same, but the Amoebi’s screwed it up.
    Pardew knows the league is what counts and any distractions are just that.
    He can concentrate 100 % on it when we are kicked out of the nowhere cup and having no European tournament this season, perhaps try for the FA cup.
    But relegation is the ultimate fear and the way we are playing, we may end up odds on for it.
    Actually it wouldn’t bother me one bit, I would like to see those two assholes twisting in the wind as we repeat the relegation season.
    As it seems Ashley has no inclination to strengthen the side at least no more than last summer, cost’s money !
    I doubt if Ashley pays much attention to Pardew anymore, but is he listening to Joe ?
    And if he is what’s Joe telling him ?
    And we don’t hear much about Carr these days.
    I have a bad feeling about this season so far and if we make no signings, then…….. that or get rid of Pardew I can’t see us getting into the top ten, that lofty goal we have set ourselves.
    Does Ashley still believe he has the savvy to make it work, whatever his grand plan is, cause there is £5b. at stake over the next three years, that or the second tier.
    Better to invest in staying where the dosh is.
    But then what do I know ?

  27. Yo Tim !
    Lighten up dude, it’s only a football blog, with folks expressing what they believe and sometimes not, but does it matter, just a lot of hot air.

  28. Tim says:
    August 30, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    “@AndyMac – no supporter of the regime, just prefer to read well written articles not ones begging for comments because column space needs filling.”

    Astroturfer? Start of a new campaign, or just a misguided stray?

  29. Commentators come out with almost as much shite as Alan Pardew. “He moves quickly across the ground for a big man”

    How tall’s Usain Bolt FFS?

  30. So , are we now is discussing word origins and if the terms charver and wonga are derived fromtravellin folk, there are distinct differences between the Romany group who originated in India and the Irish travelling folks, both in language and traditions.
    How does one define charver ?
    From what I read it was a put down of the working classes, (and football fans) by those who felt they were of the middle classes and also other members of the working class.
    In that divisive class system that remains firmly in place, tUhough it is popular to deny it and claim it no longer exists.
    I often wonder which is the most ingrained system, the Indian caste system or the British class system.
    As nowhere else is do such systems exist in such an extreme .
    I was wondering, is there a tradition of travelling folk that has existed in Britain who are niether Irish in descent or Romany.
    And what do they have (if they do exist) in common with both Romany’s and Irish travellers ?

  31. Chuck says:
    August 30, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    “As nowhere else is do such systems exist in such an extreme .”

    Rubbish. Such systems exist throughout the anglosphere (and beyond). Your own country in particular.

    You might not have an aristocracy (which means f-all in real terms) but you certainly have an upper-class, a middle class and plenty of poor people. And all but those who fall into the latter demographic are keen to observe the demarcation.

  32. Chuck says:
    August 30, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    “As it’s about time for a pint, no doubt the craic will be better down the pub!”

    It might well be. Until you get there, anyway.

  33. I normally buy the new strips but haven’t bothered this season coz no way am I advertising a company that brings so much misery 2 ppls lives nd no sporting club should ever promote a company like wonga its a disgrace

  34. Darth: you know Chuck, he likes to give lessons even when he isn’t asked and doesn’t know what he is talking about (cricket :) ). In the USA there is a huge special class – prisoners. I think I saw something that says the USA has 5% of the world population and 25% of the prison population.

  35. Phil D says:
    August 30, 2013 at 11:17 pm

    “…no way am I advertising a company that brings so much misery 2 ppls lives nd no sporting club should ever promote a company like wonga its a disgrace”

    Makes me laugh to see punters walking out at the Emirates in protest at the Arsenal regime (and the prospect of Wenger being offered a new contract).

    While Chubs is at the helm at the toon, I reckon we’d be better off with DIGNITAS as a sponsor.

  36. Chuck @33: I looked up Wonga and the dictionary said it was possibly a Romany word, that’s all. I still think it has evolved into street slang, whatever the origins.

  37. GS says:
    August 31, 2013 at 12:25 am

    “In the USA there is a huge special class – prisoners.”

    Aye, GS, and long may that continue – if only for the sake of popular culture and prime-time entertainment.

    Loved “OZ”, “The Wire” and “Prison Break”. All we have to compete is Googie Withers in “Within These Walls” :)

  38. I missed that one there as I didn’t refresh the page, GS. Great minds and all that.

    The “Romany word” you are referring to was “Wanga” which was bastardized into “Wonga.”

  39. Aye, I’d forgotten about “Porridge” – from the great John Sullivan. My dad was a dead-spit for Fulton MacKay (who played Mr. McKay, oddly enough).

    There’s an updated version of “Prisoner Cell Block H” starting shortly on UK TV called “Wentworth”.

    I might just give it a go, Worky, for old time’s sake!

  40. We’re going to play the same team as West Ham aren’t we, except maybe Cabaye for Anita.

    Krul’s doubtful also. Is it my imagination, or did Elliot have better distribution when he first came into the team. I remember some long accurate throws. Last few times I watched him he had got into the hoofing groove.

  41. DarthBroon says:
    August 31, 2013 at 1:00 am

    “I might just give it a go, Worky, for old time’s sake!”

    I can still remember the big top dog fight between Bea Smith and that bull dyke, Frankie Doyle.

    Then there was old “vinegar tits.”

    Top notch drama.

  42. DarthBroon says:
    August 31, 2013 at 1:00 am

    “Aye, I’d forgotten about “Porridge” – from the great John Sullivan.”

    Porridge was written by Dick Clement and Whitley Bay’s Ian la Frenais, Darth.

  43. Well I never, Worky. I’d have sworn it was John Sullivan.

    A great series, none the less. And always sad to watch because of it being Richard Beckinsale’s final fling. Same as watching Father Ted and knowing that Dermot Morgan’s no longer with us.

  44. Given that today is when the transfer window closes, how much page space will be devoted to JFK’s inability to sign anyone? Especially given the fact that one of his first acts was to veto a transfer.

  45. pete_toon says:
    August 31, 2013 at 10:19 am

    “Given that today is when the transfer window closes,”

    It doesn’t close until Monday the 2nd, Pete, because it has to close on a working day. I made the same mistake myself when someone asked me.

  46. I saw that a meeting of the “Alan Pardew Appreciation Society” was being held near me, so I decided it was something, as a devoted Toon fan, to attend.

    I duly turned up at the telephone box where it was being held and was a little disappointed to see that the seat was already occupied. Nevertheless I waited around for several hours in the hope of seeing the charismatic silver haired Newcastle leader but unfortunately he wasn’t able to make it. something about seeing a man about a kebab apparently.

    I approached the other person to get his views on the great charismatic leader.

    He was there in the hope that the GCL could use his great charismatic influence with an associated loan company. It seemed he had had this vision that he was going to win a huge amount on the lottery and had borrowed the £2 for the ticket, sadly it didn’t.

    Already financially living beyond his means he wasn’t able to maintain the repayments with the unfortunate consequences that he has had to commit himself and his family for several generations to maintain payments for this loan.

    They are all on zero hour contracts and have to work when told to. Because of the shift system they are having to work none of the family have seen each other for several years and he was hoping that the GCL could somehow arrange for them to have one day off all at the same time.

    I wished him well and we parted company, I hope somehow he does get to see the GCL to get his wish. I’m sure that once the GCL hears of the poor mans dilemma he will take time from his great work to help him.

    It’s this belief that makes me continue to be an ardent fan of the Great silver haired paragon.

  47. On a random one,I remember prisoner cell block H had a serial killing prison guard he killed some bird and left her in the boiler room,and the old bird lizzie found a body in her pea patch in the garden,some ideas about how best to get rid of the fatman and his drunken sailors…

  48. dokky says:
    August 31, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    afternoon worky whats ya predictions for today? im going for another 0-0

    I’m feeling mad Dokky. Maybe a draw like you say but I have a funny feeling that we might just scrape a one goal win against Fulham at the moment. I divven’t knaa like, there’s alot of wishful thinking in there. They’ve won a game against Sundeland and lost one against Arsenal but they could be a slightly vulnerable at the moment. They’ve made alot of signings and Jol is working through things. I think “transition” is the word.

    I still think Pardew’s shite though. :-)

  49. aye well there are not many pardew fans left anyway we could nick it i suppose but need a striker!

    but remy and cabaye both on bench so perhaps ol yohan is staying afterall

  50. Worky, sorry I didn’t see your question. It was a nice week away slightly spoilt by the tame surrender to ManCity. The granddaughter loved it though and was in tears at having to come back home but soon was back to her bubbly self once she had met up with her friends.

    I was only a caravan site in Suffolk but there was loads to see and do and it a nice part of the country. The big plus was a good swimming pool with a big water slide.

  51. Well, it is the same team as last week so the intentions are clear. Hopefully, Shola wont foul as much and Krul will keep a clearance or two on the ground.