Pardew still hopes for 2 or 3 players, with Davide Santon being the latest rumour

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Davide Santon is the latest in a long line of players 'linked' to Newcastle United.
Santon: latest target?
Alan Pardew remains determined to bring in “two or three” players before the transfer window closes with an Inter Milan fullback being the latest alleged target.

It’s going to be a tense few days as the transfer window heads to a close and, personally, I’ll be glad when it does. At least we’ll know where we stand. It’s the continual hope that’s the killer!

So where do we stand at the moment?

Last week, Alan Pardew said that he hopes to add two or three players to the squad before the transfer window closes, with the obvious requirements being a new left-back and a striker. And, speaking yesterday, Pardew stands by his aims. Pardew said:

There will only be a sense of relief when the window closes if we get these two players in, otherwise I will be disappointed

We’ve had a great start and I think the players have proved they are committed to Newcastle.

The club is everything. It’s not about the owner, the manager, the players, it’s about the club and the fans.

So we’ve represented all that very well, but we have to continue to do that and we need a stronger group of players – I need to see that.

There are three or four players I think can take this club forward and I’ve put those names to the board. When I say three or four, I mean two to three, but a choice.

My job is to put pressure on the board to try to get these guys over the line.

According to our old friend the Daily Mail, we have agreed a £5m deal for Inter Milan fullback Davide Santon. The 20 year-old defender – who can play on either side – has played 40 games for Inter Milan since joining in 2008, although he has found himself loaned out to Cesena recently and therefore presumably surplus to requirements at Inter. Santon has played 7 times for Italy’s senior squad.

The Mail suggests that the pursuit of Santon is instead of the Erik Pieters deal, which they suggest has hit some snags.

Quite where this leaves our alleged pursuit of Aly Cissokho is unknown. There were rumours in the French press last week that he was due for a medical at Newcastle today, but I can find no reliable confirmation in any UK publications.

The Mail then goes on to suggest that we’re after Czech goalkeeper Petr Bolek on a season long loan, presumably because Pardew fears that Krul, Harper and Soderberg don’t give us enough cover for the season.

In terms of a striker, the hints from the press were that Mobido Maiga is still our favoured target, despite alleged complaints to UEFA by Sochaux’s cranky manager Mehmed Baždarevi. The Sunday People alleges we’re ‘closing in’ on a £7m deal for the player.

I think that about sums up the situation as I understand it anyway.

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35 Responses

  1. cmon you fat tw@t, take your hand from out of your arsehole and put it in your wallet. LB AND STRIKER NEEDED NOW!!!!!!!!!

  2. chant we should be singing to fat ash to chirpy chirpy song……Where’s the money gone, where’s the money gone?

  3. this fella looks like a decent prospect cant be too bad if he was playing for milan at such a young age get a striker in now and we should be in good shape for the season

  4. I for 1 cannot see us getting us any one in b4 the transfer window slams shut.

    Santon 2 good 2 b true.
    best scores a tap in and a lucky goal now we wont get in a striker.

    simpson gave a useless free kick we need to get him out as well.

  5. john says:
    “cmon you fat tw@t, take your hand from out of your arsehole and put it in your wallet”

    Hmmmm not sure I’d want his money after that :lol:

    Dont they have dentists in Milan ?

  6. Out of the 3 main LB targets I would prefer Pieters and would rather Nolan Roux up front. What worries me the most though, is our increasing links to Sully Muntari. I mean come on people, are we really that desperate to be chasing mackem rejects!?!

  7. Ashley needs to realise he can make more money by spending money.

    how is williamson out for 7 weeks i have not heard anything like that

  8. kipwallsend says:

    “Out of the 3 main LB targets I would prefer Pieters”

    yeah but Pieters doesnt cost £5m does he ? Not sure that we should be buying our future LB on the basis of him being cheaper than anyone else we’ve looked at ?

    Still beggars cant be choosers can we ? :lol:

  9. Just found thus advert on Talented midfielder wanted.. preferably English, must demonstrate high levels of desire, understand the English game and the fans, must be committed to the club and have leadership qualities. Capped at international level desirable. Competitive salary paid for right player.Must be a free transfer..

  10. Pardew has clearly stated on record (again) that he wants the sames as us – so get behind him with support. If we (and I include Pardew in we) don’t get 2-3 decent players to fill our obvious defficiences then we must place the blame forceable where it is due!
    I think Pardew is doing a good job with what he’s got and he clearly knows how he wants the team to develop
    Ashley clearly wants an efficiently run club and I think has done some good work (with cockups a la wise/JFK fiasco)
    What we need now is a balance between club & team
    If it takes another season to get it then I’d accept it
    We must remember the mess we were in and accept it will take a little longer to sort it – but the signs are clearly there. This team can do better than last season and is better than the team that got relegated. We survived with honour our first year back, now this season we need to establish ourselves as a solid 7-10 top half team and not get carried away with bloated ambition.
    I 50 years I’ve seen it all before and it got us nowhere


  11. Phisix says: You forgot the part about not minding if we you get relegated this season.

    Hi mate, if you mean me then I said “we need to establish ourselves as a solid 7-10 top half team and not get carried away with bloated ambition”

    The bottom half would be a failure, but honestly I do not fear relegation – and that is progress!

  12. I’ve just read a fulham web report of the game – they criticise Tioti for “niggling tackles” that spoiled there attacks – tuf!
    “Fulham’s Man of the Match for my money was Damien Duff. A victim of persistent boo birds throughout the contest, the ex-Newcastle man was menacing in both attack and defense and found himself the focal point of most of Fulham’s attacks throughout the afternoon” – poor sole

  13. Best’s scoring record in the last 15 games have been impressive and he looks by far the best striker at the club and therefore I was wundering whether Best will be replaced by a new striker.

  14. If there are any signings, it will be at defense IMHO. Ba will settle in and HBA will return. When they get injured, it will be a patchwork of Shola/Best & whoever, so striker is settled. But an injury on the back line & NUFC will be in a pickle. So keep your eyes on defender rumors.

    IT was interesting to read Fulham’s blogs and how the Toon would be the first test for Fulham against a “big club”.

    Watching the highlights of all the games last night, I’d say 3/4th of the managers making comments focused on how their game reflected on how much they needed new signings. Is that a reflection of reality, or a demonstration of inability to coach?

  15. Been linked with so many players I have never heard
    Of it’s been a weird window indeed.
    Won’t hold my breath on transfers or get excited until it is announced on the toon website.
    Have a good bank holiday lads.

  16. cant see us getting anyone in, they will just f**k around for a few days then churn out the usual excuses we have all heard countless times

  17. @19
    We dont want rumours, had enough of them,and even the rumours turn out to be bullshit in our case.
    We do need 2 new defenders,but im fed up of reading about this one and that one.

  18. anybody know when MOTD 2 becomes available to watch on iplayer?

    it just says “coming soon”…whats the f***ing hold up?!??

  19. Who is Santon’s agent, Claudio Vigorelli or Renzo Contratto? And why is a 20 year old who is under contract until 2014, who has been purred over by the likes of Mourinho and even compared with Paolo Maldini by Marcelo Lippi, who made him an Italian international at 18, being sold by Inter Milan for only £5 million?

  20. Milner says:
    August 29, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    “anybody know when MOTD 2 becomes available to watch on iplayer?

    it just says “coming soon”…whats the f***ing hold up?!??”

    I’m just about to put the full highlights and post match interviews on here Milner.

  21. @ Worky 25.

    I have this feeling yet this is another story dreamt up by The Mail to get NUFC fans excited… I wonder whether they just dream it up so we, here on the blog, get hopes up.

    Everytime I here some gossip and it comes from The Mail, I just ignore it… they are tabloid dribble… end of.

  22. Dreamer, the mail have been correct all summer with ins and outs at Newcastle. They are the only tabloid to get it right so far. Trust me, I’ve been checking them for transfer news for a while.

    Lee Ryder etc, just copy news from them.

    Still it’s an awful paper though :-)

  23. worky, you may have just saved me from a tantrum and heavily sulking my way through a bank holiday, going out of my way to neg anything my g/f says, and drinking beer under a bridge, asking (shouting at) tramps, to see if they think it’s likely Ashley will find the funds to cover a new LB AND a striker….and then sharing my chips with them, and bonding to the point of a blood pact.

    i heard Tues Midnight is when iplayer airs them, so anytime before that and u’ll go top of my xmas card list!

  24. really? I haven’t seen any incoming that the mail have told us.

    the incomings/actual signings we have made had been report by the Press Association… which EVERYONE has been reporting.

  25. Milner says:
    August 29, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    “worky, you may have just saved me from a tantrum and heavily sulking my way through a bank holiday”

    Here in a few minutes Milner. Would have been earlier but I’ve been researching this Davide Santon carry on.

  26. Dreamer, if that’s the case, then it hasn’t been “dreamt up by the mail” like what you said at post 27…

    So, it’s likely true then as Sky Sports are on it, his agent is on it etc.

    Though I believe we are “in talks”, it doesn’t mean it will happen. Not the press’ fault, merely Mr Ashley and Mr Llambias like to “deceive fans and give out false information”…Keegan’s court case proved that. Can a Leopard change it’s spots?

  27. we have to get pieters in and santon thats the left and wright back solved then comes a sriker best is the best we have when it comes to playing the top teams toon will find it hard to find the net pardew get a sriker and santon and pieters asp or see us struggle