Pieters deal dead, Cissokho deal cooling. Santon now seems most likely.

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Santon the most likely new Newcastle United left-back.
Most likely option
Erik Pieters’ alleged move to Newcastle United appears to be dead in the water, interest in Aly Cissokho is cooling, so Davide Santon seems the most likely to be our new left-back.

It seems press reports that Erik Pieters is ‘close’ to joining Newcastle are wide of the mark if the Dutch press is anything to go by.

Various Dutch newspapers are reporting that Pieters will stay at PSV after talks with Newcastle broke down last week.

It’s seems that a disagreement about transfer conditions was at the heart of the problem, although some of the press are suggesting that, because the talks were dragging on, PSV withdrew anyway because they would not be able to find anyone to replace Pieters at this late stage in the transfer window.

Pieters’ agent, Piet van der Pol, said: “PSV will not sell Peter.

Apparently we offered €7m for the PSV left-back but no deal could be struck that satisfied PSV’s Technical Manager Marcel Brands. It seems Pieters himself is resigned to staying at PSV as he said:

So be it, now I stay just one more year with PSV.

Likewise, the French Press is reporting that our interest in Aly Cissokho is cooling. The French Press suggests that we were in actual negotiations with Lyon about taking Cissokho but have suddenly withdrawn due – they suggest – to our recent interest in Davide Santon.

Certainly Santon seems the favourite if the various press reports are anything to go by, but I wonder if Newcastle are keeping all three on the boiler to see if any bargains could be struck late in the transfer window.

The Italian press is reporting that Santon has previously indicated that regular first team football is his priority and is thusly strongly tempted by a move to Newcastle. However, the Inter Milan Managing Director Ernesto Paolillo is keeping his cards close to his chest and said:

Santon is an Inter Milan player, but until the end of the transfer window we can not exclude anything.

Reports suggest that our €6m offer ‘satisfies’ Inter Milan’s requirements in terms of a bid and it’s now down to the details of the deal.

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34 Responses

  1. I hope and pray that we do the unthinkble and get santon for rb and cissoko for lb. I think we will hence waitn soo long even thou ashley does not spend in windows he has a tendency to make bids on the last day even thou they are rejetced lol

  2. its a joke, really it is.. the wondow closes tmrw and we need a top draw forward and LB in within a day ffs! we have had 7 months to get in a forward and have zero idea about even who we want so i guess it is safe to say that we will get no forward at all. The LB.. my bet is we get some dross from a lower league or at the very last minute wayne bridge on season long lone. jokers.

  3. Actually we have had a very clear idea who we have wanted but its hard to make do when 3 of your top targets say no to you.. Doesn’t happen very often does it. (Gervinho, gamerio,erdinc)

  4. @3.. sorry mate but thats rubbish. We have had from January and even if you say from the begining of the window.. these players all said they didnt want to come from the very start of the window. Thats it, end of story. Move on. Its the same crap as every window… when they sold AC on jan 31st they made a pretend bid for Zogs for 10 million, knowing full well that his club would not let him go at that stage. WE do this alot.. we make bids on players we know we can not get and then leak out their names so that it makes gulable fans think we are really chasing decent players and have ambition..what a load a waffle. We could bid 70 million for Messi knowing full well he would never come.. does that make you think we actually want him??? Nope we dont, we would bid 70 million so we can turn around and say ‘ hey we tried for messi and went as high as 70 million but couldnt push the deal over the line’.. or ‘the selling club were awkward’ or ‘we ran out of time’ or any of the tried and tested ashley one liners.
    Sorry to sound negative but we have been in this position in every single window under ashley and sooner or later you loose faith in anything that comes from our management and take it all as utter bullsh1t.

  5. I compltly agree with you about the faulse bids man and trust me I have had sleepless nights becuase of losing faith. But out of those 3 I think the only one we knew we wudnt get was gervinho. Would you really think gamerio and erdic would turn us down ?… After those 2 we had no 4th or 5th or 6th pla I agree we sould have had one. But I do belive that we thought erdinc and gamerio wouldn’t flop. Its saad really and tbh deep down I know your right. Its just the hope within me arguing with you hoping we do somthing special

  6. Sad to say but with all the pi$$ing about, I reckon its likely we’ll end up signing nobody of any stature.

    We’ll also have succeeded in gaining a reputation of being a duplicitous and unethical club to deal with….. or and not fogetting the small matters of being reported for ‘tapping’ player up – and a possible transfer ban (which will at least give Llambias a solid reason for not spending!

    An absolute shambles…. again!

  7. I agree with you nufctilliminhell @ 3.

    It is arguable that the players (Gervinho, gamerio,erdinc) knew, because of their high profile ratings, that they could go to any of the top teams in Europe of which Newcastle wasn’t one of them. They could pick and choose, and they did.

    Cayabe has said that he came because it was a challenge, but others would say risk.

    We do not sit at the top table of european and national league football and therefore we cannot expect top European players.

    We are, however, attractive to middle level players and/or younger players wanting the opportunity to test themselves in the toughest, most watched, one of the best paid and most exciting leagues in the world.

  8. I just think we have been led up the garden path by the sh@t who run our club. How the hell can it take so long to find a decent forward. Ashley has no ambition to take us forward and if he wants to `follow the Arsenal philosophy` then shouldn`t the state they are in now be a warning? We have been fed little snippets to keep our inrerest and the belief the club is trying to bring in quality only to be told weeks later the potential target wanted too much money or now prefers to stay with his current club.
    We are all mugs really for believing the board want to take us higher say to a top 8 finsh.
    Sorry for the pessimism but until we get new owners who have a bit of passion for the club and the game in general we will continue to be told that a good season is when we survive in the premiership be it 17th or mid table.

  9. Santon has gone to Arsenal, according to radio reports. Regarding your comment about players going to Arsenal; they are still in a better state than NUFC. I would rather be in their overall position than ours. We are now in the very mediocre class and things just seem to get worse day by day. I’ve had enough of it. I agree with everything Craig has said about this pathetic situation. They take us for mugs. Well, there were 10,000 less mugs there at the weekend.

  10. the squad we have now is wat we have to do with until january cant see santon sign for us, unless they have a plan get a good season and sell him on for

  11. Well, 36 hrs to go so all things are possible.Unfortunately I have not been able to share the excitement and optimism of many of our fans on these message boards all summer.Its been assumed that the key sales have all been part of a rebuilding plan for a younger, pacier,more attacking team.If you look at the stream of contradictions and waffle from Pardew, its clear there was no such plan – simply cheap buys with some sell on potential,free transfers and reduced wage bill.We must be a nightmare for other clubs in negotiation-Ashley &co think they are still in cheap sports retail world – its bound to piss other chairmen and players off

  12. Anyway keep the faith we could hav found a few gud player cabaye looks a real player wit obertan and sammy impressing and only time before ben arfa and harris v are regular starters. Gud shout on 5 faulse bids every deadline day under fcb.htl

  13. i would say we wil make 1 more signing maybe a loan, but looking at our squad compared to the rest of the league a good high midtable finish is possible, look at the money sunderland spent, an wer stil a much better team


  15. Keith @ 9

    ‘…….we have been led up the garden path….’

    What were your expectations at the start of the transfer window?

    ‘…….How the hell can it take so long to find a decent forward…….’

    How long do you think it takes to buy a decent forward?

    ‘….. fed little snippets…….’

    Do you honestly expect the club (or any club) to announce the exact details of their plans?

    ‘…….told weeks later the potential target wanted too much money or now prefers to stay with his current club………’

    Do you think these are outrageous excuses or plausible reasons why a player wouldn’t come to Newcastle?

    I understand that Santon is now having a medical. Terrible isn’t it that we have been forced into replacing a wannabe Spanish international with an actual international. I also understand that Darnel Situ, who has captained the French under-16, under-17, and under-18 teams, is also signing. Another terrible signing?

  16. Ranger is hopefully gonna go Birm, not sure if his fight at the weekend will have affected this deal tho…

    Smith to Leeds, Leeds selling Max Gradel the 23 yr old winger to Souchaux, and then they are willing to let <Maigi go to us…

    Santon should be over the line depending on how his medical goes in London today…

    No update on Danny Situ, but really hope we get him, CB, 6ft 1 i think…versatile and proven leader (and French!!)

  17. I think some of you protesteth too much simply to show off! You also protesteth too soon – we have done OK so far so wait until the fat lady sings tomorrow then weigh up our balance – so far we have done well compared with most “normal” clubs, and substantialy cut the wage bill.

    I’ve got a feeling that the last day this year will set a record – with buying clubs shipping out bargains – there will be shocks & surprises galore.


  18. Sochaux have confirmed that Newcastle have moved for Modibo Maiga while they are in ‘advanced’ talks for Leeds United’s Max Gradel.

    The Magpies have been tracking the Mali international throughout the summer and are believed to have offered €8million (£7m) to secure his signature.

    Sochaux chairman Alexander Lacombe is against losing one of the club’s brightest talents as he looks keep the team as competitive as possible.

    However, he has hinted the 23-year-old could depart should a replacement be found and the club are hopeful of landing talented winger Gradel.

    Gradel is an Ivory Coast international and Leeds are ready to accept a transfer fee now rather than lose his services for free next summer when his deal expires.

    The former Leicester City man has excelled since moving to Elland Road and is believed to be open to joining Sochaux in order to further his career.

    “There has been an offer from them (Newcastle),” confirmed Lacombe. “But my goal is to maintain a competitive team.

    “I won’t sell Modibo without having found a replacement.

    “We hope to finalise the deal,” Lacombe added on Gradel. “It’s a deal which is at an advanced stage.”

  19. NUFC.COM reporting that BOTH Petr Bolek AND Rob Elliot hae travelled to Tyneside nufc.com (NUFC.COM) #NUFC

  20. Some Toon fans are rapidly becoming the whingyest gits in football…..We’ve made some decent signings, and whose to say there may be a couple more to come? I was at the Fulham game and I saw in Demba Ba the potential that has been reported when he was at West Ham.His control & pass for Best’s second goal was shear class and when he’s fully fit I can see him scoring a few himself. Cabaye is streets ahead of Barton and Nolan in midfield and we all know that if Ben Arfa returns anywhere near what he’s capable of then we have a midfielder in a class of his own. Some of you need to wake up and smell the coffee…..football is changing and the Toon powers seem to have realised this and are making themselves and the club viable to take account of this

  21. Rob Elliot’s having a medical, just broke on SSN.

    Please get in a striker too and alls well (ish), though we need CB cover.

    If Lukaku goes on loan to Stoke, that would be a great signing for them. He’ll score buckets full.

  22. “Some Toon fans are rapidly becoming the whingyest gits in football”

    Couldn’t put it better myself. However, gotta say it’s encouraging to see those moaners very much in the minority on here.

    Could yet be a blinder of a transfer window, and 7 pts from 9 even without our new LB and striker.

    If we get Santon and a striker, I’ll be absolutely delighted and looking forward to our third season on the rise.

    (Of course, if we don’t get either player I’ll be worried and pretty p1ssed off like everyone else, but I don’t think that’ll happen.)

  23. Only 35 hours left now. Here’s an idea, let’s all stop guessing / predicting / worrying / moaning untill after the deadline, and then take it from there. Ashley may well stitch us up, but he might not, simple as that.

  24. leonbestismint says:
    August 30, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    “is santon having a medical lads?”

    He’s having a medical, but there may be a problem as Ashley may want him to accept lower wages.

    Well, that’s what the Italians are saying anyway.