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Pieters deal dead, Cissokho deal cooling. Santon now seems most likely.

August 30th, 2011 | 34 Comments |

Santon the most likely new Newcastle United left-back.
Most likely option
Erik Pieters’ alleged move to Newcastle United appears to be dead in the water, interest in Aly Cissokho is cooling, so Davide Santon seems the most likely to be our new left-back.

It seems press reports that Erik Pieters is ‘close’ to joining Newcastle are wide of the mark if the Dutch press is anything to go by.

Various Dutch newspapers are reporting that Pieters will stay at PSV after talks with Newcastle broke down last week.

It’s seems that a disagreement about transfer conditions was at the heart of the problem, although some of the press are suggesting that, because the talks were dragging on, PSV withdrew anyway because they would not be able to find anyone to replace Pieters at this late stage in the transfer window.

Pieters’ agent, Piet van der Pol, said: “PSV will not sell Peter.(more…)

Where would Santon fit in our starting XI?

August 29th, 2011 | 41 Comments |

Ball watching is not a good trait from a defender.
From Inter to Newcastle for £5m?
With talk of Davide Santon to Newcastle seeming ever likely, the obvious question is where will he fit into the squad?

The 20 year old started plying his trade on the wing and gradually moved back to his current position as full back, or to be more precise, wing back and despite being right footed, can play on either flank and is always willing to terrorise both defenders and attackers with his raw pace.

You’ll all be glad to know that unlike most Italian players, this lad actually has strength and doesn’t go down screaming about how the wind knocked him off the ball and how it should be red carded for violent conduct. So there’s a bonus.

Of course, the title is a little bit sensationalist – he could walk into the squad in either full back position and he probably knows it. He fits into the continental style of right footers on the left wing and vice verse and as far as I know he could very well prefer the left flank – that is, after all, where he gets the most games. (more…)

Pardew still hopes for 2 or 3 players, with Davide Santon being the latest rumour

August 29th, 2011 | 35 Comments |

Davide Santon is the latest in a long line of players 'linked' to Newcastle United.
Santon: latest target?
Alan Pardew remains determined to bring in “two or three” players before the transfer window closes with an Inter Milan fullback being the latest alleged target.

It’s going to be a tense few days as the transfer window heads to a close and, personally, I’ll be glad when it does. At least we’ll know where we stand. It’s the continual hope that’s the killer!

So where do we stand at the moment?

Last week, Alan Pardew said that he hopes to add two or three players to the squad before the transfer window closes, with the obvious requirements being a new left-back and a striker. And, speaking yesterday, Pardew stands by his aims. Pardew said:

There will only be a sense of relief when the window closes if we get these two players in, otherwise I will be disappointed

We’ve had a great start and I think the players have proved they are committed to Newcastle.

The club is everything. It’s not about the owner, the manager, the players, it’s about the club and the fans. (more…)