Pieters a cert. Hang on, no he isn’t. How about Cissokho instead?

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Cissokho allegedly still a Newcastle United target.
Most likely? Or not.
Newcastle United are still hunting for a new left-back with either Erik Pieters or Aly Cissokho looking as if they’re the most likely targets.

There are confusing and contradictory reports flying around about Erik Pieters and his potential transfer to Newcastle.

Some of the British press seems to be hinting that it’s almost a ‘done deal’, with The Journal quoting Pieters as saying:

If a club from the Premier League says they want you, and that is the case, then you know the financial means they have.

Whether I play for PSV at Excelsior on Sunday or am already at Newcastle I do not know.

I have not seen much of Newcastle myself but my friend Tim Krul keeps me informed.

However, contrary to the British press, the Dutch press seem to think that Erik Pieters will stay at PSV. The Dutch football news site Voetbal Primeur is carrying a report that suggests PSV’s Technical Director Marcel Brands told Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad that he now expects Pieters to remain at PSV.

PSV manager Fred Rutten is also hopeful that Pieters will remain at his club and had this to say:

I would like to continue working with him the European Championship. In the Netherlands he would play football for awards, but in the Premier League you have to worry of course. If you do not perform for two or three games, you sit on the couch

I think he means bench.

This could all be part of the transfer negotiation ‘games’ these people play of course, so I would guess it could go either way at the moment.

Doubts about the Pieters deal would however explain our continued interest in Aly Cissokho who, according to some stories in the French press, is due at Newcastle on Monday for a medical.

Apparently there’s still some negotiating to be done on the price or, to be more precise, on the financial structure of the deal. Lyon allegedly want the entire transfer fee up front but Newcastle want a system of staged payments based at least partly on performance.

With time running out in the transfer window things might swing in favour of us in terms of negotiation, although only if a player’s current club wants to let their player go. If a club doesn’t want the player to leave – as, it seems, is the case with Pieters – then we’re probably not gaining any negotiating power in terms of ‘late pressure’ from the rapidly closing window.

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47 Responses

  1. Sick of this crap now… pieters is coming NO wait he,s not coming Cissokho is coming No wait its pieters nope wrong again ITS WAYNE BLOODY BRIDGE wooooo hoooooooooooo

  2. bids will go in at the last minute of the transfer window we will end up with a free agent, hope im wrong but it has happened every transfer window with Ashley.

  3. Unexited me.
    This window has sucked the big fella so far.
    Joey going is a shame,guess he must hate MA and DL as much as me.

  4. I’m frightened at the thought of Wednesday. Most clubs are probably excited by deadline day…I’m worried about Colo, Jonas and Tiote.

    We won’t sign a striker, 90% sure of this. We will get a left-back though (I think), probably Bridge. If we spend 6 million on one player…That’ll be it. No chance Ashley will pay 10 million+ on two players.

    Disgraceful really, we shouldn’t be talking about any potential arrivals 4 days before the window closes, Llambias has had long enough to get this sorted.

    This window has shown that the board totally undermine Pardew and what he wants / needs. Unless of course he is part of the spin.

    Depressing. If this board had any ambition and got in a striker / left-back and centre back for cover, it would show that they have ambition. I think average is all they want, while Ashley recoups and eventually makes a profit on what he has spent on the club.

  5. He gobbed off about making this team/club a professional outfit and has only succeeded in turning us into a laughing stock-AGAIN-we are a feking joke…. bring on the last Minuit free`s again..lets see what we can pick up in the sales-embarrassing…

  6. I’m sure I’ve read comments at the start of this window. Mostly laughable like Gervinho’s coming here, Gameiro’s coming, we will spend £35 million because Ashley now has the money to show ambition etc.

    There were a couple comments I remember reading that said “we will get linked with all these lovely players and in the end we will sign shite like Carlton Cole”. 4 days left, what will happen?

    Mike Ashley has always money to spend if he wants. He has spent nothing on transfers since he got here. Yeah he spent £100+ million on debts etc, but some of that was his own fault! He got the club relegated, he appointed Dennis Wise and he raised the wage bill.

    The man has a fortune of £1.9 billion. Astonishing.

  7. If we end up with either Pieters or Cissokho as well as Roux i will end up being very optimistic about the season, if we on the other hand end up with Brigde and Carlton Cole i will end up being quite pesimistic

  8. our lot of jokers won’t sign anyone. The term brinksmanship, coined by our lot by the way, says it all. Wait until the last minute to try and get the best deal by all means, but then actually try to get the player “over the line”…

  9. This ‘line’ they keep referring to seems massive, do you think it’s based on the great wall of china, gaza strip or yee old Berlin wall? Spent months trying to penetrate it and get people over it. Hope the players trying to get over it have a ladder and a helmet, anyone know if sports direct make them?

  10. Love cissokho’s hair in the picture, like mine just I don’t have to dye it that colour

  11. Mikesbestmate…”over the line” is a Pardewism which imo deserves it’s rightful place in “bullshit bingo” alongside “synergy effect”…

    Sign Cissokho…he’s got black and white hair, Pieters has orange hair…

  12. Jimbob….how long you been supporting the toon…and you still cry…get a grip man ! ;-) :lol:

  13. Munich mag, I know mate, just having a bit of fun with the frustration of the reference to ‘the line’. I don’t mind parses to be honest

  14. Munich, what’s that saying…”if you don’t laugh you’ll cry”?

    Though my skin has been significantly hardened due to the turmoil over the years, couldn’t really laugh if I saw a picture a Cole holding the black and white shirt with number 9 on the back…

    And Derek Llambias standing beside him with a smug grin on his face…:-)

  15. What happened to my smiley face at 15? I’m outraged.

    Good to see Nobby on SoccerAM with his trumpet. Quality player.

  16. Munich Mag says at 11:08 am
    supermac@12….a tad pessimistic don’t you think ?

    Yes, but not by choice, and I’m not the only one

    fair enough, we haven’t been beat in six matches and we will be in the cup draw – but this endless deception and disappointment adds up until we break, after all it started with the promise of a good manager after CH was dumped which set the pattern

    there is time, there are a few days left to fill the glareingly obvious deficiences in the team, and if we do the sun will shine again – but…… freebees & cast offs will not be appreciated to replace the talent that has left in the last 6 months


  17. supermac…we all need to have thick skin and be eternal optimists to follow the toon. But we cannot do owt else mate, it’s in the genes…buckle up for a bumpy ride !

    Nobby Solano, a legend of a footballer who didn’t cost the toon too much from what I recall.

  18. summerof69 says:
    August 27, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Thanks Summer,

    Aye but, no but, Brest themselves say that they haven’t had a bid. Divven’t knaa about Roux like. He looks like a refugee fron ‘Geordie Shore’ or whatever it’s called.

  19. Oh and sorry if this has been posted but Ranger has been arested
    27 August 2011 Last updated at 12:12 Share this pageEmail Print Share this page

    302ShareFacebookTwitter.Newcastle player Nile Ranger arrested over assault The Newcastle United striker is helping police with their inquiries
    Premier League footballer Nile Ranger has been arrested after a man was left unconscious with a suspected broken jaw in an attack.

    The 33-year-old victim was found outside Cosy Joes Pub, in the Groat Market in Newcastle, after police were called in the early hours.

    Mr Ranger, 20, was later arrested on suspicion of assault.

    Newcastle United refused to comment, but a source confirmed the striker had been arrested.

    A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “The injured man was unconscious and was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary suffering from a suspected broken jaw.

    “The offender made off and police carried out a search of the area.

    “A 20-year-old man was arrested a short time later, nearby, on suspicion of assault and is currently helping police with their enquiries.

    “Police are appealing for anyone who was in the area at the time who may have seen or heard anything suspicious to contact them.”

    Mr Ranger, from London, moved to Newcastle in July 2008 following his release by Southampton.

  20. @ 28. RE: ‘Beefy’

    That guy has 1 f##king brain cell. His actions are what is p@@sing me off about NUFC. His negative f@@king attitude.

    GET BEHIND THE TEAM….or if you wanna make urself useful…. EAT THE OPPOSITION!!!!

  21. AngelOfDeath says:
    August 27, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    “argh,damn. i forgot to make predictions for this week.”

    You were doing really well too Angel!

    There are still alot of games to catch up though.

  22. seriously,i’m getting fed up of this Yes No crap.from now on until the ruddy player Is actually at st james park holding up a black and white strip i won’t believe anything.

  23. leafy, your f**kin’ bang out of order calling that kid.
    that bloke has done nothing but support the team for years.beefy has every right to critisize the board at newcastle.mike ashley and co are an absolute disgrace,and yes there should be protests against them.

  24. this “over the line”,spiel comes straight from ashley’s mouth,that patter was doing the rounds when hughton was manager.
    i think i’ll apply for the managers job at newcastle,you dont have to do very much.ashley picks the players,picks the team,all you have to do is front up to the press and say, “we are where we are”,”this is where we are,at the moment”,and talk about getting people over a line.
    f**k me yosser hughes could do the job.

  25. Worky…the earlier posting@28 about Beefy shows the lad wearing a tee shirt, probably of himself..!….would be interested to see how his NUFC tatoo looks on the slimmed down beefy…

    Agree with Trojan @34, the bloke should be allowed to protest as he sees right…

  26. Munich Mag says:
    August 27, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    “Worky…the earlier posting@28 about Beefy shows the lad wearing a tee shirt, probably of himself..!….”

    Aye Munich, they are of himself. I saw them for sale once, and they were reduced to £5 for some bizarre reason :lol:

  27. summerof69 says:
    August 27, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    “Mackems, yes but also people form another toon site.”

    Aye, well Toonsy and his mates once tried to put it around that I used to steal money to go to Thailand and sleep with ladyboys, doesn’t mean it’s true though Summer! ;-)

  28. Toonsy did no such thing Worky. Not once did I say you went to Thailand to sleep with ladyboys.

    Don’t let you’re guilty conscience cloud things ;)

  29. toonsy says:
    August 27, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    “Toonsy did no such thing Worky. Not once did I say you went to Thailand to sleep with ladyboys.

    Don’t let you’re guilty conscience cloud things”

    Yes you did Toonsy, posting as ‘workylies’ after I banned you. You also told people that I was an alcoholic on your site amongst other things.

  30. Hey Worky all I said was that I didn’t say anything about Thailand or ladyboys. I didn’t deny any of the rest now did I? :razz:

    Anyway, done now. Thought it was forgotten but it’s quite clearly struck a chord :)