Gameiro: “If I go abroad, it’s to play in the Champion’s League”.

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Kevin Gameiro.
Gameiro: Wants Champion's League
Newcastle United striker target, Kevin Gameiro, has declared that if he leaves France to play for a foreign club, it will only be for a club that has qualified for the Champion’s League.

With Newcastle United and Spanish Champion’s League team, Valencia, currently leading the pack in the hunt for the 24 year old striker, Gameiro spoke from the French Football Federation’s centre of excellence at Clairefontaine as he prepares with the French national side for a Euro 2012 against Bélarus on Friday.

In the interview, the 5’5″ hitman expressed his liking for Spain’s La Liga, though he acknowledged that his mind is not fully made up, and that he will make his decision in the next week or two, however he gave a strong message that if he does move overseas, whether it is to La Liga or the Premiership, a team that has qualified for next season’s Champion’s League would be his preferred destination.

Gameiro said:

“I will decide over the next one or two weeks, though I have a small idea.”

Adding later:

“I like Spain alot, they play the kind of football that I like.

“If I go abroad it is to play in the Champion’s League”

Going from that, it certainly seems that if Valencia decide to up their bid to something that would match Newcastle United’s, they would be the very strong favourites to sign the player.

Last season, Gameiro made a total of 36 apperearences for Lorient, scoring 20 goals for the Ligue 1 side.

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20 Responses

  1. An alternative view to that is that he thinks he’s got a better chance of getting in the champions league at Newcastle than Lorient. That’s still incredibly unlikely mind…

  2. Charlie says:
    June 1, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    “Time to start focusing on Sturridge”

    I don’t think thre’s much chance there Charlie. With all the new UEFA regulations about homegrown players, Chelsea want to develop young prospects just like him, and they have no need to sell him whatsoever with their finances. I think a loan would be a better prospect.

  3. Bet he signs for us next week , that statement is to try and force Valencia to up their bid .Trouble for them is his club will want to do a deal with us because Fatman pays up front .

  4. Parky says:
    June 1, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    “An alternative view to that is that he thinks he’s got a better chance of getting in the champions league at Newcastle than Lorient. That’s still incredibly unlikely mind…”

    Parky, I think our best hope is that Valencia’s financial problems stop them from upping their bid on Gameiro.

  5. Let’s face it we’re NUFC so we think anything black and white smells of roses but not everybody else does. Which is why it wasnt easy getting top quality even when we were top four/five with SBR.

    If Kev Gams wants to go elsewhere I’d rather he went elsewhere ! Same goes for Gervinho. If thats at a level too far above us then look to the other leagues Central Europe, South America perhaps or even the Far East.

    Remember we only want players who want to play for the shirt and, unfortunately, Pardwho the Clueless.

    Players like Joey Barton Fatman :)

  6. Well, it’s a tough call. Clearly he’d be a want away if we don’t have a pretty positive season next year… if he does well, we can possibly flog for a profit, or we could take it in the shorts. Would rather have committed players, but how many of those are these days? Not too many.

  7. Bollox to him. Not being sour or anything but we should just move straight on to the next target.

    No chance we want any player who is making it very obvious he doesn’t want to come here.

    He’s just one more fool who doesn’t know what he’ll be missing at NUFC! :)

  8. You’ll notice there’s not been a peep, no targets named by us. Maybe the French connections are no more than media speculatión? Given Carr’s said to have done his homework on potential targets, I’ll suggest that maybe the two Gs aren’t on our shopping list. On the other hand, maybe Pardew’s sales pitch has been that of the CL being an attainable aim?

  9. Agree with both 10 and 11 initial points. I can’t be doing with a player who has us down as 2nd choice, doesn’t cut it. he’s a dwaaaaaaaf anyway, hardly a Carroll replacement. Also, a large amount of our signings seem to come out of thin air with very little media speculation preceding. Half of these French links are probably down to the media and agents, who know we’re sniffing around French clubs.

    Given that, I’m expecting us to sign Shaun Goater and Barry Hayles. Fingers crossed! :D

  10. let focus on another strikers and move on quickly we cannot continue waiting for a player whose mind is focus on another team.

  11. if u want a player who want to play in the Black an White we shud look a little closer to home … Danny Graham had a great season with watford an i think it might be time 4 him to step up to the big time and most of all he is a magpie fan !!
    And i personally like him as a player

  12. Its like i said to toonsy the other night… we should not be going for a player that constantly drips on about wanting to play for another club, in another country and esp champions league ffs! he will be prima dona nightmare and will go on a mental walkabout when the going gets tough………move on to55er… we have had enough of the prima donas at nufc to last me a lifetime. they are a luxury we can not afford. i hope he cant get to valencia and if he comes cap in hand for a prem move we tell him to get stuffed.