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Some people are blessed with the ability to see accurately into the future whilst others struggle to accurately remember what happened in the past, even if it was just 5 minutes ago.

However, if you’re of the former persuasion and think you can predict Premier League football scores then you might enjoy’s ‘Prediction Competition’.

And you could win £25 (or a prize worth £25 – haven’t decided exactly what yet, but it will be that value) if you’re leading the table at the end of this season.

Basically, you have to predict the scores in the Saturday, Sunday and Monday Premier League games and you get 3 points if you get the right result and exact score, and you get 1 point if you just get the right result (but wrong score).

You can either click here to find out more about the competition and here to make your predictions for the coming weekend, or have a look at the top menu under ‘Prediction Competition‘.

Predictions need to be made by midday on Saturday. They will ‘lock’ after that and you won’t be able to make or change them.

All you need to do to qualify to enter is to be a registered user on this ‘blog, which most regular commenters here will be anyway.

If this proves popular, we’ll run it again next season with prizes for first and second. If not, we’ll ditch it as a bad idea.

The use of supernatural powers is prohibited. Sacrificing chickens, deflowering virgins and cultivating homunculi just to gain an advantage in the competition will lead to immediate disqualification.

Oh, and bear with me while I get the various displays working for the competition – I can’t see a lot of them until I have a week’s results to play with.

I have used my 9th power – remote ‘blog projection – to write this as I’m actually at the hospital getting my crocked knee seen to right now, but I’ll answer (or possibly ignore) any questions anyone has later on today when I get back.

Good luck!

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5 Responses

  1. Hugh,

    By saying that the use of supernatural powers is prohibited as well as sacrificing chickens, deflowering virgins and cultivating homunculi just to gain an advantage in the competition will lead to immediate disqualification, you’ve spoiled the coming weekend.


  2. My prediction is that it is not a good year to hope to stay in the EPL if your team name starts with the letter “W”.

    My other prediction is that the Toon will drift aimlessly to the finish line if it is a loss Saturday. A win Saturday will push the club on vigorously.