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NUFC Blog Prediction Competition – The Winners, the Prizes, the Glory!

May 16th, 2012 | 105 Comments |

NUFC Blog prizes.
On it's way to three lucky winners soon!
Hoolie wins the NUFC Blog prediction competition! We have another, smaller competition coming up during the summer break.

It’s all about those three-pointers!

The second NUFC Blog prediction competition ended with the Premier League’s last game on Sunday.

First place – and £100 – this time goes to Hoolie who was 4 points clear at the top.

Second place – and £50 – goes to GrandPoobah, who was also in the prizes in our last competition.

Third place – and £25 – goes to kav2011, who improved upon his 12th place finish last time.

You can see below how it finished up. (more…)

NUFC Blog prediction competition – festive schedule

December 14th, 2011 | 32 Comments |

NUFC Blog competition 2011
Like winning the World Cup

News regarding the NUFC Blog prediction competition in relation to the Christmas/New Year fixture schedules.

GeordieMagpie and El Toro hold the number one and two league positions in our prediction competition, but with 4 sets of predictions still to go there’s still a lot of points up for grabs. There’s still scope for an exciting finale.

I do, however, need to clarify some things because they faff around with the fixtures lists a lot over Christmas and New Year, which means there’ll be some odd times by when you need to make sure you’ve done your predictions.

This weekend – Week 16 of the prediction competition – is a normal weekend and predictions need to be made by midday on Saturday (17th) as usual.

Week 17 covers the games on Tues 20th, Weds 21st and Thus 22nd of December and predictions for those games need to be completed by 19:00 on Tuesday 20th.

Week 18 covers the games on Mon 26th and Tues 27th December and predictions for those games need to be completed by midday on Monday 26th December.


Win £100, £50, £25 & more in NUFC Blog’s Score Prediction competition!

July 30th, 2011 | 6 Comments |

NUFC Blog prediction competition - win cash prizes!
Win real money!
NUFC Blog’s score prediction competition is back with a vengeance. Cash prizes on offer to aspiring pundits who can successfully predict Premier League scores.

All you have to do to enter is be a signed up member of this ‘blog and cash prizes are available:

First Place: £100
Second Place: £50
Third Place: £25

To play the competition go to the Prediction Competition pages and use the Make Predictions For Next Week link and you can start entering the scores you reckon there’ll be in each match.

The first week’s games are already up there, so you can start making predictions now if you like, although you might want to wait until we’ve bought an expensive striker before you predict Newcastle United’s score against Arsenal for the first game!

Scores can be made and changed up until midday on the Saturday before the games take place.

Can’t you just taste the excitement? No? Well please yourselves, but have a crack at it anyway.

Are you Mark Lawrensen? (If so, beat yourself up with a brick).

Prediction competition – week 2

March 3rd, 2011 | 13 Comments | prediction competition
Gan on!
Predictions can now be made for week 2 of the Premier League prediction competition.

Now look, I know the prize money is only £25 at the end of the season, but £25 can be the difference between a night with the woman of your dreams and a fish from the the mountain streams, if you know what I mean (and I’m sure you do).

It’s only week two and just because some clever clogs has 11 points it doesn’t mean you can’t catch up. I have only 1 point and I still live in hope, although not much.

We have 17 entrants and I want 20 to make it worthwhile considering this competition for next season, so please click on the Prediction Competition menu item if you’re tough enough.

Simples! (more…)

Competition – predict Premier League scores

February 24th, 2011 | 5 Comments |

Mark Lawrenson - tit
Can you beat this man?
Prediction competition available on

Some people are blessed with the ability to see accurately into the future whilst others struggle to accurately remember what happened in the past, even if it was just 5 minutes ago.

However, if you’re of the former persuasion and think you can predict Premier League football scores then you might enjoy’s ‘Prediction Competition’.

And you could win £25 (or a prize worth £25 – haven’t decided exactly what yet, but it will be that value) if you’re leading the table at the end of this season.

Basically, you have to predict the scores in the Saturday, Sunday and Monday Premier League games and you get 3 points if you get the right result and exact score, and you get 1 point if you just get the right result (but wrong score).

You can either click here to find out more about the competition and here to make your predictions for the coming weekend, or have a look at the top menu under ‘Prediction Competition‘.

Predictions need to be made by midday on Saturday. They will ‘lock’ after that and you won’t be able to make or change them. (more…)