NUFC Blog Prediction Competition – The Winners, the Prizes, the Glory!

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NUFC Blog prizes.
On it's way to three lucky winners soon!
Hoolie wins the NUFC Blog prediction competition! We have another, smaller competition coming up during the summer break.

It’s all about those three-pointers!

The second NUFC Blog prediction competition ended with the Premier League’s last game on Sunday.

First place – and £100 – this time goes to Hoolie who was 4 points clear at the top.

Second place – and £50 – goes to GrandPoobah, who was also in the prizes in our last competition.

Third place – and £25 – goes to kav2011, who improved upon his 12th place finish last time.

You can see below how it finished up.

NUFC Blog Prediction Competition Winners
Glory for some
I think Worky cropped that image just to annoy me because if it had shown one extra place you’d see I was in 8th place after a poor run-in!

Worky will sort out the prizes and would appreciate it if the winners could contact him specifying details of the bank account you’d like the money transferred to.

Hope you enjoyed the competition. We may consider running another one if there’s enough support for it.

Congratulations to the winners!

We will also be having a quick close season competition for one of the new Newcastle United shirts soon (when we’ve thought out what kind of form this competition will take), so stay tuned!

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105 Responses

  1. I slunk in at a disappointing 12th this time, poor run in too.
    Ah well!

  2. Congratulaions Hoolie, Grand Poobah and Kav2001!

    You all just need to send me a quick note via the contact page so I can arrange payment ASAP.

  3. Goalkeepers – Green (West Ham), Hart (Man City) Ruddy (Norwich).
    Defenders – Baines (Everton), Cahill (Chelsea), Cole (Chelsea), Johnson (Liverpool), Jones (Man Utd), Lescott (Man City), Terry (Chelsea).
    Midfielders – Barry (Man City), Downing (Liverpool), Gerrard (Liverpool), Lampard (Chelsea), Milner (Man City), Parker (Tottenham), Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal), Walcott (Arsenal), Young (Man Utd).
    Forwards – Carroll (Liverpool), Rooney (Man Utd), Welbeck (Man Utd), Defoe (Tottenham).
    Standby list:
    Jack Butland (Birmingham City), Phil Jagielka (Everton), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Adam Johnson (Manchester City), Daniel Sturridge (Chelsea).

    Oh dear!


  4. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 16, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    “Jack Butland (Birmingham City)”

    Jack Butland’s a Birmingham goalie, but he’s a bairn (a very big one) who’s been on loan at Cheltenham Town.

  5. & left: green, g. johnson, barry, milner, welbeck, henderson, butland(?).


  6. The squad based purely on ‘numbers crunched’:

    Goalkeepers: Joe Hart (Man City), Ben Foster (West Brom), John Ruddy (Norwich)

    Defenders: Danny Simpson (Newcastle), Kyle Walker (Spurs), Leighton Baines (Everton), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Joleon Lescott (Man City), John Terry (Chelsea), Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd), Shawcross (Stoke)

    Midfielders: Theo Walcott (Arsenal), Matt Jarvis (Wolves), Matthew Etherington (Stoke), Ashley Young (Man Utd), Danny Murphy (Fulham), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), Gareth Barry (Man City), Michael Carrick (Man Utd)

    Strikers: Wayne Rooney (Man Utd), Danny Welbeck (Man Utd), Grant Holt (Norwich), Danny Graham (Swansea)

  7. Cheers lads – Sorry, very busy at work.

    I really enjoyed taking part in the competition, even more so winning it! Only really came good in the last few weeks. Must say commiserations to maze202 and Sirjasontoon cos they were up there for ages.

    About half way into the season, I thought about what I’d do with the money if I actually won any – not expecting to like. After a bit of pondering, I promised myself that instead of hoying it aal doon at the pub, I would be proud to donate it all to St Oswald’s hospice in Gosforth instead. They were fantastic when they cared for my nanna and granda during their last days a few years back. They are more deserving than me.
    So that’s what am ganna dee with it and bollix to all greedy pub landlords!

    I’ll give Workyticket my details later on as soon I get chance.

    Thanks again.

  8. Great contest as always aranged by the NUFC crew! Appreciate you guys running this contest it is really something special! Congratulations to Hoolie for a great finish and for the victory. And my hat is off to Manchester City a great club, that really showed fighting spirit throughout the season and really deserve to call themselves Premiership winners 2011-12. Hope the next season will be just as great.

  9. How… How can anyone justify taking Stuart Downing! Or having Jordan Henderson on the standby list… Is that list real Clint or are you just taking the piss?

    Why no Richards? And it’s such a waste of talent having Johnson at Man City… He’s twice the player Walcott is. I’d have him in the England team.

    Suppose it’ll be Lampard and Gerrard together… failing together.


  10. Jimbob,

    na, no piss involved mate, word!


    Crazy or what?
    Did you notice the ‘squad based on numbers (stats)?
    EA sports knocked that up!

  11. Anyone notice the 16 y/o Slovakian, Lubomir Satka, that we’ve just signed?

  12. Doesn’t seem to matter who’s in charge when the F.A seem to be the ones picking the team…

    I prefer the EA selection.

  13. Interesting Carroll got in just because he played well against Chelsea twice. Didn’t score though.

    Holt would have got in if he’d been playing for Liverpool, and Downing wouldn’t have had he been playing for Norwich.

    Oh well, free holiday for some I suppose.

  14. you cant argue with the decision to include Downing in the England Squad.

    it had nothing to do with the FA or roy Hodgson.

    Downing won the “Represent England At The Euros” competition Mars were running.

    it had to have been surely? he couldn’t have got into the England Squad on Merit

  15. Stephen,

    they’ll be trying to prize Martinez away as we speak.
    Like they did with woy.


    damned right bro’!

  16. Wonder what would happen if they approached Pardew…

    They do like looking at us. Reckon he’d take it?

  17. I don’t think he would.
    He distanced himself immediately when it came up, rushing to put ‘arry forward.

  18. :-)

    Lots of Money to spend on average players though… Sounds fun.

    Great job by Kenny there though, shame he’s gone.

  19. It is a pity kk’s gone like, knew it though, the fenway group won’t accept failure.
    When they ‘gave’ him a 2 year deal the writing was on the wall.

  20. Wouldn’t mind a cup win failure kinda season though.

    Not what the fenway boys had in mind though, carling cup on pens v cardiff.

  21. Ludicrous really. He’s been there 16 months, got a League Cup trophy and got to an FA Cup final. Admitedly an 8th place league finish isn’t particularly good by Liverpool’s standards but he’s only had 16 months FFS.

  22. Hugh,

    It wasn’t happening though, was it?
    I know it’s early days, but kk knows the score at anfield & he’s wasted some top dollar. Didn’t do too well at celtic either.
    There must be something wrong with a guy that can’t even buy a winning team.

  23. Think Lambert will go to Villa, but Martinez might be seen as too risky for Liverpool at present.

    Martinez needs a shot at a bigger club for sure, but not Liverpool just yet. They won’t give him enough time.

    I agree with what you’re saying Hugh. I’d love a cup here and if Pardew delivered it would be great. But he hasn’t spent what Liverpool have. They should be in the Champions League with that outlay. I think that’s all they care about.

    Personally I’d take a cup over league position but that’s because we ain’t won anything for an embarrassing amount of time.

    Liverpool have won things recently… Cups, Champions League etc… Their owners won’t settle for nearly winning or a League Cup.

  24. They’ll go the foreign route I reckon, and if they do, I can’t see Carroll fitting in at all.

    He suits old school direct long ball play. It’s rarely played that way outside of England.

  25. im listening to Talk Sport

    the fans dont want Martinez.

    their response?


  26. Retreads all !
    Theres only a coupla choices and i’m sure by now y’all have to agree.
    Either Martinez or Rodgers, why ?
    Cause they are the only ones who understand the modern game and have had no problem installing the tactical nous of their game to their respective sides.
    I’m just sorry our owner does’nt recognise that and sticks with a guy playing a retro 4-4-2, cause thats all he knows, oh sorry! i forgot following the defeat at Eastlands he stated we came out of it with a different system, that must be the 4-3-3, sorry he knows two different systems.

  27. jimbob,
    bilbao pump it quite a bit of the time to Llorente.

    The fenway boys will use stats to find their man.

    Maybe they don’t have the sack to try martinez.

  28. Lambert would be mad to go to villa now.
    norwich are on the way up, villa down.

  29. liverpool tried to buy their way back into the big time but kk failed them.

  30. Liverpool should go for Alan Hansen….

    He seems to think he knows everything….:)

    Martinez and Rodgers maybe in the long term – if they can ever be good enough to get a team in the top half of the table or even win Manager Of The Season (twice) :)

  31. can i ask a question?

    why are certain people on this blog(clint flick) referring to a guy who dismantled one of the best teams that has ever played in Newcastle upon tyne since i last played 5 a side football, as KK (king Keny)

    not only did he dismantle our team first time around he helped dismantle it second time round by taking Carroll.

    let us not pretend there is only one KK and that is simply KING KEV, not KUNTZ KENNY.

  32. For Clarification…..

    “King” Kenny – failed manager at United and Liverpool

    Sir Kevin Keegan (Geordie Knight), King Kev, The Messiah – United Legend

  33. A big summer of sports coming up, what with the London Olympics, the Euro Championship games not to mention an expected summer of big spending, for EPL side’s.
    The fact next year will impose an austerity program on European leagues, (fair play or some other nonsense)in an effort to level the playing field.
    I suppose the oligarchy will spend like drunken sailors,this year, then see if there’s any advantage for them by complying with the new rules.
    If it does’nt work for them, it’s dead, they will do as they please, with the threat of forming a new super league (which is an enevitability at sometime)after all who cares about corrupt organizations like UEFA and FIFA ?
    Football could go the way of the NBA in the US, during the Michael Jordan years, coining money, then overexposure and a battle between ownership and players, resulted in a lockout and a loss of games and revenue.
    From which it hs never recovered.
    I’m curious, what fans think about the so called fair play rules about to be introduced, perhaps it could be an interesting subject for a blog ?
    Course being ignorant of exactly how the new rules work or in fact what they con,sist of, makes the subject a shot in the dark.
    Of course we do know how salary caps work, as they have been in effect for years in the US major sporting leagues,would they be preferable to whats been suggested by UEFA, or should things be left to the market place, owners and agents making the deals ?

  34. Chuck

    A blog on the new “fair play” rules – Good shout – sounds like a job for Worky!

    He’s deed good at that sorta stuff don’t you agree? :)

  35. Just looking at the new strips below the remarks box
    (the maroon color) with the crass and ugly logo “Virgin Money” i mean how crass is that ?
    I was wondering why our shirts have been so ugly lately?
    From the yellow striped ones to the latest.
    Then the penny dropped, they are designed by Germans,
    Not exactl noted as being particularly prominent, when it comes to fashion.
    Perhaps we should strike a deal with either a French or Italian producer, you know Milan or Paris as opposed to The Ruhr or Hamburg ?
    Just a thought

  36. Stephen C says:
    May 16, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    “let us not pretend there is only one KK and that is simply KING KEV, not KUNTZ KENNY.”

    Aye Stephen, there’s only King Kevin Nolan!

  37. UTD111

    Yeah gotta respect his reserch engine (WORKEY) no doubt is delving into cyberspace as we speak !

  38. chuck says:
    May 16, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    “Then the penny dropped, they are designed by Germans,
    Not exactl noted as being particularly prominent, when it comes to fashion.”

    What about Hugo Boss, Chuck? The very fashionable German designer who saved his business by using concentration camp slaves to make SS uniforms. He was a very nice chap.

    The previous shirts were by Adidas, and they’re German too. The Dassler brothers. Adolf “Adi” Dassler started Adidas and his brother, Rudolf started Puma. They were both card carrying Nazis too. Evil bastads.

  39. UTD111

    I would think they (Virgin Money) are probably more interested in making money from the North East than
    spreading it around.
    Are they not one of to-day’s legal loan sharks ?

  40. Chuck

    Taking over Northern Rock – they’ve decided to keep the HQ in Gosforth which keeps precious jobs in the NE, that’s what I meant mate.

    We have to remember that the Eton Boys, erm sorry, the London Government couldn’t give a sh~t about our region because we don’t vote for them.

    Anyway – I’ve got my entire £20 invested with them at 2.8% :) Just watch it grow!

  41. Stephen,

    it’s an ironic ‘kk’ mate.
    He was the new messiah, don’t ya’ know?

  42. Was it the 1995 – 1996 shirt… The one we beat Man Utd 5-0 in? That was my fave one and that was Adidas Chuck.

    I thought we’re having a new home strip every season now… If so, why haven’t we seen it yet?

  43. Kenny did well in his first stint at Liverpool… He also won the Premier League at Blackburn.

    Still, he was crap with us though. Awful in fact.

  44. Can’t spend more than you bring in, can only ‘invest’ up to £38.5m, i think!
    Live within your means.
    Starts next season!

  45. chuck says:
    May 16, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    “Yeah gotta respect his reserch engine (WORKEY) no doubt is delving into cyberspace as we speak !”

    No Chuck, I was like this before the Internet unfortunately, they used to call me the “Quiz Kid” when I was a bairn and qualified for “Junior Mastermind” amongst other things, but I had to go into hospital instead.

    Lots of people know about Hugo Boss, Adidas and Puma anyway. I’ve never worn a Adidas or Puma NUFC shirt, nor anything by that bastad, Hugo Boss.

  46. WORKEY
    Yeah i’m aware of Hugo Bass, Lagerfeld and a few others, though not many.
    Knew it would’nt be long before someone jerked my chain on this one, ha !
    But i think i have a point when it comes to football gear, being Puma and Adidass dominate the market.

  47. Jimbob says:
    May 16, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    “I thought we’re having a new home strip every season now… If so, why haven’t we seen it yet?”

    It will be along later, Jimbob.

  48. Worky, usually we wear it in our last home game.

    Check your email if you can mate.

  49. as for the strips.

    ive had a theory for some time (yes another one)

    the strips seems to be a personal slur and us fans.

    when we went down we were given a orange and yellow away kit, almost resembling the home kit of the team that survived the drop at our expense, i.e. HULL CITY.

    this year our home kit resembles more a waist coat and shirt, resembling the attire worn by the two people we fans linked the great relegation scandal on, Laurel and Hady.

    this year is a new approach, this year he has decided to call us all space cadets. compare the current away strip with the uniform worn by Captain Jean-Luc Picard i.e. Patrick Stewart in the Series Star Trek – the next generation.
    you will see the resemblance.

    if the rumored pictures of the home kit are to be believed then not only is he calling us space cadets but he is either calling us or himself as a thorn in the side, there seems to be a shard sticking out of each black and white stripe that i can see.

    so im eager to see what subliminal insult he is throwing our way this time.

  50. Oh….they’ve decided that the new “Sports Direct” red white and blue shirt should be phased in on the back of England winning the Euros…..

    Only one problem there – England’s footy team is always shyte!!!


  51. Jimbob says:
    May 16, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    “Kenny did well in his first stint at Liverpool…”

    Bob Paisley was helping him in his first stint at Liverpool, Jimbob.

    UTD111, no, it wasn’t on my list. You could do it if you wanted to.

  52. JIMBOB
    Yeah ! that shirt was indeed a classic !

    Hey dude wanna be my financial advisor, 2.8 percent, Wow !

  53. UTD111 says:
    May 16, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    “Chuck @ 75

    Call my mate – Richard Branson 0845 607 6991”

    You’ll be on the line listening to awful, distorted music for about half an hour or so, then some gadgie in Bangalore will cut you off.

  54. WORKEY
    Yeah always recognised you as a geek, (no offense as the term is now quite complimentary, meaning smart)
    Having a vast amount of aquired knowledge, of varying subjects and a mind of ones own, plus a great research engine.
    Something that i believe should be more emphasised in school systems, teaching kids how to reserch imo is a more than essential skill in to-days world.

  55. Dalglish was a leg-end at Liverpool as a player and he won the title as one of a new trend of young player-managers (if memory serves me). However Liverpool were a well oiled machine at the time and he had inherited a team who had the structure in place having won loads of trophies throughout the late 70’s and the whole of the 80’s, so seeing them through to the title wasn’t a huge shock but give him his King Kenny accolade!
    At Blackburn I feel Jack Walkers millions bought them that single title at a time when small fortunes was enough for success!
    He was found out at Newcastle and won’t be missed from the premiership after his latest efforts with Luverpool! He has the charisma of a wet mop! He’s failed to inspire his team consistently after spending over 100 million and his unbending defence of Suarez who was clearly found to be at fault in a racism case was a huge bollock dropped as well! I’m all for employers backing their employees but there are limits!

  56. Is it true that Wor Mick n’ his marra Derick, want to change the team colors from black n’white, to red white n’blue ?
    Could match the rest of the tacky shit errected in St. James’ Park.
    There are certainly more permutations with three colors as opposed to two and who would notice the difference as i can’t remember when i actually saw a genuine black and white stripped home shirt.
    Somehow or other the present strip, reminds me of a penguin outfit.
    I say start a campaigne declaring no more messing wi wor strip man, we demand black n’white stripes.

  57. i say we just buy knock offs and avoid putting ones cash in Mikes Pocket.

  58. Hey Chuck: I have a question for you. Suppose Martinez or Rodgers are appointed at Liverpool, will the current expensive Dalglish players (plus Gerrard) suit their style? You know why I am asking you, because you have been their champion for a while.

    I mean especially Carroll and Adams, but also Downing just seems to blast the ball accross the face of goal and nobody could get on the end of it.

    I think it will be difficult. Horses for courses as you have said before.

    How about Jurgen Klopp? I hope not because I think he would be a better choice and I want them to fail so we can stay ahead of them.

  59. On Engerland winning or even coming close to the European Championship.
    Not in my lifetime, that is unless enough imports have time to become naturalised citizens.
    Question, is a naturlised citizen allowed to chose, if good enough, any intrnational side in the UK, including Norn Iron ?
    What are FIFA’s rules in regards to who can play for what international side.
    I realised that the Good Friday agreement Oficially allows for players from the island of Ireland to chose which side the prefer to play for.
    Actually since the end of WW2 that was the case, with some actually willing to play for whichever side picked them, some in fact played for both sides.
    As far as that situation is concerned, better to amalgamate both leagues and totally enjoin both international sides into one, as they have with the rugby side.

  60. England are rubbish! full of crap, hated players like Rooney, Terry, the thug Gerrard etc If there are more United players in the France team I’ll be supporting them.

    I’m not a big England fan anyway, born in England, but my team is the Republic Of Ireland. It’s a family thing :)

  61. How was grant holt not picked for england? He’s done great this season! Carroll plays ok twice and gets picked. Bollocks to that I’m supporting france!

  62. Mcgarrity @ 86 He doesn’t play for the right team mate – they have to be in London, Manchester or Liverpooln

  63. GS
    I think it fair to say, clubs needing managers, would of course make their choice’s for a number of different reasons.
    Of course can he be successful the most important.
    And as they have watched his current side play a distinctive style, that would be an obvious reason why they would want him.
    An example, the choice between BSA and say Rodgers ?
    Also managerers have to be psychologists,and many more things.
    In the case of Liverpool, obviously in the eyes of the Fenway group, Kenny has cost them an arm and a leg and though winning a cup, failed to impress in the league.
    He’s gotta go !
    Given the choice between him and say two students of to-days modern game, both Rodgers and Martinez are obviously better choices than hanging onto a spent force.
    They can bring the attitudes and style of football tha both entertains and can be successful

  64. Aye!

    If we dig far enough, we can support just about any international team but england!

    We’re all from somewhere else originally.


  65. Chuck @88:

    but can they fit Kenny’s hoofers and Gerrard into their style of play??? Or should they be on their way and FSG eat the loss?

  66. Someone said on The Telegraph messages that Kenny’s sacking is Downing’s first assist of the season.

    Well, actually it is at least his second counting Comoli.

  67. you know

    that Chuck seems to live the life of luxury.

    comes on here starts his anti-nufc/pardew rants then buggers off for his amstell.

    is it me or do anyone else feel used like a turkey at Christmas.

    people being nice to you only for someone to come along in November and lop off your head and celebrate with a bottle of wine.

    such is life.
    he comes on here winds us up until lunch time and buggers off and drinks amstell.

  68. well UTD111

    they all have the same thing in common.

    the word LUXURY……. so it wouldn’t surprise me at all

  69. Another one, how the shite did barry, downing, johnson (glen), terry, defoe etc get picked? (Yes I know they play for the big teams) but they are completely f**king shite. I’d loved to have seen and I’m sticking my neck out here at risk of being accused of being biased but I’d have prefered simpson over glen johnson and I’d have given perch a shout. Would have loved to see scott sinclair involved too.

  70. Looking at england team and there are 3 ex toon playrrs there (carrol,parker;milner) how many if any would make it into the newcastle team now. My opinion NONE.

    OH how far we have come.

    France all the way for euros.