Jonas vows to bounce back from Bolton debacle.

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Gutierrez - Flattering to deceive in recent weeks?
Gutierrez - Flattering to deceive in recent weeks?
Jonas Gutierrez has promised that the team will try and make amends for the disappointing 5-1 defeat to Bolton at the weekend.

Whether or not the team can do that against a Chelsea side which appears to be going through somewhat of a crisis is a question that will be answered this coming Sunday.

Personally, I don’t hold out much hope of getting a result against Chelsea and feel that the game this weekend could be one of those games where we play really well, but ultimately get nothing from it. Still, at least playing well would be an improvement on what was shown at Bolton last weekend. I can handle defeat, even heavy defeats, but the way that the players seemed uninterested really grated on me against Bolton. It’s like they gave up at 2-0, well in my opinion anyway.

So it’s no wonder that the players want to bounce back, and none more so than Jonas Gutierrez. The pony-tailed Argentine winger has been disappoointing in recent weeks, but he wants to set the record straight against Chelsea.

“Everything has to be focused on next week,” Jonas told The Journal. “We have to work hard and prepare for the next game because Chelsea at home is going to be really hard. We have to get this game out of the way and focus on the next one.”

“In the past, whenever we have played poorly or things have gone against us, we have managed to bounce back, we hope we can do that again. Chelsea have lost again so it will make it even harder for us next week, but we have the strength of character to be strong against them.”

What Jonas says there does have some element of truth in it, and this Newcastle side does seem to pull it out of the bag when their backs are against the wall, as we witnessed recently when the team went on that little three match winning streak.

We were poor against Bolton, although I still maintain that we did nothing to help ourselves in that match. Still, it’s good to read that the players are acknowledging that they played poorly. To be fair, they can’t really do anything but acknowledge that fact. Jonas continued:

“It’s pretty obvious that it was a poor performance. It was really hard for us and Bolton played a lot better than us. We cannot dwell on it. In this league and this division it is always hard and the teams that find consistency have an opportunity to have a good season and finish in the top ten.”

“That is the big mistake we are making. We are not regularly winning and we have lost a lot of points that we should have been picking up. It would have got us higher up the table.

The players must take responsibilty for the lack of effort displayed at The Reebok, and they are the only ones who can put it right. There was an awful lot of sub-standard performances on Saturday, and when that happens you get punished.

Jonas has disappointed me in recent weeks. He looked fantastic when he got recalled to the team after the injury to Hatem Ben Arfa but has let his performances slip in recent weeks. I sometimes wonder whether he is trying to kick a bowling ball, as that is what it looks like at times.

Still, he is one player who can do something different, but I just think he, and a few others to be fair, need a wake up call.

Hopefully this is it!

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14 Responses

  1. See that some are saying Williamson could be in trouble for a “missed” head-butt? Hope Sol and Staylor are up to it!
    PS Am I 1st?

  2. Similarly I don’t hold out much hope..but generally when I’ve felt that this season we’ve actually played well and grabbed something, All I want is a performance from the lads and to avoid further humiliation, and maybe if everyone does their job and Chelsea continue to mess around we might actually get something. Jonas has been very poor recently, and in recent weeks I think its suprising how much a fit Arfa could turn our side around. We’re really missing out on his versatility, he could fill in for when Jonas is rubbish (most of the time nowadays) or easily go over to the right wing, or even play of Carroll should Nolan/Ameobi get injured. I can only hope that he comes back strong at the end of the season and we can somehow get our hands on him next season.

    Just seen on sky sports on a possible F.A charge against Williamson-should be interesting-Campbell/Taylor partnering at the back vs Chelsea will at least give us a chance to see what they can do..

  3. Batty
    from previous thread
    i agree and are not complaining that williamson gave the guy the gateshead kiss and should be punished. i just think gallagher is a tool full stop even when he is right

  4. Hopefully the FA will take the same view with the Williamson incident as they did with Huddleston, but i wont hold my breath.
    Its ironic that since the non action against De Jong we will be the only club to have been done twice on video evidence if Williamson gets banned, that will teach us to complain to the FA, you want retrospective action, you got it!

  5. I honestly don’t think we can have any complaints if Williamson gets banned.

    Too many people flapping about what is happeneing to other clubs, when really we should look at our own. Barton deserved a ban. Colo deserved his red. Williamson deserves his ban, if he gets one. Where is the hardship?

  6. With Tiote back against Chelsea then we at least have someone in the middle that wont just be chasing shadows , the bolton game should prove to CH that Smith just has not got it in the premiership anymore . I would like to see Jonas dropped for the next game also and Ferguson given a chance and play Routledge and not Guthrie down the right side . Guthrie is a decent cm but he is not a winger , if we are to get anything out of the chelsea game we need to attack with pace down the flanks and through the middle Tiote & Guthrie would be our best option with Barton still suspended .

  7. toonsy:
    November 22nd, 2010 at 9:01 am
    Jersey – Apoligies that every article can’t cater to your specific tastes.
    And what would those tastes be then m8? I wasn’t complaining about the post, it’s not my blog, you lot can post whatever you want. Just saying that in our resent form, spuds getting stronger doesn’t help how gutted I feel right now. Nowt to do with the presence of the post, so don’t get your panties all in a bunch.

  8. Toonsy@6, not flapping about other clubs but questioning where the consistency is and in doing so you have to look at similar incidents for comparison.