FA to probe Williamson challenge on Elmander.

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Williamson - Another player, another ban?
Williamson - Another player, another ban?
It looks like Mike Williamson could be the latest Newcastle player to face a suspension.

It has emerged that The FA are to have a look at video evidence of the clash between him and Bolton’s Johann Elmander.

Heaven only knows if it was an accidental clash or whther there was any malice in the challenge, but I don’t feel overly confident about Williamson’s chances of escaping a ban. After all, I can’t remember the last time The FA took no action after they decided to have a look at something again.

So it appears that Newcastle face the very real prospect of having another player suspended for the weekend visit of Chelsea, which is far from ideal considering we already have a squad that is depleted through injuries and suspensions as it stands.

Joey Barton will sit out the match as he serves the last game of the three game ban he was awarded for punching Morten Gamst Pedersen whilst Fabricio Coloccini will start his three game ban he picked up for his elbowing incident last weekend.

If Williamson does join the list of suspended players then it will mean an all new central defensive pairing of Sol Campbell and Steven Taylor for the visit of Chelsea. When you look at it like that, you have to say that it could be worse in fairness.

There seems to be a measure of indiscipline creeping into the camp at the minute, and that will need to be knocked on the head as soon as possible. I don’t like seeing it, and I worry about us picking up a label of being a dirty team, with all the media attention and pressure that it in itself brings along.

I expect to hear the outcome by the end of today, so we will soon know whether or not Mike Williamson will be the latest Newcastle player to face a suspension.

Perhaps the rest could do him some good?

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129 Responses

  1. How many Newcastle players have been linked with tottenham. I count 3, Caroll, enrique and williamson. i do not know what spurs think of themselves.

  2. Is it paranoia or do we seem to be receiving a lot more attention to so called unseen ‘off-the-ball’ incidents than other clubes?

  3. Is it paranoia or do we seem to be receiving a lot more attention to so called unseen ‘off-the-ball’ incidents than other clubs?

  4. I honestly don’t think we can have any complaints if Williamson gets banned.

    Too many people flapping about what is happeneing to other clubs, when really we should look at our own. Barton deserved a ban. Colo deserved his red. Williamson deserves his ban, if he gets one. Where is the hardship?

  5. Indian Magpie says:
    November 22, 2010 at 11:08 am
    How many Newcastle players have been linked with tottenham. I count 3, Caroll, enrique and williamson. i do not know what spurs think of themselves.

    Untouchable and arragant!

    When’s ‘Arry going to appear in court or is that going to be quietly swept under the carpet?

  6. Toatll agree with you Toonsym,we should be correcting our own wrongs.

    But are we getting more attention than others – it’s a fair question.

  7. if the ref has seen it..and didnt think it was anything at the time..the f.a cant do anything about it..if he says he hasnt seen it..then he will get 3 game ban..we need to freshen up the team anyway..and not play smith again..or play gutherie on the wing..must go with 3 in midfield and play carrol on his own..rout out wide..

  8. Are we becoming a physical and bullying team?

    By the way thanks for the 7 billion :) Really appreciate it!

  9. @ Asim

    It is howard webb, we are in trouble, he disallowed a perfectly good Viduka gioal against fulham in our last home game of previous season. Because he was the 4th ref against borough and saw taylors goal as a foul by nolan. u may say the 2nd penalty was not a pen either

    So whether u like williamson or not the ban is imminent.

    also i read the passing of smith nolan and guthrie was a disaster. that has to be changed we need better back up. Hughton is losing the plot

  10. I think im quite happy in the end, i know colo n big mike have been immense pretty much all season but, campbell and taylor are our best CB pairing, well if taylor starts pickin up things off big sol that is. I think at the start of the season i would of chosen them because at the end of the day we’ve struggled to cope with hard knocks up front like davies, elmander and even big jason roberts lol the last ones a joke!

  11. Johno – crack-up.

    Toonsy – entirely agree. People should worry less about which team is linked with whom, and worry more about the fact that our squad has thoroughly earned three concurrent suspensions. That is a discipline problem and it’s just as well we’ve got Sol and Saylor (plus Kadar) lined up to step in. (Anyone still NOT want Saylor to re-sign?)

  12. hughton is definately not losing the plot, 5-1 was bad i admit, but remember what our season goals were at the start of the season. Not to mention hes learning, he reverted to 442 after 451 started to stagnate, dropped nolan and guti after poor form. just be patient he will learn, i doubt we’ll see guthrie on the right anymore. keep the faith!

  13. Colo could maybe fill in for tiote now in dm. I didnt see the match but smithy never fills me with confidence, he seems to go missin in the 2nd half always!

    Also, we are starting to rely on carroll far too much! Id like vuckic in for chelsea on a wing, also hope routledge dont play.

  14. My team for chelsa would be

    Krul (beaten a few times to easily recently)

    Simpson saylor big sol jose

    Vuckic nolan tiote jonas

    Shila and carroll

  15. Well we should play guthrie then even tho i dont think he’s a prem player. Asim what dya think about defensive situation? I for one would of put sol and
    Taylor in after blackburn. Why can’t we beat ordinary teams?

  16. Question

    If Webb saw the incident and didn’t take action against Williamson , there won’t be further punishment right ???

  17. The size and quality of our squad is starting to what it is – Poor.

    We all saw what effect the loss of just two players (Barton and Tiote) had on our team against Bolton. Can we really expect to have them available for every game from now on?

    It’s quite evident that we need them both.

  18. This what FA said

    “We will be looking at the footage and establishing firstly if the referee saw it and secondly, if he didn’t, whether he would have shown a red card (to Williamson) if he had.”

    from the comment above I mean if Webb didn’t see then FA would take action or it doesn’t matter cuz FA will ban Williamson anyway ???


  19. The FA can only use video evidence if the ref didn’t see it.If the ref saw it then the fa can take no further action.

  20. What is it with the FA and reviewing video evidence on our players, they never seem to review videos and ban players of other teams. Could this be a message to the NUFC bigwigs to mind their own business next time a thug breaks someones leg in an act of violent conduct that was ‘on the ball’. Seems very fishy all this, like NUFC have p### off the FA and they’ve been waiting to get their own back. If that is the case then the FA should be investigated.

  21. At the end of the day it did look like Williamson did something therefore he would be deserving of a suspension.

  22. ‘If Williamson does join the list of suspended players then it will mean an all new central defensive pairing of Sol Campbell and Steven Taylor for the visit of Chelsea. When you look at it like that, you have to say that it could be worse in fairness.’

    I think we may see an improved defense tbh. And this is the sort of decision that C.H would never make for himself. Will be very interesting indeed to see how they play, with Kadar aswell that is probably the one are of the squad that we won’t be too badly hit. I won’t be crediting C.H though if Sol and Stevie are the new England pairing.

  23. Agree with stu. We are a typical promoted team. We do ok when we have all of our 1st choices available, but struggle when they aren’t. It’s normally around this time when those teams are found out.

  24. Whether they’re picking on us or not, Barton deserved a 3 match ban as did Colo and if Willo chucked the heed then so will he.

  25. darloboy..i would play sol and taylor..what i didnt like about blackburn..was willamson chickened out with that header.which let in roberts.which i think played on his mind..hence bolton…we have started most of the games slow apart from arsenal…so a lot of the smaller teams have scored early on..so we have to play the power game to get back..injuries will kill us..ch has got to get out this habit of playing slow midfield with nolan and smith..he does my head in..said for 2 years we need to bridge the cap from central to forward..when he plays like that we never going to win..ch to blame for that..if u are going to play that why..they need to pass the ball well..nolan and smith cant..all they do is run after a player and then faul him..pathetic realy..doesnt ch no that..

  26. First of all , I must say that foul Williamson did totally deserved 3 match ban.

    But I remember the rule say that if the referee saw the incident and didn’t take action so it won’t be further punishment whatsoever.

    To me it seem like Webb saw it

    I watched the game and when the incident happened Webb was behind them and he still waved to play on so if I didn’t have illusion or anything then there something wrong with all the referee and FA cuz it seem Newcastle never get away from all this even I don’t want to see we walk away with this kind though but others team seem to get away from this quit easily it really drive me mad

    or it is something wrong with Newcastle , clearly in that game we did something really wrong.

  27. TBH with S.Taylor back fit Willo should be dropped anyway. Not because S.Taylor is back fit but because of the way goals have been gifted in the last 3 games.

  28. spot on magpie..said that early on..he waved play on..so he saw that..so if he says he didnt see it.then he should be up for a charge..as he waved play on then..he has seen it…willamson did wrong..have no complaints..

  29. Thats not to say Williamson isn’t a good player, but we have to remember he is still learning at this level and he has only played 14 games in the prem.

  30. DJG – I really don’t give a stuff about other teams, and to be honest, I think the impression of us being singled out by the FA is just the inevitable result of a combination of two things:
    1. We keep offending
    2. We tend to read NUFC-related stories and not notice the others.

    If Willo deserved a ban, he should get it. The solution is not to whine about other teams; it’s to stop stupidity among the squad. What the hell was Collo thinking, anyway???

  31. i think he’ll go with Sol and perch. thatll make ST think about signing his contract the greedy bastard

  32. DJG…I was just sayig to a mate this morning that maybe we should give Sol n Saylor a go, looks like it’s going to happen now :-)

  33. Stu’s right about our squad depth, alas. Like so many promoted teams, this is when that lack of budget bites. But we mustn’t panic and start slating people; we just have to accept that, like about 12 other teams in this leage, that’s where we are. It’s about dealing with it better than 3 of ’em.

  34. I also agree that this has shown how much Tiote has been doing to protect our back 4. Replace him with Smith and you soon see how well they deal with an attacking side.
    Not that Smith is as bad as some are making out; but Tiote really is that damned good.

  35. Maybe Sol and Taylor have been breathing down their necks in training, coz it’s not like Collo and Willo to bottle headers, let the ball bounce and other silly errors like that.

  36. tattyheed – fair point, fella. But winning games has to come first, I think. Play the best we have. Hopefully a run-out at SJP will remind Saylor of what’s important. Or should be.

  37. ‘Not that Smith is as bad as some are making out; but Tiote really is that damned good.’

    Smith is a total waste of space and drain on our finances of about £60 K a week for this season and next, whats good about that. It will probably stop us from improving the squad with a player actually worth £60K a week next summer. :(

  38. icedog says:
    November 22, 2010 at 12:47 pm
    think maybe we could try jose and young fergie on that left side,put jonas on the right

    Agreed, and it’s not like he struggled against a fairly strong Chelsea side in the cup.

  39. Yep, Stu has it pegged. CH and mgt. have a plan to try to have a good replacement for every position. And for the first choice team to be competent at their positions. With HBA and Harper missing, and the RW not meeting standards, CH has been able to adjust. But losing Tiote and Barton has stretched the team beyond to the breaking point -& and they did! Not much can be done until the injuries heal or the window opens. But, it is good to see that not only has NUFC made good purchases, but in house players are on the ascendancy.

  40. DJG just think both can defend and canny at crossing we need both,on right side jonas/simpson could be the same,and with tiote back should make us that bit stronger in defence imo

  41. where is batty, I bet me hoose on that horse he tipped, back to the homeless shelter for me :-(

  42. Ice. yeah its also about balancing up the right hand side with Jonas and having enough width. I also have a suspicion that Jonas plays on the left because at that time we didn’t have a good enough left footed player and so he could be next to the other spanish speakers. That has to change now that we have someone who could come in on the left. Also we missed Barton but without Tiote we might aswell have given them the three points at half time. I worry that he will use us as a stepping stone because we need to improve the whole team if we want to keep him and Benny IMO.

  43. Can’t see Hoots giving Ferguson a go fella’s. I’d like to see it though, the one game I’ve seen him in he was brilliant (conveniently against Chelsea too.)

    We have to acknowledge that the last couple matches Chelsea have had 4 first teamers out and lost. So as you can see, it happens at the top too. You take starters out of any side and they’re gonna struggle.

  44. This weekend I’d go for


    simpson taylor sol kadar
    jonas nolan tiote enrique
    shola carroll

    reckon enrique can cover left mid as a wingback and jonas is right footed anyway so should naturally fit in on right

  45. by the way – didn’t see the williamson challenge, was it featured on MOTD – I couldnt bring myself to watch it :(

  46. I hope we get a result against Chelsea, not only because we need points but because if they start to drop down the table that is great for the league and shows that it finally is becoming more competetive.

  47. NEE body should have a go at wor BATTY,he will give you nee more good advice,then what ye gan a dee :)

  48. saw it mentioned already, but yes, didn’t webb call a fould on williamson for it? or allow advantage? since he then took action, shouldn’t that mean it’s non-reviewable?

  49. I have to say I for one am happy that Sol and Saylor may get a chance together. I think their experience and the fact they are a left right footed combo is great. I also think Collo should be the new CDM backup too.

    Barton and Tiote are massive players for us, more so than Ben Arfa as I was saying in the summer you need the less glamorous players doing the donkey work, the basics before the flair guys. No good scoring 3 if you concede 5.

  50. Anyone here know a certain player named Michael Hoganson?? apparently a sudden msg from the official club Facebook about this player..

    not much info yet though.

    nt sure is promoted to Academy or bought from somewhere.

  51. raffo

    Sol and Saylor are both right-footed m8. But yes Sol can play on the left because of experience.

  52. Kadar on the other hand is actually left-footed and can play left side CH and LB no problems at all. :)

  53. Anyone else heard the rumour I’ve just made up that the players are all conyracted to spebd at least £100 a week in sports direct? Typical ashley if you ask me. Any chance he can get to take money out of the club and into his own pockets.

  54. When this blog is a tab in my browser, the title just reads ‘FA to probe Williamson.’

  55. free scoring smudge ,>> dont ya think its aboot time you changed ya nick too > free transfer smudge :lol:

  56. it says on the radio Talk shite website that Williamson has signed a contract extension. If its not made up – its a canny shout – he was just about the lowest paid player at the club

  57. Williamson has been charged with violent conduct, doesnt take them long to act when they feel like it does it.

  58. We will be classed among the 3 ‘dirty teams’ if they don’t stop these acts of stupidity off the ball.

  59. Well Lads no harm to Williamson but he deserved it as did Colo, We we’re all complaining about other teams tactics and challenges so we cant really complain when our own team does the same. I do believe that they planned on giving Elmander a bit of stick and put him off his game even Nolan barged him over on the edge of the box and was lucky to get away with it, but in this case Elmander had the last laugh ;)

  60. Deserved, but you do get the impression the FA are trying to make an example against us. I remember when Gerrard blatantly elbowed a player in the face a couple of seasons ago. The FA reviewed it and it wasn’t deemed violent conduct. Sick of these lot.

  61. Hmmm seems i’m in the minority, as I didn’t think Williamsons challange seemed that bad. Seemed to me like he wanted to block his run with a body check but put ‘a little’ bit to much into it.

    Ahh well, history ehh, that’s why we have a squad, lets see what Saylor and Sol can do, i’m sure they will be fine, it’s the playing time/understanding each other that will be the problem.

    On another note, anyone else think that the fact we just signed Williamson up quickly on an improved contract proves that there was a solid interest in him??

  62. DAVE it was right on both counts colo/will,but webb has always been a toon haters for some reason

  63. Any proof of the Willo contract? The only thing I can fins is something on Ed;s place and Talksport. Neither of those are what I would call reliable sources….

  64. well willo had 3years left on his contract anyway so its not exactly an extension more like a pay rise, i think willo n colo will struggle to get bk in once taylor n sol make that position there own

  65. davy

    I would be suprised if Campbell plays the entire games, more likely Kadar will share the left hand side with him. He has had a few niggles aswell.

  66. I think Kadar deserves to be more involved in the first team. But C.H seems very reluctant to play youth unless his hand is forced. I think we could do worse than playing Ferguson on the left with the bull and Jonas on the right atm.

  67. I hope that whoever comes in does make it their own, thats what it’s all about, someone gets injured or cocks up someone else gets in the team then it’s up to them to grab that chance and hold on to that position.

  68. Well Ice hows you and the good Lady mate all good I hope.
    I do find it a bit strange that they seem to be making a bit of an example of our players, but they we’re at fault.
    As I said before Willo has gradually been letting his standards drop, but as for Colo it just seemed to be so out of character to lift his arms to another player :( as I have never noticed any malice before from him

  69. I don’t think Willo and Collo will be right down the pecking order but I don’t think they will walk straight back in either, bit of both. They have given Sol and Saylor (who have played together in the 1-0 reserves win over Man C) the chance to steal it off them now though and it’s entirely their own fault.

  70. Big Dave

    Even though he denies it I think it was just the sheer embarrassment and rage at being done so easily for the second Elmander goal. He let the ball bounce, which a defender should never do, and was just embarrassed by Elmander pushing him off the ball. When he was running down the flank after that he absolutely whacked him with an elbow to the face right infront of the linesman. I your gonna do it Collo not infront of the linesman or ref. Mind you the FA seem to be studying our games for anything they can charge us for at the min, even though no-one seemed to notice anything at the time. I hope the other players learn from this and behave like angels.

  71. Dave….exactly mate, at least we have 3 more decent centre backs who can come into the team.

  72. DAVE BATTY is changeing his nick to TATTY so richietoon says with all the bum tips,nearly lost his hoose t/day

  73. toonsy says:
    November 22, 2010 at 6:52 pm
    DJG – Switching Jose and Jonas to the right would just make our left side piss poor instead.

    Not Jose, Jonas.

    So Jose and Ferguson switching and attacking up the left and Simpson and Jonas giving some width on the right. How would that be poor, compared to what we have atm.

  74. Ahh, now I’ve got it :)

    Yeah, I can see the logic in that. I reckon if Jonas had been inf ront of Perch at the start of the season it wouldn;t have left him so exposed.

  75. honestly not too bothered about losing colo and willy as having sol and steve able to step in is good cover. having kadar and tozer too further down the line isn’t too bad either.

    not sure about the incident being violent though. the replays i saw were all really far off and it looked like he impeded elmander more than anything and maybe put in a slightly rough shoulder, but violent? ehhhh…

  76. said before spurs used it with bale seems to have worked for a couple games and jose is better defender/attacker than spurs l/b with bale in front

  77. Ice I guess even Wor Batty can get them wrong sometimes :) I see he was picking on poor Jay Jay lastnite, Where is Jay Jay anyhow.
    Toonsy tbh I just dont think Perch was the answer mate

  78. DAVE said before we cannot pick on wor batty only gives good advice,where we gan without it :),think TOONSY meant before simpson was fit m8

  79. Hey, Have ya’s seen that site thats reported the FA were investigating Mike Williamson, a full hour after everyone else was reporting he had been charged. Must be Ed’s apprentice that like. :lol:

  80. ime ganning with TOONSY on this one at the mo,nowt on toon site or sky,lets just wait,h.webb (tw@T spoke to wllo after it so to me it must be in his report as seeing it so f.a.can do f.a.aboot it,not saying its right like

  81. CC

    Aye, these are extraordinary circumstances otherwise I would have said keep him on the bench. But this is what he’s paid for and is until the end of the season.

  82. Not being funny, but how badly does this reflect on Hughton? Three players within seven days receive three match bans. That’s embarrassing and paints a picture of Hughton not stamping his authority on the side. Just saying…

  83. El Toro…..or he is putting his stamp on the team and telling them to go out and play dirty, whatever the reasons lately we are one of those dirty teams that we were complaining about a few games ago.Shocking and no need for it :-(