Newcastle need to cut out the costly errors!

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Defence used to impress, but what happened?
Defence used to impress, but what happened?
Make no mistake about it, the 5-1 loss against Bolton yesterday was a thumping.

It can be dressed up as much as you like, but there was far too many below-par performances from too many individuals at The Reebok.

Despite that though, I feel that there is an element of our team being the architects of their own downfall, and it has been that way for a few weeks now.

Our defence had started drawing praise from several areas after a string of impressive performances. In fact it’s only a couple of weeks back that our back-four earned rave reviews for their performance during the 1-0 win at Arsenal. They were tremendous that day, as was the rest of the team, but since then something has gone wrong.

The very next game, a 2-1 loss at home against Blackburn Rovers, can be attributed to two of our own errors. Firstly there was Cheick Tiote who tried dribbling the ball out of his own area, losing the ball in the process and paying the ultimate price by conceding a goal. Then there was Mike Williamson and Fabricio Coloccini, who both got bullied and barged around by Jason Roberts who scored the winning goal.

Next up was the Fulham game, which was rather forgettable to be honest. I’ll end that one there as I don’t have much to say about it really.

Then we took on Bolton yesterday. As I said, the scoreline was 5-1, but I feel that we didn’t help ourselves with regards to that scoreline.

For the first goal, our defence had a couple of opportunities to clear the ball. They failed to do this, which is why Kevin Nolan had to be where he was, and ultimately why we gave away a penalty.

Then, for the second goal, it was another defensive howler and again the defence could have cleared the ball. They didn’t, and they tried to play the ball out from defence and got caught out. You can argue that the Bolton player was offside if you wish, but if they had have cleared the ball it wouldn’t have been an issue would it?

For Bolton’s fourth goal it was more of an individual error that a defensive one to be fair. Coloccini shouldn’t have let the ball bounce, but he did and that gave Elmannder the sniff he needed to get after the ball and out-muscle the Argie.

So you see, a lot of our goals conceded have come from individual errors. Logic would dictate that if you cut the errors out you will also cut down on the amount of goals conceded. I know they can do that as they have demonstrated it already this season, but it’s just a matter of getting back to basics.

All in my opinion of course…

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86 Responses

  1. Love the idea of going to a game together.
    December though is a no no for me
    After that somewhere in the midlands would be good been to both Liverpool clubs and thought they were rubbish.
    Me and the laddie are keen.

    I’ve said it before this premier league is a funny animal picking winners and losers is impossible. We will have defeats some of them thumpings but pick up surprise points.

    Still believe the team needs to be freshened up.
    It aint about dropping people its about having a team that can adapt to situations

  2. 1st ever first

    Why i said midlands is after we get back to newcastle I’ve then got to get back to scotland.

  3. thats why thought blacburn wouldnt be to bad,we get a few tickets,not too bad for people from the North and Ireland, about the same for Toonsy and his mob ;-)

  4. richie

    The more people the cheaper the travel for everyone, not to mention 20 people on a bus is more environmentally sound than 10 cars. There’s my environ management degree coming in handy :)

    Blackburn could be a good game to choose, like you say plenty tickets, not too far and enough time after christmas for people to have money.

  5. De Mong is no just an ugly footballer he is an ugly looking individual. Mind you I am no oil painting

  6. 2hr 30 from toon too, is there not enough down your way to meet somewhere centrally Toonsyand get a minibus up?

  7. Shitty won’t be far away next may.
    have the finances to buy anybody in january.
    might be worth a wee bet

  8. Rich – Not sure. I know of three or four personally down here that would, plus Jay Jay on the way if he wanted. Maybe CC as he is in Stoke….

  9. DJG…aye mate, maybe enough season ticket holders to get tickets earlier as long as people cough up the dosh prompt and don’t drop out.

  10. Could have a .org away day every season. Would be great. Good experience for the novices like me and people who only do one away day a year. I would help ring round and sort out the travel, isn’t that hard. Richie I wouldn’t let season ticket holders buy them coz they would be out of pocket if people drop out. We just need a system, (easy to do as we already have a blog) where we find out how many people are SERIOUS about going in advance and then they confirm it as soon as they have bought their tickets, STH then Members then Non-Members. Just need to pick a game where enough tickets are available, the baggy game had general sale available. Then I organise the correct size bus and we all meet up at SJP 3-4 hours before kick off and tick people off/get mobile numbers ect. Simples.

  11. batty

    Aye it will be like that but without the 70’s casual racism, sexist behaviour and slapstick. :lol:

  12. bollox, there goes me clean sheet for Hart :-)

    DJG….more like 5/6 hours before ko so we can meet up with the ones coming from down south for a few sherberts :-)

  13. Its easy to look at the defensive errors when we let so many goals in, but the reality is that we are in dire straits without Barton and Tiote… Smith simply dont give enough protection and Guthrie is a shadow of Barton im afraid.

  14. I feel so jealous of you guys-able to watch the lads whenever you want to……

  15. As I said yesterday, jay jay’s alot taller than people think….almost 4″10′ and a bit :-)

  16. Dave…and why not nobody’ll ever know any different :lol:

    Toonsy…says I’m down to 8th which if funny considering I was 11th at the start of the day :-)

  17. Toonsy are you sure Stuart is that far down ? I thought he would have been in the top 20 ;)
    So I see Ice is through for another week on Xfactor :lol:

  18. Fcking Wagner! What a cock.

    Dave – I’m with you, man. I cannot believe I’m not top 20 at the very least.

  19. Never watched that either big dave, another load of bollox, don’t watch soaps either, don’t watch a lot :)

  20. No, feel free to laugh at the disabled big dave, if I end up in a wheelchair I’ll be sure to let you know so you can take the piss.

  21. jay jay says:
    November 21, 2010 at 6:43 pm
    Everyone picking on the little fella, Bullies!<<<< jay grow up man :)

  22. Jay I wouldn’t do that to you mate and I would even try to get you a lend of Ice’s scooter, save your hands for other things ;) :lol:

  23. Oscar Wilde said sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but of course he never met you did he batty.

  24. read this blog for a while but never commented, an organised away day sounds top, stuck away near leeds so miss out on loads of games, bit shit on your own.

  25. Colo being suspended could work in our favour – he’s become far too casual of late, rule no.1 for any defender is not to let the ball bounce and against Blackburn and now Bolton he has allowed just that. Let’s get Sol in there and everyone can learn from him and his good habbits can run off on others. S Taylor should also come in soon for either Simpsom or Willo as he’s a better player that Simpson at the end of the day and Willo needs a shock. Tiote is so important to us, without him we will concede more goals for sure. Please no more Guthrie RM, if he plays it needs to be CM. Guiterrez needs to be dropped, ever since Arsenal away he has been shocking. When he loses the ball he just stops and doesn’t even work back, thats not acceptable. Rant over. I think we’ll get something from the Chelsea game 1-1.

  26. The Chelsea game to me smacks of one of those games where we play really well but ultimately get nothing from :(

  27. I see that Enrique to Spuds rumour isn’t being left alone? All the reliable places like Tribal, IMS, News of the World and Ed’s aplce are running it….. :roll: