Old boy Woodgate on the mend?

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Woodgate back in business?
Woodgate back in business?
We have had very little to shout about this weekend in truth, and I refuse to go into Newcastle’s diabolical display on Saturday as it’s already been well covered on here.

So with little news about, I thought I’d take a slightly different angle.

Many of you will read this article and ask why? Why the hell is Mark writing about someone that doesn’t even play for us anymore?

I chose to cover this story because, as Toonsy can confirm, Woody was a player I greatly admired during his brief stint at Newcastle. He set the standards at Newcastle and was fantastic during his time with us.

Jonathan has been injury prone throughout his entire career though, but he quickly became a fans favourite as he put in some excellent defensive displays. At times he even made Titus and Andy O’Brien look half decent!

I for one was devastated when he was sold to Real Madrid for £13.4m in 2004. Jonathan did however reject the chance to re-sign for United on a few occasions, prefering moves to the Smoggies and Spurs after Madrid, though the player still has great affections for our club and fans.

Does anyone remember after we lost to Spurs in the Carling Cup at St James’ Park a couple of years ago? A lot happened in that game and both teams were in turmoil. Hughton was in temporary charge of us and Woodgate actually cleared the ball off the line from a Damien Duff effort if I remember correctly.

Woody was interviewed after the game that night and had great things to say about Newcastle United. I remember he commented on the fans being great.

Woody’s Spurs career has also been hampered by injuries. He has been out with a ‘chronic’ groin injury since Novemeber 2009 – a persistent groin problem that has threatend to end the 30-year-old’s football career.

Suprising news today though that the defender maybe in line for a return to top flight football, with Saggy face Redknapp revealing that Jonathan has stepped up his fitness and that we may see Woodgate playing again sometime soon.

I wont bore you with direct quotes from Redknapp, I just think it’s great Jonathan could still have a couple of years left in him. I thought it would be jolly to talk about something a bit different on the grounds Jonathan was a bit of a hero of mine!

What are your opinions on Woodgate? Bitter he didn’t re-sign at any point? Angry he chose the dirty inbred Smogs or Spuds ahead of us. Or remember him for his brief yet successful (when he played) stint with us?

Which past players do you guys love?

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47 Responses

  1. As my memory serves me, his last words after leaving the toon were, :I will give Newcastle first refusal if anything goes wrong at Madrid: .Once a smoggy , always a smoggy. Did,nt miss him.

  2. As a player he was great, but as Porcie says, he did pay a bit of lip service with what he said when he left.

    Mind you, all players are guilty of that I guess….

    Still, we got fantastic money for him!

  3. Personally I thought selling Woody was a great bit of business, excellent defender when fit but our team can’t carry someone who’s rarely fit.

  4. Ditto with all of the above, tho can’t really slag off someone who turned down bigger teams to go to his hometown club ;-) :lol:

  5. Looks like Sol will get the nod for Chelski game, at least I reckon he should and with Chiek back to hold things together in the middle, it “may” give the defence a chance to regroup should we lose the ball. With the goings on at the Bridge at the moment, it,s a great opportunity to wind the lads up for this one like Hoots obviosly did against the sh!te. Could be 2-0. HWTL

  6. It’s obvious why he turned us down on his return.
    Offered far less wages.
    I bet he couldn’t face working for his previous employers for far less wages.

  7. BS9 – If that is the case then good on the club. He surely couldn’t expect to be earning megabucks considering he has only managed about 13 games a season throughout his career…

  8. One of the best centre halves to pull on a black and white shirt. A class act football wise but big attitude problems. Did well to get the money we got for him. If we`d had someone in defence like him in the keegan years we`d have won that bloody league.

  9. BS9 – No, you were speculating about his reasons, unless you definitively know otherwise of course ;)

  10. ludlow 12,40 jay j is running ,it should win even though its only a very small horse ,lump on and get ya xmas money :)

  11. Stable relationships are for horses :lol:
    ….and on that note I’ll get me coat and go to work.

  12. The tool that is dermot gallagher has been on SSN saying the FA should deal with Williamson and he should be given a three match ban.

    The tool also said the ref got the second penalty correct. Is he blind Jose clearly got the ball and Kevin Davies yesterday said he was lucky to be awarded the penalty.

  13. toonsy says:
    November 22, 2010 at 9:56 am
    With a Montego engine. That was the problem with him.
    >>>>Fair point m8 ;)

    74 points this week and up 63 places in Fantasy Footie, beginning to get the hang of it now with some cheeky signings.

  14. TGS – Aye, I went up about 80-odd places aswell. Up to 87th now. These younguns who went tearing off at the start won’t learn. It’s a marathon, not a srpint ;)

  15. toonsy,
    Aye, I sold Scott Parker and bought Van de Vaart as he scores goals.
    What happens if a player that I selected does not play? i.e. Faye at Stoke. Coz I have Bent on the bench, will he be a used sub tonight in place of Faye?

  16. TGS – Faye will be subbed with one of your bench players mate, although it’s more than likely going to be be whoever your defensive sub is if he played.

    I need to get round to doing an update on it really :)

  17. just brought Bale and Koncesky in had Terry but apparently he has a long term injury . standing 325 but i also have 2 players playing tonight .