Newcastle seek FA action over De Jong.

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Official statement alert.
Official statement alert.
Newcastle have asked the FA to punish Nigel de Jong for the challenge that resulted in Hatem Ben Arfa sustaining a broken Fibia and Tibula at the weekend.

It is understood that the club are far from happy over the tackle and feel it was ‘unnecessary and used excessive force’.

They are also writing a letter of complaint to the appropriate body regarding the perfomance of Martin Atkinson in the match against Manchester City.

In a statement released on the, the official website, the club had this to say;

“Newcastle United FC have today written a strongly-worded letter to the Football Association in relation to the tackle by Manchester City’s Nigel de Jong on Hatem Ben Arfa in Sunday’s Premier League fixture, which resulted in Ben Arfa sustaining a broken tibia and fibula of his left leg.”

“The club has asked the FA for the appropriate action to be taken against De Jong for the tackle which in the club’s opinion was unnecessary and used excessive force.”

“Newcastle United will also be writing to the appropriate body regarding the performance of the match officials, specifically the referee, in relation to a number of incidents during the game including the tackle on Ben Arfa.”

Newcastle must wait to hear of any response from the FA, but as I understand it the FA can dish out a retrospective punishment on the player as the referee failed to take any action duting the game. Had Martin Atkinson given a yellow card in the match then this avenue would be closed. I could be wrong though and I am only too happy to be corrected on this.

De Jong has already been widely condemned by the press and former professionals from his own country such as Johan Cruyff and current Holland boss Bert van Marwijk, who has also dropped the midfielder from the forthcoming international matches as punishment.

One thing that worries me about all this is that we could antagonise the situaton rather than let it drift away, and that could make us look a little bitter. The fact is that it was unfortunate, but it has happened. Fair play to the club for sticking by Ben Arfa and taking the lead, but I feel that as a club we should have just moved on.

Others may feel different though….

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145 Responses

  1. What to do??? Can’t expect De Jong to suddenly feel remorseful and quit football???

    I hope he is ban till ben arfa recovers..that’s what most ppl voted in soccernet live chat just now.

    No matter what…he is gonna think carefully…right now at the moment..i don’t think he is remorseful at all….No apologies what so ever yet…iirc.

    On a side note: ben arfa out,brings back two danny’s…slightly lighten the sadness.

  2. I feel differently, toonsy.

    Replace Nigel De Jong with Joey Barton.. Imagine the shit storm? Fair play to the club for demanding action and sticking by their boy.

    The referee was atrocious that game. If you did your job that badly, you’d be tin-tacked. Or probably nutted if you messed up that badly..

  3. Daverism – I agree about if it was Barton, but it wasn’t and others won’t see it that way. I just think we should have let sleeping dogs lie on this one before we get a rep for moaning.

  4. I think it was a good decision by the club to show their support for Ben Arfa by challenging for something to happen. It also has to look good to a vast majority of Toon fans that the club aren’t just sitting back and actually doing something about it all.

    Making the challenges on Atkinson was also a no-brainer though. That was just begging to happen

  5. I don’t think that anybody could blame us for complaining to somebody after our player got a double leg break in the first 3 minutes of the game! Any club would be up in arms about something like that happening to one of their new stars

  6. nufc wasting their time asking for punishment for de jong as it was seen by the ref. fifa don’t allow retrospective action to be taken if it’s seen by the ref. agree with the club for making the stance regarding the performance of the referee overall, he was atrocious.

  7. I can see your point toonsy. However, it’s hardly moaning. Surely the least that us, the club and Ben Arfa expect is that the rules are followed. They’re laws, like any law there’s always discipline if broken.

  8. Good! The thug needs to be shamed for what he did. He has apparently made no attempt whatsoever to apologise to Ben Arfa or NUFC or anyone else so obviously he feels no remorse at all and deserves to be punished accordingly.

    As far as Atkinson’s pathetic attempt at (apparently)refereeing I haven’t got enough time to write exactly what I think of him on this blog. (Sacked and disgraced come to mind-for a long list of useless refereeing even before his disservice to NUFC and Hatem, the man’s a joke).

    Well done NUFC for forcing the FA’s hand! They haven’t said a thing either, almost like they’re condoning De Jong and Atkinson’s behaviour and should feel ashamed of their attitudes as well.

  9. nufc moaning..?? i’d like to have seen ferguson’s and man utd’s reaction if it had been them on the receiving end of atkinson’s performance…

  10. Toonsy the thing is you will find most neutral fans seem to be on Newcastle’s side on this one judging the comments online. I don’t think it was merely misfortune that his leg was broken, it was a dangerous tackle that deserves to be punished.

  11. I wonder did someone mention compensation to Mike Ashley… aka Cash! His band of lawyers should find someway to make de jong and man city pay for what they have done! If anyone could work the legalities of this it will be our clubs owner.

    I hope to god that Ben Arfa makes a full recovery and hope we stay up and sign him.

  12. I do not agree as some say there is nothing you can do about it,Get over it, or let sleeping dogs lie, Football is the looser the spoilers are the winners.Any one at the wolves game must have seen it was not the odd late tackle but a synical game plan.Made worse by would be pundits and ex players treating it as a joke.I want to see good attractive football and the teams that play it.The thugs need to be stopped and we have to shout every time we see it even if other teams are on the receiving end

  13. I won’t be punished, the FA will do exactly that….. Sweet FA!!! Nice to see the club growing a backbone though :)

  14. Good move by the club, if only to keep it in the public domain.

    Let’s be honest though, its a complete waste of time. The FA will do fck all and the refs association will do fck all too.

    They’ll shut up shop and look after their own. Sad!

  15. I think that HBA should take civil action against De Jong , lets face it he has a case for personal injury .

  16. Surprised more wasn’t said by the club about the Wolves game and what Wolves did to Joey Barton. Any one of those 7 bad, possible bone crunching, tackles on Barton could have put him out the game for good. The ref at that game was shocking too and needs to be looked into.

  17. Well I think even if it comes to nothing the club have made a stance, a public statement which will only go further to please benny boy. I wouldve thought any club would do the same in the situation. I agree with you guys though that we shouldn’t go on about it now. We have made the statement, the complaints, now move on. We mustn’t use this as an excuse if we get beat by Wigan as that will be viewed negatively by the media etc.

    Nice to see Guthrie on his way back, but I fear for him having to play the rw role for the time being.

  18. Seeing as my last comment is awaiting moderation…

    Navy Seal assault on HBA ( The more I watch this, the more sick I feel. Yes, he played the ball first and upon seeing it, I thought “Ah he’ll be fine” and right as I got to “he” I heard the crack. I would love for you to watch his (De Jong’s) trailing leg. Of course momentum will force the joint open as you see but never that far. His leg speeds up until it’s at full extension and only when Ben Arfa starts to fall do you see his leg pull back.

  19. I think it will be a good test for the lads, Ben Arfa is a class act and we if he were fit we couldnt rely too heavily on him, so it will be a good test for the lads, anyway HWTL and get well soon Hatem

  20. The FA will probably do feck all, but the club is right to try to get some form of justice.

  21. De Jong should give hba all his wages until he is fit and man city should pay his tranfer fee to newcastle lol

  22. JAY JAY,your right on both points,lets face it A.WENGER has been going on about these type players for a while,and your right nowt is done,will it change,dont think so imo

  23. I doubt anything will happen to that w@nker De Jong, but I am pleased the club has taken action. Even if nothing comes of it, i’m glad the club are sticking beside Benny and demanding something is done.
    Also, i’m quite glad we’re going after Atkinson aswell. The bloke was horrendous from start to finish on Sunday and questions need to be answered regarding refereeing performances all over the country.

    Nothing may come of it, but at least we’re not taking it lying down.

  24. Since we are now minus one of our star players, shouldn’t we instead be asking that de Jong plays in EVERY game and cripples at least one star player from all the other teams? He also has to cripple TWO of Citeh’s players in practice sessions!
    Now that’s what I call fair. Not that I’m bitter or twisted!
    You see, getting de Jong banned gains us nothing now except some satisfaction. It’s like the referee admitting he’s made mistakes, or being demoted – makes b****r all difference to us.

  25. Both De Jong and Atkinson deserve to be punished for scandalous displays at the weekend and I would have been very angry if the club had not pursued justice in these cases.

    I think the FA will have to act against both to be honest. The storm surrounding recent injuries from dirty tackles needs to be targeted by making an example of someone. If its only the typical 3 match ban which he would have recieved if Atkinson had eyes, it will be better than nothing. If no action was taken it would be a scandal.

  26. Manure get a lot more decisions than other teams … Could it e because fergie has a hissy fit about the ref after every game ?!

    Cannot see that the actions of nufc will change anything. But it sends a message to BA that the club cares.

    It also may just get the referee in our next game to be extra vigilant !! :)

  27. Whilst feeling huge sympathy for your player you need to be careful what you wish for. If it had been Barton would your manager defend him? Of coarse he would. You will get a dodgy decision this season, win a game and say nothing about the referee. Where you need to be careful is with all the whining. You’ve had 7 games so far and the referee has had a shocker in 4 of them. Are you sure?

  28. you fat scum i hope your relegated what about anichibe you fat bitter twats i hope the arab is finished and you deludeds are relegated again

  29. what about thug nolan i dont remeber everton fans getting a petition over a much worse challenge what hypocrites you deludeds are. your club is so so bitter now get back out the big league if you cant take it

  30. Bluenose – I know what you mean fella, but it was the ferocity of the reckless tackle that’s wound everyone up – plus HBA was a kid fresh to the club.

    You may notice a few comments saying we need to move on :)

    Ross f**k o** you mackem tramp.

  31. yes your correct and you hypocritical scum clapped nolan off and booed that everton lad on a stretcher. nolans tackle was much worse i dont remember everton fans doing a petition or writing to the f.a. you lot have short memories thats why i hope you go back down

  32. I use a capital at the beginning of my name you fool. If you were randomly going to try and imitate me like you did a couple of days ago you’d at least try and be accurate. I find it amusing you’re back again, you sad little twat.

  33. i don’t think many are complaining about all of the matches. the wolves game we (especially barton) took a good pounding, but the ref was showing yellows to them in an effort to try to curtain it…unfortauntely, there’s 11 men on the pitch for them and i think 6 got carded? fair enough.
    people are up in arms because of the severity of the tackle which, while i don’t think was intentional, was defintely reckless and more force than was needed.

  34. “One thing that worries me about all this is that we could antagonise the situaton rather than let it drift away, and that could make us look a little bitter. The fact is that it was unfortunate, but it has happened. Fair play to the club for sticking by Ben Arfa and taking the lead, but I feel that as a club we should have just moved on.”

    Bollocks, Toonsy. De Jong must be placed beyond the pale until he learns his lesson.

  35. Shrews-Nee worries mate. This lad was on a couple of days ago claiming he hoped Ben Arfa’s career was over and other such b*llocks. All he’s moaned on about is Nolan since he got here, he’s a daft doylem.

  36. The FA will do buggr all, and whats more they will probably be smug and unhelpful to the point of complete rudeness. Useless sackless bas####s.

  37. Ross with a capital R – I also find it amusing that mackems come on here. Just goes to show there is feck all going on at their tinpot outfit.

    It’s even more amusing that he is taking the moral high ground considering they have Lee Cattermole aswell as a defender who is on bail pending a rape charge.


  38. Toonsy-Nee idea whether this little tramp is a mackem or a Citeh fan, but with comments like “I hope Ben Arfa’s career is over”, he’s embarrassing either set of fans.
    He keeps on ranting on about Nolan and he’s mentioned Victor Anichebe. The Nolan tackle on Anichebe was a terrible one, but he didn’t break his leg. He also, wasn’t stretchered off. He’s a fool.

  39. Toonsy are you sure he’s a mackem? Won’t they all be felching their mothers and sisters at this time of night?

  40. Ross – I would guess he’s one of the great unwashed. The city fans are a little more articulate :)

  41. I for one can’t ever remember ‘clapping Nolan off the field’ or ‘booing the lad on the stretcher’. I don’t expect the majority of others did either.

    Also how many bad challenges has Nolan and Barton actually had compared to De Jong and Clattermole where an opposing player has been seriously injured, not half as many I reckon. Ignoramous!

  42. DJG-If he’s talking about the Nolan/Anichebe inicident mate, he hasn’t got a clue what he’s on about. Anichebe was helped from the field by the Physio, no stetcher involved, no broken bones and Nolan was rightly awarded a red card.

    Shrews-I’d say unwashed aswell. His inability to find the full stop or comma on his stolen keyboard, along with his incredibly sensible racism all point to the scum.

  43. Aye he’s the same hypocritical mackem(Clatterall) with the same stuck record who comes on and looks more of a tit every time he comes on.

    Bluenose….I know what ya mean mate but if it had been Barton he would have been crucified by the media, and your blogs would have been like ours are now……………however,whats done is done and time to move on……..The ref should still get the boot tho ;-)

  44. Lads, am I the only one who thinks we need to put this in context. I was at the game and I watched the challenge. At the time, no one in the crowd, the referee or the players saw any malice in the challange. Watch any bad challenge on the pitch and you’ll see that the opposition players will always go nuts over a poorly timed challenge. This wasn’t that. Now it looks bad when you slow it down and take it out of the context of the game, but you see much worse challenges every game in the premier league. As a DMF your job is to harry and harrass and win the ball. You’re making far more tackles than any other part of the field, so naturally there are going to be times when you make poor challanges and times when legitimate tackles can injure a player. It could easily have been one of our players in this situation and I don’t think there would have been a witch hunt like this. While I’m not condoning poor challenges, and it’s terrible that HBA has broken his leg, I don’t think we should villify one player because it happened. The fact that he’s been dropped by his national team seems strange beyond belief.
    Now I fully believe we should be questioning the FA over that complete shambles of a performance on Sunday, but I don’t see why we needed to mantion HBA. I think it just takes away from our real point, that refereeing of such a sub standard has to go punished and that’s what they should be concentrating on. Not a tackle of that nature, which, if De Jong hadn’t have done ‘that’ foul on Alonso in the world cup, there clearly would be anywhere near this level of reaction from the sensationalist media.

    I suppose now De Jong is going to know what it’s like to be Barton or Bowyer on the pitch!

    Anyway, we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and concentrate on beating Wigan!

  45. Steve p-You’re talking with a sensible head mate and I fully understand where you’re coming from, but you also need to take other aspects of the situation into account:

    -This isn’t the first time De Jong has been questioned over ridiculous tackles, or the first time he’s caused serious injury to a player. Infact, Ben Arfa was the second player to have his leg broken by De Jong this year, after he did similar to Stuart Holden in a Friendly. On the biggest stage of them all, the WC final, he literally flying kicked Xabi Alonso in the chest, Alonso called it the worst tackle he’s ever recieved and De Jong admitted he had no idea how he wasn’t sent off.
    -The tackle he made on Ben Arfa, was needless. He scissored Ben Arfa’s standing leg and didn’t need to, to win the ball. The nature of the tackle meant it could always end in the worst possible way and this time, it did. He didn’t need to go in like that to win the ball. I’m not saying in any way he was looking to break his leg, but i’m also not 100% sure he wasn’t looking to stamp his authority on Benny early on, knowing what he’s capable of. Keep in mind this was less than 5 minutes into the game. Less than 5 minutes in and he’s broken the lad’s leg with his first challenge.
    -The Dutch dropping him from the national team, for me, isn’t at all absurd. They want to be associated with the idea of “total football” and after his WC final performance, along with these two tackles, they obviously don’t want him in their team. Keep in mind they’ve seen him play for alot longer than we have and numerous Dutch pundits have came out and said he’s a terrible tackler. One went as far as calling him a “Criminal who should be dragged out of football”.
    -Quite simply, someone has to say something regarding the whole issue. Not just De Jong on Benny but tackling in general. Look at the treatment Barton (not at all a saint, i know) took from Karl Henry. Look at Henry’s tackle last week in the game against Wigan. Look at Cattermole almost weekly at the scum. If everyone just keeps hush, when is it going to stop? If people don’t question the referee’s decisions regarding the challenge, when are players going to think twice before going in like they do and when are referee’s going to be scared into assessing the situation properly? It’s terrible that it’s got to this point, but something has to be done mate. For the game on the whole.

  46. Steve P says:
    October 5, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    “I don’t see why we needed to mantion HBA.”

    I do, he scissored him with the full intention of doing him as much damage as possible, and it isn’t the first time either. Nigel De Jong is a malicious thug who brings the whole of Dutch football into disrepute.

  47. a number of professionals in the game including the Dutch manager and Johann Cruyff have come out publicly saying DeJong needs to curtail the rough tackles, even his mate and partner in crime Van Bommel has said he probably needs to change the way he tackles – suppose they’re deluded as well eh
    Anyway it’s time to move on, there’ll be more broken legs this season no doubt and after all this Barton or Nolan will be involved – think it’s the lack of empathy shown by DeJong even after the event – he’s still yet to come out and apologise or wish HBA well – oh and the complete lack of action from the ref or the toothless fa
    When Nolan injured anichibe and when Guthrie took out that hull player both were sent off not given a pat on the back – that along with all the other blatant mistakes from the ref compounded the situation in my view

  48. Nice to read more comments from benny boy and that the club are passing on our wishes and messages. Maybe just maybe he may still sign with us

  49. Worky-As i said to the reply i made to Steve p, The challenge in the WC was possibly the most ridiculous i’ve seen, not through injury, but through the challenge itself. His foot is almost neck height and he has no intention of playing the ball. Alonso has already headed the ball away by the time his foot connects with his chest. It’s just mindblowing the fact he even tried it. Also, after the challenge on Holden, he immediatly tried to make him stand up by grabbing his arm, before immediatly putting his arm round the referee, patting him on the back and walking off. The lad’s a disgusting tackler, simple.

  50. Ross says:
    October 5, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    “The lad’s a disgusting tackler, simple.”

    Nigel De Jong is also a disgusting man who needs a taste of his own medicine. Something that will put him out of the game permanently for the sake of other players.

  51. Raffo says:
    October 5, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Simon Bird is speculating that he has already signed a permanant deal – why else would NUFC be paying for his re-ab?

    There isn’t a precedant for this.

  52. workyticket says:
    October 5, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    You could be classed has being quite libel tonight, Worky.

  53. Stuart79 says:
    October 5, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    “You could be classed has being quite libel tonight, Worky.”

    How am I being libellous, Stuart? Nigel De Jong has broken the legs of three players, he has kung fu kicked a player during a World Cup Final and he does to be removed from the game for the welfare of other players.

  54. workyticket says:
    October 5, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    I do, he scissored him with the full intention of doing him as much damage as possible, and it isn’t the first time either. Nigel De Jong is a malicious thug who brings the whole of Dutch football into disrepute.

    “Full intention of doing him as much damage as possible?”

    That’s a fair accusation.

    Only he knows the answer to that.

  55. workyticket says:
    October 5, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    Nigel De Jong is also a disgusting man who needs a taste of his own medicine.

    -I was actually nervous about Tiote immediatly after the challenge. I thought he was going to go after De Jong, thankfully he didn’t or we could have lost three of our best playrers on Sunday. Two through injury, one through assault. Or, two through assault, technically.

  56. Steve P

    Sorry, mate but I can’t agree. I too was at the game. The reason nobody in our end made a fuss was because it was at the other end of the pitch.

  57. Stuart-I maybe don’t agree with Worky that he was looking to do as much damage as possible. I do however, think he was looking to put his mark on Benny. I think he was looking to go in hard to scare him. Less than 5 minutes into the game and he’s broken his leg. The leg of arguably, our best and most creative player. A huge coincidence?

  58. ‘When Nolan injured anichibe and when Guthrie took out that hull player both were sent off not given a pat on the back’

    I know we’re being told off for feeling sorry for ourselves.. but I really do think there are double standards and different rules for the top teams, of which we arn’t one anymore.

    Look at what scholes, De Jong, Ballack, Drogba, Vidic ect have all done and the ref turns a blind eye. Cattermole and Henry its a red card and your off son. It really is ruining the game now. Case in point, how many penalty decisions are turned down for the opposition at Old trafford. In 2 games this season Atkinson has awarded the opposition, both ‘top 6’ teams penalties against us both at SJP and away. When we have had a two ‘stonewall’ penalties turned down away from home. Double standards.

  59. Ross says:
    October 5, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    Tiote is a million, million years ahead of De Jong in quality, skill and temperment. To think De Jong cost £15m.

    Ross says:
    October 5, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    I agree, whether he wanted to do him damage I don’t know, but he was certainly looking at putting a marker down. But that happens in every game, only it’s done by beter players.

  60. Stuart-“I agree, whether he wanted to do him damage I don’t know, but he was certainly looking at putting a marker down. But that happens in every game, only it’s done by beter players.”

    -Does that make it acceptable though? I know thats not what you’re saying, but just because players go in hard early on and don’t do serious damage doesn’t mean this should be brushed aside as just part and parcel of the game. Players that go in hard early with fair tackles, fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. But this was completly different. De Jong has looked to go in hard and scare him, not to win the ball and show Benny who’s boss. I think he’s went in with the intention of giving him a knock. Sadly for him and us, like you say, his lack of technical ability with tackling has meant he’s quite blatantly snapped Benny’s leg.

  61. DJG, I’ve always wondered about this. Do the top teams get more penalties because they have more of the ball in the danger areas…? I’m not sure and I’d tend to agree with you, I imagine as a proportion of possession and territory, we get screwed over Vs the top teams. I mean how many penalties to United and formerly Liverpool used to get! I juts think the referees feel intimidated by Ferguson and the like.

  62. Stuart

    I don’t think it’s fair to say Tiote is miles ahead of De Jong. Tiote is a quality player, but so is the Dutchman. The problem is not his quality, it’s his mindset. Am I the only one to notice that his tackling has gotten increasingly worse since joining the Prem? Don’t get me wrong, he was no “shrinking violet” (Cheers Mick) in Holland, but when I see him on the pitch nowadays he reminds me of a dog that’s been let off of the leash. He seems all too happy leaving players in a pile on the floor. Like the manager of one of the Dutch teams recently said, his mind is not in the correct state and he needs to see a psychiatrist.

  63. I agree stu mate he has looked really good, also interesting about Simon bird, where did u read that mate?

  64. Stuart and Ross

    I had a telephone conversation with a mate today that mirrored the debate you are currently having. I must admit, I was leaning slightly more towards Ross’ direction.

  65. I would agrue that De Jong is talented.

    Talented at performing a two footed lunge on a player, breaking his leg and disgusing it as a ‘fair’ challenge.

    Having watched it back, I don’t think he meant to break his leg, but he wanted to hurt him and put him off his game. The second leg was far too high and nowhere near the ball so was intended to hurt benny. If benny’s studs weren’t in the ground he would have likely got a hard knock and carried on with a limp to run off. Would that have been acceptable? I think the FA need to protect people from serious injuries like this instead of turning a blind eye.

  66. Steve P says:
    October 5, 2010 at 10:19 pm
    DJG, I’ve always wondered about this. Do the top teams get more penalties because they have more of the ball in the danger areas…?

    If you look at the game stats for sunday mate I think they only had one more shot on target than us and we actually had more possession than them.

  67. I agree, but I would rather not see the prem turn in to La Liga. I love the competative nature on the prem and whilst I don’t want to see reckless tackles go unpunished, I would hate to see an overreaction in refereeing to the point that players a affraid to challenge for the ball.
    The pace of the prem is so great now that a player can be a split second out of tie with a tackle and it can look savage.
    I want to see great football and skillfull football, so it’s important that we prevent skillful players from being targetted, but we need to do that without taking away the fire and competative nature of the prem away. Perhaps you can’t have it both ways and I certainly don’t have the answer, but I hope someone does. However with the people that run our game and those clowns in FIFA and UEFA, I doubt it.

  68. Yeah, I wasn’t talking about that game specifically, more over a season. I’m pretty sure we’ll get no way near as many penalties as we did last season, which is most likely because we won’t be dominating or having as much of the ball in the opposition’s penalty area. I suppose what I was wondering is, will this be proportionate to how much a team dominates possession and position over a season, or is there a true bias towards the top teams….?

  69. Steve P

    Have you seen the La Liga lately? It’s quite different to what it was a few years back. If the Prem was anything like the current La Liga we would have a good balance of technical ability, tenacity and intelligent defending. Not the current morons we have right now who believe “gettin’ stuck in!” is the be all, end all of the defensive game.
    Here is an interesting article for anyone who believes that these full blooded, no holds barred, take the ball and man types of players are doing the English game any good.

    Marcotti and Balague are the voices of reason in today’s pathetically poor level of punditry.

  70. Raffo – mirror website.

    DJG – I agree he probably didn’t intend to break his leg but drink drivers don’t intend to kill people in their car when pissed. It’s still reckless though so they need to be punished.

  71. El toro – de Jong does not have one redeeming feature about his football. He doesn’t score goals, he’s not a brilliant passer and he’s a defensive midfielder that clearly cannot tackle.

    Tiote is on a different planet mate.

  72. 1. Still thinking about corruption in the league. If it happened in Italy, it could happen in the Prem. Won’t be surprised if a big match fixing scandal is exposed in England.

    2. The leg-breaking tackles are proliferating and must be clamped down on, whether it’s against us or any other team.

    3. Tiote: I think he’s been fantastic for us, but I’ve seen a number of challenges from him that could be on or over the danger line. We have to be a little careful about going over board–pots & kettles and all that. The refereeing culture that allows this to continue needs to be addressed.

    4. I’m really tired.

  73. El Torro, I must admit, I used to watch a lot of La Liga and haven’t really watched anywhere near as much as I did 4-5 years ago and prior to that (too much travelling with work), so perhaps that has changed, bu I think you know the point I was making. That’s a very interesting piece you posted (I completely agree with you re: Balague and Marcotti) but I do love the cut and thrust of the Premier League and I wouldn’t want that to be compromised. Like you say, maybe it wouldn’t be, so let’s see I suppose.

  74. Tiote is much better with the ball than De Jong, but he has a reputation himself when it comes to tackling – the stamp on Elano was pretty crude a la Lescott on Perch.

  75. Christ, my grammar is terrible. I think I need to go to bed too. This is what London does to you!

  76. I agree Tiote has been an excellent aquisition for us. I can’t believe how quick and skillfully he dribbles the ball for a ‘defensive donkey’. Nicky Butt must be sitting there thinking, thank god that lad wasn’t here 5 years ago or I would have been collecting my pension even earlier. Different planet to Smith and Butt that lad is.

    I hope benny won’t be too badly affected because he seems to rely on immense control and dribbling rather than sheer speed and pace. It has impressed me how many ‘non NUFC’ people in the media sounded dissapointed that he is out, as if other fans wanted to watch him aswell.

  77. Tiote so far has been class and if he continues the form he has shown he’ll be one of best buys of the season done by any club in my opinion…..early days yet tho.

  78. Well done to the club for making a point of sticking up for HBA.
    If clubs don’t say anything, it’ll never change.
    It actually makes it easier to move on too.
    Not that the sweet fa will do anything. They hedge their bets with their crafty, double edged ‘rules’ on such matters. Which is the real reason this kind of thing is still happening in the game.
    They are the real culprits.
    They’ve had numerous opportunities to clamp down on this shit this season already, & failed to act.
    Next in line are the ‘pundits’ at the game(commenting) & on tv, trying to excuse it.
    Not holding me breath for their response.

  79. Worky

    I never thought I would say this, but I 100% agree with your views on De Jong. The bloke is a thug. His challenge was crude and cowardly. He meant it ok.

    The sooner we get the leg breakers out of our game the better.

    This sort of attitude is engrained in our game and will be difficult to get rid of. How many ex players / pundits were explaining the tackle away? It is only since the Dutch manager had the honesty to tell it as it is that the press / media in the UK have jumped on the bandwagon.

    I do not want our game to become a non contact sport, but the art of good tackling is dying and being replaced by the likes of De Jong, Henry, Shawcross, Cattermole, Van Bommel.

    Wenger is unjustifiably vilified for speaking out against this, well how many more broken legs before we begin to address the situation?

    El Toro (70) Great article.

    As you can tell I am still incandescent with rage at the player and the ref.

  80. Aye Stu, Tiote dribbles rings round de jong.
    What a player we’ve got there, absolute bargain.

  81. Did NUFC ask for sheare to be banned after kicking lennon in the head that time ??? or when he had elbowed someone again and got away with it ??? HYPOCRITES Oh and doesnt alan “never made a bad tackle” smith still play for you lot ? I think the fat lads with their shirts off are turning into soft arsed wussies !!

  82. By your logic we’re apparently asking for MCFC to demand De Jong be banned. Your argument makes no sense, has no substance. Just stupid.

  83. Did Shearer break anyone’s leg in half?
    Did Shearer or most other players get sent off for less?
    What a shit & pathetic argument.
    Yea, let’s see players badly injured in our football, it makes us hard, ponce.
    It’s FOOT-BALL, not FOOT-LEG.
    You think £200m would buy a bit of class?

  84. Mike Cooke, you are a fool – either contribute something sensible or shut up.

    Can you not understand that De Jong broke Ben Arfa’s leg in two places and the ref did not even deem it a foul. THAT IS THE SITUATION. Our comments are in response to this. DEAL WITH IT.

  85. Shit! How many of our games are sly gonna put on live tv to garner viewers at our expense this season.
    They are taking the piss.

  86. Alreet mags,
    Well it’s definitely gonna keep a few fans at home with us being on so much.
    They love using us for viewers, just like motd putting us on last to keep us watching.
    Milk it baby.

  87. Aye Raffo,
    it is spot on.
    Fair, winning tackles please, not hard, mistimed pointless ones.

  88. Coming from a former ‘top class international’ like Andy those words must have weight behind them!…or not.

  89. The article has mixed messages for me. I disagree with him with the ben arfa tackle, look where the ball is in the picture if he won it so fairly, it’s behind h!!

    Th secon thing is the stance by the Dutch manager. I agree with his reasons for doing it, but I do agree that he shouldve taken him off in the summer and also van bommel was awful all world cup, but was booked only once!! Also the Dutch team did try to kick Spain off the pitch. I think townsend is just a perfect example of the majority of the old pros in the media. The o ly one who dares to really go against the grain and seemingly have an alternate opinion to the masses is collymore to a lesser degree but mike parry on talksport. He talks stupid alo of the time and in not an avid listener and don’t know what he has said on the ben arfa tackle, but he isn’t afraid to make a different opinion, unlike the motd presenters

  90. 3 leg breaks in the first 7 prem games.
    Is this what we want in our game in this country?
    The Dutch are sick of this behavior from de mong, so have done something about it, for themselves, it tells us a lot.
    The english game is out of step with other leagues. I don’t care who a player plays for, it sucks when this happens. Sometimes, it’s a complete ‘accident’, not this time & not in the case of clattermole & henry. vicious attack would describe them better.
    england fc will never get anywhere going to comps thinking that this kind of ‘play’ is ok. & even ‘our’ refs have let us down on the world stage for not stopping this shit.
    So about another 16 vile attacks to go this season?
    How many more before the fa act?
    Spineless mongs.

  91. Anyone seen that sh1te Liverpool appeal vid on You Tube?

    Fcukin Hell, and I thought some of our fans were embarrassing.

    They’re harping on like they’re trying to cure AIDS or save starving babies in Africa.

    One of them even compares the American ownership to watching every one of their family members being repeatedly raped!!??

    WTF!!! Get a grip you sad scouse b@stards. I hope you’s go into admin and I hope you’s get fcuking relegated. And if you don’t I hope you get bought by an even bigger cnut than the last 2. Now fcuk off the lot of ya!!!

  92. HBA has left hospital micky.
    Wonder if he’s had any sort of apology from anyone at city yet?

    aye, i started watching it, but it was way too embarrassing & had to stop.
    Well, it looks like they’re gonna be sold to another american with less dosh than MA, roughly $1b. I also heard that they were gonna go into admin to try & get round paying some of their massive debt.
    Don’t know how that would work, or how true it is?

  93. Looks like the Scousers have their wish in the end though.

    Ashley isn’t even in the top ten of the football owners rich list now.

  94. How’s he gonna manage their debt, buy/build a new stadium & plough money into the playing staff though.
    I wonder if they’ll be happy.
    Don’t know if it’s exactly what they expected/wanted.
    Another American?

  95. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 6, 2010 at 10:44 am

    Their paying off the debt. That’s why Hicks and Gillet aren’t happy. They think they should be getting all the money instead.

  96. still along way to go surely,since the only people on the board whoa havnt agreed the sale are the only 2 who matter…the owners

  97. richietoon says:
    October 6, 2010 at 10:59 am

    Not so, it would seem.

    When Hicks and Gillete refinanced with RBS it was under the condition that RBS could appoint Martin Broughton as Chairman and he would get the casting vote on any issue regarding the sale of the club.

    The owners are taking legal action so it’s not all done and dusted but they have no option really. If they don’t agree to the sale, RBS won’t refinance, they cannot get refinance with anyone else so they will go into administration and end up with nothing anyway.

  98. what a mess LFC are in

    presumably if the go into administration they lose points … I think it 9 points so they would be -3 points with 31 games to play … :)

  99. ah ok Stuart…..I knew they’d have no option once RBS called in the money(which I think is next week)…….If I was H&G I’d put the club into administration(if poss) as one last f*ck you gesture ;-)

  100. jay jay … nothing is impossible in this land of make believe that is called football !! :)

  101. Stu, are they paying it ALL off in cash?
    That’s gonna leave him well short of a stadium & players.

  102. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 6, 2010 at 11:53 am

    Yeah, Liverpool will be debt free.

    That will make it a lot easier to get a stadium built and to buy players. They do after all have a big turnover and will make a healthy profit without the debt and interest payments.

    They may go down the Arsenal route. In the US he just rebuilt Boston’s ground instead of moving, which was obviously cheaper.

  103. Stu,
    so clear the debt & create ‘new’ debt?
    Not saying it’s a bad thing.
    At least the guy sounds like he has a clue.

  104. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 6, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    I suppose unless you have a rich Arab that’s the only way.

  105. Aye mate,
    & i guess that won’t be too much help when fifa change the rules.
    It should shake(sheik)things up a bit & make it a bit more interesting?
    & it should make the manager really earn his corn, instead of having the ‘ability’ to just buy a squad/team/title.
    Could be a good thing.

  106. I see Mancini is “standing behind De Jong” well you wouldn’t want to be stood in front of him would you?

  107. From Uncle Ed’s site …

    Marseilles’ manager Didier Deschamps is quoted as saying

    “It’s a great pity,He’ll need patience, but he’ll be back at his best level. He had just started with Newcastle. Now we’ll have to wait until the end of the season to see what happens. Personally, I sent Hatem a text after his injury. I didn’t call him because I’m not sure if he would have replied. There is an option for Newcastle to purchase him bound to a number of matches.
    He won’t play them, obviously, but we’ll have to see what Newcastle do. There would be no problem for me in him returning to Marseilles, but I don’t think it’s too much in his own plans.

    So we have to buy him if he plays the necessary number of games … but its up to us to buy him if he doesn’t play those games … thats the way I read it anyway :)

  108. Aye shrews,
    basically deschamps is in a poor position & can’t see HBA wanting to go back there.
    Nice that ‘uncle ed’ decided to put up that under a sensationalist title. I sometimes wonder who he supports.

    All the other versions reckon we still have first refusal.
    Although i doubt anyone else will come in for him now.
    At least not until he’s proved he’s back to fitness.

    It’s interesting that OM haven’t showed much sympathy/empathy with HBA like.
    They don’t want him back.

    Can’t believe that pundits are still sticking up for de jong (pronounced: de mong) especially a brazil on talksport, wAngker.

  109. btw,why didn’t NUFC supporters come up a video like that….

    Dear Mr.Ashley… :lol: :lol:

  110. I suggest we should move on from the whole De Jong things from now. We make our voice clear and be heard as a fan and as a club official.

    I get the sole point that we all are gut because De Jong’s challenge went unpunishment.

    But I don’t want us to drag on these thing to go on and on. You know what the hype the press can cause and that make our own team being open for criticism in the future if one of our own player do something wrong.

    So get you ready for the next match
    and I’m really glad the two Danny are back and had a good reserve game last night.

    I do think that Guthrie will add more in midfield from all his pass and his cross that can be the assists and Simpson that I think he played really well along side Routledge last season.


  111. As long as Ryan taylor gets a start ahead of Routledge,i am fine with the team…

    With 2 Danny’s back,is some how lighten the loss of ben arfa to long-term injury.

  112. It is time to move on from the HBA incident. Anyone know if we can still sign free agents? Like we did with Pancrate last season. Is it allowed in the prem? If so, then there’s a solution. Down at Arsenal, Pires is training to keep fit. He may be old and slower but a great playmaker. Can’t be worse than Nolan. A lot of fans said that when we bought Beardsley at 33! If that’s not possible how about a bid for Krankjaer at Xmas.

  113. Ain’t it quiet on here of late. A full 9 hours ish from my comment at daft o’clock!! I read the deschamps comments that it is pretty much up to benny if he wants to stay her or not. If he was desperate to come here, and we are showing how much we value him and want him to stay then frankly I think we are in a v good position to get him on a perm deal and give him the no 10 shirt.

  114. Not a lot to say after the sunday debacle really.
    It’ll all change when the next game comes up i suspect.
    Leg breaks, international breaks, break from real football.

  115. Just out of curiosity, I’ve noticed a few people talking about will they, won’t they, buy Ben Arfa.

    Wasn’t that the whole carry on in the summer? Agreeing the fee? I know its a loan, but the way I read it in the summer, was he’s our player. Just sort of borrowed to us until we can scrape the wedge together.. I may be wrong but thats the way I see it.

    Also, how did ‘Wor Ed’ get Ben Arfa move in doubt from what Deschamps said? Baffled me that.

  116. Also, Hows it gannin Stu? Been a while since I’ve disagreed with you man.. I miss it.

  117. Daverism ‘ 142 – It’s because a sensational headline gets more hits (or money for the cynical amongst us ;) )