Good news about Ben Arfa!

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Hatem Ben Arfa - Get well soon bonny lad.
Hatem Ben Arfa - Get well soon bonny lad.
As Hatem Ben Arfa begins the long and winding road to what will hopefully be a full recovery, many people have been waiting to see just where the Frenchman would be conducting his rehabilitation.

What usually happens when a loan player suffers a serious injury like this is that the player will end up going back to his parent club, in this case Marseille, to conduct their rehabilitation.

The reason for that is that he is still technically their player and the club who own him will usually want to look after their own player, plus there is usually an unwillingness for the club that is loaning the player to take the financial hit of paying wages and medical bills for the player.

As I say, that is the usual way things happen, but it seems that things are happening differently with Hatem Ben Arfa. The news is that he will be staying on Tyneside and letting the Newcastle medical staff nurse him back to full fitness. That, in my eyes, is a very very positive move regarding the future of the player.

After the initial shock and anger of the situation, that is where the thoughts of many people had turned. The concern was that this would be the last we would see of Hatem and that the club would effectively wash their hands of him. Sounds harsh, but it also wouldn’t have surprised me if that happened such is the ruthless nature of our owner. Business first remember.

The fact that Newcastle are going to be overseeing the recovery of a player that isn’t technically their player, the fact that Hatem was quick to say he wants to stay and get fit for the fans, plus Marseille’s apparent willingness to let him stay here all bode well for the signing of the player over the summer in my opinion, providing we don’t get relegated again of course. It would appear that Newcastle are sticking by Ben Arfa, which is fantastique!

He may have only played in a handful of games for us, but there is little doubt that Ben Arfa has established himself as a crowd favourite already, and there is also no doubt that he will be sorely missed. What we all need to do now, right from the top of the club, to the players and the fans is get behind Hatem and show support for him. Incidentally, you can leave any get well soon messages here.

We also need to get behind the team more than ever. Things are tough at the moment, but the new Newcastle generaly come out fighting when their backs are against the wall. They’ll need to, and they’ll need to show that fighting spirit from now until the end of the season.

Do it for Benny!

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80 Responses

  1. Toonsy……wouldn’t it always be the resbonsibility of the club who the player is on loan to anyway?, after all he was injured playing for us so why should Marseille take the hit? If not then morally it’s the right thing for us to do. Let’s see if he still wants to recover here when Winter hits, I know where I’d rather be! ;-)

  2. This was the 3rd or 4th “scissor tackle” I’ve seen this year that has gone unnoticed (without a free kick/yellow/red) that has resulted in a serious injury.

    I say Scissor tackle where it is not a straight two-footer but one where the legs come together and close around the player. They are deadly, and those who do them know what they’re doing.

    Anyone who has played the sport at a reasonable level will understand this. They are renowned for ligament damage/breaks like we see here with poor Hatem.

    It makes me sick. When are we going to catch a break and when will referees wake up to this.

    All the best Hatem, your friend from Australia.

  3. Rich – Nah, usually the player gets sent back, especially if it’s a biggie like this.

  4. Yeah I know they often go back,as the parent club wants to make sure they get the best treatment, I meant more the footing the bill bit?
    See some tw@t put some spam/advertising on that get well link.Tossers

  5. I do worry about our medical people, especially that bald headed physio geezer that’s been here for years.We have a truly appalling record on injuries and treating them :- Dyer, Viduka, Owen, Duff to name a few.

  6. True about our record Nick but those are injury prone players anyway and a couple there that I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d feigned one or two ;-)

  7. Great news…I did think it strange Marseille have had nowt to say about the injury. It does seem to me that it’s as if it is a done deal bringing him here permanently, otherwise their crazy boss would be spouting all kinds of sh*te about us as we speak, and dragging the lad back home.

  8. Good news indeed Toonsy regarding him rehabilitating here and feeling part of the clubetc. However medicine and rehab in France is of a high standard so if they drag him back there for a bit we shouldn’t be despondent – and read too much into it. Remember that’s where Ashley Cole went for his rehab before the world cup and he seemed to progress really quickly and was ready to play ahead of predictions.

  9. Get well soon benny boy:-)
    On a happier note for me,India just won one of the most nail biting test matches i have ever seen against the mighty Australians.YEAH!!!

  10. Does it really matter?

    Whether he’s here or in France, he still cannot play and we are going to miss him hugely!

    We’re going to have real problems scoring this season, new striker in January a must.

    Before anybody mentions Villa, it was a freak result and if you take them 6 we scored in one game we’ve scored 4 goals! Hardly setting the heather alight is it?

  11. G.DEB,good point,seems like a lot of players leave the country to get “better” treatment,sad statement really,seem to be 2nd best at a lot of things now :(

  12. Icedod – agree. The days of the NHS or UK healthcare system being the envy of the world are long gone. As part of my job I visit hospitals in lots of different countries and I can tell you that a lot of the perceived ‘lower standard countries’would put some of our disgustingly filthy slovenly places to shame.

  13. i see a little bit of justice has been given to de jong his been axed by the holland squad for the upcoming friendly more should follow i expect he has some bad reviews by the holland press already

  14. nufc337 – yeah, shows a bit of class from the Dutch manager.

    However, this isn’t the first player De Jong has ‘done’ and the FA need to step in and ensure players see some real punishment for this sort of thing.

  15. this has been going on for a bit how the english game has become a bit to rough (i blame the likes of de jong and karl henry) this only strengthens the point after HBA that the game needs looking into and refs have to stamp some authority or someone else’s leg is going to get snapped

  16. Why are people still going on about the ref or the tackle? It’s gone, finished with and there’s jack shit we can do about it.

    Lets not forget that Nolan put a lad out of action and Guthrie did something similar to a Hull player.

    Doesn’t make it right, but double standards are a shameful thing.

  17. Oh yeah I forgot, the penalty we got against Stoke was a bit soft too.

    Lets just get on with the next match and staying up as it’s going to be a hard task and things like this just take everyone’s focus away from the real goal this season.

  18. G.DEB,i know were you are comeing from,my wife was a nurse and often came home angry and upset over the standard of care,she came through her training in the 60s,she left in disgust never to return,sad state of affairs really

  19. De Jong has been dropped form the holland squad because of “some of his challenges” according to the manager

    he deserves it the p**k

  20. davies
    It wasnt really that soft… It was a penalty, just a stupid one to give away, not a soft decision

  21. The penalty at Stoke was not soft. It was a stone wall penalty. It just seems soft as most refs like to turn a blind eye to those types of cynical challenges. Hence why Huth was so surprised he had actually been penalised.

  22. it is only a matter of time..b4 we get results are play has deserved..good news we can beat any1 not many teams can say that..the season we went down..we were worried in every game..this time around..we look good enough agaisnt anyteam we that to me is a big boost..the results will come..when the players start to jack it in games..then is the time to worry..that has not been the case this season..we have looked stronger bye fighting back in games..the only way is up..and i see good times ahead..

  23. Fantastic words from Jose by the way. He is just saying what we all think. Ah well, I suppose it is time to move on now. Like Stu says, its finished now and we can’t go back and change those decisions etc. Onwards and upwards.

  24. well ch!a.carrol must have done something wrong!anyway ch..why hasnt nolan been dropped he has been are worst player in the last 3 games..he has offered us nothing..anyway that is my next game he shouldnt be playing..apart from that..the rest have played thier part..the results havnt gone are way..

  25. As an ever optomistic Geordie, i’m going to look at how Ben Arfa’s injury could be a blessing in disguise.

    So he suffers this awful injury – but after all the water under the bridge it’s understandable he wouldn’t return to Marseille, at least so soon, and wants to stay here.

    If he can recover in time to put a good handful of games in at the end of the season then he will have a lot to thank Newcastle for looking after him after such an injury. The injury also may just give us an advantage on purchasing him, in respect of Marseille letting him go for a bit cheaper or for at least the £5.5mill figure being reported.

    So I hope it spurs Hughton into realising how badly we need more cover on the sides. We’re short of at least one quality winger for cover/competition of Guti and Routledge. On that note, I can’t help but watch the link up play between Jose and Jonas and then watch the ball switched to the right and realise how unbelievably weak it is.

  26. when will gosling be he running at the moment..does any1 no..he will fill the right hand side plus goals

  27. god is it just me or does nolan speak to the media more than anyother player in the prem…..that along with a few inept performances have left me sick to death of hearing from him, he needs to get some pace and stamina

    i think he needs droppin, personally id prefer barton and guthrie instead of barton nolan

  28. toonsy,divvent knaa if that’s good to be honest “nursed back to health by newcastle medical staff” it worked a treat for duncan ferguson,alan shearer,jonathon woodgate,marcelino,carl cort,kieron dyer,michael owen etc lol.

  29. Stuart79 at long last after 2 days of mourning(moaning) I’ve got to agree it’s time to move on,but I don’t think I have been as angry after a football match in my life.One thing I have learned these last couple of days though ,aren’t professional golfers boring people.

  30. Talksport yesterday claimed that our medical team actually double up as the u21 physio? They can’t be too bad. Rumour on Carroll btw is that he had an argument with Pearce. He said he was injured in the Wolves game and our physio team told the U21’s he wasn’t fit. Pearce then demanded he link up with the squad and be checked by their physio..who is ours, the same bloke who just told pearce he wasn’t fit. Adrian Durham also said if Scotland approach Carroll over it he’ll be fuming and Pearce will have to answer for the decision.

  31. TOONDARLO – yes, Nolan speaks to the press more than any other player. That’s because he’s the CAPTAIN, ya twonk! :)

    He has gone missing a bit in the last few games, mind. I thought we looked much better when he went off for Carroll and we switched to 4-4-2 on Sunday.

    As for Benny; all’s been said about the tackle and likewise the ref decisions. We do need to make a fuss, because nothing happens without it (squeakiest wheel and all that). But Stu also has a point about moving on.

  32. OK, so in the spirit of moving on, I have to admit that despite one of the worst games ever in terms of luck (or bribery) I came away less annoyed than I could have. Why?

    Because our lads have yet to let their heads down this season, and if they didn’t when playing 10 men, a psychopath and the ref, they never will.

    We thrashed Villa, we kept battling at Man U, we got a result not seen for decades at Everton. The only let-downs have been at home against teams that have since shown how difficult they can be against other opposition too.

    I think our lads have kept that fighting spirit from last year, and we’ll continue to improve through the season with that as a foundation. Guts, glory, and the occasional period of really entertaining, clever football.

    Even the MOTD commentators are saying we should be ok; I think we’ll be better than ok. With or without Benny, bless ‘im.

  33. Whumpie says:
    October 5, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    I’m glad that after failing to beat ANY of our relegation rivals two of them at home) that you think we’ll be ok, even better than ok.


  34. I think everyone is resigned to the fact we need to move on without Benny but I don’t think we can be blamed for needing to vent anger either. The whole situation was diabolical and we’ve been left far worse off because of it. Even if de Jong was suspended city just draft in another 20 million quids worth of midfielder for a few games. Onwards and upwards, 3 points against Wigan needed. HWTL.

  35. Sad thing is that we’re playing reasonably well but not turning that good play into goals (discounting the freak villa result) pleanty of teams have gone down playing attractive football where you usually get the tv pundits saying they’re to good to go down and that they’ll eventually start turning it round … then its bye bye do not pass go, do not collect 200 pounds
    we need a striker, carroll will not score 20 goals this season, they’ve already worked him out – stick two players on him and squeeze him out

  36. fourfouroneone says:
    October 5, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Agreed, take the ‘freak’ result out and we’ve scored only 4 goals. Doesn’t look as good.

    We need to look at the bigger picture, although I think we do obviously have a better chance of staying up playing well.

    Just need to convert the good positions we get into, into chances then goals.

  37. Ffoo-I think it’s more a case of lack of service and a partner that is leaving Carroll out in the cold at times. With his size and ability in the air, without going too far he could on days be unplayable should he have service/help. Two up top against Wigan is a must.

  38. No, Stuart – not absurd at all. You seem to just ignore everything but the worst indicators as if hell-bent on finding a reason to shout “we’re all doooooomed” in your best glasgy accent. (It wouldn’t be the same on here without you doing that, fella!)

    Yep, the Blackpool and Stoke results were mystifying and infuriating. But you cannot ignore Everton and Villa, and you cannot ignore the underlying performances and attitude which are a far better indicator of a team’s potential for the season than any individual result.

    But if you do insist on judging everything on pure numbers, why not take it to the obvious ultimate indicator?

    We’re 15th. That’s survival. We’re ok.

    And yes, that’s being facetious. ;)

  39. Ross – I think Carroll’s lack of goals recently has been more to do with a dip in form from Nolan than his own. No point having the ‘big man up front’ if there’s nowt but opposition players and turf for 20 yards in any direction from him.

  40. Whumpie says:
    October 5, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    Delusion, pure delusion.

    We beat an Everton team without a win, who were second bottom of the league and we beat a Villa team that had no manager and missed a penalty.

    I’m not playing them achievements down, I’m just giving a more balanced view on them, an opposite view if you like. We deserved them results, no argument about that. But I don’t think they are realistic indicators of where we are and where we’ll finish. Northampton Town aren’t going to win their division just because they beat Liverpool.

    The bigger picture is we have played well against Wolves and couldn’t beat them, we played well against Blackpool and couldn’t beat them and we played well against City but came away with nothing.

    What’s going to happen when we don’t play well? Stoke at home for instance?

  41. After all the fuss about HBA (all of it warranted and understandable – I’m gutted) anybody got any news on Colo? Was it a groin pull? Little strain? OK for Wigan? Anybody?

  42. No one ever said this season would be easy (except maybe asim ;) ).

    We’ve already played some tough games and I think its fair to say we’ve had more than our share of bad luck.

    We still have 7 points from 7 games.

    If we continue in that form we will get 38 points, which last season was good enough for 15th (the very position we find ourselves in now).

    I’m sure if we were offered 15th at the start of the season most of us would take it.

    Bottom line is we are going to struggle this season, we will still suffer some shock defeats and inflict a few surprise wins, but so long as we stay up it will have been a successful season, and I’m as confident as ever we will do just that.

    Howay the lads!!!

  43. anyone else seen that van bommel had come out in support of de jong? no surprise really, VB is probably the only person who is more of a hack than DJ…

  44. one of the frustrating things with the team is, especially in the season we went down, we’d show up against the better teams (the man u’s, arsenal, chelseas) with good fighting performances, usually still for nothing. when the wigans and stokes of the world came around, we’d show a total lack of effort as if we thought we were better and could just walk those matches. after last season, i thought the squad would have it out of their system as a bit of a reality check in terms of being relegated.
    it almost seems like that mentality didn’t get completely cleaned out. granted we performed well against wolves and still lost, but i think there’s still work to be done getting the right mindset of every team we face deserves to be treated like a top club. some consistency would be fantastic.

  45. ECM – you cannot possibly compare this squad and their mentality to the team of two years ago. Quite simply they are poles apart.

  46. our season really starts after this international break. The coming three league games could genuinely decide the nature of this season. How many points do you expect to pick up from these games?

    Realistically, I would predict 5 pts – beating Wigan and getting draws away at West Ham and in the derby.

    Would you be satisfied with that?

    Wigan at home, though, is the crucial one. It is must-win against a genuine relegation contender – Stoke and perhaps Blackpool weren’t realy that.

  47. Well said TC – exactly my view! Having said that I’m surprised at the depth of emotion I’ve felt over HBA. Awful sh•t!

  48. fourfouroneone says:
    October 5, 2010 at 1:41 pm
    Sad thing is that we’re playing reasonably well but not turning that good play into goals (discounting the freak villa result) pleanty of teams have gone down playing attractive football where you usually get the tv pundits saying they’re to good to go down and that they’ll eventually start turning it round …

    Unfortunately, this league does not reward good football anymore…

    Unless you’re chelsea and play at such a high level that you are practically unstoppable..

  49. TC – i think you’re missing my point because yes, the overall mindset of this team and two season ago is miles apart. i’m saying though that despite that, we still seem to take the foot off the gas against the bottom-mid table teams. performances against the big boys always seem to be at 110% but we seem to give less than that against the lower portion of the league.

  50. Stu – thought I’d never say this, but I agree with TC on this one!
    We have to look around and realise that the whole league is chaos at the moment, with anyone able to beat just about anyone else. We are far from the only team with inconsistent results.
    I think that if (when) we sort our home form we’ll see that consistency, because away from home we have been consistently battling and effective – even if the results haven’t always followed.
    If we don’t sort our home form, we’re in trouble – but I really can’t see that happening.
    By my reckoning we’ve only put in one really poor shift out of seven so far (Stoke), which is streets ahead of what happened 2 years ago and plenty to stay up.

  51. Na, I disagree, ECM.

    We played well against Wolves, so-so against Blackpool and pretty poorly against Stoke, if I’m honest.

    However, in all of those games you couldn’t fault the lads for effort and commitment (something that was sorely lacking in our relegation season).

    The lads have a never say die attitude now – even against Blackpool when we were 2-0 with seconds to go they kept pushing forward.

    In the relegation season the heads would have dropped and their attention would have turned to how much tax they’d save by not getting a win bonus.

  52. Whumpie – divint worry – true genius is often overlooked.

    Even Einstein and Darwin were treated with contempt to begin with. ;)

  53. Ross,
    telt ya’ Carroll wasn’t injured when he pulled out of the u21’s camp last time.
    It was obvious.
    & it’s typical pearce revenge to drop him this time.
    But, who cares, all the better for us.

  54. Does anyone else think that Andy’s omission from the England squads (and our starting line-up last Sunday) might have anything to do with his impending court date.

    It is only a couple of weeks away now, isn’t it?

    Maybe his head’s not in the right place? Maybe he was omitted on CH’s advice??

  55. TC,
    quite possibly mate.
    england won’t really wanna be associated atm, will they?
    Does it have to have an verdict this time, or can it get adjourned again?

  56. reserves still nowts each……behind closed doors wtf!

    ordered my tickets for Bolton away, good to see West Ham and Arsenal away games both sold out in the Toon end :-)

  57. fair enough TC. guess it’s a case of agree to disagree.

    i think his omission had more to do with the ankle injury he’s supposedly been trying to deal with and his form cooling off a bit over the last few matches. not too worried though as i’m sure his chance will be coming. actually kind of glad he didnt get the call up this time as it’ll give him the time to focus on getting that ankle back to 100%

  58. Clint-strange situation. Carroll and our physios say he’s taken a knock, Pearce demands he plays and then refuses to pick him. Media didn’t seem too impressed with the situation. The piece on talksport I heard questioned why he wasn’t picked over the likes of Davies and then questioned Pearce for dropping him. I don’t think he’ll play for Scotland as I’m sure cappello has said he has a future with England but who knows what’s going on. All canny petty anyway!

  59. Carroll’s court case is on the 25th and is scheduled to last for three days. I guess it could get adjourned or extended, but I doubt it to be honest. Saying that. I’m not a lawyer so wouldn’t know.

    I’m just going off my gut feeling, and the fact that I very much doubt AC’s highly paid lawyers will have told him to plead not guilty unless he was actually not guilty or unless they could blow the prosecution straight put of the water.

  60. Toonsy……I said more or less the same about AC’s lawyer the other day.I think he must be fairly confident of getting him off or off lightly.

  61. Carroll wasn’t injured guys, CH is trying to keep the lid on him, particularly with his impending case. Loads of teams find ‘knocks’, viruses reasons/excuses not to send their players for int. duty, especially if it’s a no mark game & they have club games coming thick & fast. manusa/chelsea/liverpoo/arse, they all do it, all the time, howay. Haven’t y’noticed how a player is ‘injured’ before a friendly, then 2 days later they’re playing for their club.
    It ain’t rocket surgery.

  62. Clint – probably right, mate.

    I hope Carroll kicks his accuser’s butt on the 25th, if I’m right about that case. So many trumped-up charges by shysters hoping a rich footballer (e.g. Carroll, Titus) will go for an out-of-court settlement rather than let it go further. My guess is that Carroll’s not having it and wants to crush ’em.

    Hope so.

  63. getting back to the tackle I havent seen a season with so many bad tackles, I put it down to crap teams like Stoke, Blackpool and Wolves who cant play football and will do whatever it takes to rough up football playing sides, how many broken legs have we had over the last 2 seasons? Ramsey, Zamora, Ben Arfa and how many more.

    The FA is being negligent as well as the shit standard of referees

    Something has to be done

  64. GET WELL SOON BENNY..Absolutly devastated man, i love this guy still get my home shirt with BEN ARFA 37 on it.