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De Jong ‘regrets’ breaking Ben Arfa’s leg

November 17th, 2011 | 15 Comments |

Newcastle United’s Hatem Ben Afra receives a letter from Nigel de Jong expressing regret over last season’s tackle, which resulted in a broken tibia and fibula for Ben Arfa.

Remember this?:

Difficult to forget it really!

Well apparently Nigel de Jong has written a letter to Hatem Ben Arfa ahead of Saturday’s game to express his regret over the challenge, although it’s unclear whether the letter included an apology. (more…)

Newcastle seek FA action over De Jong.

October 5th, 2010 | 145 Comments |

Official statement alert.
Official statement alert.
Newcastle have asked the FA to punish Nigel de Jong for the challenge that resulted in Hatem Ben Arfa sustaining a broken Fibia and Tibula at the weekend.

It is understood that the club are far from happy over the tackle and feel it was ‘unnecessary and used excessive force’.

They are also writing a letter of complaint to the appropriate body regarding the perfomance of Martin Atkinson in the match against Manchester City.

In a statement released on the, the official website, the club had this to say;

“Newcastle United FC have today written a strongly-worded letter to the Football Association in relation to the tackle by Manchester City’s Nigel de Jong on Hatem Ben Arfa in Sunday’s Premier League fixture, which resulted in Ben Arfa sustaining a broken tibia and fibula of his left leg.”

“The club has asked the FA for the appropriate action to be taken against De Jong for the tackle which in the club’s opinion was unnecessary and used excessive force.” (more…)

Good news about Ben Arfa!

October 5th, 2010 | 80 Comments |

Hatem Ben Arfa - Get well soon bonny lad.
Hatem Ben Arfa - Get well soon bonny lad.
As Hatem Ben Arfa begins the long and winding road to what will hopefully be a full recovery, many people have been waiting to see just where the Frenchman would be conducting his rehabilitation.

What usually happens when a loan player suffers a serious injury like this is that the player will end up going back to his parent club, in this case Marseille, to conduct their rehabilitation.

The reason for that is that he is still technically their player and the club who own him will usually want to look after their own player, plus there is usually an unwillingness for the club that is loaning the player to take the financial hit of paying wages and medical bills for the player.

As I say, that is the usual way things happen, but it seems that things are happening differently with Hatem Ben Arfa. The news is that he will be staying on Tyneside and letting the Newcastle medical staff nurse him back to full fitness. That, in my eyes, is a very very positive move regarding the future of the player. (more…)