Carroll, Nolan, and Newcastle United deny newspaper allegations.

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Club statement alert.
Club statement alert.
I’ll keep this brief as I don’t want it take the gloss of the fantastic win at Arsenal, but I also feel that it is important enough to cover in an article.

There was a newspaper report this morning that alleged that two Newcastle players, namely Kevin Nolan and Andy Carroll, had been behaving badly.

Now most of us have had our say and have come to the conclusion that, despite the headline, the pair had actually legally done nothing wrong, but now the club, Kevin Nolan, and Andy Carroll have had their say on the matter.

In a statement released by the club during the Arsenal game, which appears to be their favourite time to release statements, the pair denied any wrong-doing and the club challenged the News of the World to co-operate with police with regards to the cocaine allegations.

Here is what the statement said;

“The club notes the story in News Of The World and has passed the matter to its legal advisers.”

“Both Kevin Nolan and Andy Carroll categorically deny having any knowledge that drugs had been brought on to the premises and are pleased that the paper does not even allege that they were aware of the presence of drugs.”

“Neither player would ever contemplate taking drugs or condone the use of such substances.”

“The club and the players named are sure that if the editor felt his story had any truth he would already have reported this to the police.”

“The club and the players named will be happy to cooperate fully with any police investigation.”

I actually think that it’s a very clever statement from the club and puts the ball firmly in the court of the newspaper.

Anyway, enough of that. Back to the celebrations

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27 Responses

  1. Toonsy hate to disagree with you but I think it was a rather stupid statement to come out with, as it means now in future if they dont come out and deny or defend other stories then most folk will think there is truth in the future stories. and you know yersel we have endless sh1te stories everyweek about us so if they are to defend or deny lies in the papers they will need to employ a few more PR people as they will be very busy ;)

  2. What is interesting is what they dont say, i.e. they focus on the drugs part and not the fact that Nolan had tarts back at his gaff. It’s an omission on the clubs part that yes, this story has substance, in which case Nolan really should be looking after caroll better than this.

  3. Tbh Big Dave, I think this statement is making the NOTW stand by what they’ev written or print a retract as wha they’re saying is slanderous at worst, it coould get both players in deep trouble & I thin what the clu are trying to do is make them prive what they’re saying & not just give them t the right to write what the frak they like,,,, Good on the club!!!

  4. Carroll did get really high today when he scored the goal…

    The statement makes an excellent point though, that if there was cocaine, the cops would have been involved. Naturally, Carroll doesn’t deny having a threesome, but the bigger issue has been handled.

    By the way, NotW fails to mention that Carroll has been allowed to live at his new home since October 30th. The bail conditions have been relaxed.

  5. Dave – All it takes is five minutes, and I’m sure they’ll do it again.

    Of course it is clever. If the NOTW don’t act they will be seen as condoning drug taking if they don’t report the perpetrators.

  6. I know what you’s are saying and I understand the point, I just think from now on they are going to have to come out now and deny everything that is said that is not true and thats about 100 stories a week.
    As for reporting the perpetrators they have clauses to protect informers and dont have to name there informants.

  7. Dave – Fu(k me, if these are the papers being our friends then who needs enemies?

    I back the club on this. 110%.

  8. wow isn’t it great being a toon fan at the moment !!?

    Roll on Blackburn in midweek, hopefully we’ll see a big crowd to show there appreciation for a couple of splendid performances against 5under1and & Arsenal…

  9. If we can take 6 points from these two home games we are well ahead of schedule.

    23 points to go…

  10. Big Dave says:
    November 7, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    “Toonsy hate to disagree with you”

    No you don’t! You love it :lol:

  11. F*** THE PRESS!

    FOREVER, not just for xmas!

    A tawdry attempt to hoy a spanner in the works.

    If any of you are lurking out there?

    F*** YOU, YOU QUNTS!

  12. we stuffed the inbreads for five they can celebrate with a drunken orgy with the queen for all i care. hopefully they`ll be celebrating in acouple of months when we complete the double

  13. This story certainly helps rein in the Avatar. Maybe now he will have that feeling that someone is watching & will find more discreet ways to let off steam.

    Hard to imagine Nolan, who drives the kids to school every morning, dragging home drunken/stoned tarts in the wee small hours. Especially when they have bodyguards with them. It’s not like Mrs. N will not hear the troop march in.