What is the big deal with these advertising signs?

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An old photo of the current signs.
An old photo of the current signs.
I have stayed pretty quiet with regard to these new advertising boards we could possibly end up with outside St James’ Park, until now.

There seems to be a movement that is dead set against them, which is fine as everyone has their own opinion and that, but I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about.

The NUST, True Faith and a number of other sites are gearing up their own various bits and bobs to raise objections to it, including giving everyone the link so thay can make an objection to the planning application themselves. The theory being that the more people that object to the planning proposal, then the greater the chance of the proposals being rejected. In the interests of balance, you can e-mail any objections you may have to planning.control@newcastle.gov.uk.

Now I have done the balanced bit and got it out of the way I can put my opinion across. As I alluded to earlier, I just don’t see the problem with these new signs. To me they are a way of the club making money, extra money, which given the financial straits we find ourselves in at the moment would surely be very welcome.

The club is now striving to be self-sufficient, Mike Ashley has told us that. So why not try and improve the scope of income coming into the club? I know people will say they are ugly, unsightly or whatever, but are they really? I’ll admit that they aren’t the prettiest things around, but how many advertising boards do you actually notice whilst going about your daily business? Do you notice the advertising billboards that are on the corner of Strawberry Place currently? I bet the answer to both of those is no, correct?

As one of our regular ‘bloggers, Stuart79 said, thirty or so years ago people baulked at the idea of having advertising on football shirts. The fuss calmed down and now it is part of the football shirt culture, in fact a team looks strange when they don’t have one. Why has it become a part of football nowadays? Quite simple really – Money.

I just don’t get the problem. I mean surely people can’t complain about the club trying to make more money, especially given the fact that it is being made to run within itself? If it benefits the club in the long-term, and I stress the long-term, by earning the club more money then I can’t see the problem with it in all honesty.

I can understand people being worried about how these new signs will obstruct the view of the ground as people approach it, but I honestly don’t think it will be as bad as some people are making out. Again I refer you back to the signs on Strawberry Place currently, just how much offence do they cause? They weren’t always there remember!

People can make their own minds up, and I’m not here to preach like other sites are trying to do. These are just my thoughts on the sign situation. I just feel that this is an issue that is getting whipped up to be something that it isn’t, ie, a major problem.

The reality is that this is just a storm in a teacup!

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178 Responses

  1. The fanzines and NUST are just stirring up trouble because it’s Ashley who’s come up with the idea – It’s sad as fck!

    On one hand they complain that the club don’t spend enough money on new players and on the other hand they complain when the club try to do something about it. JOKE!

    They either want a self financing club or they don’t. If they don’t, then we’ll end up with one man owning the club causing trouble with every decision he makes(Ring any bells?) if they do, then it’s ideas like this that will help us compete in the future.

    Which do they want it?

    Utter fckin morans, the lot of em!

  2. I wish Mick would keep his bright ideas to himself-spend on the 1st team and keep away from the club until he fooks off and focus on his tacky sports shops.

    Off topic – Those new puma kits are the worst in years our little un took both of his back the quality is shocking and the design in general is just a cheap template on the away kits and the fabric is proper Tat.

  3. Stuart79 says:
    September 7, 2010 at 1:35 pm
    The fanzines and NUST are just stirring up trouble because it’s Ashley who’s come up with the idea – It’s sad as fck!
    Exactly right

  4. They’re like a gaudy, tacky tattoo on the proud face of our club. Fortunately, they’re like those tattoos the kids get on holiday, so they’re not permanent.

    I don’t like the idea of this kind of invasive consumerism in a place I’ve always held close to my heart. But shoot me for telling you the way I feel about it.

  5. My interest is what happens inside the ground, not on the walls outside. I couldn’t give two 5hits if he have a few billboards outside the place. More revenue – better for us.

    I think the objection mainly comes from people who are now opposed to Ashley himself, rather than his actions, which, over the last 12 months, have been pretty good. I didn’t even care about the rebranding of Saint James’ Park, because I’ll always call it Saint James’ Park, and so will most other people.

  6. It’s all about business. I don’t think it will be problem as long as it doesn’t effect with the football cultural, club history and reasonable.

  7. I couldn’t give a flyin one if the boards had Ashley’s big bare arse on them (prob need a board for each cheek) this is revenue, simple as!!

    Some people just need to get a feckin life.

  8. Not too fussed given the fact they’re not stamping advertising on SJP itself. If the money goes back into the club then fine.
    As for the shirts, saw them up close for the first time the other day and they’re awful. One of the shirts I saw, the NR Billy stamper logo actually looked like it was ready to peel off, cheap sh!te sadly and I’ll stick with last seasons adidas.

  9. Ross – that’s the thing though. They are touching the building. It’s going to say SPORTS DIRECT@St James’ Park. But imagine Sports Direct in a 20 font and SJP in roughly 10.

    Agreed about the shirts. They’re twatful.

  10. FFS
    Its a sign or signs!!
    Get over it………..
    I will be at St James’ Park on saturday whthere iots name has been changed to “Mikes Skiddy Whyers” or whatever……….I couldnt give a flying…. I will be at St James’ Park……….

    NUST are a bunch of buffons who are making nothing but a huge Mamory of themselves!!

  11. the sports direct sign on eldon sq looks tacky to say the least! the sports direct sign on the gallowgate looks totally out of place.so are you really an anapologist for ashley ? you be happy for his tat to be displayed allover our city for a couple of million pounds?

  12. I actually don’t care about the boards either, if it generates revenue for the club, put them all over the frakin place, some big businesses will defo want to use them as you’ll be able to see them for miles which should bring in loads of money & I bet you, it won’t be too long before Manc Usa, Arsenil, Chelski etc etc will be following in our footsteps & erecting them on their grounds to get more revenue!!!

    The reason NUST is against this is because they think that the only advertisers on them will be Ashley’s own company SportDirect.com they don’t want his business being advertised anywhere at SJP but as it is Ashley money who saved our club from complete irreversible destruction, where do they think he gets his money from to buy players & pay their wages… he doesn’t own a money tree or an orchid full of them to keep our beloved club afloat until we’re able to stand on our own…. so they need to wind their necks in until they have enough mone to buy the club off him, then they can do what they like with the advertising boards then.. :)

  13. it’s beyond belief that true faith are now claiming that they aren’t ‘anti-ashley’ after everything they’ve said and done over the past 2 years.

  14. BBM – serious question – not trying to gun you down or owt…

    What’s the difference between having advertising outside of the ground compared to inside?

    I mean, inside the ground there’s advertising boards and corporate sponsorship everywhere you look – so what harm could a couple of bigger signs do on the outside???

  15. TC – seriously, I do think it’s the semantics of it. Inside, at least pitch side everything is within reason. The tone seems more appropriate. I really dislike the sign on the inside of the Gallowgate as it is. Unfortunately, from our end, we have to see it every game.

    The banners proposed for outside are over-sized. The brand name is intentionally bigger than the ground name. It just feels like a sell-out. For the sake of a couple of million quid, I’d just prefer not to go with it. That’s just my honest opinion.

  16. bowburnmag – for a few million, which could mean the difference between relegation & staying in the PL, I think even NUST would take that money too…

    We got £10m off Northern Rock for sponsorship on our shirts, so if we can get that sort of money per advertising board per season, we’d be stupid to turn it down because other teams will defo be doing the same….

    Maybe the club should look at putting advertising boards in the skylights on top of the stands too, so that any passing aircraft can look down & see them from above.. lol

  17. Toon Chicken says:
    September 7, 2010 at 2:39 pm


    bowburnmag says:
    September 7, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    For the sake of a couple of million quid? That couple of million might be the difference between us getting a top notch striker and er… Leon Best?

  18. Furry muff then. Football has been heading down this roads for a very long time now and imo it’s far too late to turn back. I reckon in a couple of years no one will think twice about it though, and like shirt sponsorship it will become part and parcel of the game.

  19. Cheers for the link, malchick.

    I used to think the people who wrote True Faith were fick as thuck if I’m being honest.

    Alas, it seems I completely overestimated their intelligence!

  20. True-Faith have said in that link that (..And I noticed they only responded to the one letter that didn’t conform to their view) it’s utterly ridiciculous to have a competitors name (Sports Direct, who under cut us on merchandise) on the side of our stadium.

    Are these guys for real?!!!!

    The club have stated and couldn’t have made it more clear that they are using Sports Direct as an EXAMPLE to potential advertisors, to show them how it would work.

    Sports Direct are NOT going to be the sponsor, not that it wouldn matter if they were anyway.

    Can these people not see over their trousers?!

  21. question:

    Nike @ St James’ Park

    Adidas @ St James’ Park

    Would people object to these as much as Sports Direct?

  22. Well, adverts are a piece of the tapestry we call modern times. At least they’re not changing the name. In Nashville, the Titans’ stadium (who’s currently 12th on a list of 18 to host some World Cup games :D), has been renamed thrice since its inception (a scant 12 years ago).

    Also Toonsy-

    That top left picture on the homepage of the lad from what looks like the 20s or 30s, is that by any chance Hughie Gallaher (spelling?)

  23. You’ve got to try and remember, I’m not supporting the view of NUST or true-faith here necessarily and condoning any actions or comments. This is just my view on things.

    As I said to stu before, shirt, club, player sponsorship was around well before my opinion counted for anything or could be aired somewhere like this to be honest.

    But most of this money is wasted on the grotesquely-inflated wages of players in the current game. We the fans, pay the price for the way the game has been allowed to go. Sacrifices are made on things which mean something to us, all in the name of progress. I’m not about to start marching down Northumberland Street but I don’t agree with it in principle.

  24. who gives a shit – it’s no different to any of the other advertising hoarding boards thats plastered all over newcastle, tend to agree with Stu’s comment that it’s all because it’s ashleys idea (although it probably more to do with media and marketing rather than a direct idea from him) – NUST etc are looking a bit pathetic in my book

  25. Let’s hope PUMA don’t get near it, or the banners will fall to bits and the sign will be ironed on.

  26. bowburnmag says:
    September 7, 2010 at 3:13 pm
    Let’s hope PUMA don’t get near it, or the banners will fall to bits and the sign will be ironed on.


  27. OHurley…….yep that’s Hughie and I can’t find out who sang “could’ve been born a mackem” anywhere :-(

  28. first post in a while,i’m too busy atm,how yis aal deeing?regarding the signs,gauging some of the people i know around newcastle,is the possibility of the signs being vandalised.some concerned people are worried about young’uns causing damage to them out of devilment and some remaining feeling toward ashley.
    me personally,i couldn’t give the proverbial flying f**k myself about the signs,but i just see them as pointless.
    how much money will they make?

  29. “how much money will they make?”

    well that’s the question. apparently it’s all gettin sold as a package. it’ll be signs outside, the big sign on the gallowgate, and summat to do with a new scoreboard apparently…

  30. Another question,
    People seem to be talking about the sign/s as if they know for a fact how big they are going to be, where they are going to go etc. Has something been released that i’ve missed on the specifics of the signs?

  31. Richie-

    Thanks mate. And yeah, I couldn’t find it either, but that song is absolutely MINT. I’ll email every artist I know (which living in nashville is quite a bit), and see if I can get them to cover. If all else fails, I’ll just have to do it mesel.

  32. ILM – yep, there were some plans on t’web the other week. Which is where I got the info about the ‘sign’ and what it’s going to look like.

  33. ILM – sorry fella, I went to find it before to ilustrate my point but the thread was shutdown. It’ll be knocking about somewhere.

  34. Trojan – Somehow, from what I’ve seen of the plans, if any kids want to try & damage these advertising boards, they’re gonna have to be very good bloody climbers as they’re about 50ft off the ground… lol

    If someone is gonna pay to advertise on these as a package, you’ve got to be talking 10’s of millions per season, as they’re are supposedly 6 x 40ft boards on the outside, plus the inside boards which will be seen on all our game days, plus the new scoreboard inside the stadium, which is a lot of advertising revenue could be taken up by any number of large companies worldwide to gain extra customers from the north!!!
    Don’t forget also, you can see SJO from the Eastern train line too, so millions of people will be able to see them as they go from London to Edinburgh… big business… LOL

  35. Stuart @1 couldnt agree more. Have always said they are a pathetic bunch of t*ssers. If anything or anyone is bringing embarrasement on the great geordie public it’s them.

  36. Correction – Don’t forget also, you can see SJP from the Eastern train line too, so millions of people will be able to see them as they go from London to Edinburgh

  37. richietoon says:
    September 7, 2010 at 3:40 pm


    He’s trying to tell us that these signs are going to be twice as big as the one on the Baltic!

    The council said the signs will be the size of a postage stamp…

  38. Cant seem to find anything on the specifics of the application and the links dont work.

    All I can find is this information

    “Display of three non-illuminated fascia signs to Barrack Road elevation and three non-illuminated fascia signs to Strawberry Place elevation.”

    Just read a Chronicle story on it and they claim that the signs will be “huge” ads on the Gallowgate and Milburn Stands and “would be visible across the city centre”.

    How anything on the Milburn stand would be viable to the city centre i’ve got no idea!!

    So where are people getting the information, as Cyprus-Toon just used ‘6 x 40ft boards’ from?? If they’re that big, why the need to have three, as the official application states?

  39. ILM – 40ft wide isn’t that big compared to the size of the stadium itself mate, they’ll look big up close but across town, you’ll not see them very well if they’re any smaller… plus I was only guessing atthe size, sounds like a normal sign advertising board to me for that size of structure, they’ll be as big as Ashley can get away with, if he gets away with them that is….. :)

  40. @I Love Mike: i do have a link showing the planned proposal,but the link simply wouldn’t show up here….

    Not sure why though.

  41. ILM…..I think all the various sites have the same link which isn’t grafting at the moment for some reason.

  42. Cyprus

    hmm yeah fair enough, your right I guess, if they are something like those measurements, they will just be little strips, like bumper stickers, compared to the size of the ground.

    The way people go on you would have thought they would be a massive flashing sign engulfing the whole Gallowgate, people having to jump through the O in the .com to get through the turnstiles n that!!

  43. All these post’s & bloggs & website will mean nothing if the Toon council decide against the boards anyway, so until that decide, we’re just speculating as to what will happen… :)

  44. I Love Mike says:
    September 7, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    “The way people go on you would have thought they would be a massive flashing sign engulfing the whole Gallowgate, people having to jump through the O in the .com to get through the turnstiles n that!!”

    For some reason the theme for ‘Fun House’ popped into my head when I read that :D


    Memories :lol:

  45. Jesus Christ, look at Pat Sharpe’s hair man! hahaha
    Well used to fancy the twins as well, now I realise, they were complete scrubbers! haha cheers toonsy, you’ve spoiled my childhood crush!

  46. From memory, the banners on the Gallowgate took up what looked about 30-40% of the main thrust of the stand (ish).

  47. we’ll have to wait and see I guess about the signs, storm in a tea cup I would presume they will soon turn out to be.

    Interested to see where a score board and screen would go though…

  48. ILM – Well if we want the World Cup at Newcastle we will have to get one at some point.

    The twins are actually tastier today than they were back then!

  49. Scoreboard was meant to be going over the away fans or in our corner in Level 7. Not sure how that would work.

  50. On the subject of Hughton’s contract yesterday, L’Equipe reporting that Gerard Houllier has agreed a two-year contract at Aston Villa.

    Short term contracts the hottest new thing hitting the shops this Autumn?

  51. Bowburn-sorry for the late reply mate. I have to admit I don’t like the sports direct sign inside the ground and I also didn’t realise that the company name would be far greater than SJP itself. In saying that I’m still torn over the idea. As Stuart I think it was mentioned, it’s purely an example to other suitors and a slightly classier business I wouldn’t mind. I don’t however want “sage@sjp” or something ridiculous like that, lol. Touching on the shirts again, I’m pretty gutted about puma. I had high hopes but teyre terrible. It’s not just the design of the home shirt or I’d buy the blue one. The quality of them is awful.

  52. PULMAN
    Pulman Volkswagen is proud to be Newcastle United’s official vehicle partner~~

    More to follow…

    :lol: :lol:

    More Income?? ;)

  53. Whoa, What sponsorship we still haven’t clinch???

    We seems to have alot.

    Maybe Official airline partner???

    Any Ideas? :lol:

  54. Or at least flybe have a craft named after Keegan with his picture stamped across it, that has flown toon fans to away games as a one off in the past.

  55. So we have land and air????

    How about sea??? :lol:

    Perhaps Partnership with star cruise?? Or any other famous big sea ships??? HAHA!

  56. AOD – We already have an official travel partner – Thompson.

    Pullman vehicles has been a sponser for a while. I tried to get Hodgson’s Toyota to consider it but they wouldn’t :lol:

  57. Bearing up Dave. Flat out at the minute. First time I have had a couple of hours to myself for about 5 days. Not for long though as I’m back off to work shortly :(

    Swings and roundabouts so I can’t moan. I mean I did have a load of time earlier in the summer so can’t really complain now I guess. Doesn’t make it any less shyte though :lol:

  58. BBM is right when he said the sports direct is about twice the size of font as the St James park. the link I had for the design has been took down but basically all you could notice was the sports direct part.
    Stuart said I think that Sports direct was only a sample to show other sponser what it would be like, but I would near bet my House that it will be Sports Direct that use it.

  59. Big Dave says:
    September 7, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    Stuart said I think that Sports direct was only a sample to show other sponser what it would be like, but I would near bet my House that it will be Sports Direct that use it.

    In all fairness mate, it wasn’t Stu, it was owl heed himself,

    “The Gallowgate has already got sportsdirect.com. We are going to follow that through and take it to the rest of the season as a showcase to whoever is out there who would like to buy the package.”

  60. However, this begs a different question, because this was last season, and it’s still there, so is it the case that nee one has been interested in buying the rights?

    If so, Sports Direct it will indeed stay…

  61. Off-topic.

    Guys,Let’s predict Spain vs. Argentina Match.

    Messi vs. against most of His team-mates. 8O

    Maybe Messi can sweep past ineista,xavi. :lol:
    I don’t THINk THEY will mark and tackle messi,cause barcelona team mates.
    THEY won’t dare to do any tackles
    especially pique
    if break messi leg
    barcelona gone case. ;)

  62. ILM – As long as Ashley pays for it I don’t really care. It’s only a good idea if the club get the cash for it, and if Ashley wants to fiddle some of his income into us to avoid, perhaps some tax ;) , then I don’t care as long as it is above board and the club benefits. Of course, he could always write off £10 million of his loan for a season of sponsoring the ground etc? ;)

    The upside of it is that if a better, more reputable, more lucrative deal comes along then Ashley will no doubt accept it straight away for the ££££.

  63. St James’ Park, just another building. No different to a bus shelter or a public toilet, apparently.

  64. It doesnt really bother me tbh. It would be cool if they had some big screens advertising like in Times square New York.

  65. I’ve got a question toonsy regarding the following:

    I can understand people being worried about how these new signs will obstruct the view of the ground as people approach it…

    Question: Just how big are these fooking advertising hoardings anyway?

  66. toon ressies 2 – 2 liverpool ressies, cambell played 45 mins – looked ok. Good game – Airey (pen) and Sammy Ameobi goalscorers for toon

  67. DJG-I actually think England are playing quite well tonight. Movement off the ball is good when we’re going forward and we look quite solid at the back considering we have what would be considered as two “makeshift” cb’s. Pressing of the ball is good when we dont have it also. Defoe has looked excellent.

  68. That Suso was a canny hand for them mind. Tidy on the ball and scored a cracking goal. Only 16.

  69. Hard not to like kids who just drift around with the ball at their feet and glide past opponents.

  70. On topic… I might be wrong, but aint the billboards going to be sports direct only? so NUFC wont get any money out of it… If they were sold to Coke og Nike for ads then its a money maker as you say Toonsy.

  71. From what I saw being discussed on that council planning thread before it got shutdown, there were a couple of people who said it appeared to be a generic application, in as much as the brand could be changed.

    But there were others, who appeared pretty objective but erudite on the subject, who claimed it was a very specific application, which implied that Sports Direct would be up there for the foreseeable.

  72. Anyone around still? Not for long after this.

    Talking of sponsorship…


    Trying to raise as much money as possible for Bowel Cancer UK. Had a charity day at my pal’s coffee house in Durham on Satda and made £434 so doing well, but sponsorship for the race would be greatly appreciated. Howay, dig deep.

  73. There will be signs on the Gallowgate? so? A few feet below one of the proposed places for a sign is a huge puma advert in the window of the club shop. Where is the difference.
    If MA had not come up with the idea there would be no complaints from the bedsheet charvas

  74. Somebody posted something about Newcastle and Volkswagon. I would LOVE for them to sponsor us. LOVE their logo. would be WAY nicer than northern rock.

  75. @125

    Yeah, I agree, that would be pretty nice. Actually, I’d be happy with just about anyone offering a “real” product. Banks, Gambling sites, and Insurance Companies as sponsors are lame…granted, they pay well…in non-Newcastle cases. However, I think having a sponsor of something you could physically hold or drink would be nice.

    I guess I am sort of neutral on the whole signage thing…I am so used to seeing billboards plastered where ever there’s an opportunity to make a buck, that I am somewhat indifferent to it. Plus, the money would be nice.

    Perhaps Mike Ashley can have SJP serve as a testing platform for facial recognition advertising. That would be a pretty sweet infusion of cash, I am sure.

  76. Anyone not happy with being sponsored for money?

    Ok, off y’go then.

    Anyone else not happy with, my little scheme, of being sponsored for money…?


  77. I think the big worry is that they will be used to advertise Sports Direct and Mike wont pay for the space as another business would. It cost him nothing and the profits dont go to NUFC.

    Maybe he will take the cost of using the space off the money we owe him.

  78. Don’t know if you realise this boys but the last 2 transfer windows. Ashley paid for them out of his own pocket so it didn’t affect the clubs finances.

  79. @ 129

    Everybody keeps saying Ashley has made mistakes, and he has, but I think we have to get on with it now because the club is heading in the right direction under the stewardship of Ashley, which is fairly impressive in a time of recession and falling gate numbers. I really do think having a season away has done us the world of good and we had to go down to go up so to speak. Some of the ‘mistakes’ that Ashley made where also down to the way the club was being run when he took over; although I dont deny the Dennis Wise and Keegan period was his fault. There will be a bad spell this season but hopefully by the time it comes we will be secure, the fixture list has been kind to us actually it should allow us to build up some momentum to hit the makems with.

  80. Mike Ashley is using our club to promote his main interest, Sports Direct. Nothing more, nothing less. He doesn’t care about NUFC, he cares about Sports Direct. Our strips used to be nice and good quality. Now they are total rubbish. The ground will go the same way, and look like a massive Sports Direct joke.

    Where is the proof that the extra funding will go into the club? I don’t think it will. Do you really trust Mike Ashley to do whats good for the club? I’m pretty sure he will do whats best for himself and Sports Direct.

    Yes, I am part of the anti-Ashley brigade, but only because I have a longer memory than some.

  81. Where is the proof that Mike Ashley doesn’t care about us. You wouldn’t buy a major possesion like a house or a car and then not care about it and let it fall down or turn to scrap. It is in his interest to want success for NUFC just as much as any of his other businesses. Im pretty sure it was adidas which pulled the plug, not the other way round. The puma kit will improve, give them a chance.

  82. Puma is a good make anyway, very similar german company to adidas. Its not like we’ve got lotto or cotton traders or something.

  83. I would have to agree with DJG. Of course given the fact that MA has loaned NUFC a lot of cash, what’s good for NUFC is good for MA…they are truly connected now since most if not all of the debt goes straight to him. Any extra cash that can be gained by the club to pay down debt is only going to help pay off MA. In that sense, he will care greatly about the finacial stability of NUFC…after all we all like to get our money back.

    Additionally, let’s not forget that as soon as more of the debt is paid down, the club becomes a more attractive option for another owner. To that end, if MA gets paid off sooner, won’t that be a plus (at least for all the anti-Ashley crowd).

  84. Anti-Ashley crowd consider this… had we gone down under FFS, which I would say was a probable not a possible the way we were heading, how would we have paid players like Smith and Nolan on huge contracts with no clauses in them. Without a owner with huge reserves of cash to pull us out the s### we wouldnt have simple as. Without Ashley we could be in administration or league 1 by now.

  85. I personally believe that the only person responsible for the club moving forward is a certain Chris Hughton.

    As for buying a house or car and letting it turn to scrap, people forget he has already done that, and are blinded by the fact we got promoted at the first attempt. I’m sure some members here will remember a ‘Red Bus’ comment on Ed’s blog. I don’t care what anyone says, it was not a good thing getting relegated. Remember how it felt against Villa when the final whistle went? The only good that came of relegation is that no decent manager would come near our comedy club, and it gave Chris Hughton his chance.

    As I say, I have a long memory, and I feel the way I do about Mike Ashley because of the joke he made of our club. I have no reason to trust his intentions. My lack of trust is his fault, not mine. If your wife cheated on you more than once, would you take her back and trust her 100%? I doubt it, you’d call her a slut and give her the boot.

    At the end of the day, I love my club. I’ll be very pleased if Sports Direct prove me wrong and move the club forward and make it into an Arsenal type club. It’s early days though, and it’ll take a lot more for me to forgive. And I will certainly never forget, as it was a painful experience.

  86. NorthernPaul – sorry mate but i can’t see how Ashley is using toon to promote his SportsDirect business, I don’t think you realise that his SportsDirect business is doing very well at the moment. Nobody outside the north east gives a flying about the toon and dont give a toss that its owned by same bloke who owns the toon

    Ashley may be a cvnt and have made huge mistakes but the way some people go on youwould think we were in the top four every year under FFS and his cornie managers – we were flirting with relegation every season for years, Ashley just proved the final nail in the coffin
    You have to give Ashey credit – he financed us in the championship where we had far the biggest wage bill – yes he was protecting his investment but he could have just said thats it, i’ll get back what i can and write the rest off.

    to be honest i’m quite enjoying it, decent signings in transfer windows and promotin youngsters is the way to go, we are in a recession as seen by falling gates around the country (or are people just fed up with footy?)

  87. richietoon richietoon says:
    September 8, 2010 at 7:26 am

    Tino…the link still doesn’t work tho mate ;-)

    It does for me! :)

  88. DJG says:
    September 8, 2010 at 12:12 am
    Puma is a good make anyway, very similar german company to adidas. Its not like we’ve got lotto or cotton traders or something<<<<< wasent adidas formed wen the brothers who formed puma fell oot and 1 went on too bring the brand adidas oot a think so any way :)

  89. I think in some cases, people had registered with the site and saved the application but it’s been taken down at the minute.

  90. Roy – its still better than the ‘Liquidation Sale’ signs that would have been put up, had the Geordie shyster still been in charge.

  91. some of these objections are pure anti-ashley quality…e.g…

    Comment:I object to the introduction of banners/signs/advertisements advertising
    sportsdirect.com@st.jamespark! St. James’ Park has long been the home to Newcastle United,
    the heartbeat of the city. Everyone in the city lives, sleeps, eats & drinks Newcastle United and the
    last thing we want is an outsider from the city (who has already ruined the club) coming in and
    wanting to advertise his cheap brand by stealing the good name of St. James Park! I feel it is in
    the best interests of the Newcastle City Council to disregard the motion completely as they will be
    doing their loyal public a service and preventing this businessman with false promises from
    making a bigger mockery of the club.

  92. craigcoozy // Sep 8, 2010 at 9:08 AM

    Guys, sorry if this is old news am in magluff so hav been out loop, player from ivory coast is jetting into newcastle in 2days 2 sign for us. Dont knw his name so cant help their!

  93. batty

    Where’s that from Ed’s?

    Does he mean Tiote. Do they send the papers to Magluff on a 2mph barge. lol

  94. nufc1984 // Sep 8, 2010 at 11:20 AM

    Only player who’s Ivorian and on list of free players on Pfa website is a kid called yann ekra. Just Been released by hull though so doubt he would “fly” in to sign. He’s only 19 though so he might go into that development team that hoots has been on about.

    If its that guy then nowt to get excited about. Plus Hughton did say they would be trying out kids this year.

  95. This is not ideal, but we can take something from the fact that we still play in a stadium with a proper name. We aren’t the mcain oven chips stadium or emirates or jjb or battys lead stall at the quay side stadium. We still play at st James park.

  96. 100% Micky T. Can’t see why folk are gettin woumd up over this – the most important thing is the club’s progress and solvency.

    Let’s forget prefixing SJP with an investor’s name (eg sportsdirect.com@saint james park) and derived income and leave the ground’s name as SJP.

    Let’s forget prudent financial management.

    Let’s go for marquee signings and most importantly, lets look forward to drop(s)and certain insolvency.

    I know what I’d be more than happy to live with – am I alone in that?

  97. OHurley says:
    September 7, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    “That top left picture on the homepage of the lad from what looks like the 20s or 30s, is that by any chance Hughie Gallaher (spelling?)”

    Yes it is, OHurley, all 5’5″ of him. BTW, it’s “Gallacher”.

  98. Hey guys, i realise this is totally off topic, but does anyone know anywhere at all where it is possible to get NUFC double duvet covers?

  99. Off topic, although there isnt one today, how on earth can sky increase the packages for pubs by 30% at a time when pubs and clubs are going out of business left, right and centre. There are less people going to pubs and they are making less money. Also apparently they are trying to force pubs to take the much more expensive ‘ultimate’ package by switching man U and england games to sky sports 2. How long is this going to be allowed to go on for. Surely Ofcom or whatever government authority there is for broadcasting should take action.

  100. DJG says:
    September 8, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    “How long is this going to be allowed to go on for. Surely Ofcom or whatever government authority there is for broadcasting should take action.”

    So long as people are stupid enough to let their voting intentions to be influenced by men such as the Murdochs, who endeavour to influence the population in their own self interest, they will have the government by the balls, DJG.