Losing Carroll to injury would be a massive blow.

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Andy Carroll, Newcastle's number nine! La la la la
Andy Carroll, Newcastle's number nine! La la la la
There have been a few bits of news throughout the week regarding the fitness Andy Carroll, or lack of it depending on which way you look at it.

The Gateshead lad apparently hasn’t trained all week but should be fit to face Blackpool at the weekend.

Carroll was struggling with an ankle injury before the Wolves game. He played in that but he had to come off in the second-half, although by then he had already done the damage and scored the equaliser. Then he got sent home from England U21 duty because of the same ankle injury, and he hasn’t trained since. So just how he can be fit to face Blackpool at the weekend is slightly confusing then.

Carroll is proving himself to be an invaluable asset to the team. From around the Christmas period last year the lad has been in excellent form, probably one of the first names on the team-sheet in fairness. Only three games into the new season and he is picking up where he left off last season, which is great, brilliant, but it makes the hole that he leaves when he has to miss a game that much bigger.

The striker position is the one that really worries me in all honesty. I don’t want to be too down on our backup strikers and say they won’t score goals, because I think they will, but will they worry defences like Carroll does? Will Shola Ameobi have defenders scared? Will Ranger? Lovenkrands? Best? I’m not so sure.

We have Hatem Ben Arfa who is best emplyed as a second striker, apparently, but it would be asking a bit much for our new signing to step up to the plate immediately in event of Carroll missing out, if he misses out.

Which kind of brings me onto my next point. There is no denying that losing Carroll to an injury would be a huge blow to Newcastle, so has he become irreplaceable within our current setup? Granted he has earned the position of being top of the striking pecking order, but do we risk becoming overly reliant on a player who has all the potential to be an international player without having the top flight practice to prove it as such? Possibly.

As I mentioned earlier, Carroll should be fit for the Blackpool game, but it is worrying when you look at the hole it would leave in our attack if we ever did lose him to an injury, or if he had to do some time in jail or whatever.

Concerned? Aye!

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132 Responses

  1. To be honest if he aint fully fit I’d leave him out from the start against Blackpool and start with Shola instead.

    If we really need to we can do a Bobby esq 3 pronged sub and bring on Ben Arfa, Carroll and McLovin at once!!

  2. Being slightly negative, that’s why I wasn’t satisfied (enough) with the transfer window. Ben Arfa was a great signing, Campbell not bad, Tiote I can’t wait to watch, Dan Gosling (our January transfer) and Perch?!?!?

    We did desperately need a back up LB and striker. If we lose Carroll to injury properly I’ll be gutted if we have to rely on Shola! Sorry Ammo!

  3. It’s tricky. Leave him out as its “only” blackpool, who beat us at their place last season, or keep him in the team as its blackpool and he might get a hat full.

  4. I disagree. He is a relative newcomer to our first team, and as fantastic as he’s been, it’s a bit churlish to regard him as indispensible so quickly.

    All that usual cliched rubbish does apply here – manure without rooney, l’pool without torres, chelsea – drogba, are all massivley disadvantaged.

    We have more options than most other 2nd/3rd tier prem’ clubs. In shola, xisco, best – we have 3 ready made target men replacements, that’s before you factor in loven’ and ranger in the last man role.

    You will be avalanched with mob comments moaning about shola and best, etc. being “championship level”. You know it’s a lob/slam article toonsy all the way, you naughty boy.

  5. Poprobson – I’m sitting a work feeling more and more lethargic needing to get out of this place. Negativity is all I got right now. Sorry mate!

  6. BrettToon – well maybe you should think about a career change? Eventually, cleaning the toilets in KFC is going to get anyone down. joking, of course.

  7. myself and others have banged on long enough,about loseing carroll to one thing or the other,one man team comes to mind as far as strikers goes,i dont care how many guys throw stats at me with shola i dont rate him,see c.h.played him last night in res and pulled ranger out “in case of”

  8. Nah,i have the uptmost confidence with other strikers we have~~~

    Peter hasn’t start,Shola though he is not that good,but didn’t we do ok when we don’t have owen,martins,viduka in the time when we are in PL,we didn’t rely on carroll that time,but Shola~~

    then we have ranger too. :)

  9. AOD ime not to un-happy about our other stikers but would liked have liked one more in,but shola no thanks m8 not for me ime afraid

  10. I’ve said all along, give all our strikers the opportunities to score and I think they will. If Carroll wasn’t to play then I would be gutted, as you want your players who are on form playing, but it still wouldn’t be the end of the world, we have other options.

    If he doesn’t start watch out for a change of formation, but ill think he’ll start, probably come off in the second half like against Wolves, cant wait!!!

  11. Andy Carroll is a stud striker, no questions about it. He found the range after Xmas last season & it does not look like he will lose it unless seriously injured. Meanwhile we should consider statements made by NUFC coaches and managers about Ranger. Words to the effect that “no loan, he is too close to first team”, “one thing you know about him is that he can always score goals”, “he is a tremendous leaper and gets the shots on target”. Could we be looking at an “elephant attack” with these two large lads stampeding the opposition?
    If Carroll is injured, I’d rahter he miss out on Blackpool than Everton, as I think NUFC can take all 3 from the Mighty Pool even without the Avater.

  12. Brett – how do you sleep? Cough, cough, splutter.

    Icedog – in saying that you’ve heard seen evidence to the contrary, but still maintain a no-vote – you come across as close-minded.

    Look, it’s really easy to slag shola. But then, things are so positive and fresh feeling now – I find it hard to see why people are still pursuing agendas against our players- jeez let it go and get behind the lads. Shola aint the donkey he’s reported in the national press – just inconsistent in front of goal – which is more than you can say for carlton cole, beattie, carew, etc. I rate him any day above that goal-shy rabble.

  13. BT aye m8 thats one off my dogs,she is the kind looking one,her litter mate (dog)is called satan as thats his nature lol

  14. I Love Mike – I agree entirely mate. When things are going well at any club, you get the feeling the players are interchangable, as with manure- they could sign anyone and after they’ve soaked up the overall atmosphere – they will raise their game and slot right in.

    For the first time in living memory we have something similar – even SBR and KK were building all-star teams – well we don’t have the individual mentality anymore. You get the feeling that anyone could score – as you say.

    When we play arsenal/chelsea I think we may suffer from a lack of individual brilliance, but over the season what we have is tremendous solidarity and player/shape options.

  15. POPROBSON every one has a view right or wrong,whos to say ime right,maybe you “think” your always right sorry but you will have to live with

  16. poprobson: totally agree about Shola. Carroll is the natural 1st-choice, but not by a huge margin. Yet.

    Bigbadbob and others above saying Ranger has to be 2nd choice ahead of Shola… based on what, exactly? Shola’s score rate per minute played over the past year is far, far higher, and he does seem to be able to draw two or three defenders in a way nobody else does.

    Personally, I think Shola and Ben Arfa would be a fantastic combination… if only the latter is fit enough. Shola usually produces (in among the misses, falling over, etc.) some fantastic passes, tricks and deft touches which the likes of wor Benny can pounce on.

    Likewise, Benny can run through and round defenders and get that last ball to Shola who, like it or not, tends to be able to prod it home. (Looking like an jiving octopus in the process, but he does it!)

    If Carroll isn’t fit for the whole game, I really hope Shola gets a start and pings one or two in, provides some assists and generally does what he does best: looking poor while getting results, then ignoring the ignorant gits who slag him off anyway.

  17. BBB: agree that Ranger is coming through nicely and Shola probably isn’t going to improve much now. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on where they are in comparison to each-other right now. :)

  18. We’l end up losing Carroll for a few weeks this season at some stage, although backup I reckon we’ll be ok with a combination of Shola, Loven, Ranger, Best and Xisco, not sure we could play 4-4-1-1 tho.

  19. What people quickly forget is that Shola was banging the goals in just the same as Carroll before he got injured. I would be happy with Shola and Ranger as back-up tbh. Either of those to playing with Benny up front will cause people problems.

  20. Here’s a thought: If you’re a centre-back a mere six feet tall, having Shola bearing down on you must be like having a giant set of bagpipes lobbed at you.

    No wonder he scores lots…

  21. Best is injured, Xisco has three match ban for red card starting soon, concievably I can see why people might worry if we lost Carroll to ankle injury and Shola is made of glass. That would leave Peter and Nile still though and it will take a crisis for Ranger to get a fair crack at the whip. I think if he holds the ball up like he can and doesnt get to flustered I think it could be a major learning curve for him.

  22. Whumpie, agree with everything.

    I think people get stuck in a way of thinking and that’s that. He’s never lived down his failure as shearer’s heir apparent. If people looked at his performances from last 4 years they could only arrive that he is a perfectly decent understudy to call on at this level.

    But people don’t seem to like to have to pause and think thing’s through impartially. Having a ready-made scapegoat is all part of being a toon supporter.

    The scary thing is that Carroll is entering phase 1 of an inevitable downfall at a later point.

    We can do Heroes and villians – and nowt in between.

  23. Anybody think Sat could be a potential banana skin. With the Seasiders fighting for their lives and seeing us as a fellow promoted side and therefor beatable. I don’t doubt that if we turn up and play really well we will hammer them at SJP. I just hope there’s no complacency starting to creep in.

  24. ‘We can do Heroes and villians – and nowt in between.’

    True. Its all part of the pantomime that is football.

  25. Anyways, can’t wait for saturday. I’ll be cheering shola/carroll just the same whoever plays.

    I would say this Icedog – if shola plays well or scores, over the season, whenever he comes on- that you would be big enough to acknowledge it, and give him a break from your catcalling and sniping.

    I know that one bad miss, and he’ll be back in the dog house, but would be nice that folk can admit to being wrong.

  26. If there is any doubt, leave him out. Play ranger, he’d be able to bring Nolan or HBA into the game.

  27. I could see Hughton using a 4-4-2 on Saturday seeing as how its at SJP and against newly promoted side. He could very well do what he did last year as regards home and away games, but dependent on the opposition.

    If he uses a 4-4-2, we could see Lovenkrands and Shola starting up top, but then the question would be midfield. Obviously Jonas and Routledge will be on the wings, but what will happen with the center. Barton has played superbly in every game and needs to continue to start in the center.

    That other center mid position will be a toss-up between Nolan, Guthrie, and Smith. I would say that Smith is at the bottom of that line, but if Guthrie is fit, I would totally love to see him play in his preferred position in this league!

  28. And I know that I’ll get slagged off by some for wanting to leave our captain out, but Guthrie can move and produce so much more from that position that Nolan!

  29. But I’m also with jayjay and icedog in rating Ranger above Shola, especially in the lone striker role! Ranger can actually use his body, whereas Shola just falls over when being confronted or trips on the ball

  30. i know shola has never realy done enough to say hes a good premiership player but i dont think hes as bad as alot of people make out. i think hes ok as back up. i also think if hes abit of a confidence player, if i remember correctly he had a decent run of games when glen roader was manager and looked pretty good. lovenkrands is decent, maybe abit underaited imo, but im not sure about best havnt seen enough yet to say hes good enough but all in all i dont think it would be the end of the world if carrol gets injured but without doubt he would be a big miss

  31. AndrewT > Ranger can actually use his body, whereas Shola just falls over when being confronted or trips on the ball
    Or gives away needless free kicks, I also agree if fit I would like to see Guthrie alongside Barton, but cant really see that happen :(

  32. I assume we will see th same formation, Shola upfront, Nolan behind, and a Jonas/Barton/Smith/Routledge central midfield, with Ranger coming on for Shola if uneffective, and Arfa coming on for either winger or Nolan, depending on the match situation

  33. POPROBSON ive been wrong many times in my life and will be again at some point i think,learn somthing every day thats me,but dont think i will change my view after seeing shola on and off for 10yrs,he will not get any better now imo,we will have to agree to dis-agree on this one m8

  34. BIG DAVE hows you m8,hows our wee fellow going,BATTYS looking for someone to give a hand to put the signs up at sjp as him and hitman are putting a tender in you up for it m8.
    2-0 on sat

  35. Ice The wee Lad is doing good mate he has settled back into school which I was worrying about, oh and he has a card drew out for you but he has been waiting for me to take a pic of him and the Dog to send to you, But I have been a bit flat out this week. Batty can get Roy C or Richie to help him as I wouldn’t get up a set of ladders with him about :)

  36. Ice I think it will be a hard fought 1-0 or a hammering I just think B/pool will be well up for it but if we score early we could hammer them ;)

  37. If we provide enough chances we will score no matter who is playing up front, even Bambi. Pointless risking the big lad at this point!

  38. Whumpie

    “Personally, I think Shola and Ben Arfa would be a fantastic combination… if only the latter is fit enough. Shola usually produces (in among the misses, falling over, etc.) some fantastic passes, tricks and deft touches which the likes of wor Benny can pounce on”

    SPOT ON! Carroll isn’t as technicall gifted as Ameobi yet. Ameobi is better than average when it comes comes to the little tricks in and around the box

  39. Wasn’t it all just a device to keep Carroll out of the england game?
    I guess we’ll see on satda.

    it would change the approach, don’t like the idea of being over reliant on one player. & not keen on having to rely on a big unit. It can start leading towards ‘hoofball’.
    But all the lads need a shot at it anyway.

  40. Aye Ameobi can be frustrating but he can also produce that little bit of magic that can destroy defense’s.

  41. Aye,
    Shola brings other players into the game.
    He gets penalized way too much by refs cos he’s a big bruiser, but does occupy a least 2 defenders.

  42. Ameobi suffers from the same thing Crouch does. Because he is a big lad he gets used as a battering ram. PLayers only ever want to pump the football at his chest. It’s a bit weird really as all the great things Ameobi has done over the years have happened when he received the ball at his feet in and around the box. Decent player.

  43. Agreed El Toro,
    He’s way better with the ball at his feet.
    Learned how to ‘shot early’ from Shearer.

  44. Actually Benny and Ameobi could develop an understanding maybe. They both seem that sort of intelligent and skillful player with the ball at feet.

  45. DJG,
    aye mate, don’t see why not.
    PL might also benefit, at least he knows how to get to the front stick for the early ball. Something our other strikers don’t seem to do.

  46. My big worry this season is if Carroll gets injured. Lovenkrands couldn’t play up front on his own and I would rather play Wee Jimmy Crankie up front than Ameobi. More than likely it would result in us changing formation. Against Blackpool we could do that but not against many others.

    Anyhow, I think we’ll bang 3 or 4 past the Donkey shaggers Saturday.

  47. You want your big names against the big(ger) teams. I’d watch Carroll’s fitness against Blackpool and i’d love to think as a club we could rely on more than just one striker to grab goals, so stick Shola and Loven in there I say.

    I would say people need to re-evaluate their view on Shola as well while i’m at it. I don’t know what it is about him, but more lately than before he’s seemed to be a more composed, experienced player – and at about 30 he should be using the tricks he’s supposed to have picked up in a career almost entirely spent in the prem.

  48. Aye Stu,
    y’wouldn’t put PL up top on his own.
    But HBA does bring a new dimension that could alter the effectiveness of some of our other strikers, don’t y’think?

  49. I divvent knaa Stu, it has banana skin written all over it to me. Especially after 26 games unbeaten at home. Would be just like the old Newcastle wouldn’t it. My fear is that they just don’t turn up and we get out battled rather than out skilled. Hopefully Im wrong though and underestimating the desire in this squad.

  50. If we are gonna be really brave and rest Carroll as people say I would like to see.


    I know that won’t happen, just my opinion.

  51. You know what makes me sick, all the people on Ed’s blog so far up mike Williamson’s arse when the majority of them were probably saying ‘Mike who? Not good enough!’ when we signed him.

    I know he isn’t exactly the flavour of the month round here but when stardust called some NUFC fans kneejerkers or whatever, it seems he may have not been far from the truth in some respects. But still, i’m sure all sets of supporters have fans like that!

    Anyway, carry on Mike, your doing great :D

  52. I don’t think Hughton will ever let the team turn up complacent.He can point to Villa to show what happens when you think you just need to turn up to take the 3 points.That was the attitude alot of Villa fans and more importantly their team had.
    I’ve said before that Blackpool won’t be anymore up for the game than they were the last time they came.If both teams are up for it and have the desire to win then generally the team with the better players will come out on top and no disrespect to Blackpool but that is us imo.3 nowt or 3-1.HWTL

  53. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 8, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    I agree, he could play right up top as support for Loverkrands. He may well be the perfect foil for him – Finding his clever runs with that ‘killer’ ball.

    DJG says:
    September 8, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    This is the NEW Newcastle United though – Old Newcastle would possibly, but this lot don’t take anything for granted.

  54. Aye Richietoon I think yur right. Im also worried about what we’re gonna do with the three new lads and if Hughton knows what to do with them. I assume he is gonna start with the same team as last 2 games which is totally fine. Most people will be wanting to see Benny at some point though so I hope he brings him on with enough time left and he gets more than just 2-3 kicks of the ball. Campbell and Tiote will be on the bench but don’t think we’ll see them. Would be class if we are winning 3-0 or something and all 3 new lads get on for the last 5mins or so, subject to injuries ect of course.

  55. I Love Mike says:
    September 8, 2010 at 8:17 pm
    You know what makes me sick, all the people on Ed’s blog so far up mike Williamson’s arse when the majority of them were probably saying ‘Mike who? Not good enough!’ when we signed him.

    I know he isn’t exactly the flavour of the month round here but when stardust called some NUFC fans kneejerkers or whatever, it seems he may have not been far from the truth in some respects.<<<< aye and stardust had 1 point of veiw and 1 point only he is the biggest kneejerker aroond

  56. ”Plod & Stewards

    ook all of 5 minutes before plod came and paid us a visit, ‘please sit for your own safety`, stewards kept a relatively low profile until the end of the game

    Fear Factor Rating – 2.

    There`s a terrible run of away games coming up and out of the next 3 this looks our best chance of getting any points on the road. There`s not much time to learn in this league as I`m sure Newcastle realise too, here`s hoping that history doesn`t repeat itself and that come 5pm the tangerine faithful are living the dream”

    Read more: http://www.blackpool.vitalfootball.co.uk/sitepage.asp?a=520265#ixzz0yyBwqwAL

    I think its funny how they do a fear factor rating and ours is 2, quite low. Wonder what Millwall and Evertons would be 5 ha.

  57. ”There`s not much time to learn in this league as I`m sure Newcastle realise too,”

    That bits a bit silly, we had to learn the football league mate, it is you that is learning the big time, we been in the premiership since it was formed bar one season. Bit cheeky that like.

  58. CLiNT FLiCK

    No respect for their superiors, these young upstarts. ;)

    Hopefully we will send them packing and do another Barnsley on them, or infact 4-1 like last time. :)

  59. DJG,
    they’re gonna get a nose bleed sooner or later up in the rarified atmos of the prem.
    Maybe we can start a full on one.

  60. CLiNT FLiCK

    They will get a nose bleed climing the stairs to level 7 mate. Bloomfield only holds 16,000. Could get more than that in Wetherspoons. ;)

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  64. The English teacher I’ve been seeing has split up with me :( she didn’t approve of my improper use of the colon ;)

  65. Number 2 of 3 in a row for me, won’t get to another match till either west ham away or Wigan home, when me and the bird have been together for 11 years, I’m already going to everton on her birthday, know how to treat a bird me :)

  66. ganin to Everton,Citeh then prob Arsenal after that if my boss ever approves my days off.If she does then will go down London on the Friday and come back on the Tuesday.

  67. Might be able to get to a game in February/March if a job opportunity works out – looking at Bolton and Everton.

    Haven’t been to SJP since 1976. There’s been a few changes I hear.

  68. just a little Bris’…..£3.60 a pint in there for starters :-) ………..whey thats me away up the dancers.later lads.

  69. Sky Sports News update, – Somerset have beaten Pakistan by 5 wickets at Taunton next Thursday.

  70. BATTY ill give you a lift to the C.L. games next year m8,putting a platform on my scooter,you bring the flask. butties

  71. On this day in the year 2000, Sir Bobby Robson handed academy forward Shola Ameobi his senior debut, calling him from the bench for the final 20 minutes of a 0-0 draw with Chelsea at SJP.

    A month before his 19th birthday, the youngster made an immediate impression on home fans by squaring up to visiting midget Dennis Wise.

    Ten years later and he has 62 senior strikes to his name, having made 276 appearances in all competitions (162 starts and 114 sub outings).

    There have been highs (scoring in the Nou Camp against Barcelona) and lows (loaned to Stoke City, coming close to joining Ipswich Town), but playing for the 12th manager of his SJP career (including caretakers), he’s still in Toon – and as consistently inconsistent as ever…

  72. most of his goals have been in the premier as well. he’s frustrating as hell – but he’s a canny lad – one of us – good luck to him – he’s given good service – does that mean he’ll get a testimonial (we dont seem to do them anymore)

  73. What would be a ‘massive blow’ would be if Carroll fell down a rabbit hole & met a caterpillar on a mushroom smoking from a hookah.


  74. That’s cos players generally get payed enough these days to not need one. They usually give it to charity.