Everton v Newcastle United video highlights and post match interviews.

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Match Highlights 1: Ben Arfa goal.

A series of five videos from yesterday’s most pleasant 0-1 away victory over the Evertonians, including a blistering debut goal from new boy, Hatem Ben Arfa. Two are highlights of the match and three are post match interviews with Chris Hughton, Kevin Nolan and David Moyes respectively.

Match highlights 2: Ben Arfa goal from several angles and other highlights.

Post match interview 1: Hughton chuffed with team’s performance.

Post match interview 2: Nolan waxes lyrical on Ben Arfa.

Post match interview 2: David Moyes not chuffed at all with Everton performance, but gives Newcastle due credit.

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94 Responses

  1. Ross – I was going to d/l it but it was going to take a while so I’ve stuck to FIFA 10 for the moment :)

  2. Toonsy-I thought it would take me ages to download but it was actually canny quick. (For the PSN)..like..an hour and a half or so,lol. It’s definitly worth getting. You get Chelsea,Juve,Barca,Real and Leon with the option to unlock Arsenal. It’s changed quite a bit, worth a go. I haven’t played FIFA 10 for a wee while but will get back into it on the run up to 11 being released like.

  3. Ross – We should have a game online sometime. You’ll have to lose though or else I will spit the dummy and ban you :lol:

    Joke like, I’m pretty gracious in defeat. Do them people who just keep the ball by passing it along their defensive line piss you off? Also people who quit when I’m beating them :mad:

  4. I’ve been a BIG Pro Evo fan for years now but the last FIFA(10) and the new FIFA 11 are definitely better than the new Pro Evo’s. Downloaded FIFA 11 and Pro EVO 2 days ago and Pro Evo is sooooo slooooow. FIFA 11 looks the dogs mate.

    Gets my vote hands down. Do what I did and play as Barca on both games once u’ve downloaded them. U can tell which is the more enjoyable straight away.

  5. Worky – My knee restricts me to just the odd charity game every now and again nowadays.

    A far cry from the time I nearly went professional :) :(

  6. Ice – Even though it would have been professional I very much doubt I would have been able to afford much :lol:

    Mind you, a bloke at the gym I use plays for Cheltenham Town and he plods around in a top of the range Ferrari so you never know I guess ;)

  7. Toonsy-I used to think I was canny at FIFA but i’ve taken plenty of hammerings from my mates so there’s a decent chance you’ll beat me anyway, haha.

    Toro-I’m pretty impressed. It’s harder. The midfield seems like far more of a battle rather than just a platform for attacking, killer balls are harder, GK’s are smarter, all round better.
    Did you notice though, No Mascherano in the Barca squad I dont think, does that mean Benny/Tiote won’t be with us like we mentioned yesterday?

  8. Ross

    I think the demo is based on an older, incomplete build of the game, mate. When the full game is released all of the transfers will be up to date and it will most probably play slightly different as things are tweaked.

  9. Toonsy-I’m the same, hate them putting games out with immediate patches needed. Just paid 40 quid for the bloody thing and you’re needing to wait to download this that and the other.
    Dont know if you’re a Modern Warfare fan but the day that was released there were patches needed for all sorts.

  10. MW2….is the only game I play online……..bloody crap at it like……bloody young whipper snappers wi reflexes twice as fast as mine…………on the plus side I get to watch loads of killcams :-)

  11. TOONSY funny about that,my mate owns a wholesale electrical busn,he puts t.v.ect in for the toon when the new players sign for them,often see super/mac there,anyway he put 3 plasma t.v.in for three players of gretna just before they went under,he said they all had top of the range cars houses were out of this world,he could not belive it,and this lad is not short of a quid,he was still shocked

  12. I’m a creep when it comes to MW2. Came home from Uni and realised that being back at home means i’ll just play my PS3 when im bored. Been round the prestige cycle about 6 times now like.

  13. you’ll be one of the aforementioned whipper snappers then Ross ;-) ………I divnt even kna what the prestige cycle is…..is it some sort of pimped up pushbike :lol: ………I just go on the mercenary death match and die lots of times :-( ………occasionally I stumple on a match where the people are as crap as me then its happy days :-)

  14. Rich – We should have a shoot at each other sometime. War for older people. Should be fun. I just get kiled all the time aswell. Half the time I have to watch the killcam just to see where the buggers have come from :)

  15. Richie-See how you get your levels, and then when you hit 70 you stop? You can go back to 1 again, to do 1-70 over again as a different rank. I’ve been throug the ranks 5/6 times

  16. icedog says:
    September 19, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    “RICHIETOON love that avatar its great.”

    Fred Scuttle?

    My favourite (slightly racist) Benny Hill sketch.

    Henry McGee in a Chinese restaurant goes:

    “Waiter! This chicken is rubbery!”

    Benny as Chinese waiter bows and says:

    “Ahhh, Fankyou!”

  17. aye Toonsy.as long as ya not hustling me like ;-) aye thats me Toonsy see where the buggas are so I can go and get them……..then they kill me again.

    Ross……but then I’d lose all me perks and I’m bad enough with them :-)

    there was a mackem on the other day,sent me a friend request/message…….it just said skum(yep thats how he spelt it!)….replied to him explaining how thick he is with his spelling and why they are so inferior to us…….havnt heard from him since

  18. Richie-Love the messages, especially from the mackems. I had some lad on his microphone thing the other week telling me I had “no teef” because I was a Newcastle fan. He ended up on the other team, we smashed them and he was genuinly angry when the game finished. Can’t understand people getting so worked up over it like.

  19. icedog says:
    September 19, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    “WORKY aye he did some great sketchs,by the way whats happened to your avatar,cut-backs is it lol”

    I’m just busy deein’ the Match Banter ones with the double crests ’cause Toonsy doesn’t know how yet. My avatar is in the same place as the Fairs Cup video, on the backburner. I did a list (on paper) of all the edit points for that and lost it.

    Icedog, have you been watching all the films about Newcastle on the telly ATM? Was just watching a couple today on my “Catch Up TV”.

  20. off the topic anyone listen to talk sport there was a guy on think it was stan collymore,saying people going on about how much they have spent on players,but what about them keeping prices at £17/£19 a game and have spent 1billion on work in the area building football acams and fitting them out bringing work to the local area

  21. Ross it’s even better when they’re on the same team if ya canblock them in somewhere so they cant get past you…………til someone of the other team kills you anyway :lol:

  22. WORKY na missed them been getting house pointed had to clean up before it gets dark,the place was “hacky”hope to catch them later really wanted to see them,didnt think to record them,thick heed

  23. icedog says:
    September 19, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    “hope to catch them later really wanted to see them,didnt think to record them,thick heed”

    Icedog, one of my favourite bits was a really old game at SJP. One of the players trots on the pitch still puffing away on a tab!

  24. workyticket says:
    September 19, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    “Icedog, one of my favourite bits was a really old game at SJP. One of the players trots on the pitch still puffing away on a tab!”

    I used to do that n’all. Not at SJP mind. Done it at Butlin Road a few times though


  25. WORKY :) lol,remember nicking out of vickers for a hour,when they trained a bit at the white-city at scotswood (the old greyhound track) joe harvey leaning on car bonnet smokeing his heed off,shouting run you lazy “b”s get them knees up,he smoked aboot 100 a day

  26. TOONSY was hopeing to see photo of you on that link dam,”unconfirmed” 6000 cap,rabbit off there like

  27. Ice – Nee photos mate. I never played for them but I did play in cup finals there. The unconfirmed 6,000 is because there is a massive (by those standards) stand being built which will take it to about 8,000 when all the safety certificates are granted.

  28. icedog says:
    September 19, 2010 at 9:09 pm
    WORKY na missed them been getting house pointed had to clean up before it gets dark,the place was “hacky”hope to catch them later really wanted to see them,didnt think to record them,thick heed<<<<< must be a big hoose dog u have been on it for 2 month now :)

  29. toonsy says:
    September 19, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    “I used to do that n’all. Not at SJP mind. Done it at Butlin Road a few times though”

    I think it was Jimmy Greaves who said he would have six pints and big roast dinner before a game. On another occaision he said they’d all have a big sniff of Amyl Nitrite as they were coming out the tunnel.

  30. TOONSY you must have old photo of you in footy kit you could put on your avatar,mind saying that i have none like,them old brownies took crap photos :)

  31. iam gettin worried aboot me bet as i can see us finishing a little bit higher than 11th the way the lads are playing ,but it will be worth losing £200 for :)

  32. Ice – I’ve got some somewhere. At my parents I think, and a few newspaper cuttings. I’ll try and find them and see if I can scan them on here :)

  33. Evenin’! Re the last thread and reflecting on the videos and comments in this one, I’m actually prepared to get carried away. That was easily the most convincing performance for along while.

    We’re still a right back short of a good defence but things are looking up generally.

    Is stu around or has he not finished the GNR yet?

  34. BATTY deeing sons house as well lives next door but one,and hes never had day off in months 12hr shifts so get nee hand,few quid at a time m8 ;)

  35. Bowburn – He did it in 2hrs 30mins. I know a 63-year-old first time GNR runner and he did it in the same time.

  36. Cheers chaps, we did it in 2:28. As per the agreement, we could only go as fast as the slowest person in the group and Sarah had never ran that far before and struggled a bit. She was still chuffed with it though. We’ve agreed next year to get beat 1 hr 50. A few of the others who started with us beat that this year again and there’s no reason why the three of us can’t do it next year.

    I high-5’d Sonia O’Sullivan at about halfway. Watching back on the tv coverage, I realised she’d given us a 20 minute headstart…

  37. Plus I don’t think I would want him back tbh. Fair play for all those years and all that, and regardless of how/why he left, I just don’t think we should look back.

  38. BATTY being a m8 i thought you would giz a hand with pointing these houses like, lazy sod,i gave you a hand with the scrap

  39. isn’t it the case that you only sign players on loan in extreme circumstances? Is one players injury, an injury which we have no idea how long he will be out for, an extreme case? err no.
    Didn’t Mancini only say today he can leave in Jan but until then he wants him to remain professional? I smell bullshit…

    I agree with toonsy, don’t go back, and you know what, there’s no need to. We have Ole Soderberg who is highly thought of as cover, so i’m happy with what we have.

  40. Furthermore, I would have thought CH would be happy with what we have, he doesn’t seem the reactionary type, I reckon it’s just crap made up to sell a few papers, pathetic.

  41. WOW! I can’t wait until we play Wigan. They are shocking and dead certs for the drop. They remind me of us a few years back.

  42. If you thought our lot were fickle you should check out the Everton forums. A lot of them are calling for Moyes to be sacked. Crazy.

  43. Given rumour will be rubbish I reckon. He said in his quotes that if he has to go abroad he would, but that he wouldn’t go to a team “fighting relegation”..After asking to leave us, 1. I couldn’t see him wanting to return and 2. I dont think many would want him back. Don’t think it would be great for Harps to see him return, Krul deserves his chance and it wouldn’t be fair on him either.

  44. I have always been a FIFA guy and always will be. The big question I need an answer to is this. I have also always bad playstations and as I don’t think they are making games for the ps2 I need to upgrade. So, do I stick to type and save for a ps3 or jump ship to the xbox? Which is best?

  45. Toro-Just watching MOTD2 now. Loved the Wigan fans jeering Hart as he fell over to take the goal kick. Little did they know their lads would completly ignore it, allowing Tevez to finish in style at the other end of the field, hilarious.

  46. El Toro :lol:

    If they think there was a championship side on the pitch yesterday it certainly wasn’t us :-)

  47. Actually the more I watch the benny goal it’s like the superstar effect. The defenders were just terrified to get within 3 metres of him. He has the ball and they are frightened of getting megged or something. Love the commentry ‘OOOH IT’S A WONDER GOAL!!’ and the other scouser one is just silenced. Belter stuff!

  48. Clint-Aye, Given for the bench!
    I don’t mind him like, even after leaving, but it is hilarious he’s on the ManC bench xD

    I don’t question Krul’s ability..but I do worry about his confidence-aye its fine now, but what happens if has an error that costs us? It happens to them all-and who’d have thought hart would have been a tad dodgy this season-like he was for Eng vs Switz as well. Anyway, a streak of bad performances, what happens then? Ole Soderberg? not too sure. Not only that, injury? Maybe celtic will let us take back forster for compensation? Could be dodgy though..

  49. We can’t get FF back from Celtic, so that’s a non-starter. You have to put aside emotion and loyalty, and look at the quality that Shay has and the experience in the league…he’s still one of the better keepers out there. Loyalty is not what keeps you in the league, quality is.

    Does he replace Krul as #1…not so sure…
    If anything, he falls to #3 when Harps is back.

    The story’s probably crap anyway.

  50. Aye Norcal, I’d only have him as backup to Krul anyway…I think Krul would be very angry to have this chance taken away from him and he deserves his shot plus we need to let him develop and not just give more chances to Given…but will Given move from ManC bench to ours? I seriously doubt it, so its probably BS.

  51. If shay wants to leave citeh cos he’s number 2 then he wont go anywhere else as number 2.I would never sign any player who wants a guaranteed start and any manager who guarantees a player a start can do one as well.
    Somebody mentioned confidence earlier,Given has no confidence in his own ability otherwise he’d think he was good enough to get his place back at citeh :-)
    If you don’t think your number 2 keeper is good enough to take over when ya num 1 is injured then whats the point of having him at the club?
    Timmy,Timmy Krul-Timmy Timmy Krul

  52. I always am Toonsy……..well often…….ok then occasionally………alreet alreet almost never,but this time I am :-)

  53. Hello to all. This is my first post on this blog, although I have been reading it for a while now. Keep up the good work fellas.
    On the subject of Shay Given, I think some people are being a little harsh on him after the years of great service he gave us. While I too am also against his rejoining, it is purely because I wouldn’t want him to hamper the development of Krul and Forster.

    Also, Toonsy, in regards to your statement about never going back, did you hold that belief when we resigned Beardsley??? Just a thought.

  54. Mr T welcome……I agree Shay gave us great service,but we were playing in Europe most of those years so hardly a hardship for him.Would he have stayed if one of the bigger clubs had ever come infor him with a decent offer? probably not imo but we’ll never know.

    The difference with Beardsley was he never asked to go in the first place but the Milburn stand needed paying for somehow ;-) ……..also Beardsley was still a class(world imo)act who was streets ahead of anything we had.I don’t believe Given is anymore.

  55. Richietoon – completely agree with the Beardsley sentiments, I was just using his name as an example to highlight the downfall of saying ‘never go back’. I can’t think of many players that have left us that I would want back like, but I do recall a number of people saying just recently that they would have taken Bellamy back. I wasn’t one of them.