Stay away Shay – It’s Tim’s time now!

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Timmy, Timmy Krul. Timmy, Timmy Kruuuul.
Timmy, Timmy Krul. Timmy, Timmy Kruuuul.
Steve Harper now looks to be out for some time following the shoulder injury he picked up against Everton this weekend, which is unfortunate for the guy who has waited so long to be our number one in the Premier League.

Early indications suggest that Harper has suffered a shoulder ligament injury and will be sidelined for roughly three months although I must stress that nothing has been confirmed officially as yet.

As I say, it’s unfortunate for Harper, but now that the door to the first-team is temporarily closed for him, it means it is temporarily open for our young goalkeeper, Tim Krul, to make his name in the Premier League.

Most of us are aware that Krul has some significant talent, but are you aware that Krul is yet to concede a goal in any league game he has featured in for us? Neither was I until earlier! Granted, his appearances have been limited, but it shows that he can do a job for us, which is why he was kept at St James’ Park I would guess.

Krul has some rough edges to his game still and one of them, in my opinion, is dealing with crosses into the box. He can improve that, and now he has the perfect excuse to work harder on that aspect. He no longer has the security blanket of just being the back-up. He is the main man at the moment, and after waiting for four years for his chance I would say he deserves it.

Which brings me to the story printed in the Daily Mail today. The rag claims that Newcastle are set to ask the Premier League for special dispensation to sign Shay Given from Manchester City on an emergency loan deal. To me this sounds very much like a ‘2+2=5′ story from the paper that is still banned from St James’ Park for making up stories in the first place.

Shay Given can apparently leave Eastlands according to Roberto Mancini, which combined with the injury to Harper has probably resulted in the paper coming up with this extravagant idea. What they forgot to mention is that Given said he won’t want to come to a relegation candidate, which is how I guess we are viewed by outsiders.

I sincerely hope that there is no truth in the rumour regarding Shay Given and a return to the club where he spent pretty much 12 years as the number one. This is not based on how he left us (well maybe a little), but it is more because I don’t believe we should be looking back. Given is past, history, gone. Krul is the future, but he will never get the chance to grow if he is again pushed back down the pecking order.

Stay away Shay! It’s Tim’s time now!

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121 Responses

  1. i agree fully.shay had his chance but he didn’t stick by us.look at him now.cheated out of a place at the world cup ‘coz of thierry henry and benchwarming at eastlands..serves him right.

  2. i hope krul can become the next van der sar although when i saw fraser forster playing for celtic i’m more inclined to think he’s a better candidate.forster’s HUGE!

  3. Stay away Shay, well said Toonsy, i couldnt put up with his gushing hypocrisy if he came back and why should he the traitorous twat.
    I have him down as one of the disruptive influences that left the club along with Beye etc, its not that long ago that he was all Citeh this and Citeh that, well he has made his bed and should lay in it, Tim Krull has waited patiently for his big chance and he now has it as he has earned it.

  4. hang on I’ll have to copy and paste from the other thread.
    there ya go :-)

    richietoon says:
    September 20, 2010 at 7:42 am
    If shay wants to leave citeh cos he’s number 2 then he wont go anywhere else as number 2.I would never sign any player who wants a guaranteed start and any manager who guarantees a player a start can do one as well.
    Somebody mentioned confidence earlier,Given has no confidence in his own ability otherwise he’d think he was good enough to get his place back at citeh
    If you don’t think your number 2 keeper is good enough to take over when ya num 1 is injured then whats the point of having him at the club?
    Timmy,Timmy Krul-Timmy Timmy Krul

  5. I don’t hold anything against Shay for the way he left. I still hold him in the highest regard in fact, however, I think Krul has a chance now and I think he’s earned it. I’m confident that he’s good enough to play at ths level.

  6. We need to be a little pragmatic here guys, we need to have survival as our number one objective. I am not certain that Krul is 100% ready and whilst I admit I am all for giving the kids a chance, dont we think a short term deal for one of, if not the best keeper in the EPL in recent years to help us stay in the prem until Harps is back fit would be a win win? TH objective is to stay up, and whilst I admit we are looking good, as Toonsy said last night we must not get carried away. We need to survive and survive well to force the critics and all at SKY and MOTD into actually saying we are a decent team and deserve to be back in the EPL, which will please me no end. If that means going back for 3 months with a proven top top keeper to fill the gap then I for one am all for it. It wont be a permenant deal of course, and wouldnt it also be great to have someone who knows the club so well and actually loved the club trying to prove to Mancini he is better than Hart?!

    Of course the obvious flaw in all this is that we are still under the same stewardship as when he left so it is highly unlikely that he would want to come back to us, and it would be more of a step back for him than us. That said I cant see Man City objecting to him coming to us as we arent going to be viewed as a threat as Arsenal are for example.

  7. Davies….I do I’m afraid mate.Not so much for wanting to go with the state the club was in,but the fact is he could and should(imo) have waited until the end of the season.He would have still got the move he wanted and I believe he would have probably gained us at least the extra point that would have kept us up………….but that’s all in the past,and that’s where I’d prefer to keep Shay’s association with the Toon :-)

  8. Raffo,if Krul isn’t ready now he never will be imo.Like you say,club is under tha same stewardship so I don’t think it’ll happen anyway and I really hope it doesn’t.

  9. Sod him I say, if he’d stayed, we may have not been relegated, as it was him leaving in the Jan of that season, was the start of our decline into the fizzy pop, all he had to do was stay with us until the summer, we may have staved off relegation & he could have gone of his marry way but no, he left us high & dry, Harper was thrown in the deep end & expected to fill Givens boots after 13 seasons on the bench, so thats why we conceded the goals we did!!!
    If Harps is seriously injured, then Krul is our No1 & we should bring Forster back off loan from Celtic as cover for Krul & to play in our CC & FA cup games….

    No going back to those that deserted us…..

  10. If Shay comes and is No1 then Krul will be out the door next Transfer window,and Iwouldn’t blame him one bit.Then that would leave us needing another keeper ,so whats the point.Personally I think Krul is good enough and should be given(no pun) a chance

  11. Raffo/Jill – That is fair enough. I understand like :)

    What I will say is that we have a team that still has a lot of players in it who stayed and tried to fight, and tried to get us back to the Prem.

    Given didn’t, and I wonder how that will sit with those that have helped us get back up (ie, most of them)?

    If it doesn’t sit well then we have a squad full of players who won’t be happy with him returning, and it takes a hell of a lot more than a goalkeeper to win a game of football.

  12. I think Krul has earned it. Give him the time to play and improve and make mistakes. It will give him the faith to stay with us until we are ready for him to take number 1 spot. Like Harper did before him he is earning his spot through his loyalty.

  13. Raffo,

    Krul has been ready since Palermo 5/6 years ago ! How the hell is he ever going to get experience , he’s nearly 23, not a kid. I don’t want to see given come in as number 1 till harper gets fit and Krul totally overlooked again. Let’s facre it, Hughton was never going to give Krul a game (cups appart) unless something like harper getting injured happened. krul could be the next van de sar and needs games. Look at Hart, england went for the experienced green in the WC, say no more.

  14. I also think you have to look at this from Krul’s position. He is very talented but has remained very patient waiting for a chance such as this. I would understand him immediately asking for a transfer as a move for Shay would indicate little confidence in Krul from CH. Unless of course Shay was re-signed as back up to Krul – unlikely! Krul must be given the opportunity whatever – that was obviously the understanding in the event of injury to Harps. A panicky knee jerk reaction shouldn’t alter that. Hughton is superb at man management and I have every confidence that he will find the right solution.

  15. Cyprus….as far as I know we can’t recall Forster unfortunately……..which makes naming him in our 25 a bit strange……unless the rules say we had to.
    so if we need to be pragmatic and survive we might as well try and bring back Owen….better than a goal every 3 games many as sub ;-) not having a go Raffo mate,just making a point(hopefully) :-)

  16. Although Tim is young at 21 ,I would just mention Hart who is the same age and is Englands Goalkeeper. I think it is Time for Tim to see how good he is .I agree with Cyprus-Toon and Mick G and Toonsy, comments 10,11 12
    Time to move on HWTL

  17. what was a strong postion in the side is now looking pretty short i have no doubt timmy krul can do the job for us but he must perform

  18. What I do not understand is why did we name Fraser Forster in our 25-man squad if he is on loan at Celtic for 12 months with no recall clause in his contract?

  19. I think Krul deserves his chance at Number 1. My worry is what happens if he gets injured/suspended himself? Who is going to be number 2 – is anyone good enough from reserve level to step up?

  20. Shay Given,the man who caused the ship to start and sink should not return THE TOON and rot on Manchester City’s bench.Give Tim ago he deserves it.

  21. Interesting point Mags09.

    I understand the feeling for him jumping ship, but to put another angle on it he left in Jan so its not the same as Beye etc.

    Yes Krul probably does deserve a shot, much like Harper did when Given left but I am looking at this purely on a footballing basis. Our only objective is to stay up. I dont care how we do it, but we MUST do it. If that means bringing in a solid proven world class goalkeeper for 3 months then I am for it. It is no way going to be permenant and I for one dont think it will happen at all, but if it did I would be all for it. Krul is young in terms of Goalkeeper and I dont think he is ready. What shouldve happened was Krul shouldve been playing last season in the Championship to ready himself for this exact scenario. We cant really have Krul and Forster as the first choice two, neither having played anywhere near enough games. Yes I know you only get experience by playing but I think an experienced keeper on a short term loan is exactly whats needed. I think Forster should stay at Celtic doing what he needs to and playing in a lower league cutting his teeth.

    On a side note, my brother doesnt think much to Harper, and also thinks he lacks ambition for staying on the bench for 13 years prior to getting his chance. I hope Krul has more fight in him than that. It is certainly Kruls chance but he needs to have a good keeper pushing him, not Soderberg or he wont try enough.

  22. Hally – he did not cause the ship to sink man. The fact that he is regarded so highly is the fact he had so much bloody work to do in our goal!

  23. “What I do not understand is why did we name Fraser Forster in our 25-man squad if he is on loan at Celtic for 12 months with no recall clause in his contract?”

    Because there is most likely a loophole in the contractual agreement we can exploit, which will probably involve giving Celtic some money etc. You can tell by how Hughton answered the question when it was put to him. We will try and recall Forster.

  24. I think Hughton is concerned about Krul’s lack of experience. That does show when he comes for crosses he shouldn’t and stays on his line when he should come for crosses.

    He’s got great potential and I’d give him a chance.

  25. given left cause he was pissed of with the management of the club, as we all were at the time. I don’t hold his exit against him at all, and i think he is probably in the top 3 keepers in the epl and at his ripe old age i can understand that he wanted to win some trophies before his times up. In my eyes he is a toon legend and gave us 12 or so years of service. having said that i would not have him back, his time with us is gone. Similar to keegan in a way, he’ll always be a legend on for us, but his time is with us is over. Lets not look backwards but forward, krul is the future so stick with him.

  26. ref the 25 man squad…….I know if you have players that meet the criteria to be named in the squad and you have the free spaces then they have to be named whether you want to or not……..however what I don’t know is if that still applies to players you loan out.
    Also as far as I know,any player you loan out to a team in another country can not be recalled at all.
    I’m not 100% on either,anybody out there know more?

  27. Watch the Everton game again if you think krul isn’t ready. He made a good double save near the end of the game.
    I don’t even know why we are having this conversation. It all paper talk.

  28. Difficult – I’m not unhappy about Krul playing – I have confidence in him although in some of the cup appearances last year he showed his rough edges – admittedly behind an iffy defence. My worry is the reserve keeper. IF no Fraser Forster and Krul gets injured (Because s**t happens) we are in deep doodoo, no disrespect to Sodapop.
    So how do we ensure we have the requisite 2 top keepers until Harps gets back? Pavel (in a wheelchair) anybody?

  29. Given is no longer the keeper he was. If that wasn’t truth then why is he now a bench warmer? Top pl keeper? Not anymore. He was ok with us. Great shot stopper, but the rest of his game was just ok.
    I liked the lad he came across as a decent person, but I don’t think he was as good as we thought he was.

  30. Aye MT- he made a decent save and also got lucky with the rebound off the post. I am not calling him, I want the youth to get a chance as theres no point having them if they dont fill the gaps, but this is not a short term injury it is fairly long, and it will be 3 months until he is training again so your looking to at least xmas till he is available for selection again.

    We need an experienced number 2 for Krul until xmas, and then let Harper fight for the shirt again. I dont want to have Harper just given the shirt back when he gets back, thats not the way it should be done. I dont buy all this loyalty crap, he should earn the shirt like anyone else.

    I am just saying that for me, going until xmas with Krul and Forster as back up doesnt fill me with confidence

  31. f@ck given let him rot ,he asked his agent find another club for him before the start of the 08 09 season the traitorous money grabbin c@nt.

  32. Ha ha. Pavel is a geordie, pavel is a geordie, la la la.
    Remember when he wore that on a t-shirt?

  33. Ancelotti confirms he will play the kids in the Carling Cup. With Lovenkrands, R,Taylor, Campbell, Ranger, Vuckic and maybe Jonas set to feature, does anyone else feel we could get something?

  34. El Toro – agree with above – but wonder if he will risk Raylor? No other right back is fit at the minute so he may choose to play one of the lads rather than risk him.

  35. Seems to me we were just a short time ago saying that our strongest position was goalie with Harper, Krul and Forster the envy of most pl clubs. Now all of a sudden for many, our number 2 isn’t good enough after all. Nonsense. Have faith in the boy – he has certainly looked good to me. Forster meanwhile is doing a great job in front of 60,000 crowds here in Glasgow. What a great experience for him.

  36. We don’t have Forster as back up he can’t be recalled as far as I know.

    The point is mute imo as I doubt we will get permission for an emergency loan and why should we?
    Therefore unless it’s a player out of contract we can’t get anyone until Jan by which time Harper will be back anyway.

  37. TT – yes but see my earlier post.
    What happens if Krul also gets injured and Forster is not allowed to return from loan? I think that is the crucial issue.

  38. Shay Given, ha!
    No way Doris Day,
    No way Santa Fe,
    No F***ing way,
    No how,
    Stay the F*** away!.

    Krul might not be 100% ready, but he will be after this stint.
    Stick Pedro in as back up.

  39. Anybody notice CH’s comments on Beckford.s challenge? Something like “I’m not saying it was a bad challenge but I thought it was one that needn’t have been made”.
    That must be as close as CH gets in public to saying he is really pissed off about something!!

  40. magpie6699……….that’s football tho mate,how many teams have more than 2 decent keepers if that.Very few so you have what you have,if Krul got injured then I dare say we’d be able to get an emergency loan in.However if we got permission now then the rules are crap as it would mean just about any team who have an injured keeper would be able to get an emergency loan in.That would make a bit of a mockery of the whole thing imo.

  41. magpie66

    I think R.Taylor will play personally. Perch’s one match ban carries over to the Carling Cup I am sure as it is a domestic competition. This means he will be available for the Stoke game…

    …Which brings me to my next point, anyone else think the direction Pulis is taking Stoke will make them a slightly less difficult opponent? He is trying to turn them into a proper footballing side, but player for player we should win the individual battles. Not to mention their shocking away form. Only problem I see is Matty Etherington using his trickery and experience to get the better of Perch.

  42. I reckon if krul gets injured we will be able to do an emergency recall of forster. Clubs have done it in the past. Ch obviously thinks he can cope for now andv will accept the risk.

  43. magpie6699 – I agree that this is the main issue – but CH must not drain Krul’s confidence by bringing in someone else AS NO 1. A loan agreement with an experienced keeper (your guess is as good as mine) to back up Krul has to be the way to go surely – if we can’t get Forster back.

  44. “Anybody notice CH’s comments on Beckford.s challenge? Something like “I’m not saying it was a bad challenge but I thought it was one that needn’t have been made”.
    That must be as close as CH gets in public to saying he is really pissed off about something!!”

    …I was thinking the exact same thing

  45. El Toro,
    we could easily get a win v the chavs in the league cup, they only beat our reserves by a last kick pen last week. No doubt both teams will have some experience in there, but it should be pretty even.

    ps…Could chelsea have had an easier start to this season, still haven’t played anyone worthwhile, what a skank!

  46. Aye richie,
    “We want 9, we want 9”
    & dissing Given into the bargain.
    I loved Shay when he was here, but hate the way he sloped off when the going got tough(Harper breathing down his neck) & for big money. He thought he was nailed on at citeh, little did he know.

  47. ET 46 – didn’t know that CC could be the match Perch is suspended for. Fair enoughski – give Raylor some match practice.

  48. rich if it right what ive read this morning that perch has only done 7 fouls in 5 games ide say he,s pretty unlucky too have got 5 yellows .

  49. batty,
    damn right bud, Perch has been skanked by the refs, just like they skank Barton half the time. We haven’t deserved half the yellows we’ve had so far.

  50. batty……..I think he’s done ok for us.At least he puts in the tackle,Simpson and Raylor back off too much for my liking then the attacking player’s in the penalty area so it’s too risky to tackle then.

  51. Batty

    I wouldn’t say he was unlucky, mate. Perch needs to learn to make his fouls a little less blatant. The thing is though it is probably too late now. Referees will now have heard about his poor record so far and keep a close eye on him.

    Can I just clear something up…Ben Arfa can not get snapped up from us at the end of the season. The contract is that after 25 games played the deal automatically becomes permanent with a 5.5million pound fee to be paid to Marseille. Pre-contract terms will probably have already been agreed with Ben Arfa. No doubt a pay rise and added bonuses being tied in if he proves his worth and signs permanently.

  52. In other words, if United, Arsenal…or Spurs want to take him from us they will have to pay a considerable transfer fee for a newly signed player. Looking at 13 or 14+million.

  53. ET,
    no Perch isn’t unlucky, he’s been targeted by refs, they do it all the time.
    There’s no way we shoulda had 5 yellows v wolves, or 3 v everton, they got away with 2 ffs, & crocked our ‘keeper, punched our CB, & hacked down our capt. in the box.
    Figure that out?

  54. Thats what I said yesterday El Toro………if he plays the 25 games he’s ours for at least this season and next unless we decide to sell him :-) (if the reported deal is true)…….a very shrewd bit of business I say ;-)

  55. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    September 20, 2010 at 10:17 am

    I wouldn’t say he was unlucky, mate. Perch needs to learn to make his fouls a little less blatant.
    <<<< i like how he goes in hard and wouldnt want too change that m8

  56. Clint Flick

    Oh don’t get me wrong. As a team i definitely agree that we have been unlucky, but then again most teams have at some point this season. It’s down to the poor standard of officiating so far this season. It has been dire.

  57. …….biggest relief for me this weekend?……….booking my B & B in Chester and not near Goodison what a dump :-)

  58. Batty

    Agreed, but going in hard and going in stupid should not be confused. Tackling is just as much an art as shooting or dribbling. I like the lad, he has potential and will come good if given time.

  59. ET,
    Aye mate, expect manusa, chelsea, liverpool, tottingham.
    i.e. the press darlings.
    You’re right man, the officiating is horrendous atm, worst i’ve seen for years & getting worse.
    Biased too, based on history.

  60. richietoon

    Great business. I was sceptical about Ben Arfa because of his failure to deliver over the last few years, but if he carries on how he started then we are looking at some of the best business in the Summer transfer window. Up there with great deals like Chamakh, VDV, Joe Cole and Hleb.

    On a different note, I said it yesterday and will say it again, Wigan look a carbon copy of us a few years back. They look shocking. I urge everyone to put £50 on them finishing bottom and maybe £150 on them getting relegated.

  61. Anyway,
    back to the topic.
    If shay’s reading,
    go somewhere else man.
    Your bleating would not be appreciated around here anymore.
    If he was that good someone woulda bought him in the summer.
    He’s on the slide now. Arse were more interested in schwartzer ffs.

  62. El T…….aye even if he’s crap for rest of the season and those 3 points keep us up it’ll have been worth the loan fee and wages :-)

    I can understand when ref’s dont see things but he seen Dirty Hairy’s elbow or else why did he book him…straight red

    He saw Nolan chopped down but looked straight to his linesman who was in a worse position(but should have still seen it) linesman gave nowt Ref bottled it….would probably also have been a red.F**k me I was up a height and half cut and I knew it was a nailed on pen.
    There is absolutely no excuse for getting either of those wrong.

  63. Amazing how Tiote’s debut has been overlooked in the pressmongs mind.
    He’s gonna really kick us on.
    What a great signing he’s gonna be & for a lousy £3.5m, bargain & a half.

  64. I dont want Forster brought back. Playing for Celtic is exactly what he needs. Krul needs someone to back him up, a decent keeper. Im all for him getting a go but he needs pressuring and Soderberg isnt good enough to be his number 2 until xmas, so a short term loan deal would be great for us all round just until xmas. If it is Given then so be it, but I want us to stay up. I dont give a monkeys about sentiment

  65. Clint….he was my man of the match,we’ve been missing what he brings to the team for years……early days and just one game but if he keeps that up what a star he’s gonna be……..a Davey Mac wi more technical skill :-)

  66. no chance!this story has come about because city boss said we would let him go..and are goal keeper is injuried..we are moving forward and bringing him here would make us lose are up and coming u are doing great dont spoil it..if it is true.if he brings him here then..he doesnt think much about krul..which i dont think..this story is true..most of us wont him in net anyway.

  67. Richie-the ref bottled it yesterday. Everton having a good home record yet they’re on the back foot, a goal down and there’s a blatant red card offence. He should have given it but the pressure got to him. As for the blatant pen it’s a case of rinse and repeat, just bottled it infront of a home crowd. You could argue they should have been down to 9 bloody men.

  68. we cant get Forster back and we cant loan anyone without special permission,which in my view we don’t have a case for

  69. richie,
    totally mate.
    We’ve had a lot go against so far.
    & therefore, now that they’ve done that to us, i’m expecting quite a few going the other way to try * even it up a bit(lot).
    This is the kinda of shit that takes points from a team & sends them into a spin or worse. We were fortunate to have enough about us to win the game anyway.
    Let’s hope that a few of ‘our’ refs so far are getting their asses kicked right now.

  70. lads stop talking about keeping us up..we are looking up at this minute not down were west ham or everton are..till that happens then keep the faith..2 me we have been the better teams in the prem..said along this league is piss poor with bad sides and we aint 1 of them..

  71. ch hasnt moaned about refs..we have..they have been out 2 get us..dont get it..perch has had only made 7 fouls and has been booked 5 times..

  72. asim,
    the pressmongs & pundits have some preordained idea in their collective heads about us.
    They are a bunch of total C***S & are gonna have to admit it at some point, & look totally F***ing stupid while they do.
    I can’t wait.
    F*** the press, tv pundits, refs & anyone else that wants to have a go.

    Geordie boys we are here…

  73. Ross@77, apparently they show the replays of contentious decisions when the refs have their weekly meetings, hope Andre permatan Mariner has a good squirm when asked to explain the non penalty and also the yellow card for the assault by Fellatio

  74. clint flick dam right!never give us credit..villa were poor so were everton..that what people have said..only paul merson told it how it was..wtch in 2 weeks a soo..when they start spreading stories about ben arfa going to man u or arsenal..we have the best player in the league..if he plays like that week in week out..most well balanced player this league will ever see..

  75. Asim stop talking sh#t…

    Haha, just kidding, I just enjoy how wound up you get when people disagree with you.

    Agree, I think Ben Arfa could well be the most skillful player in the league, but he has some way to go before he can be called the best. There is more than technical ability in football. You need workrate, consistancy, attitude etc. All of which, if he can get right – we have an absolute superstar.

    I desperately hope we sign him, because even if he moves on in a two or three years, we’d get around 30mil for him.

  76. Good grief Asim – we have played 5 games. Yes we are in the top 6 but we are only on 7 points, two games time we could be rock bottom. It is too early to look at the table and garner anything from it. All I am stating is the fact that we have one aim, to stay up. Thats it. We shouldnt even look at the table with any interest until xmas really. The Andy ‘Man U bummer’ Gray comments on how no team has gone down with 7 points at this stage of the season is bloody stupid. Have we not learnt? NO team is too good to go down as we proved, yes we have some really good players and have made what look to be too fantastic additions in Arfa and Tiote, but lets have a few games before we get carried away eh? Lets enjoy the weekends result, not put too much stock on Weds night as I couldnt give a tupney to$$ if we go out of the Caling cup and look forward to stuffing Stoke and really showing that Everton was not a fluke and wasnt Everton having an off day as all the pundits are saying, but that we played well. Only Ian Wright has really given us any credit from this weekend which boils my piss

  77. Not sure we can start saying benny is the best player in the pl after just one game. Are you saying you wouldn’t swap him for fabregas if we could get him on the same terms?
    He certainly looks to be someone who has potential. It was a Robertesque goal the scored. He even looks like the sulky bugger, so if the can produce like Robert did then ill be happy.
    They highlighted his goal on motd 2 and compared it to a rocket shearer scored against Everton. I sometimes forget how many fantastic goals he scored for us. I remember a screamed against spurs in a cup game one year. Mostly because I was behind the goal and I still ducked as I thought it was going to tear a hole in the net. It was when gullit was in charge as I was wearing a big rasta wig to celebrate I guess.

  78. Micky Toon says:
    September 20, 2010 at 11:29 am
    Not sure we can start saying benny is the best player in the pl after just one game. Are you saying you wouldn’t swap him for fabregas
    <<<< aye micky if they give us 10 mill as well :lol:

  79. micky toon he scored a cracker against chelski a few years back ,we were losing at home shola scored a cracker :) then shearer scored a belter

  80. The Andy ‘Man U bummer’ Gray comments on how no team has gone down with 7 points at this stage of the season is bloody stupid.

    Did Hull not go down last year with more points than that? They were top four after two months.

    Agree though, top ten is possible for us though as would be a fantastic achievement.

    League will finish like this IMO…

    Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal, Tottenham (again), Man City, Liverpool. Then it really could open up after that, but I think over the course of the season, Villa and Everton will move up. I think we’ll finish between 9th and 13th.

  81. I think that was the season before JJ when they got to xmas and just turned into a bunch of plums, real jekall and hyde stuff, but they survived that season by the skin of their teeth sending us down instead

  82. the great thing he wonts to play for us and nobdy else..luv him what he needs..never seen anybody so well balanced then him..lets enjoy the fireworks while we have got him..the joke is he must be that good nobdy from everton could get near him..if they came close to him he would beat u with skill or if u dropped off he would do that goal he did against everton..its twist or bust in what 2 do with him..lets see when he gets kicked..but they couldnt get near to him 2 that..because with his skill his pace is unreal..

  83. ET – I’ve copied and pasted that link abut Tiote.

    “Chris Hughton gave full Premier League debuts to two new midfielders on Saturday – Hatem Ben Arfa and Cheick Tioté. Ben Arfa made the most obvious impact, with a stunning 30-yard drive that turned out to be the game’s only goal, but Tioté also impressed in a more low-key role. Starting in place of Alan Smith, Tioté’s calm, reliable distribution in the centre of the pitch allowed Newcastle to control the midfield. Indeed, they actually out-passed Everton on Saturday, recording 276 passes compared to the home side’s 260. It may be a narrow margin but not many sides will achieve that at Goodison Park this season – not even Manchester United, who lost out 329-298 in that respect. Tioté was the key to this – completing all of his 43 passes. He also made two interceptions, completed all three of his attempted tackles, and his only shot was on target.”

  84. Tiote completed all 43 passes Saturday? That’s impressive!

    I say leave Forster in Scotland. He is getting great experience and it wouldn’t help him to sit on the bench. Sign a vet on emergency lan but for pete’s sake leave Krul as the number 1.

  85. toonsy,
    just trying to redress the balance a bit mate.
    Want the lad to feel welcome.
    & love a ‘proper’ water carrier in the team.

  86. asim,
    yes mate, love that HBA wanted to come here too.
    You could tell as well.
    He needs to be loved, some players do.
    Just get y’head down Hatem & show us what you can do & you’ll get all the love you could ever need.
    Some assists next please.

  87. 2 things stick out – I agree with the article, why do we need a special loan deal for Shay when we have Krul waiting in the wings? it’s time the lad had his chance, we’ve seen the skills he has it’s time he got chance to show us some more and secondly – all the criticism of Shay is totally unfounded and downright rude, for 12 years he was a willing servant and a bloody good one, his reasons for leaving we’re proved pretty much spot on by the end result of that season….
    I don’t want him back, but he certainly still has my admiration for his service to the toon

  88. 100% pass completion rate? Bloody hell, not bad eh! Barton was my MOTM but Tiote was second, fantastic first game. I personally think, our keeper, back four, and central midfield pairing is pretty much cemented now, its the font four which are up for grabs. May actually depend more on who we’re playing and if it’s at home etc.




    Re Given, it’s the mail, howay man! Also, can people stop talking about Forster, CH has came out and said we can’t recall him!

    Anyone saw the rich list? Our turnover last season was £38m! Nee wonder Ashley had to put money into the club.

  89. Can’t argue with stats and there impressive for Tiote like. Very impressive. To be sitting in te centre of the mid with the job of keeping the game ticking, away from home and to complete every single one of your passes made, along with interceptions, is doing your job pretty much perfectly. I can see him being somewhat of an unsung hero. He’ll do all the dirty work, could actually turn out to be a great little player for us, but will just keep his head down and get on with it.

  90. Danny boy,
    shay was rude to leave when he did.
    His timing was good? Rat/ship/sinking?
    Good for him mate, not us.
    He was great for 10 years, but complained like a stuck pig when Harper got a sniff, especially when Harper came in & shipped less goals.
    Just desserts.
    No.2 at citeh.

  91. CH has already killed that daft Mail story; thought he would.

    It’s not about who plays, it’s about who sits on the bench. The way I see it is this:

    – We have four good goalies, including two younguns.
    – No 1 is injured.
    – No 2 is young, but gifted, and deserves his chance.
    – No 3 is out on loan and it’s not fair on Celtic or him to bring him back to warm the bench.
    – No 4 is VERY young, but could get us through a match if Krul got crocked.

    My view: Krul to Start, Ole on the bench. If Krul gets a bad injury, THEN look into either recalling Forster or an emergency loan.

    Pretty much what’ll happen, I expect.


  92. As for Given, no bitterness there. Great servant to the club and put up with more grief than I could have. Don’t want him back though – I’m with Toonsy on that one.

    Tiote: put yer tackle back in your pants, lads. A great debut, but that means little. Exciting though, ennit? He and Barton were a brilliant partnership on Sat.

  93. Whumpie – Bollocks to Celtic mate. He is our player at the end of the day, and if we need him back and could get him back (under emergency circumstances we could I’m sure) then who gives a toss about being fair to Celtic?

    Not me. Did they pay to take him on loan? Nope.

  94. Didn’t Celtic pay a fee for Forster, which means they stuck a loan clause in saying we can’t have him back anytime soon?

    Given back on loan would work for us but not for him. That’s the only reason it’s a no go. Come January, if we can get him back at a reduced fee, and he’s not an automatic choice then I see no reason why not. But I don’t think it’ll happen.

  95. I just don’t see that it makes sense for either side to recall Forster at this point, even if we’re allowed to. He’s getting excellent experience there and would be gutted (and resentful) to come back to warm the bench for Krul.

    The worst that can happen with sticking (for now) to Jan and Ole is one of them has to hold the fort for the remainder of a game if Krul can’t finish for some reason. It may cost us a game at most, but that’s being unfair to those two. As long as CH has an emergency loan set up with someone to call on at short notice, that makes far more sense, doesn’t it?

  96. I think Krul has always had talent and maybe a run in the team might bring him on leaps and bounds. He somehow hasn’t conceded as backup so far in 200+ minutes or so of football so he must be doing something right. This will change now though and I hope when the first flys in, it is simply an unstopable goal and not a blunder for his sake. We have to accept that he will have the odd mistake just like we have to accept that Benny won’t score a screamer in every game.

    I feel sorry for Harper, I really do, he is by far our most loyal player and has waited a LONG time for his no.1 spot. I just worry that he has waited too long though and it has affected his career. Lately I havn’t been impressed with his shot-stopping and he doesn’t inspire much confidence when the other team get a penalty either. A 2-3 month spell, even at this stage, for an inform Krul or Forster could be the end of him I fear. Without sounding overly harsh, (Harper has at least 4 years left) I would prefer we built for the future with a top class keeper in their early 20’s that will only get better and better than watch Harper slowly decline and Krul or Forster, both potential internationals IMHO, stew on the bench.

  97. I cant see how we can critise given.He was a great keeper,and still is and is far 2 good 2 be sat on the bench every week.He was loyal 2 newcastle when arsenal were after him every other season but enough was enough when city offerd him stupid amouts of money.can u blame him for leaving?That season newcastle were in crisis and although i found it hard 2 admit we were on out way out of the prem.If some1 offered 2 nearly double your wages 4 doing the same job would you swap jobs?

    However i wouldn’t want him back at newcastle.Stevey Harper being a loyal lad has waited far 2 long for his shot as the 1st team for a keeper with his ability,and deserves the chance at being 1st choice 4 the later stages of his career.

    Unforunatley hes gone and got himself injured and timmy has a crack of the whip.ever since he made his debut in the uefa cup a few years ago hes shone.Maybe has the potential 2 be 1 of the best keeps in the world and cant see it being 2 long before 1 of the “big” teams are after him. Hoping he stays though! :)

  98. Tim Krul should play, he can’t improve unless he does. When I went to Palermo he was outstanding and seems to thrive on being on the big stage, like when he kept us in the game at the Hawthorns on the opening day of last season. He has good characters around him, players like Coloccini, Wiliamson and Campbell who can help him along.

    If he isn’t going to get a chance then what is the point of having him? Forster was fantastic at Norwich and has carried on in the same vain at Celtic because he was thrown in and given the opportunity. SO why not give Krul that chance?

    As for Given, I’m not interested in having him back and don’t really think it is on Hughton’s mind either. Top goalkeeper but had many chances to leave us and left when we needed him the most! Harper is our number one but Krul can fill the void in my opinion.