Barton’s contract negotiations stall – Nolan wants the club to keep him

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Joey Barton's contract negotiations stall.
Staying or going?
Newcastle United midfielder Joey Barton may have some contract issues but Kevin Nolan is keen for him to stay at the club.

I have a stinking cold, which will probably turn into rabies, and I overslept, so I’m not feeling too chatty at the moment. I will therefore simply get down to business and report anything that might be worth reporting.

Rumours abound that there’s a bit of a sticking point with Joey Barton’s new contract, which he has so far refused to sign. This is allegedly over the length of the contract with the club offering two years and Barton wanting four. Pardew said:

It is up to the player and his agent to settle the deal that’s now on the table.

Contracts are complicated in terms of how they are paid, tax issues, length. I want Joey to stay.

That sounds a bit like the club is adopting a take-it-or-leave it approach and I assume they’d therefore be prepared to let Barton go. However, this may just be part and parcel of the negotiation process and some sort of compromise may yet be found.

Barton has previously declared that he’d stay on at Newcastle if fellow midfielder Kevin Nolan stays at the club, so it’s feasible that Joey is waiting to see what happens in that respect.

Nolan, for his part, has made it clear that he wants Barton to say, saying:

I’d like us to keep Joey. He’s a big player for us and he’s come out saying he wants to stay.

We all want Joey to stay, we want to keep this squad together. We can’t afford to lose any other big players.

Nolan then went on to explain what he thinks the club’s aims should be over the next three years:

The Europa League is the minimum that this club should be aiming for.

We have the potential to do it. If we keep making the right decisions, keep bringing in the right personnel, then we’ve got a chance.

The most important thing is bringing in the right people, who understand what it takes to play for this club.

That’s what they do at Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. As soon as new players arrive, they know what is expected of them. That’s what we need here.

In three years we want to be up with those clubs, hopefully we’ve got the wheels in motion.

Nolan finishes up by talking about how well we recovered from relegation:

It was amazing. We didn’t get the credit we deserved last year.

Let’s be honest, we annihilated the league last season.

But then you get pundits saying that we were going to go straight back down.

We never thought we were going to go down – and now we feel we’re on the road to something special.

Over the last two years I feel I’ve proved myself here but I don’t want it to stop at that. I want it to go on over the next three, four or five years.

Being one of the players who helped get this club back where it belongs pleases me.

People might think that I’m this happy, smiley character. But the lads will tell you, I’m a seriously grumpy man if things aren’t going exactly as we would like them!

I have always thought that Barton would be one who’d stay with us but you never can tell with these things. He’s had a great season and would certainly be missed if the club did let him go.

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14 Responses

  1. dont know about you but starting to get a bit worried with jose stalling with contract talk’s(think he is a goner but here is to hoping) and barton stating he wants to stay with the club but we are not fulfilling his wishes. if these two happen to go that’s just ridiculous as they are part of the heart of the team, which will be replaced by god knows who.hopefully everything is resolved at seasons end which i think barton is waiting for and see’s what happens next

  2. Sign The ZOG + ADEL TARAABT-sign Kenwyne Jones or Darren Bent or both-(oooo! ex mackems! so….? ) then someone to replace jose if he goes-midfield we mite be ok with gosling and ben arfa comin back-love shane ferguson on that wing! breath of fresh air-what about wa keepers tho? is that west ham keeper being sold and is he better than happs or krul?

  3. Barton is being unrealistic if he wants another 4 years – as would any player around the 29 -30 mark

  4. @3…he is not 29-30…. he is 28. And at 32 next contract wrapping up would not make him an old midfielder. You think a 2 year contract to expire when he is just 30 is the right way to go??

  5. joey’s as tight as a fat man’s shoe – he would’nt sign for us (£65k/week!!!) unless man city gave him a £200k pay-off. so unless he gets the contract he wants then he wont be signing it.

    in a bit joey & adios jose.

  6. I think the club just put lowball offers in on purpose to get rid of players.
    Why don’t they meet him halfway and offer him a 3 year deal….he is hardly going to be a pensioner in 3 years.

    I think we will see many more familiar faces leaving the club and them being replaced by not so familiar faces from lower divisions as Ashley again gambles on survival on a shoestring…..again.

    I can’t wait to see what we spend and who comes and goes…should be an interesting summer….lots of spin and disappointments.

    Can anyone really see £35 million being invested in the Team?

  7. I find it amazing how quick some people are in slagging off players when they only hear a snippet of a story.Joey has fought harder than anyone to keep this club in the premiership so why shouldn’t he feel he should be rewarded with the best deal he can get?

  8. The club and MA like to show the players who is Boss…..I reckon Joey will go.

  9. Barton should be given a 4 year contract as he will still be a major player for us at 32. Even so he will be a saleable asset the longer the contract the better the price simples.
    I can not understand we bring in ageing strikers and ageing deffenders who are over the hill but the management sit with a thumb up their behinds pondering over a contract for our best player this season. Yes he has baggage but he seems to have left it behind.
    As for Jose just look at our star players who left after religation and can not get in to the first team. Take a step back my little Spanish friend you are held in high regard in a team which is moving forward stay on the bandwaggon.
    Mr Ashley you need to get these two signed up on long term contracts its money in the bank. More over its what the club, players and more importantly what the fans deserve.

  10. Jim, not trying to be aggressive here, but do you watch or read about the wider football world, other than what happens at SJP?

    The reason I say this is because QPR won’t be letting anyone go now they are promoted. Darren Bent would cost more than the £24m Villa paid for him and I wouldn’t want to see that much money spent on one player when we have a limited budget and lots of areas that need improving or backing up.
    Jones? On his form for the diry mackems, yes, but not for more than £6-10m. On his form for Stoke? No thanks.

    We need to concentrate on getting Barton and Enrique tied down to new contracts. The club needs to show that we are investing in the team and not a selling club. Selling our prized assets, ie Carroll, is not showing ambition it shows we will cash in on anyone, just like we did in the 80’s with Waddle, Beardsley, Gazza. Home grown talent that as soon as someone waved a bunch of fivers under the clubs nose they took them quicker than it takes to say Frank Pingle.

  11. I think once Nolan signs Joey will follow , Joey wants a 4 year deal the club offers 2 in the end it will be a 3 year deal and in 2 years time they will be back around the table joey wanting a 2 year deal and the club offering a rolling 1 year contract for 3 years .

  12. Anyone sticking up for Ashley is a muppet. Joey wanted a 3 year deal and was willing to take a pay cut. Wake up people, Ashley and Co are scum….Joey has given everything in the last couple of seasons for the club and this is how they thank him. Next..Enrique, Colo,Jonas and it will no doubt be too late to get replacements. Seen it all before, with a last minute bid falling through for Nzogbia or someone else.

  13. Its not M.Ashley and Co…

    … its that fukwit of a worm of a c**t of an agent…

    Willie McKay

    The guy is the DEVIL !!