Nolan charms Toon fans and disses mackems

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Kevin Nolan, Newcastle United
We have the best fans
Newcastle United’s Kevin Nolan speaks highly of the fans.

Kevin Nolan has been on a bit of a PR offensive for the Toon and dissing the mackems is always a good move in that respect. Nolan said:

Sunderland have gone out and spent millions and millions of pounds.

If we had have had the chance to do that and bring players in, we would have been a bit higher than we are.

Then you see Steve Bruce saying he’s got to buy seven players in the summer.

That’s a target [finishing ahead of Sunderland] to make sure we finish the season strongly.

It’s something we can work on – I don’t see why not.

We don’t really want this season to peter out – we want to finish strongly and get the momentum for next season”.

Too right. Most fans can forgive losses as long as the team has given its all. It’s those games where effort is lacking that really get the fans angry.

A good finish to the season at least means we take a high into the summer, which has got to be a boost for us even if only a small one.

Kev then completes his PR venture by piling praise on the Toon fans:

Our fans are brilliant, I always speak so highly of them.

They’ve been like that all season.

People at Liverpool were just saying to me that they were fantastic.

There’s no-one to beat them home and away.

They’ve been with us through thick and thin, and hopefully we can give them a good couple of home games and get some points on the board.

Well, he’s talked his way into my trousers anyway!

Right, well I’m off to argue with a skip hire company. Hope you all enjoy your Friday afternoon and get a good start to the weekend.

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26 Responses

  1. super super kev super kevin nolan :)
    other news newcastle linked to carlton cole one which i dont want

  2. I hope we hear the news that he’s signed the new contract very soon.

    Don’t want to get too involved in blogging – too many negative comments on blog sites put me off – but a few things on my mind…

    …Krul is a good, promising keeper but has anyone else yet mentioned that he’s a liability because he can’t kick with his right foot?!! Any back passes to his right side and it’s heart-in-the-mouth time. Harper much better for now.

    …hope we don’t sign Carlton Cole. Decent supporting striker maybe, but we have enough of those. Sturridge would be champion. I’d like to see Airey given a sub run out once or twice in our remaining games.

    …uhm, okay, that’s enough for now. Oh, how difficult is it to get home tickets generally? I live in NY but may try to get to a home game next February on my birthday – depends what the fixtures are next year!

  3. Agree on not signing Cole, he will never be another Andy Cole.
    But considering the fact West Ham will possibly be relegated and we are aware most clubs in that position have to cut costs, their could be an opportunity to acquire a couple of proven PL players.
    Looks like Demba Ba could be a decent buy,with five goals in eleven games, a big strong player obviously with an eye for goal.
    Young Tomkins is another who could strengthen the side, a clever defender with good awareness, who can also bring the ball upfield.
    He has forced himself into the side and has great potential.
    As for their goalie Green, better than anyone we have between the sticks right now, an England International.
    Now i have no idea what W/Ham would want for these guys, but they would certainly bring a great deal of depth in quality to the side.

  4. Agree with those players Chuck although Green coming would mean getting rid of Harper , could not see harper being happy sitting on the bench again . Another one of their players i would like is Parker but doubt we would have a chance of resigning him .

  5. Just looked @ To-morrows line-up.
    Looks ok apart from the forwards, but it`s the bench that tells the story.
    Three pensioners, five kids and a guy that should be anywhere but this club.
    Course we have the usual half a dozen or more limping around, what is it about this club and injuries, we seem to suffer more than any club i can think of, or is it they just have more depth qualitywise, therefore we dont notice ?

  6. Chuck, I agree on Ba and Tomkins – not Green though!! I think Harper is miles better. Also, Sears might be a good buy?!

    As for players OUT, I would hope ideally that only Smith and Campbell leave. Players like Ryan Taylor and Perch are useful subs. Then it would be great to sign a couple of strikers, 1 mf and 2 defenders (or 2 mf, one defender). And additional replacements should Jose and Joey leave. Also hope to see players like Airey, Vuckic, Tavernier, Donaldson, Richardson, Ferguson, Lua Lua etc etc more involved too next season. We say a lot are too young (or AP does) but it doesn’t stop, say, Liverpool trying out their kids. Maybe our’s aren’t as good as some other clubs prospects? Hence big interrest in Wickham?

    I think Pardew has been surprisingly impressive in most of what he has said and done a lot of the time since he came in, even if he does like to talk too much. Except for his comment about not wanting to play any fringe players in the last couple or so games. Surely an opportunity to at least give a couple 15 or 20 minutes.

    Also wondering what’s happened to some of our hopefuls, like…Moyo is it? And the young Swedish winger we have etc. Maybe injured?

  7. lol how predictable is the Chron.. Carlton cole on the toon radar..

    Pardew knows him so it must be true!! perhaps we’ll get Tevez too :)

    Or do the chronicle know how MA operates and expect us to buy shoite like CCole, who make shola look like pele.

  8. Axel
    Yeah, I realise Scotty is a great engine room and i liked him when he was here, seems though, that like many players at the club he seemed to be injured a lot.
    Did`nt we let him go for personal reasons, what was it ?
    Anyway he was our last engine room.
    I am hoping Tiote can calm down a bit and learn that role, especially the distribution part, right now he`s a bit raw and needs coaching.
    Oh! i heard Chris.Hughton may be in the running for the managerial role at The Hammers, could do a hell of a lot worse, got some resume when looking at the job he did for this side.

  9. Chuck
    that would be a great job for Hughton and the guy deserves a good job at a good club . As for Tiote the lad has frightening potential needs to learn to time the tackles a bit better but think some of his yellow’s were harsh .

  10. Well just read that the scum down the road have another 3 injurys and will have 10 players out for the remaining games and we thought we had injury problems :)

  11. ADAM
    Though no fan of Pardew, gotta say I agree with his judgement in regard to playing youngsters.
    I dont know why , but so many of our fans keep calling for their inclusion.
    Look i got no problem blooding them in games we have for the most part already won, last ten or fifteen minutes say.
    But we all saw the result of starting Ranger, who has had lots of cameo roles and apart from not scoring looked decent, big mistake.
    Now young Ferguson may be the exception to the rule, having a coulpa games under his belt, but i believe he should be played as a winger, having looked susceptable in the fullback role.
    Apart from that, we should play the best side available, because every game counts in one way or another.

  12. Have to say Ferguson needs beefed up a bit before we start playing him as our first choice fullback but the lad is a cracking player in the making , wether at full back or as a winger . Of all the young lads he is the one that will make the grade for sure .

  13. just read Birmingham are without some key players as well no Zigic , Dan , Martins , Gardner (top scorer for brum)and Mcfadden thats a lot of their fire power missing .

  14. Three points from the Brum game should seal things, survival first season back.
    Now comes the sophamore year and time to solidify our position as a PL side.
    A lot is riding on whoever makes the choices of who to bring in, is that a group decission ?
    A pardew decission ?
    An Ashley decission ?
    In most cases these choices represent the direction the club will take.
    It`s not easy to get the combination right, say like SBR did when taking a shot on Bellamy to match up with Shearer, then bringing in Robert.
    Of course SBR did`nt get it right every time, a couple of So. Americans just did`nt make it.
    It`s guys like Arry, Fergy and what could be a revived liverpool side under Dalgliesh, getting the right combination can be tough.
    In fact impossible unless there`s a decent amount of dosh forked out (sure Ashley dont wanna hear that)
    Anyway hopefully we will end up with a better side,than the one we started this season, though both AC & Enrique (if he goes)will be difficult to replace.

  15. Axel (13)
    I agree with the sentiment of beefing up some players as long as they have the frame to carry it. A lot of torn hamstrings and muscle pulls in general are caused by Beefing Players up by un natural means like too much weight training and steroid abuse to reach the required size. Unless the whole body bulks up at the same time, there will always be an imbalance in the framework leading to half the injuries we see at various clubs throughout the season. I wonder how many of our lot are suffering this way. Just a thought ! ! !
    Lets rip them Bluenoses to shreds the morra. HWTL.

  16. Hmmmm ! just reading where Comolli @ Liverpool ( the power behind the throne) is re-considering making an offer for Enrique, his defenseive abilities coming under question.
    As for Milan or Beyern, we can only speculate .
    Apparently Enrique has stated recently he would be just as happy to stay on Tyneside, but he would have no objection to a move.
    Possibly meaning. “if a bigger club comes in for me, i`m outta here, however if no one makes a decent offer i guess i`ll stay”
    In the meantime I`m sure his agent is hedging bets all around by asking what would the club offer to keep him ?
    Yes! we live in interesting times.

  17. chuck says:
    May 6, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    “Hmmmm ! just reading where Comolli @ Liverpool ( the power behind the throne) is re-considering making an offer for Enrique, his defenseive abilities coming under question.”

    Chuck, maybe some football hack has noticed that Jose hasn’t quite been his usual playing self in the past few weeks since the speculation started, and decided to make up another chapter?

  18. chuck regarding Enrique the saying big fish small pond comes to mind , yes he is good but would he get into Man utd , Arsenal or Chelsea’s first team as an automatic choice . I do want him to stay because we at this moment in time will not get a better lb but is he world class ? only a move to a top european club will tell us , but for us i hope he stays .

  19. Well perhaps !
    But i do recall him playing against Sturridge a few weeks back, who gave him the run around for most of the game.
    Not to say the kid would`nt do the same to many defenders.
    Ok it`s the weekend and Amstel time is here, later !

  20. BIG MASSIVE FAT NA TO rob green, howay, he’s one of the most useless ‘keepers ever to stumble across a job in goal for a premiership team & is part of the reason wetspam have struggled for the last 2 seasons.
    parker is also vastly overrated, as we know from experience. They only get in the england team cos they play for wetspam, howay!

    Porcie’s bang on in his assessment of ‘beefing up’ players, imv.
    Plagues them with hamstring, calf etc. injuries.
    & really slows ’em down too.

    Welcome Adam!

  21. you @ 8 – lee ryder = a clueless tit surfing toon sites like these before cobbling a few comments together that he’s read then hoying them on the back page of the ronnie g.


    – come back mr oliver all is forgiven –

  22. We should try and get:

    gervinho-11 million
    sturidge-11 million
    larsson- free
    tabaart-8 million
    kranjar-8 million


    lovenkrands-1 million
    ameobi-2 million
    airey lualua ferguson-loan
    routledge-3 million
    smith-2 million
    perch-1 million