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The most impressive signing of the window.
The most impressive signing of the window.
Well that is it for the summer transfer window, and all in all I have been pleasantly surprised with the business that Newcastle have conducted.

Newcastle have swelled their ranks with five senior players over the summer, and one of those in particular has been rather eye catching.

Hatem Ben Arfa is the signing which most fans want to see in action. The 23-year old Frenchman should be just what the doctor ordered and will add some gallic flair and creativity to the ranks. The lad has undoubted talent, although there will no doubt be question marks, as there is with most overseas players, whether or not he will be able to produce those moments of magic we know he is capable of in the Premier League.

Then there is Cheick Tiote who will play as a defensive midfielder. Signed from FC Twente for a fee believed to be around £3.5 million, the 24-year old looks like a brutal player built in similar stature to a brick outhouse. He has been tipped to thrive in the Premier League and will go toe-to-toe with Alan Smith in the battle for the defensive midfield spot.

Experience at the back has also been added in the rather ample shape of Sol Campbell. Sol took some stick on his arrival at Newcastle as he looked to be carrying a bit of extra weight. A lack of pre-season training has meant he has been unable to make his debut, although he will make that against Sunderland reserves at the Stadium of Light later on this evening.

James Perch was brought in by Chris Hughton as a utility player. Hughton has had an eye on him for a while now, or so he said, although I am sure Colin Calderwood will have also given Perch a good reference after they worked together at Nottingham Forest. It’s still early days for Perch and the jury is still out with a lot people regarding the ability of the player, although in my opinion he has improved on his rather shaky pre-season form in his last few games.

Last up is Dan Gosling, who we will unfortunately not see until the new year. A bit of an unknown quantity in fairness, although he was starting to get more games in the Everton before he suffered his cruciate ligament injury. We managed to sign Gosling for free after a rather acrimonious contract wrangle between the player and Everton. Nothing to do with Newcastle, we were just there to take advantage of the situation and pick up the pieces.

All in all some good business done by the club whilst not outlaying a massive amount of cash. I would have liked us to sign a back-up left-back, although that will probably end up being James Perch, and maybe another striker, but overall I am rather happy with what has been achieved in this transfer window.

Credit has to go to Hughton, Llambias (I know) and Ashley (yes, I know) for conducting business so efficiently and relatively swiftly. It has meant that deadline day has been pretty boring for a Newcastle fan, but it is nice to know that we have already done some good bits of business and haven’t been scraping around for deadline day deals like we have been before.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

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263 Responses

  1. I am really pleased with this window, Does anyone know it we signed the Algerian — Nassim Boukhelifa and is it likely we will announce any signings???

  2. I’m happy with our signings…would have liked a forward as I think that’s where we lack quality & relying on midfielders to score is risky.

  3. Delighted with Campbell, Tiote and Ben Arfa.

    Optimistic on Gosling after a canny deal.

    Disappointed with the Perch signing – not because I have anything against the lad but given the calibre of player we eventually acquired in Tiote and HBA I wish we had signed a quality starting right back to complete a promising defence. We have 3 or 4 capable options in the position but questions marks about all of them.

    Not worried about the lack of left back cover but it would have been nice to find a nippy striker on loan from somewhere.

  4. I actually More interested in see Gosling play. I admit i didn’t even watch how he plays at everton. 8O

    As for ben arfa,i already know he has such flair talent already,only worry is how he can manage to handle those rough tackles. I see him using “Acting” technique once in awhile. :lol:

  5. I am pleased by who we’ve brought in, and i’ll freely admit, a bit surprised by the quality too.

    Not convinced by Perch yet, but give him time and he should, hopefully, get acclimatised to the big league.

    Gosling – as long as he recovers well from his knee injury, could be an absolute steal.

    Campbell – good experience and adds depth to the defence – hope he can help some of the younger lads like Tavernier and Kadar in their development too.

    Tiote – will admit, i only remember bits of him from the WC, didn’t pay much attention but reports from Hoilland are that we’ve got a good deal so we shall see soon enough i guess.

    Hatem Ben Arfa – as long as he doesn’t throw a tantrum and go on strike, we could have a real gem in this lad.

    Only disappointment is that we didn’t bring in another pacey frontman, but i suppose with HBA we have that option of playing him off/alongside a big man.

    Good to see that we have a few players with a bit of versatility in the squad again, something we’ve lacked since Aaron Hughes left.

    Still no new left back cover though! It’s only been, what, 3 years where we’ve needed one?

  6. Would have liked to see a Striker and LB cover come in but I really cant complain looking at the players we’ve bought like. Gosling will be like a new signing in January, Campbell will be excellent back up, Tiote could be a complete wrecking ball in MF and Benny fulfilling potential could be fantastic.

    Mackems picking up Gyan for “in excess of 13 million” is nothing short of hilarious. An unproven striker who’s price has been blown way out of proportion given the fact he was given special media attention during the world cup, purely down to the fact that it was held in Africa if you ask me. Did he look a canny player at times? Yes.

    Is potentially over 13 million quid a sensible price to pay for a gamble? No, it’s obscene.

  7. After all the “no cash outlay” carry-on I’m really, really pleased with what we have added. Bloody well done to chris, dekka & ash….and I never thought I’d be saying that when the window shut.

    Do you have to own a grey range rover to be a footballer?

  8. Been a very good
    Hope now that the arfa deal becomes a permanent one. :D
    Dan Gosling is being rated very highly in england.
    Tiote not seen him too much but look more than decent.
    Cambell,his experience would prove to be the difference.
    Perch:Looks decent.

  9. Nice set of signings, Good balance – as long as HBA doesn’t rock the boat. Too many signings, all wanting to start could have messed us up big time. On a tangent, Sunderland have stretched themselves a bit thin there at the death!!

  10. Yep, all in all happy with that lot. Wish Taylor would sign and I can’t wait till everyone’s raring to go!

  11. In terms of realism, I really couldn’t be happier with this window. Perhaps a last min signing of Rip Van Winkle really would have added some serious gloss, but can anyone HONESTLY say they expected someone of Arfa’s quality anywhere near the toon?
    In terms of the unwashed record deal, well, one can only laugh, eh? I personally didn’t rate him so highly during the world cup after watching every game he played in. Although the goal he scored against (uruaguay?) was extremely well taken.
    14 goals in 47 apps in Ligue 1 really doesn’t stand out either! But fair play I guess. I know I personally would not be happy with the signing but time will tell whether we’re all to eat our words.
    Congrats to Ashley & Llambias, to be fair they do both deserve it.

  12. WhoTheVuckicHaris says:
    August 31, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    Disappointed with the Perch signing – not because I have anything against the lad but given the calibre of player we eventually acquired in Tiote and HBA I wish we had signed a quality starting right back to complete a promising defence”

    Incredibly harsh on the lad, how many times you saw him play? I’ve seen all three games and I think he has all the attributes to be a decent player, just need a season I reckon. Lets not get on players back after 3 games eh

  13. Who would you guys bench from our first team against Blackpool.

    Personally I would play this team.

    Ben Afra—Guthrie-Barton—-Jonas

    If fit I think that team would thrash Blackpool at home, I would give Campbell 20mins at the end when we’re winning just to bed him in.

  14. A crock, a fatty, a fish oot of water, Smith mk2 and another sulking Frenchman.

    Shocking, crap, blah, blah – Ashley oot and sack the Hoot!!!!

  15. I think it’s been excellent considering we’ve just been promoted, I don’t think many clubs have done better than us and most importantly we haven’t lost any of our better players either.

  16. 8/10

    With 1 being extremely disapointed and 10 being the best window we could possibly have hoped for.

    Ben Arfa is an immense signing and i have high hopes for both Tiote and Gosling. Campbell is going to be a good addition to the team and Perch havnt looked that bad either. A fast quality striker and another left back of some standard would have made the window a 10/10.

  17. Noir i agree but why did they have to release that stupid, inflammatory statement in the first place?
    The fans have never expected marquee signings but the squad has been strengthened and Hughton backed which is all most of us asked for, sensible business all round.

  18. Christ, they’re outside Stoke City on SSN. Bunch of 14 year old lads cheering about the fact that they’ve bagged Jermain Pennant.

    Also, a complete gem from the reporter:

    “I can tell you, my sources revealed that the papers went through to the Premier League at 5:59pm. The premier league haven’t revealed whether they’ve succeeded, Stoke don’t even know if they’ve done it, but my sources have told me, my sources, have revealed, they’ve done it”……The man is making himself look an idiot.

  19. Toon Chicken. Do you work for Talksport – they’re always trying to start an argument for no good reason!

  20. shud hav got another striker.any1.nugent,nistelrooy,gudjohansen,luke moore or tommy smith even….dont expect carroll fit for every game

  21. Pretty happy all around really. All five signings have been good, well thought out choices by CH. He knew what he needed and he looked for it. It looks like Kadar is being groomed for that left back back up role; the problem with getting an experience left back is that they won’t be happy being a back up – good ones seem to be like rocking horse sh1t these days.

    The piece of business that I’d now like to see tidied up is the Steven Taylor matter. We can’t make any money from him now and he still (apparently) wants to stay, so lets get a sensible contract sorted out for him. He must know that his chances at CB are limited, so what say he gets a go at RB. He’s looked better there than Raylor or Simpson. He also gets less opportunities to give away penalties with stupid hand balling incidents out on the right too.

    What do you think?

  22. I Love Mike (17)-

    I honestly didn’t mean it in that way. But as I see it he is possibly cover for a fit Danny Simpson and while the pair of them are young and are both decent players in this league I’m sure – it is a relative weak spot in the backline.

    We weren’t going to find a right footed Jose but I just don’t think it was the shrewdest of signings personally.

    Again, not getting on the player’s back at all but in an honest assessment of our transfer window that move doesn’t fill me with confidence in the same way the others do.

  23. Lad’s,has anyone here think of this?

    Gosling was due mainly to some surprise to his contract issue with Everton.

    Which most probably says that,in the first place Gosling wasn’t In CH transfer plan at all~~~

    So i wonder,who actually he has.I know he put LB in his shopping list,ben arfa,Sol,tiote,perch….

    Maybe CH was looking for another surprise target??

  24. Cud still announce nassim boukhelfi or gai assulin as they are free transfers so they can b one out of the window, am very pleased how we hav managed to get one of the best talents in europe in hba I can not wait to c this lad play

  25. @ DJG …. agree with most of that team, but i would actually play nolan in place of guthrie, as he does get goals, and seems to link well with caroll.
    I like the idea of having right footer jonas on the left, and vice-versa ben arfa left footed on the right, adds a good balance, and goal scoring wing threat, its what i was hoping for in the first game with the new blood.

  26. People are being very harsh on Perch. I think he looks a canny player and he’s only played 3 games in the prem.

  27. DJD
    Canny team, but I wouldn’t expect CH to change things that much, maybe sub appearances at first for Ben Arfa, Tiote will probably get his first game due to injury or suspension I reckon. CH doesn’t seem to be one to fix something that isn’t broke, if you catch my drift.

    Oh, and what has Routledge done to make everyone think he will be dropped? A few have mentioned this, he has played well and been at the heart of our best stuff, and with his pace, he scares the hell out of teams. Granted, his final ball is inconsistent at best, but hey, lets look a the bigger picture.

  28. Chris Murphy:

    Asamoah Gyan turned down the offer of dinner with Sunderland chairman Niall Quinn in favour of watching his new club’s reserve team play Newcastle’s reserves.

    8O 8O 8O 8O

  29. DJG says:
    August 31, 2010 at 6:40 pm
    People are being very harsh on Perch. I think he looks a canny player and he’s only played 3 games in the prem.<<<< SPOT ON HE HASENT BEEN THAT BAD AND ONLY HAD 3 PREM GAMES

  30. I put this on the other thread, but that seems to have run its course, so here goes:

    This was posted on the telegraph’s transer page:

    17.16 Owen Lafferty writes: “Have it on good authority that Rob Earnshaw and Chris Cohen of Nottingham Forest are to sign for Newcastle within today’s transfer deadline.”

    anybody heard anything of this nature?

  31. WhoTheVuckicHaris
    fair enough mate, thats your opinion, just seen so many ‘fans’ jump on to players backs after only a few games it’s scary. Look at Colo, seemed out of his depth first season, been outstanding Villa and Wolves, just needed a bit of time.

  32. I don’t actually think we needed many more signings. When most are fit we actually have quite a strong team and a bench full of senior players now.

    Think we would need to have quite a lot of injuries to have a bench full of kids now.

    Harper, Perch, Willo, Collo, Enrique, HBA, Tiote, Barton, Jonas, Nolan, Carroll

    Bench; Krul, Campbell, Kadar, Smith, Guthrie, Ameobi, Xisco.

    Not many kids on the bench anymore.

  33. I love the fact we cried out for better players ch brought in better players n now ppl r sayin they will jus b subs classic

  34. We paid less than 10m Euro for Gosling HBA Perch Tiote and Campbell, What the fxxxing absolute genius deal !!! Credit to Hughton and his staff, Mike Ashley and Liambias too.

    I give 8.5/10 for this transfer windows and up to 9.5/10 if they can finish tie contract for Carrol and S.Taylor.

  35. davy says:
    August 31, 2010 at 6:50 pm
    I love the fact we cried out for better players ch brought in better players n now ppl r sayin they will jus b subs classic

    I think it’s just down to being reasonable mate, a newly promoted team has a fantastic 6-0 home win and a really good 1-1 away draw, so why would you change it?

    Do you think CH would change the line up because the players in question were bought by him? I dont, I think he will put the side out which he thinks will desired result. He seems to pragmatic to just thrown untested players in, more than likely they will be bedded in via the subs bench.

  36. Andy ‘fatty’ Reid and George McCartney relegated to the scum reserves now?

    We actually have quite a strong team out there. I think Paul Dummett will answer our LB cover issues in the long run. ;)

  37. I love Mike.

    To be honest I think the second we get a glimse of Benny in full flow, he won’t be benched mate. Howay french international top prospect in france 2 years ago. He hasn’t come here to sit on the bench has he. Mind you I don’t think it is the end for Jonas or Routledge.

  38. Does anyone think Grieve has a chance of making it here? I’ve never seen him play and not really heard him mentioned to be honest. But he is in the team ahead of Henderson and Tozer, who we shelled out for.

  39. i think the team was good enough before we signed players to avoid relagation so im pleased with the 5 players brought in routlage and jonas are lethal on the wing howay the toon

  40. 6+/10 overall: We needed a proven striker, we didn’t get one in 3 months. Poor show. Now if Carroll loses form, or is injured (he is), or banged up after the trial we are are relying on Best (who is injured & has been luke warm to date) or Bambi (who is like warm all the time and frequently injured). Or Xisco…..

    Campbell (5.5/10): OK but too old and disinterested….
    Perch (5/10): So far so so…. Fizzy fare at best.
    Gosling (?/10): That’s a nasty injury he has, are we sure he’ll recover.
    HBA (6.5/10): This seasons’s golden boy, hopefully he doesn’t go missing on the pitch against the likes of Stoke and Blackburn.
    Tiote (7/10): Probably the best of the lot for a variety of reaaons.

  41. DJG
    ohh aye, totally agree, what I said was that I think he will be bedded in via the bench, but when he is up to speed im sure he will be a starter. He has recently said he is physically fit, but not match fit, so maybe a reserve game or something next week might be an idea.

    However, is Ben Arfa a luxury player? And can you afford luxury players during dark cold away games in December?

  42. Spotlight Kid
    Campbell (5.5/10): OK but too old and disinterested….
    Perch (5/10): So far so so…. Fizzy fare at best.

    Bit harsh perhaps after Perch has played decent, he’s hardly looked out of place, and you haven’t seen Campbell yet.

  43. Toonsey , why dont you put up the Squad Team and then see what every one thinks about quality, back ups and laikely survival points etc

  44. Ok Toonsy I will try and be patient
    However, I think that for the first time for a long time things are being done properly at the club and if the squad plays like they have done in the past year or so ie as a team then we will be Ok . I just dont see how the top 4 or 5 can keep spending like they have without a big fall at some stage . Even the Billionaires will see that the EPL is like a bottomless pit to pour money and will come to their senses perhaps

  45. DJG@59:

    Perch almost gave away a stupid penalty on Saturday, the ref missed it. It’s not the first time, he’s forever mis-timing tackles in and around the box. He’s well off Prem pace on evidence so far, so CH must see something I can’t. I’ll trust CH, he’s the expert.

    Campbell we know all about, he was a class act for years but it’s not exactly team building to bring him into the team at his age, is it? If Willo gets kicked out for the Blackpool game I will be seriously p*****d off as Sol has done nowt to earn his place. A big, bad, bench warmer is as far as it should go.

  46. Perch almost gave away a stupid penalty on Saturday, the ref missed it. It’s not the first time, he’s forever mis-timing tackles in and around the box.


    He’s played 3 league games and one of those was a solid performance against Villa.

    How is that ‘forever mistiming tackles around the box’ ffs?

  47. Sounds like Ranger is keeping muckem kids on their toes.

    Spotlight Kid

    Give him a chance man, he’s only played 3 games in prem, Enrique and Collo were worse in their first 3 games than he has been. As for pen, which wasen’t given, swings and roundabouts mate, Smith should have had pen against Villa but didn’t. The guy has been played all over the shop, I think he needs another 5-10 games at RB and trust me he is already better than Simpson. Plus he has the pace to cover up for problems, which is a big asset.

  48. You have to question some of our fans mentality when they would rather focus on one player being a poor signing rather than giving Hughton credit for the other signings.

  49. Spotlight Kid says:
    August 31, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    A bit harsh mate, just because he miss-timed a tackle doesn’t mean he is ‘well off prem pace’, he just miss-timed it! I’ve been at all three games and ive got know idea what your talking about saying he is ‘forever mis-timing tackles in and around the box’, lets just give him a break, 3 games and he has been 6/10, 7/10, 7/10

    Heres a bet for you, if he plays for the majority of the season, I reckon Perch’s average will be 7/10.

  50. never really rated simpson a lot,said before when ball is played in behind his heed is all over the place,big nose is not that daft,but happy with window

  51. DevonMag says:
    August 31, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    “Congrats to Ashley & Llambias, to be fair they do both deserve it.”

    To be fair, it’s nearly all down to Hughton, Calderwood, Carr and his scouting team. They have performed absolute miracles with a tiny amount in todays terms.

  52. WORKY ill go along with that,and lets be fair there isnt a manager in the game that hasnt made at least one bad purchase.
    you pay your cash you takes your chance

  53. JG@74

    I trust Hughton’s acumen for the most part, but was unimpressed with Pancrate as well as both Simpson and Best (to date). I agree about Perch’s pace (a relief given how often we were getting done down the right flank), and he can pick out a neat pass from time to time as well.

    Whether he will tighten his all round game only time will tell, I hope you are right – but don’t you think it’s odd that we give new buys and loanees the chance to flounder (even PVA floundered while Colo scurried around covering) while members of our own development squad rarely (if ever) get the chance of two games in a row?

    Delighted we didn’t get Cleverly, mind.

  54. Worky
    you actually raise an issue there, it really irritates me just how much fans universalise things to do with the club as ‘ashley’s fault’ or ‘Llambias’ fault’.

    I reckon Mike Ashley has f*ck all to do with the club apart from watching some games and giving us the reddies when we want them. But if something happens that people dont like its all ‘ahh here man, I f*cking hate Ashley’, when he is probably on a beach somewhere.

  55. the transfer window is not offically closed. techically we can still sign players from foreign counties depending on time lines.

    And as much as I hate to say it..Ashley has done very well…ahhhhhhhhhh….see I did it.

    looking forward to the future.

    Once a Geordie always a Geordie

  56. icedog says:
    August 31, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    “WORKY ill go along with that,and lets be fair there isnt a manager in the game that hasnt made at least one bad purchase.”

    Do you really think he’s made a “bad” purchase though, Icedog? He’s filled holes and coped with injuries admirably buying a few Championship players for Championship money. Now he’s moved up a few gears in the Premiership, especially with Ben Arfa, and he’s still managed it on peanuts. Now if he splashed out £16 million on a scouser who was made out of glass, or a has-been whose legs had gone on huge wages etc etc, they would be bad purchases. ;-)

  57. WORKY my point was if any of his signing go bad/wrong lets not jump on him,and he will make a bad purchase,it comes with the job imo

  58. sunderland fans who were very noisy first few mins stunned into silence hahaha nd there record signing is there n all lol ;) happy dayz, lol

  59. I Love Mike@84: Been saying this for years but people like to have someone to blame and point the finger at. It’s human nature I’m afraid.

    You don’t try and lamp Mr. Greggs when you get a dodgy pastie or Herr Heineken when you have ‘a bad pint’.

    Personally, I lay the vast majority of the blame at Llambias’ door. But there I go pointint the finger!

  60. icedog says:
    August 31, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    “WORKY my point was if any of his signing go bad/wrong lets not jump on him,and he will make a bad purchase,it comes with the job imo”

    Aye, I knaa, Ice. But he’s had so little money compared with what we were used to that he hasn’t really had the chance to make a really humdinger yet. Ben Arfa’s only a million or two on loan ATM, and Tiote isn’t exactly Shearer / Owen money, so even if they do gan rang, it isn’t the end of the world.

  61. To be fair, it’s nearly all down to Hughton, Calderwood, Carr and his scouting team. They have performed absolute miracles with a tiny amount in todays terms.

    Exactly workyticket spot on I don’t think this has anything to do with Ashley or Lambias personally. I think Hughton is starting to win me around I was a bit sceptical how he would perform in the premier league but fair play I hold my hands up and say I have been very impressed so far. The one thing that slightly annoyed me about him and I might be alone in this but after the wolves game I thought he might have had a go about there tactics and Mick Mccarthey coming on the pitch but he seemed to let it go a bit too easy. However apart from that keep up the good work Hughton HWTL.

  62. lualua@93:

    I think Hughton was right to keep his thoughts to himself on Saturday after the Wolves game. There has been plenty of attention focused on the antics of the Wolves players by other parties without us getting a whinger’s reputation.

    I think the Shearer/Hansen episode of MoTD did more to highlight the treatment handed out to Barton than anything Hoghton could of said. I read posts from Wolves fans on their own boards who said that they were embarassed by their players performances and they were worried that Wolves would get a reputation for that kind of thing, leading to a high number of bookings, dismissals and suspensions for their players.

    They also feared that, trying those tactics away from home would see them beaten by half time as ‘homer’ officials gave penalty after penalty against them.

  63. ive just cawt asda buckin netto around the back ov tescos while the police station watched with its pants down

  64. Cheers Ice, you obviously missed my less than sober reflections after the Villa game!

  65. starkadder

    On which wolves blogs did you read that mate?, because all the wolves blog i read after that game was full of wolves fans complaining about the ref and had nothing bad to say about their own tactics.

  66. It might have already been said, but lualua has gone out on loan until the end of the season.

  67. STARK@98 thats allowed m8 we all had a “bad”pint from time to time,lol not me like i just find it bad to get :)

  68. Ice

    Aye we’ve all had a ‘bad pint’ from time to time. Particularly when they don’t clean the lines out properly. ;)

  69. valle@99: Think it was or something like that. Unfortunately not on the same PC today so I can’t check the browser history.

    The vast majority of wolves fans were admittedly up in arms about the penalty shout and mocked Barton for whining to McCarthy, but there was a significant minority that were unhappy about what they saw as ‘Bolton-like tactics’. The posters own words not mine. I remember that because I thought he was right.

  70. so after all the excitment the end to the transfer window kinda fizzled out…no new signings for the Black and Whites…

    Van de vaart to Spuds, now that would be a great signing. FC Bayern were quoted 20 million euros for him..

  71. I’m certainly delighted with our business in this transfer window. In actual fact our last two transfer windows have been excellent if you ask me. Well done to Mike Ashley, Chris Hughton and the rest of them! :-)

  72. Starkadder

    Cheers mate… Well, if they can see it themselves, there must be some truth to it.

    If you look at some of the “small time” teams in reagards of premier league experience then you Birgmingham, West Brom and Blackpool trying to play football the way it should be putting teams like Wolves and Stoke to shame. I am fast getting a wish list of teams i would like to see relegated (of those realisticly in there) and Wolves are topping that list, even more so after Karl Henry’s latest comments.

  73. Valle @ 111 yer right it didnt :)
    Ice I seen yesterday he was going back to poyet but im surprised and glad that we didn’t lose anyone especially S Taylor ;)

  74. BIG DAVE mail,said there would be a m/f,got that one wrong ;)i think c.h. has done well,also in the tactics to a degree we have tryed to play footy and not a lot of hoof ball like ccc,horses for courses i surpose

  75. workyticket says:
    August 31, 2010 at 7:41 pm
    DevonMag says:
    August 31, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    “Congrats to Ashley & Llambias, to be fair they do both deserve it.”

    To be fair, it’s nearly all down to Hughton, Calderwood, Carr and his scouting team. They have performed absolute miracles with a tiny amount in todays terms.<<<<< your talking sense tonight worky

  76. Can’t believe people are slating perch off – in the three games we’ve played he looks better every game, he ain’t England class but he’s a decent defender ( we have the lowest shots against us out of every team so far ) Taylor should play there bit so far we’re exceeding my perm expectations we looked ok against manure and they ended up scoring from every shot they had on target ( has Harper actually made a save yet?)

    We’re targeting survival IMO and anything else is a bonus – reckon we look nailed on for lower mid table at least and that’s before 4 of our buys have even kicked a ball, obviously injuries will play a part but as long as don’t get 5 first teamers at once we should be ok – look at the bottom half of the table and who would you swap

    I don’t give a flying fvck if Ben arfa don’t track back that much, if we play 4-4-1-1 he doesn’t really need to and he’s ne of those players who can change a game out of nowt

    To be honest I’m amazed we ain’t shipped anyone out – credit to ch, ma and even owly

    We’ll have some hard times but ultimately we’ll pull through – any bitter fvckas can sling their hook – not pointing a finger batty :)

    Come on the toon

  77. Im real glad that CH wasn’t hung out to dry as he wouldn’t have deserved that. So all in all im pretty pleased with the way things have went in the window. It would be interesting if we had a poll now to see where people think we will finish to compare to the one we done before as I thought we would finish 15 – 17 but I think we will finish higher now ;)

  78. stevep spot on aboot perch ive sed the same thing today and all credit goes too ch cc and mr carr brought some good signings in but fatty can f uk off :lol:

  79. Good to see lualua on loan at Brighton – shit club but I live there and my sons got his name on his shirt so always good to turn up in toon shirt with his name on the back – they are like we hate toon but love lualua – good on ya marra

  80. STEVEP battys put his money where his mouth is and backed the toon to finish 14th i think at 4/1 m8

  81. Batty – aye fattys a cvnt but hey ho – least he’s allowed hughton to get players in -canny bit of dealing and to be honest I prefer it to FFS stupid trophy signings that mostly wasted all our cash just to get fans on his side the fat fvckin tw@t

  82. Icedog – you know what, I’m thinking higher, am gonna stick a ton on finishing in top half – gives me some interest as it’ll be pretty close
    Bats – is your kid still in Iraq – was in the army myself back in the day luckily between falklands and fvck all

  83. Stuart79 says:
    August 29, 2010 at 9:59 pm
    batty – Will you fck off with your gravatar requests?!<<<<< dave tis is wot started it with spew and i wasent even asking him because i know he is brain dead

  84. stevep says:
    August 31, 2010 at 10:16 pm
    Bats – is your kid still in Iraq

    Mate we dont have any more troops in Iraq, they got all pulled out last summer.
    We still have around 300 in the Gulf for training purposes

  85. To be honest I don’t think anyone can complain with this transfer window. We’ve brought more players than anyone thought we would.

    Credit must go to Hughton and Carr for identifying the players and Llambias for getting the deals done. Not sure Ashley had much to do with it. Does he even know who we’ve signed?

    All in all a great transfer window – could you imagine what could be achieved with the 20m Ashley promised?

    My prediction is 15th then spending good money next year to finish top ten.

    We could have a genuine top class manager and we didn’t even know it!

    Well done guys

  86. Doubt it Dave. Old un’s like batty tend to hold grudges for thirty or forty years.

    He’ll probably come round when he’s back on his tablets.

  87. Pretty good set of transfers, can’t complain.
    Like the design.
    Didn’t think any would come in today, but it’s good to have it all done
    & dusted without a mad rush at the end, for a change.
    We are starting to see the new Newcastle United, in the way we operate.
    Looking forward to seeing the new lads get a game, when they’re ready.
    What’s really encouraging is the way no one wanted to leave, looks like we’ve got rid of anyone that doesn’t wanna be here.
    Well done to all concerned, job well done.

    & last but not least:
    Welcome to all the new lads,
    make us want your name on the back of our shirts.
    Howay the Lads!

  88. On transfer deadline day today Emile Heskey has been spotted at Newcastle. Though, to be fair, he was probably aiming for Middlesborough. :)

  89. Am very happy. Of course would also have loved a backup LB and a pacy striker but feel we have sufficient strength in the squad to accomodate. We surely need to think about shipping out one or two strikers next time to accomodate our next new target up front.

    Have to say it does feel weird for NUFC to have wrapped it all up successfullly a day before the deadline – bravo to the lot of them, hopefully they’re learning. Gotta say too that its a great example of securing VALUE transfers in a window. Good prices, good deals. *clap

    here’s an idea for an article Toonsy. Might take a bit of work like, but would be hilarious to list a few of our comments from a few weeks ago (ie of the ilk: ‘mark my words we wont sign anyone’, ‘we’re just being taken for a ride by Cashley’) and compare them to our reactions post deadline day. I know we have probably been trained to overreact after a few rollercoaster years following the Toon but some peeps should be cringing right now!

  90. I gotta say, I’m absolutely over the moon with all the positivity goin’ on concerning the Toon right now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this positive in the three years I’ve been a fan.

    Credit to Chrissy Hughton and the backroom staff as this transfer window was pulled off flawlessly. I can’t complain about anything, really. Would’ve liked to see a LB come in, but in all fairness, we can still make that a priority for January.

    Howay the Toon and let’s continue to back the team fully and always hope for the best!

  91. oh no, be afraid be very afraid. batty has joined the web discussion. Oh ye sage of erudite analytical insight and whimsy.

    All in all, a decent summer of business. Each signing makes sense in their own way. I think the perch, simpson, raylor and shola knockers will have to come face to face with their own demons, and realise they are all worthy members of hughton’s revolusion. Hughton has built a unified, determined dressing room, players are all performing well.

  92. Geordio Cubano-

    Great idea mate! Toonsy, I hope you can pull that one off like!!

    Really is an astounding change from this time last year when we were slated as possible relegation candidates.

    There’s only one Chrissy Hughton
    One Chrissy Hughton
    Walkin’ along
    Singin a song (Blaydon Races, to be sure)
    Walkin’ round in Hughton wonderland :lol:

  93. What the f*** is ‘dodgy ‘arry’ up to now?
    It was either done in time or it wasn’t,
    did you do it before 6pm or not, if there’s any doubt, then you clearly didn’t.
    What a skank!
    Bet he gets away with it too.

  94. I thought at the beginning of the season we needed 5. We got 5. Whether they’re the right 5 remains to be seen, but they seem ok on paper.

    With the transfer window closing and just about every rumour turning out to be crap, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next on the tabloid agenda to direct our thoughts.

  95. If we had a full strength squad my team would play


    S.Taylor Williamson Coloccini Enrique
    Barton Tiote
    Routledge Ben Arfa Jonas

    Subs; Krul, Campbell, Perch, Gosling, Guthrie, Nolan, Lovenkrands.

    YESS! i know, Nolan is ‘undroppable’ but that would my team :-)

  96. love the harry vid its like a mastercard , PRICELESS !

    Love this Utube of Hatem ben Arfa , if he does half this stuff he will be great to watch !!

    But he will get fouled by some cloggers in the premiership I’m sure !!

  97. Overall, I think we did far better than most of us expected at the beginning of the season, so tthank you to MA and CH for giving us that. I for one am looking forward to the return of the regular season.
    In general the only thing I would have liked is a dedicated LB. But, even this person would need to be someone not totally ready to start, because there’s little chance of usurping Jose’s place in the starting line up at this point. Someone who plays in the npower championship in that position would be ideal I think. Can play but still has room to learn.
    Beyond that, I am truly excited and so eager for the next match.

    And one other thing, I think it was all done with intelligence. That seems to be a slight change of operating procedure, but I am very agreeable to that new standard. Howay the Lads!

  98. Pretty happy with the signings, Ben arfa looks a real coup all we need now is us keeping up the great work get lots of points on the board. Howay The Lads!!

  99. I can genuinely say that what we have brought in is more than I expected and whilst it pains me to say it, I’m glad the club have stuck to their guns in terms of the wage structure.

    seeing the club run in a sensible manner, not like the days where we offered clowns such as Owen and Luque whatever they asked for to keep THEM happy, rather than look at their ACTUAL skill level or the greater good of the club – is a refreshing club.

    some people might complain at the lack of investment – but going on what I’ve seen I think CH can work and mould the squad he has to play well. only small niggle could be HBA’s attitude issues (but then look at what has happened to Mr Barton!)

  100. Ok for what it’s worth, don’t suppose anyone is up at this time, but am all buzzed up scribbling about Toon after the transfer stress has ended and we’ve secured good value all round. Think our squad has shaped us nicely & don’t think we’ll have any problem with the 25 man rule with our under-21 players:

    Toon team: 17 1st team squad 11 backup

    Carroll /Shola/ Ranger/ Best

    Ben Arfa/Nolan /McLovin/ Vuckic

    Jonas Barton/Guthrie Rout /Gosling/ RTaylor/ Xisco


    Enriq Colo Sol/Will STayl/Perch /Kadar/ Simpson


    By end of next summer window:

    Sell: £6m

    Shola £3m
    Xisco or Best £1.5m
    Lovin – end of contract
    One of Perch/ Simpson Raylor £1.5m

    Sign: £12m

    Young pacey forward – Ripvanwinkle etc £8m
    Young LB -PVA. Cunningham, Fox etc £2-4m
    value free transfer probably defence £0-2m

    Total Outlay: £6m… happy days

    On consideration I’m actually happy for them to bide their time a bit with the Striker purchase given the talent they’ve managed to bring in. If there was any truth to the Ripvanwinkle rumour then I’m glad we are thinking of that price range, but it still smacked a bit of a late rush of blood. This is a really important signing and they need to get it right. We also have lots of players there and need to trim that part of squad to make room. Hoping Gyan fluffs his £13m+ lines ;)

    Also hope we can seal STaylor’s and Carroll’s contracts as they’ll be concerns we don’t need if they drag on and one day we’ll also get a young reserve left back surely.

  101. youch… sorry that squad formatting didn’t work:

    17 first team squad


    Ben Arfa/Nolan

    Jonas Barton/Guthrie Routledge


    Enrique Colo Sol/Will STaylor/Perch


    10 backup
    /Shola/ Ranger/ Best
    /McLovin/ Vuckic
    /Gosling/ RTaylor/ Xisco
    /Kadar/ Simpson

    …lol mornin Monkey!

  102. Geordio C…………..Carroll signed a new contract in March and Lovenkrand has 2 years left on his(I think) ;-)

  103. Ahh mate, first time I’ve seen that video (youtube banned here in China)- sweeet. This could be good, you boys at St.James’ are going to have some good days ahead. Come on CH sort him out, come on Chiek, Barton and Nolan protect him- happy days!

  104. no mate just full of busy,bloody work interfering with my blogging time :-) ……..never posted under another name(ask Toonsy)……….except on some of the message boards as richie1892

  105. Pretty happy with this window really, some players with real calibre, I was a bit speptical of the Perch purchase :) As I was worried we’d be building ourselves a top championship team as opposed to PL…but Arfa and Gosling have shown we have some quality future prospects, and theres only one or two things I would have changed. Mainly its a shame about STaylor, I don’t rate him massively etc and think Williamson has done well, but I felt that had we kept him a little longer, who knows two years maybe and perhaps if he impressed after an england call up we’d be able to make some decent money off him..but not really sure where the stands now, and it’ll be a shame if we get nowt for him. Bit worried about cover for left back..if we’re left playing a back line of CBS, Williamson, Collo, Campbell, Perch, theres not too much pace there and I worry for our defence. Offensively I would have welcomed keane, but don’t really feel he’s neccessary, we should be nice and dangerous with Carroll esp in set pieces as we’ve proved, and who knows, if he gets injured maybe Shola can save us from relegation eh :)

  106. Whumpie.

    Fancy stealing a march on the bedsheet brigade? I’ve got a nice clean one that’s ready for a slogan – any ideas?

  107. This International break’s a bit of a twat innit?

    In terms of timing it’s probably on par with one of Smudgers’ two footed lunges.

  108. Sorry, I’ve tried to read through and not just repeat other people but pretty busy and there is some epic posting on here at the minute (well done t).

    Andy Carroll’s court case might put the spotlight firmly on the limited options we have upfront.

    As for the rest of the squad, I think we’re short of a decent right back, and we could have done with an extra bit of quality upfront. Other than that, to be honest I’m happy enough we’ll survive. I just wonder with a little bit of a push, we could have really done something to be proud of, rather than make the numbers up.

    Gosling needs to prove he’ll recover and do a job. Campbell needs to prove he can still cut it at this level. Perch has a long way to go to prove his doubters wrong. Tiote is an unknown quantity and Ben Arfa could be a revelation or a complete pain in the arse.

    The maths is good; add 5 and take none away.

    However, it’s all theory until they’ve played enough games to judge what difference they can all make.

  109. chicken shit – what do you think of joey barton’s 3 man of the match performances then ?

    bet it’s tearing your heart out…..


  110. Roy.

    JB’s recent performances have been nothing less than eye-opening. Given the ‘attention’ he received at Wolves, I think his self-control was remarkable.

  111. Well said BBM – Balanced and reasonable view, yet you’ll be accused of being negative for just bringing up the possibility that the players we’ve brought in might not be good enough, as there’s draw backs to all of them.

    Positives to mind..

  112. I think every signing is a gamble no matter who they are,it’s up to them to prove they’re a good buy by producing on the pitch.The players who got us up have just as much to prove by showing they can do it in the prem as does CH have to prove he’s up to being a Prem manager.Early days yet but so far so good and long may it continue.

  113. chicken shit stated he would never go and watch the toon as long as joey barton was in the team – WTF !!!!

    – placka fan that get’s off on slagging the proper fans.

    a tit of the highest order.

  114. Roy.

    And, Joey’s controlled demeanour seems to have helped his play too.

    By not dwelling on the negatives, it’s as though he’s more able to focus on the positives and spray some super balls about too.

  115. Roy Cropper says:
    September 1, 2010 at 10:08 am

    For some bizarre reason, I totally concur with everything you’ve just said!

  116. Roy.

    3 games, 1 goal, 0 assists, 3 yellow cards, 0 man of the match awards.

    Yeah, well done Joey, you managed to resist putting your boot through an opponents cranium in retaliation.

    Its hardly Roy of the Rovers stuff, is it, Roy (or whoever you’re pretending to be today)?


  117. If Barton keeps improving and hits top form it’ll be like signing a new £6m+ midfielder………..still away to go but he’s getting there imo

  118. Nice big drop in transfer activity & if you take manc’s idiotic attempt to buy the title out of it, a virtual collapse.

  119. Barton has been immense so far. Totally surprised me, as I didn’t think he’d be firing from the off. Just hope he stays fit and doesn’t get locked up.

  120. Roy – I have been one of Bartons critics in the past, and I did not want him at the club.

    However he’s here and he seems to be making a concerted effort to clean up his act. He is certainly a good footballer and he seems to be liked within the team.

    How he kept his cool on Saturday is beyond me as he was kicked from pillar to post. The giggling on MotD was shocking, as if Barton had been dishing out those tackles they would have wanted the FA to ban him.

    On that basis he deserves my support … until he screws up again and then I’ll want him out … ;)

  121. Na, Roy – I just don’t go to watch them at SJP or buy any merchandise because I refuse to contribute towards that scumbags wages.

    The irony is that I was quietly marching on with my own private “boycoutt” long before you and your illiterate, work shy mob mates started scrawling on ya mam’s bedsheets!

  122. richie – who knows?? I was just highlighting Barton’s actual stats – not the 3 man of the match performances wor Roy just pulled out of his arse.

  123. CLiNT – it’s rare, as I’ve said before. But it happens once in a while. To be fair, Barton isn’t the biggest surprise, Carroll is. But I’m all for being proven wrong, if it means we’re doing well.

  124. bowburn,
    have a bit faith marra.
    This is Newcastle mate.
    Owt can & will happen.
    It’s all CH’s work btw.
    Are you ‘surprised’ by him?

  125. @ 181

    Its hardly Roy of the Rovers stuff, is it, Roy (or whoever you’re pretending to be today)?….

    i’m the – cardiganed crusader – hunting down & exposing -placka – toon fans.

    consider yourself fully exposed.


  126. Stuart79 says:
    September 1, 2010 at 10:11 am
    Roy Cropper says:
    September 1, 2010 at 10:08 am

    For some bizarre reason, I totally concur with everything you’ve just said!

    Stuart…..Was there a full moon last night?

  127. shrews mag says:
    September 1, 2010 at 10:13 am

    He deserves your support because he wears a Black and White shirt – No other reason!

    I didn’t realise that TC was refusing to go to matches because of Barton – What a supporter! Is that even plastic? Polystyrene I would say.

    Your arguments about all things NUFC are now null and void!

    We don’t need fans like you – Who come on here and act all high and mighty, slagging ‘real’ supporters off for having an opinion, an opinion that is based on what they see, not what they hear on the radio!

    Not that I’m too suprised, you strike me as that type – Weak and hypocritical!

  128. I doubt ‘all’ are, but a lot will be.
    If the way he went about last season wasn’t a good indicator, i don’t know what is like. & the way he’s conducted transfers (windows), & negotiations with the top brass is nothing short of sublime. Totally smooth.
    No doubt someone is already looking for loop holes in his behavior, personality etc. even as we type.
    & the pressmongers will be on his tail, as he gives ’em nowt.

  129. Stu – Actually reading your post again I see I am just refered to in the 1st bit … He deserves your support because he wears a Black and White shirt – No other reason!

    It’s up to me who I support … I support nufc … but I like everyone on here has their fravourites and those who I do not rate (for footballing or other reasons).

    Your rant about TC is a bit over the top … get a life …

  130. CLiNT @ 201 – to be honest, I meant since he took over the reigns, not just this season but yeah totally agree with what you’ve said.

  131. Agreed jay jay.

    shrews mag says:
    September 1, 2010 at 10:48 am

    As for you – What has it got to do with you, my views on that knob head?

    Thought not, keep your nose out…

  132. 207 CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 1, 2010 at 10:52 am
    With you on that jay jay.
    Unconditionally guaranteed.

    Not if you have morals, apparently!

  133. Stu,
    morals fly out the window sometimes with football, i’m afraid to say.
    With me too, i hasten to add.
    I supported woodgate, bowyer et al while they played for the Toon.
    Can’t help it, the Toon is more important to me than my views on the blokes that actually represent us sometimes.
    I know that’s f***ing way hypocritical, & i’m an idealist, but what y’ganna dee?

  134. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 1, 2010 at 10:59 am

    I’m with you 100%!

    Some on here just use it as an excuse not to go to matches!

  135. by the way did andy carrol not score a header from jeoy bartons what game were u watching toon chicken..clown if u put something out make sure u get the facts right.

  136. morning fellas,just off a night shift,hate those mo fo’s like.cant believe the scum paid 13m+ for gyan! its hilarious,albert luque anyone? certainly hope so.thought we could of got lb cover and a nippy forward BUT there are some good young free agents still out there like the knottster,assulin and the french/algerian youngster who im not going to attempt to spell,some maybe one of them could still be brought in if need be.also think we will ofload a couple to the championship on loan like in next few days,would rather shola went on loan than ranger,yes ranger needs experience but shola needs confidence and if he could go out for a while and score some goals we can recall him if we need to,plus if we keep ranger as carroll back up he can get pl experience that way? just a thought.

  137. Jeez Louise – whats this like – National Roast Chicken day!!?? :lol:

    I apologise if my typo offended you, asim.

    Just for you I’ll correct it and re-post it:

    3 games, 1 goal, 1 assist, 3 yellow cards, ZERO MAN OF THE MATCH AWARDS!!!

  138. Stu … Some on here just use it as an excuse not to go to matches!

    Not me m8 … probably go to more games than you watch on your sky telly …

    Just to put the record straight I support NUFC … but that does not mean that I have to like everyone on the pitch … surely you understand that … or is that too complicated for you …

  139. shrews mag says:
    September 1, 2010 at 11:21 am

    I think you’ve totally either mis-read what I typed or not understood.

    I said the fact that he wears an NUFC shirt means he should get your support – You don’t have to like him!

    On the attending matches – I have a season ticket and attend 95% of games, the ones I miss I give my ticket to a friend so my seat isn’t empty.

    So once again you’ve either mis-read or not understood – My comment regarding using an excuse wasn’t even targeted at you, so calm down!

  140. Toon Chicken- The fact that he has not been ‘awarded’ a man of the match performance is an irrelevant point altogether.

  141. JT.

    Roy Cropper says:
    September 1, 2010 at 9:47 am

    chicken shit – what do you think of joey barton’s 3 man of the match performances then ?

  142. sorry but people having a go at are players..then at this minute we should all behind them..i am a happy toon fan..and so will be till we get beat..and i hope that is not for a long time..i have slagged off are players but at this minute they are doing nothing wrong..

  143. CLiNT – that’s what I was trying to do earlier…

    “Toon Chicken says:
    September 1, 2010 at 9:42 am

    This International break’s a bit of a twat innit?

    In terms of timing it’s probably on par with one of Smudgers’ two footed lunges.”

    Still, I do think its sweet that there’s people on here who care more about me than they do about the Toon! :lol: ;)

  144. batty,
    ah ha, in there quicker than a dogs willie.
    Me & you mate.
    (crosses fingers, like that!)

  145. TC,
    It’s apt that they call it an ‘international break’, a break from football.
    I know loads do give a toss, but it’s like going to the dentist knowing you need fillings/extractions.
    Painful or aneasthetising.

  146. Hey folks, do you think we need any defensive cover still? I see that Jay DeMerit is available for free and can be signed even though the window’s shut because he’s not with a club right now. Decent defender–started every game for the USA at the world cup and played well…

  147. FSOTC.

    Williamson, Enrique, Collo, Perch, Simpson, Saylor & Raylor, Campbell, Tavernier, Kadar, Ferguson.

    I reckon we’re fine at the back mate.

  148. whats with all the infighting?

    next thing we’ll be wanting cheesy chips and blue alcohol FFS!

  149. monkeym…..transfer window shut/international break = resumption of normal hostilities ;-) :lol:

  150. TC,
    i think we should be ok for defenders.
    We have quite a few that are versatile across the back 4.

  151. 2 late 2 put any1 else in the squad even if he is a free agent.u can only go with the 25 man squad u put in at 5..even if u have 24 that is what u have got to go with..then every body would be doing it and bringing in players when injuried would then make a mockery of the 25 man squad.

  152. Stuart79 says:
    September 1, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    “Nah, toonsy’s still in his tugging pit, CLiNT.”

    I can assure you that he’s hard at it as usual, Stuart.

  153. lots of bickering today I see, normal service resumed.

    lets face it if we all stopped going to matches because there was somebody we didnt like there would be no football anywhere in the country.

    I’ve hated many of the toons players over time bellamy. bowyer, dyer etc etc but when they pull on the shirt I’ll support them on the pitch and thats prob the same for fans up and down the country

    to say you’re refusing to go whilst someone you dislikes is playing is a bit pathetic

  154. Steve – I think you’re confusing a passing dislike of someone with something that I believe is fundamentally wrong.

    If you, or anyone else for that matter, fails to grasp that concept that’s fine. I’m not going to judge you.

    I’m not waving a bedsheet in front of anyone’s face tho or standing in front of a TV camera making a mockery of our club, so why do you feel the need to judge me – someone you’ve never met and know close to nothing all about?

  155. workyticket says:
    September 1, 2010 at 12:48 pm
    Stuart79 says:
    September 1, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    “Nah, toonsy’s still in his tugging pit, CLiNT.”

    I can assure you that he’s hard at it as usual, Stuart.

    Hard at what? Tugging?

  156. Toon Chicken says:
    September 1, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    “so why do you feel the need to judge me – someone you’ve never met and know close to nothing all about?”

    Is it because your stupid little views paint a picture of a sad, sour faced little runt with no life?

  157. Stuart79 says:
    September 1, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    “Is it because your stupid little views paint a picture of a sad, sour faced little runt with no life?”

    I thought that was supposed to be me, Stuart?

  158. workyticket says:
    September 1, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    If you can fit in the same cap as TC, you’re welcome to it…

  159. Howay lads,
    new season, new players, new modus operandi………..
    ………..New & fresh start.

    I know we’ve got it in us, so howay!

  160. Toon Chicken says:
    September 1, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    ….And as if by magic, up he pops and proves the assumptions right.