Things are looking up at the moment.

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Things are looking up right now.
Things are looking up right now.
Does anyone else have the feeling I am experiencing at the moment? Pack the jokes away, I mean the feeling of, dare I say it, happiness?

At this precise moment in time I don’t think things could be going much better for a Newcastle fan. It’s all relative of course, and we could be in the Champions League, 1st in the Premier League and so on, but we’re not.

However, we have made a rather solid start to life back in the Premier League. It’s only three games in and I understand that it may be a bit too early to judge things, but surely most fans are happy with the start we have made this season? A solid performance at Old Trafford, a 6-0 hammering of Aston Villa, and a point away at a ground that is notoriously tough to visit all combine to add to the feel good feeling. I mean, if you were offered four points after playing two of last seasons top six and away at a relegation rival in the first three games of the season, you would have taken that before the season started wouldn’t you? I would.

A lot of the positive vibes so far have been as a result of, wait for it…… A largely successful transfer window. Shock horror. Mind you, it’s hard not to feel good about our transfers dealings after the “no capital outlay” statement. A lot of fans expected nothing so were just happy to be seeing numbers coming into the squad. Sensible money spent on sensible investment.

Things could have been better mind, and we probably could have done with another striker at least, but the fact that we had bids for Keane, Erdinc and probably a few other names who ply their trade as a striker would suggest that this is a known area for improvement and could be made a priority for the January window.

Then there is Chris Hughton who is adding to the feel good factor. Even his staunchest doubters have had to hold their hands up give the quiet man his portion of credit. Hughton has played a blinder this window, especially given the fact that he has had such limited resources available to him. He has conducted himself brilliantly and has shown he can get the best bang for his buck.

Then there is the type of football we are trying to play at the moment. I think a lot of us were expecting hoofball football this season, especially given the fact we have a beast in the air up front in the shape of Andy Carroll. However, we have tried to play proper football, passing football, and some of it has been brilliant. Against Aston Villa our passing was immense. Little passing triangles popped up all over the pitch as Newcastle made Villa look silly. It impressed me no end and was lovely to watch.

Last up on my list of positives has to be Andy Carroll. I said all along that he would make an impact in the Premier League, and that is what he is doing. Whilst he didn’t score at Old Trafford, Nemanja Vidic, who is probably about the most physical defender in the league, will have known he was in a game. Aston Villa felt the force of Carroll as he smashed a hat-trick against them, and those cloggers from Wolverhampton were left battered and bruised by both his physical presence and goal scoring form.

Seeing a local lad do well will put a smile on all of our faces. It’s the local hero story that people love to love. When you combine all of what I have just written together I think it safe to say that so far this season, the positives have far, far outweighed the negatives. I haven’t felt this upbeat about my club for a good few seasons now, and I think applies for quite a few people aswell.

Long may it continue!

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329 Responses

  1. even a mackem admitted at work that he would rather have had our transfer window than theirs!!
    Incredibly happy with how things are at the minute, be even more with 50 points come April :D

  2. toonsy,
    so Stu was right about you feeling, well h-a-penis then?
    Soz mate, i know that was puerile(or penile even).
    Sorry again.
    Good right up mate.
    Let’s get it on. (the football, that is)

  3. Toonsy

    Regarding the wolves game… I saw Jeff Winther give his opinion as a ref on the game and i couldnt help but thinking what a more experienced ref would have done to the game. Altho you have to consider the fact that he also didnt give the penalty but on the other hand wolves might never have come in that situation had they been a man down.

    Here is what Jeff wrote:

    Wolves v Newcastle was x-rated and it was obvious that the home side were out to unsettle Joey Barton. A variety of players sought out the controversial Toon midfielder and the caution count was very high for both sides.

    Barton showed remarkable restraint as he was repeatedly deposited on his derriere. Ref Stuart Atwell was castigated by fans on TalkSport and Stan Collymore, who was not at the game, wound up the listeners by casting doubts over the ref’s ability to perform at Premier League level.

    He certainly did miss a penalty when Perch caught Jarvis. That apart, he could not be blamed for the high number of cautions. It was obvious that Wolves were doing a numbers game on Barton and personally, when it became apparent what was happening, I would have advised the captain that the next one would be a red. That might have deterred the team from the habit.

  4. Don’t you just love the Chronicle?

    “Utd signed Ben Arfa, just as we revealed they would back in July.”

    What about the articles since when they said the deal was dead and he was off to Werder?

    Fckin imbeciles, the lot of em.

    CLiNT – toonsy renowned for tugging his joy stick every opportunity he gets.

  5. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 1, 2010 at 1:34 pm
    * that’ll be write up
    omg, Stu you bastard, what have you got me thinking.

    Deprived, you are!


  6. valle,
    maybe that was the refs version/attempt at evening things up a bit?
    (not giving them a pen).

  7. Stu,
    i’m ashamed of me self.

    Good point about the chronic. Taking credit where none is due.

  8. Beyond all expectations ! Can’t wait to see the impact of these new faces on what I honestly believe is a strong nucleas, albeit previously too thin. We seem to have brought the steel we inherited last season in the Fizzy, everyone working for each other, tracking back, off the ball movement and attacking flair etc, up to the Prem, which is nice to see. Previous incarnations, even during the more successful periods in the last couple of decades would have crumbled @ wolves IMO. We are most deffo no rollovers these days.

    The club’s top brass seem to finally be pulling in the same direction as the fans, who, seeing the positives, will be encouraged by this showing, on top of last season’s momentum.

    Roll on the next few games…dare I say I think we might even bother a few teams for a European qualifying spot this season. Might have a fly tenner on it !

    Aye…mebbe’s a fiver on Acc.Stan for League 2 winners an’ all !


  9. Must say I share the optimismn – 6 points for Ireland against Armenia & Andorra and then NUFC to give Blackpool a pasting – that’ll be a crackin 2 weeks!

  10. I have to add another point on the feel good factor there mate, and don’t slate me for it, but Mike Ashley has been pretty solid in his dealings for the club since we got relegated. Since the January window, he’s backed the manager and kept his trap shut. Couldn’t give a hoot about the “no new capital outlay” business, as I never really knew what it meant, and a few billboards on the exterior of the ground don’t really bother me.

    I notice that some of his more harsh critics are starting to fold as well. Of course, there’ll always be a few…..

  11. Clint…

    Could be, but i still feel the game would have ended even better for us if they were told after 20 minutes that the next dirty challenge would be a red. We played very well in the first 25 minutes and it was the refs inability to scare wolves off their foul play that gave them a foothold of the game imo.

  12. It would be nice to think we did learn some valuable lessons dropping down a league for a year.
    Long may it continue.

  13. Davies – Agree with all except the billboards, the position of St James is unique in terms of location of grounds in the major cities to have colosal advertising signs on the side ofit that can be seen all over the city really take away from it.

    With regards to the “no new capital outlay” release, the problem was that most didnt grasp its meaning and just taught it ment we were gonna spend nowt as opposed to only spending in lump sums and not spending against future earnings etc.

  14. Stuart79 says:
    September 1, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    Well done, Stu.

    What’s that 75 posts today and you’ve finally managed to write something that doesn’t involve me.

    Your mum/sister will be so proud! :lol:

  15. valle,
    i agree entirely mate.
    It would not have been accepted against the rooney’s et al of this world. Dire reffing, dangerous/career threatening & a blurring of what IS acceptable on the field of play.
    Repugnant & regressive.
    Pathetic reaction from the ‘pundits’ too.

  16. Davies says:
    September 1, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    “Couldn’t give a hoot about the “no new capital outlay” business, as I never really knew what it meant”

    In the simplest possible terms, Davies, no money spent that the club isn’t actually making in some way.

  17. Potentially very good window tho we’ll have to see how they cut it on the pitch,

    ben arfa looks class on youtube clips and definitely has skill but theres a reason he’s at toon rather than manure, liverpool, arsenal etc – lets hope hughton can sort him out (still he’s someone who can potentially create something out of nowt and we’ve been lacking that)

    Tiote is something we need tho he didnt stand out in WC (then again not many did)

    Cambell – will be a reassuring presence and good to have in even if he is a bit slow these days

    Perch – slowly getting used to prem and has a bit to learn

    Gosling – who knows, looked decent at everton and he cost us nowt, have to see when he’s back from injury

    To be honest the fact that we haven’t shipped anyone out is a complete bonus and we’ve def strengthened squad – all good :-)

  18. The thing for me is the club now finally seems to be moving forward , the club was going backward since Sir Bobby was sacked. I think in hindsight ( what a wonderful thing that is ) relegation was one of the best things to happen the club. Instead of been stuck midtable and basicly doing nothing but go backwards for a few seasons the club imploded.

    I for one feel now the club has some momentum and is going forward again. For how long I dont know? But long may it continue

  19. Toontastico,
    it is a legit way of bringing in revenue mate.
    Aye, it prob looks a bit cack, but hopefully, some co.s will see it as an opportunity & we’ll get a fat wedge for it.
    Another good way is us lot all turning up every couple of weeks & buying stuff through the club.
    We keep this club afloat, always have, always will.
    Consumer power n’ all that.

  20. workyticket says:
    September 1, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Apprently the money spent this summer has come from Ashley’s wallet, not the clubs.

  21. Clint~I think it was the only way…I think things started going t*ts up from SBR’s sacking onwards. Slow downward spiral seemed to get worse from Ashley asset stripping, etc…ended up where we deserved to be for effort alone.

    I reckon we would still be there if we had continued in the same vein on/off the pitch. Look at Boro ! The only thing surprised me was I thought a year ago we wouldn’t make much progress even in the Fizzy under Ashley. Seems he’s reviewed/rejected his ‘older’ model of running a club based on Directors of Football, etc…! Timely intervention at Xmas regained the momentum we’d started losing at that point…

    Now he seems to be proving a few people wrong, tho’ it didn’t take a genius, eh ? At least we all can look forward to a better season than most of us were fearing. Namely no outlay to what was a direly thin squad, and a tight, season long relegation battle…

  22. stevep,
    Sol was clocked as 2nd fastest in the prem after walcott over the last 2 seasons.

  23. zimbo,
    That’s assuming that what you’ve said was happening, was actually happening?
    Or is it/was it just a case of transistions take X amount of time to implement, then bear fruit?
    Patience is key to any upheaval & rebuild.

  24. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 1, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    He was on roller skates, going down Wickham bank though…

  25. Yeah, but the transitions that Ashley implemented at first…ie, Wise etc… didn’t take as long to eff it up as put right…

  26. CLiNT FLiCK – Yeah I know it would be a good source of income but the plans are for 6 fat permanent advertising boards which is really takin the piss!!

  27. CLiNT FLiCK – Yeah I know it would be a good source of income but the plans are for 6 fat permanent advertising boards which is really takin the piss!! Maybe 1 on Barrack and Strawberry would be ok but dont make it look like a fookin circus tent or sumtin!!

    As for buyin things you wouldnt believe the ammount of NUFC sh1te i have in the gaf!!!

  28. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 1, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    “Another good way is us lot all turning up every couple of weeks & buying stuff through the club.”

    Buying stuff through this site would be a good way of keeping NUFCBlog afloat too, Clint! ;-)

  29. zimbo,
    he also gave a load of good money to fsa.
    wise did a canny job getting some young ‘uns in.
    But him & kk didn’t hit it off, let’s say.
    But it’s all by the by now.
    & now we’ve a good lad running the team, as a team, without baggage. Players that wanna be here.
    Something was wrong with Newcastle United long before MA came along.
    That looks like it’s been addressed now & we should be, at least, back to square one.
    Which is way better than where we have been.
    Vive la revolution.

  30. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 1, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    he also gave a load of good money to fsa.”

    He simply didn’t renege on a load of stupid deals which had been set up by Fat Sam and Geordie Satan during the transition period, Clint.

  31. worky,
    ok mate, i take y’point, i’ll have a looksee & buy somat then.
    every club’ll be doing it soon mate, as they’ll all need to make dosh through the club to supplement buying players.
    The rules are changing.
    I know what y’mean about spending on stuff club related mate, i’m there.

  32. funny isnt it?!?! had that statement of “no capital outlay” had not been made then would people still be as happy with transfer window??? i somehow doubt it
    not saying im not pleased because im very optimistic about all of our signings especially benny and cheicky. lets just hope they prove to be shrewd signings as i do believe they will.
    only down side to the window is the lack of youth investment but it is understandable given the circumstances….lets just hope hughton continues to impress and win over doubters(i was one until recently)….i have a feeling that it could be a very fruitful relationship as he is the type of guy that people would love to see succeed

  33. zimbo,
    it’s a blessing in disguise.
    Amazing really, after all the shit that’s hit the fan(s).

  34. I though CLiNT was being genuinely innuendorific before.

    And I know for a fact worky was.

    “Things are looking up…”. There’s your evidence right there as to what young t has been doing, whilst blogging.

  35. here are this weeks nominations for eviction.

    hitman/short trousers….

    for his usual trick of plying his two brain cells with ale then coming on line abusing Big Brother.

    toon chicken….

    quite simple…no one likes him.


    Ooops sorry…this blogger has already been frogmarched to the front door and humiliatingly thrown onto the pavement outside.
    he currently resides on .com and has the occasional (childish) outburst against Big Brother.

    wor batty….

    for his continuing display of acting like stardust’s lap dog on .com.
    also for proudly wearing clothes/tainers purchased from mike’s superstores…every item being the wrong size.
    he looks a right 2&8.

    who goes ? … you decide.

  36. One key NUFC recruit not mentioned: a new PR Manager! I believe (read it somewhere today; possibly Chronicle) the idiot responsible for the ‘no capital outlay’ statement and other works of astounding ineptitude is gone or moved, and there is now someone more competent in charge. An actual, qualified professional.
    About bleedin’ time.
    So – nowt but happy bunnies all round. Bed sheets back in attic and a real loathing of ‘international breaks’ because they just get in the way of thrashing other teams.

    It’s good to be the Toon…
    (Ok, name that film, people)

  37. yup, feeling good and positively looking up!

    Slight envy at the Brum Hleb loan and Bolton Petrov free signing – I know they are pushing 29/31 but still represent significant value deals that I’d have liked us to have been interested in. Ah it’s just splitting hairs though at this stage…

  38. How whumpie,
    didn’t the bedsheets go back onto the beds(covered in spray paint, replete with bad spelling?)

  39. Just in case anyone wasn’t sure, Big Brother @ 44 is Stu79.

    School boy error (or rather lack of schooling) on his part because an ellipsis should always comprise 3 dots (e.g. …) and not his trademark 4.

  40. I think we all totally underestimated our team last season. I worried all summer that they’d be too slow, too lightweight and too inexperienced for the Prem. That Villa game changed everything. It was the same team (plus Perch) playing just like they did in the fizzy and they were amazing. With the addition of the beast Tiote and twinkletoes from Marseilles I’m really confident of a top ten finish!

  41. I think this was a shrewd summer by Hughton. The 5 in all represent different and smart options to go with what we already have.

    I also think that Ashley got off lightly a bit, considering the exits at this stage last season. he has let hughton scrape around for loans and freebies again, rather than rewarding him (and us) with a top striker at this level. Yes, we are all a bit more realistic as to the danger of big spending these days, but remember that we haven’t stopped our own investment in the club. So we shouldn’t get too starry eyed over the fat man’s recent level of commitment.

    Things are good all round, a lot of that has to do with the continuing miraculous management of CH & CC. On reflection, Moses could have been worth a punt, but then if Wigan have a bad few months, and us good, Hughton may go back in the winter.

  42. Toon Chicken says:
    September 1, 2010 at 2:49 pm
    Just in case anyone wasn’t sure, Big Brother @ 44 is Stu79.

    School boy error (or rather lack of schooling) on his part because an ellipsis should always comprise 3 dots (e.g. …) and not his trademark 4.

    Think you better just check with Worky or toonsy before you continue to make an idiot of yourself.

    Not guilty….

  43. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 1, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    how do i check the blog shop?

    Just check out all the ads strewn around the site, Clint. If you buy anything, we get commission and that helps to pay for the sites running costs. You can also donate via paypal to

  44. aye chicken , stop squealing like a pig with it’s throat about to be’s not stu79 it’s me.

    start packing your bag stinker.

  45. Stu – don’t try and dent it – you have a history of that sort of childish behavior

    Worky or Toonsy won’t be able to check anything if you’re posting from a smartphone with a different email address.

    Nice try though.

  46. Toon Chicken says:
    September 1, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    “Just in case anyone wasn’t sure, Big Brother @ 44 is Stu79.”

    Toon, it’s Roy Cropper trying to make trouble again. I’ve had about enough of him.

  47. Worky – furry muff, thanks for putting me right.

    Stu – I hold my hands up and admit I’m wrong this time, and for that I apologise.

  48. pop,
    no one wanted to leave this season.
    Everyone that left last season, wanted to.
    A sea change, brought about by good management & happy players.
    We’re always better off getting players in that want to be here. We don’t often need to spend big to get that.
    Loyalty before cash.

    Better managers can attract players without tons of cash.
    Any div can hoy dosh around, but that just gets you a bunch of self interested whining prima donnas. We’ve been there, printed up & sold the t-shirt on a wet wednesday market stall.

  49. Too right it won’t Roy – or your IP will be blocked faster than you can say “the Egg and Chips are on me!!” :lol:

  50. Van der vaart to spuds is as fishy as a fish market.
    What a skank!
    No wonder ‘arry didn’t like the ‘wheeler dealer’ quip.


  51. Toon Chicken says:
    September 1, 2010 at 3:20 pm
    Stu – don’t try and dent it – you have a history of that sort of childish behavior

    Just to be perfectly clear – I haven’t exactly got ‘a history’ of this sort of stuff.

    I’ve only ever posted one comment that hasn’t been under my name, and that was because toonsy banned me for a few hours.

  52. Stuart79 says:
    September 1, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    “I’ve only ever posted one comment that hasn’t been under my name, and that was because toonsy banned me for a few hours.”

    I divvent think Toonsy banned you, Stuart. I divven’t think I did either.

  53. I like many on here are feeling very upbeat about the team and the recent transfer activity.

    The one thing that is just niggling a bit is Ben Arfa’s attitude with his past clubs. I am very much behind CH, and he must be 100% convinced that he can smooth things out …

    Hope I am proved very very wrong …

  54. BB,
    was it arshavin?
    He’s russian though mate. :)
    They’re as dodgy as a country full of ‘arry’s aren’t they?
    ‘arry is a one man skank machine.

  55. Roy – I know you were just trying to have a laugh, and no offence was taken. If anything I’m flattered.;)

    Stu – I don’t like you and you don’t like me, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be civil.

    Howay lads – this blog is big enough for the 3 of us!!! :grin:

  56. shrews – anyone who can start a fight with a team mate in a warm-up is clearly a bit radge.

  57. TC,
    well done lad.
    Stu & Roy his holding his hand out.
    Howay lads, bury the hatchet & be civil to each other.
    For a laugh.

  58. Worky – really? Not for a second? It was Ok thrashing Blackpool and Barnsley but did you really think it would be the same against Villa?

  59. why can’t people on here grow up and stop digging at each other?!

    Talk about football, nufc, or something actually relevant. This sandbox argument crap is gettin really annoying

  60. batty,
    well someone’s gotta try mate.

    see, that wasn’t soooo bad, good lad.
    Howay Stu.

  61. bowburn , if batty squares up with the money he owes me then i’ll hoy a 20 in your direction…

  62. i don’t mind having a good laugh at all now and then, but to be constantly seeing people hacking away at each other just starts to get a little annoying is all

  63. i can’t believe that spuds got van der vaart either. Their excuse that the servers weren’t working properly just reeks of bs

  64. Hey lads this is regarding the jeff winter msg! Well I’m msged him and he replied! This is the the email

    Name: nick

    Not a fan of yourself Mr.Winter ;-) but a good fair  
    read…. would you sent off any of the challenges on Mr Barton?? Let  
    me know.

    REPLY:- Well you are not a fan and you issue a directive that suggests I am
    duty bound to reply to you, obviously I must be obliged!!  I only saw the
    highlights but it did appear that Barton was subjected to a series of
    challenges that were obviously trying to intimidate him. You have to give
    him a lot of credit for not reacting. Many players would have rolled around
    and made the situation worse. I have dealt with the incidents in the game in
    my responses to the questions posed by which will appear on
    my site shortly, where I look at the situation where players do the numbers
    game on a player and eventually someone should pay. I am suggesting that
    eventually a player should receive a red card for a foul challenge that in
    isolation would probably have only been a yellow but because of the apparent
    repeated fouling of a team deserves the ultimate sanction.

    I hope that you enjoy the articles and also find them to be a good read and
    fair. Who knows you might one day become a fan!!!!

    Best wishes


  65. BATTY great news about the laddie in the fire/b good on him,borrow his hose m8 few need hoseing doon like

  66. toonsy says:
    September 1, 2010 at 3:56 pm
    Worky – No I never banned Stus, not even temporarily. I told him I didn’t
    <<<<< so ya not denieing u blocked me lol

  67. @AndrewT:Aiya,if messi came in epl later than 3 days after transfer window,i am sure EPl also will let also.lulz….just give lame excuse say,we lost barcelona telephone no..electricity at spurs stadium forgot pay,cut off 3days

    HAHA. :lol:

  68. I never blocked you either Batty. In fact I don’t think I banned anyone over the World Cup episode :lo:

  69. batty,
    ok mate, fairy ’nuff.

    Andrew T,
    It’s a work mate, ‘arry’s brought the transfer window into disrepute, again.
    How does he get away with it?

  70. Everton away, sold all 2,500 tickets. Now I just need to find out what the usual allocation is for away fans ;)

  71. toonsy says:
    September 1, 2010 at 4:00 pm
    I never blocked you either Batty. In fact I don’t think I banned anyone over the World Cup episode :lo:<<<<< only because u started it :lol:

  72. The convo about blocking is like a load of 12-year-old girls texting each-other. Quite amusing though.
    Toonsy – is this the first time in a hundred and eleventy twelve articles that you’ve had nobody actually disagree with your points?
    Times is good!

    On the subject of the ‘might-have-been’ signings, I’m actually glad that we didn’t get any huge names. It’s been fantastic fun being the underdog, and putting in great performances with players who’ve been written off or dismissed by other teams, punters and press. It’s so much more satisfying beating Villa with the likes of Carroll and Williamson than it could ever be having bought in the likes of Keane.

    Let’s spend the season shoving the predictions of doom-mongers and toon-bashers up their choccy balloon-knots!


  73. i’m actually happy that we didn’t buy any other strikers. It gives Carroll the opportunity to develop his game and improve even more!!

    I just wish that Shola wasn’t the #2 strike under Hughton. Would much prefer to see Lovenkrands or Ranger coming in for those subs

  74. Toonsy Away fans are located in one corner of the two tiered, Bullens Road Stand, which is at the side of the pitch, where just over 3,000 away fans can be accommodated. If a small following is expected, then only the lower tier is allocated, which holds 1,700.

  75. Shrews – cheers for the donation.

    Roy – cheers for the sentiment. I’ll probably be waiting forever if bats has to cough up first though. Unless one of his bets comes in.

    Always humbled by lads and lasses who support me in these things. Genuinely never forget the gestures.

  76. Aye whumpie.
    Underdog is where we do our best work.
    blah, blah, no money to spend.
    Blah, blah, turmoil.
    Blah, blah, Newcastle are f***ed.
    F*** the lot of ’em.

  77. I think in Williamson, Gosling, Tiote, and HBA we have got some bargains; not only bargains, but some real quality in that lot. Not saying we are back in the big time but I think if any team comes to SJP with the attitude of Villa thinking it will be a piece of cake against a championship team, they will be going home with very sore egos and smacked bottoms.

    Although he sometimes has questionable tactics ect Hughton is starting to slowly impress me and at the end of the day it is down to the 11 on the field anyway.

  78. btw – the film reference was History of the World, Part 1. Mel Brooks: “It’s good to be the King”

    Just thought I’d mention it.

    Any links to the 25-man squad, then??

  79. batty – nice one mate, good career. If he’s anything like my mates, he’ll be a cracking pool player and a scratch golfer.

  80. Anyway stu, there is no ‘old’ and ‘new’. I was always on TOTT back in the day, just got more involved on here for obvious reasons. Least those feckers have sponsored my, yi bastid!!!

    Cheers to richie for the donation (not sure if that’s richietoon?!?!…)

  81. I think once the chonicle say that a deal is off and a player is going somewhere else, like they clearly did with HBA, then they shouldn’t have the brass-neck to say ‘like the chronicle told you in July’.
    They lose all credibility after that point.

  82. So just what is the point in having a deadline when 2 players have now been signed AFTER the deadline?

  83. You’re a hard fecker stu. Like getting blood out of a stone.

    toonsy – London is on a different timezone to us apparently.

  84. DJG: “starting to slowly impress me”
    Not having a go, but that did make me laugh.
    Just WHAT does someone have to do to straight-out impress you? Three manager-of-the-month awards, manager-of-the-year award, accolades from every quarter, respected by everyone in the game – including the players. Pulls the club out of a nosedive and wins the CCC on minimal resources, breaking every record in the process. Arrives in the prem with a great start, including a monstering of Villa that NOBODY saw coming. Pulls off two fantastic transfer windows at the first time of asking, and somehow, with no real spend,

    He’s a bloody miracle-worker!! ‘Impressed’ doesn’t even start to cover it!

  85. bowburnmag says:
    September 1, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    I have no time. I am too busy training for the great north run myself.

    Someone told me to be at 7 miles by the time the race comes and I’ll p1ss it – That right, BBM?

  86. Stu – I’ll still beat you. Are you really doing it, or taking the pish?

    Cropper – cheers for the donation pal. batty paid up quick!!

  87. Whumpie says:
    September 1, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Pulls the club out of a nosedive and wins the CCC on minimal resources, breaking every record in the process.

    Not too sure about minimal resources to be honest – But good job non the less.

  88. bowburnmag says:
    September 1, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    I’m doing it!

    I’m serious, I need to be at 7 miles in 2 and a half weeks. I’m at 4.5 miles at the minute.

    I can walk abit of it though, I’m sure.

  89. Ah yeah man, I missed that.

    I thought you meant you were going to join in halfway through (straight over my head).

    Aye, my advice still about stands…like you say, if the worst comes to the worst, you can walk across the line with 60-yr-old granny dressed as a chicken.

    Look out for our banner and I’ll buy a pint at the pub near the finish line.

  90. bbm – you’ve gone a bit ‘fitty’ on us, eh?

    Your missus must either be very understanding or just plain glad to get you out of the house!

  91. Whumps – probably the latter. It was our third anniversay yesterday actually. Didn’t help the mood when work refused my holidays for the family trip away to The Lakes last week.

    And made worse when I came home early for the Villa game. But whadayaganadee?

  92. Stu – you asked for advice on the GNR. I told you between 7 and 9 miles would be enough. I’d step it up to 6 and then maybe an 8 and a half at this stage. But you’ll be reet on the day.

    StanHardy – haven’t you around here much, but the gesture is once again appreciated mate. Hope you’re well.

  93. Still nowt on that 25-man squad.

    Talking of home-grown players, did anyone else notice that TEN of the 14-man team that thrashed Villa were Brits?

    Harps, R.Taylor, Williamson, Barton, Smith, Routledge, Nolan, Carroll, Ameobi and Perch.]

    How great is that?

  94. Whumpie says:
    September 1, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    “did anyone else notice that TEN of the 14-man team that thrashed Villa were Brits?”

    So that’s how we won 6-0 :lol:

  95. @worky Just an idea if you like it.

    Why don’t we have customized NUFC T shirts. Don’t print logo to conflict with club , but I am sure some interesting stuff can be made which can be printed onto Tees and sold from this website and other places.

  96. toonsy – I meant the 14 that played! (But I suspect you knew that and are just bored ‘cos everyone keeps agreeing with each-other on this thread) :)

  97. Good to know we’ve got so many younguns outside that list who can step up if needed. Good strategy paying off.

  98. Was wonderin’ why Gosling’s not on the list…unless this List gets reviewed/resubmitted January, to account for any new signings…or as we only named 23, we can add to if/as/when…or summat ? ;0)

  99. @CLiNT FLiCK: you never know who might be leaving in Jan~~~;)

    Possible candidates are: Xisco,Ryan taylor.

  100. @AOD – yea, figured i could be less lazy and look it up for myself :)

    i thought he was still recently playing for the holland u-21’s which is what confused me.

  101. even if Gosling was over 21 he wont play this year and you resubmit your 25 man squad again after the Jan transfer window ;-)

  102. It seems you can play for the U21s as long as you were 21 on or since the time of the Great Flood. :)

  103. georgio says:
    September 1, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    “Worky – really? Not for a second? It was Ok thrashing Blackpool and Barnsley but did you really think it would be the same against Villa?”

    No Giorgio, of course I didn’t run down the bookies to place a thousand pounds on us beating Villa 6-0, but I have never doubted Chris Hughton, or feared relegation since I saw how his mind worked. I have never written or said anything different, either in here, or for the interview the site contributors (including myself) gave for ESPN when they asked us how we thought Newcastle would do this season.

  104. Cheers for the clarification richietoon…seems like the list is like an attempt at some sort of Premiership handicap, deffo for the wealthier, more strength in depth squads…

  105. Forgive me if I am talking tosh, but can someone explain why this is legal; surely it is restricting their ‘right to work’ – or am I missing something? As it stands they cannot play in the first team for 4 months and, as the transfer window has closed, cannot be sold or loaned.

    If it is legal fair enough, otherwise surely, with the money these players earn, it is possible that one player will challenge this ruling in the court.

  106. Mags09 says:
    September 1, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    “Forgive me if I am talking tosh, but can someone explain why this is legal; surely it is restricting their ‘right to work’ – or am I missing something?”

    I suppose that it would have to be tested by someone bringing a case against it, Mags09, and seeing what a court would make of it.

  107. So Stoke tickets are on sale to members but as a season ticket holder I can’t buy an extra ticket until they go on sale to the general public.Great rule they have going there :roll:

  108. Toonsy, that picture of Hughton you’ve got at the top of the blog, i’d love to see that made into a black and white che guevara style flag. Like liverpool had of benitez. Providing he goes on to have the good season I think he will, anyway.

  109. If they are being paid and their contract is being met the fact that they are not actually playing is surly not restraint of trade. It might be mothballing players to prevent them signing for rivals, but thats a different subject

  110. The list does not include homegrown players under the age of 21, who are still eligible to play for the club this term.

    Sol Campbell
    Steven Taylor
    Shola Ameobi
    Joey Barton
    Danny Guthrie
    Peter Lovenkrands
    Jose Enrique
    Alan Smith
    Leon Best
    Fabricio Coloccini
    Jonas Gutierrez
    Steve Harper
    Kevin Nolan
    Wayne Routledge
    Danny Simpson
    Ryan Taylor
    Mike Williamson
    Fraser Forster
    Tim Krul
    James Perch
    Cheik Tiote
    Hatem Ben Arfa

  111. Evening all so surprise surprise S Taylor is in the squad ;) and Batty and Stuart are going to kiss and make up :)
    Toonsy how do we know we made bids for Keane & Erdinc,
    as for > Seeing a local lad do well will put a smile on all of our faces.
    Its a pity they didn’t all feel the same about Saylor

  112. Tottenham can sign Van der Vaart because they’re in UCL. However with our current squad I think we can win against them at our day.

  113. UCL doesn’t give any team the right to buy outside of the window.
    That’s a special deal for Mr ‘wheeler dealer’ himself, ‘arry igor redknapp.

  114. Hypothetically……..If you wanted a player outside the transfer window could he buy himself out of his contract(if his club lets him) then you sign him as a free agent and give him a signing on fee to cover the cost of his contract buy out?

  115. richie,
    don’t think so, cos he wouldn’t be registered.
    Not sure about under 21’s though.

  116. as far as I know Clint as long as you have spaces in ya squad(named less than 25) then you can sign and add free agents regardless of age(I think)

  117. richie,
    ok mate,
    i was led to believe that once you’ve registered y’team, that’s what you have to go with. I’m not 100% on that like.
    It’s a bit of a heed f*** like, isn’t it.

  118. re: VDV – the deal was done before the window closed but the FA just had to make sure all the paperwork was submitted correctly and complete. seems to happen every window with a player or two coming available last minute.
    @richie – I don’t see why not, if all parties were in agreement…but i think if it came out that the club signing the player had been talking to him, and missed the window, the league may take issue with it. not 100% though.
    vuckic has been with us since jan 2009, so by the time he’s 21 he’ll meet the requirements of being a homegrown player (at least 3 years before their 21st bday)

  119. Is that any player under 21 can eligible to play no matter how long have been to the club !?

  120. eastcoastmag,
    i thought a ‘home grown’ had to be with us for 3 years before 21st bday-now.
    So that would rule Vuckic out.
    & i don’t believe for one second that spuds did the deal in time, as ‘arry was on ssn saying he didn’t know, so as to cover his sorry ass.

  121. “Things are good all round, a lot of that has to do with the continuing miraculous management of CH & CC”

    Nice to be appreciated ;)

  122. may – yes, players under 21 don’t have to be registered in the 25 but can still play.

    clint – i’m prety sure vuckic was 17 when we signed him (turned 18 just this past august) so by the time he’s 21 (august 2013) he’ll have been here more than three years. i think i’m doing that math correctly. :)

  123. eastcoast,
    yea, i think your math is correct mate, but……….
    Does that carry forward ’til whenever he is 21?
    I thought the cut off point was now.
    Can’t swear to it like.

  124. ah ok, see what you’re sayin clint. i was under the impression that its a rolling thing for when we have to register players at the end of each window. not 100% on that though. stupid rule….

  125. Ah,
    we connect.
    It’s mad isn’t it?
    No doubt we’ll get to know more as it goes along.
    It ain’t clear though, or it’s as clear as mud.

  126. @13 gotta agree, what a two weeks that would be! Looking forward to the blackpool game more so, praying to see at least 20 min of H B A. HTL

  127. Anyone under 21 can play qithout being in the 25.

    Not suprised Taylor is in the squad, for one reason we’re not in a position to leave out a good defender and two he’ll probably end up signing a new contract.

  128. Well batty i see your still trying to lick stardusts ass you sad sack of shite. Grow a set of balls and stand up for yourself<<<<< dave

  129. batty boy you are telling porkies again you only started going on to .org about a week before you got Ed to shout down so dont try that shit with me or i will slap you about with a kipper you focking fat head. 1 last question i know your a bit thick but do you not understand the difference between MOONDUST and stardust i think that in this world the Moon is more important than the stars, are you a total nobhead you dont need to answer the last bit<<<<< dave u f ukin c@nt :lol:

  130. batty i bet it’s murder in your hoose at crimbo – trying your hardest not to tell the kids what pressies you bought for them..

    ya couldn’t howld ya own watta lad.

    nee suprises for wor batty’s bairns like.


  131. 243 Big Dave says:
    September 1, 2010 at 8:50 pm
    Stuart @ 239 whats he up to now mate


  132. The more clips i see of Ben Arfa the more i will him to do well if this kid adapts we have hit the jackpot

  133. Roy Cropper says:
    September 1, 2010 at 8:40 pm
    batty i bet it’s murder in your hoose at crimbo – trying your hardest not to tell the kids what pressies you bought for them..

    ya couldn’t howld ya own watta lad.

    nee suprises for wor batty’s bairns like<<<< roy :lol: i havent ooted u yet but ya right m8 very hard at times

  134. Batts funny enugh I was going to ask Roy had he seen Komfort about as I think he was friendly with him on .com, did you remember the 1st part you were telling me about ;)

  135. what did stardust actually do that was so bad like?
    I remember him having some decent points, not many, but at least some.

  136. ILM I thought he was a decent Fella I know he could be a bit over the top and would try to put you down at times but he wasn’t the worst in the world.

  137. aye dave, always thought there were plenty bigger numptys on here than him, at least he seemed to have a point of view, an argument, which he stood by, rather than just coming on to start argument and throw insults at people.
    but hey ho…

  138. I don’t feel the whole transfer saga is over just, a former recent target Danny Shittu has been released by Bolton with imediate effect, could see hoots snapping him up for cover or another free agent. You heard it here first! (Somebody has blatently made a similar post)

  139. heres a one for ya boys, pub quiz question (guess without googling it)

    which player has scored the most goals against Liverpool?

  140. haha canny one that though isnt it!
    How the f*ck did he manage 26 own goals?!?!
    hahaha cracking player like, from what ive been told ;)

  141. yours batty

    cya dave…I’m off too or batty’ll e asking me sports questions all neet ;-) later lads

  142. Acroosthepond – Not really. It’s a genuine write up of my feelings. I could just copy newsnow like, but I do try to be original. Plus I was at hospital/work yesterday which inhibited my ability to write more than this yesterday.

    Apologies for trying to get well.

  143. Ouch, I probably deserved that although I’m not keyed in to your whereabouts. Hope you’re feeling better.
    Re: the year to date, my point is it’s pretty early to start waxing rhapsodic about the team, isn’t it?
    On another note, I think you do a great job here and I look forward to reading every morning.
    Okay, enough nice stuff. It’s now back to my curmudgeonly self. You have more than enough cheerleaders in skirts on here.