Ben Arfa set to sign for Newcastle next week?

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Beeny boy deal sealed?
Beeny boy deal sealed?
Another piece of good news, well hopefully some good news anyway, as it appears that Hatem Ben Arfa is about to finalise a permanent move to Newcastle.

Local journalists started reporting the news on Twitter late last night, then national journalists such as George Caulkin and Simon ‘you’re a ***’ Bird also backed up the claims which seems to indicate that the news could be true, hopefully, possibly.

It has made today’s copy of The Mirror and The Times and the general concencus seems to be that Ben Arfa will cost Newcastle £5 million with the capture set to be confirmed in the early part of next week when the January transfer window opens up for business.

Of course, nothing is ever true until it is confirmed by the club, but the fact that so many journalists appear to be reporting pretty much the exact same details should hopefully point towards this rumour being true. Let’s not forget though that we are in silly season and rumours will be rife.

In fact rumours were rife only a few days ago regarding Hatem Ben Arfa as it emerged that Liverpool were about to try and hijack the agreement we had in place with Marseille. Not wanting to let the fact that the move had already been agreed, a fee had been paid and the deal was just awaiting confirmation from Newcastle, the media persisted with it.

Ben Arfa is a cracking little player and has been missed since he suffered that double leg break against Manchester City. We are a team that is dying out for creativity, and Ben Arfa could supply that. First and foremost though he has to get fit. It could take him a while to get back into his stride, which is understandable given the extent of the injury he suffered.

Still, the word from the doctors appears to be that is was a pretty regular break with no complications to date and shouldn’t impair Hatem physically in the long run. He is currently scheduled to be back in training at the start of February, so I would say that we probably won’t see him back in action until at least the start of March, if not later.

It’s important that not too much hope and pressure is put on Ben Arfa. He has undoubted talent, but we also need to remember that we need players who can do a job now, not in a couple of months time. It is still fantastic news though that we have potentially signed a world class player, and for a pretty modest fee too.

Now let’s cross our fingers and hope it’s true!

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83 Responses

  1. Great news but we need to be realistic, he’s a signing for next season – if he starts training in Feb he won’t be available for selection till mid march and will need 4/5 games to get into the groove

    We need someone or pref a couple in Jan who can hit the ground running, admittedly so do all the teams around us and there aren’t that many players who can change a game and even fewer available

  2. He’s gonna be awesome for our run in at the end of the season :)

    We still need a couple of players brought in next month also, to help tide us over till the summer, were hopefully, Pardew will start to cleat out all those not pulling their weight in the PL, players like Xisco, Smudger, Raylor, Perch, Campbell etc etc

  3. I think Ben Arfa’s supposed to be back earlier than March.
    He had the away day with The mackems pencilled in in Jan,but that went back to the first week in Feb.
    The break was a clean break,no complications & he’s well ahead of schedule. He was at the Man City game as well.

  4. Don’t mean to piss on everyone’s Lau’s buffet but I would be very surprised if we saw any sort of decent form from either Ben Arfa or Gosling this season.

    Just being pragmatic, but they’ve both had nasty injuries, might take a while to get back into it, we shouldn’t big them up as saviours.

  5. As toonsy said on the previous thread, we need players now, that’s why Robbie Keane is the one for me. Would play well with Carroll, links up midfield and attack well, good at bringing others into play, half decent movement, and of course, chips in with goals. But more importantly, is ready to play and would make an impact now! No ‘bedding in’ time, he seems a cocky so and so, i’m sure he would fit right in.

    And of course, a right winger/attacker also, anyone, just anyone who makes more of an impact than Routledge in the final third.

  6. ILM – Gosling has been in training for the last 2 weeks fella, so all he needs now is match fitness which he can get in the reserves…. will probably play 1st team around mid-end Jan.. :)

    As for HBA, he’s started light training at the health center he’s at & will start proper training at the beginning of Feb, so he’ll be back around mid-march I’d think, so we should have him for the last 4-6 games of the season… :)

  7. Keane’s willing to half his wages for a move from Shyte Arse Lane apparently.. not sure if his age will still discount him from Ashleys thoughts tho… :(

  8. Cyprus-Toon says:
    December 30, 2010 at 9:03 am

    ILM – Gosling has been in training for the last 2 weeks fella, so all he needs now is match fitness which he can get in the reserves…. will probably play 1st team around mid-end Jan”

    Still, name me a player who has come back from his sort of injury and been all guns blazing? He’ll need time and I dont think this seasonw ill be enough. He’ll probably be at his best next season.

    HBA should be ok, he was more of an impact injury, it’s just I don’t think people should get their hopes up, as if they fail to perform (to the crowds standards?) then people will be on their backs straight away, and it will only be their faults for having such hight expecations of people who have had nasty injuries.

    We shouldn’t expect to much, that’s all

  9. ILM

    I am not comparing But do you Remember the season When FULHAm just survived. Brian MCbride and Jimmy Bullard had Telling Contributions.

    So There you go, & on a completely different note i hear

    Eidur Gudjhonson may be available.

  10. Keane for me, proven premiership player – will add quality and experience!!
    anyone heard about the SWP loan gossip?is it genuine or gossip??
    Id stil like to see Xisco given a chance – he has never had any game timem, he may just turn out to be a good shout!!

  11. I would like Keane in, and I am liking the Gradel for Best rumours. Does anyone else think we could get Becks on loan? That would be fantastic and it would pay for itself with all the shirts we would sell.

    I am encouraged by what I am seeing at the club, cautiously though!

  12. I’d obviously be delighted but I’d like to see players who are going to make a difference now come in.

    I don’t want Ben Arfa to be the best player in the Championship next season.

  13. Good link Jay Jay – I dont think that is a sensible deal, £20 million for a 30 year old? Not when we are looking at snapping up Banny for £5million and he is 23?

    I think theres little chance of it, great player and would take us up a notch but I cant see it for that price

  14. We have lost every game at the souless stadium. I fear for us on Sunday as the mighty Wigan have found a bit of form recently.

    We need a minimum of 4 points from the next 2 games. HWTL

  15. I don’t see why we’d sign Ben Arfa now (much as i would like us to) surely a standard fee is written into the contract so it wouldnt matter when we sign him, and wouldnt Ben Arfa (or at least his agent) want to wait until safety in the league is confirmed?

  16. due for it then Stu?
    If we turn up, we can beat them, no doubt, it’s whether we do or not!!
    They were pressing Arsenal all over the pitch last night, they must be knackered now, it’s what we’ll have to do, hustle them and close down everywhere, like we did against Arsenal

  17. SSN is saying Micky Adams is going to be the new Shef Utd manager, so Carver would be free then

  18. I don’t believe our season will start until Feb 1st. Providing we’ve got new players by then. I just hope we’re not on too bad a run of form.
    1 win in 8 isn’t great and have you seen our next two home games after WH? Spurs and Arsenal!

  19. True Stu but you’re forgetting the away games at Scum and Fulham..

    Need a fresh striker and winger before all that..

    I think Guti is playing like SHIT because he hasn’t had any competition and is getting complacent!

  20. Bret – Mackems have only lost 2 games in 18 months at home, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

  21. More good news with the suspension thingy, Get Benny fit and bring in a finisher (Keane) creator (Kranjcar) and replacement for auld father time Sol (Wheater) in january and were good for the rest of the season…

  22. jesus, people change their mind more times than the wind, few month back Sol Campbell was our best defender, now people are saying we should get rid in Jan!

  23. 4-5-1 on Sunday, with Smith, Tiote and Nolan in the middle should see us outwork Wigan. They have lost their best player and will look to Cleverly and Rodellega for inspiration. WE keep those two quiet and we win the game. Their defenders can’t cope with Carroll.

  24. Sol Campbell is our best defender, but he just can’t play more than one game every 10 days, which renders him almost useless.

  25. I love mike

    I read he wants to leave after the Hughton sacking and him not getting a coaching role, he is still our most talented defender but hes hardly kicked a ball in anger and is miles down the pecking order on daft wages.

    Shame about Keane would be decent foil for Carroll.

  26. where in that story does he say anything like ‘come and get me’, or actually, where in that story does he say anything at all? Quotes? No, only ‘sources close to Keane’.

    Sorry like Lee Ryder, but that is awful journalism like, very Daiy Mail esq…

  27. Keane would be a good signing

    I think we cant beat wigan on sunday. We have to start beating the teams below us in the table. The league is so close at the moment a few losses ( esp against the team below us ) will drag us right into a relegation scrap

  28. I agree ILM but we need to really pick up resluts against our league rivials if you would , getting beat by blackpool n wba could come back to haunt us

  29. I hope that isn’t a come and get me plea anyway. For all Keane is a proven PL striker I think 6 million is steep. His wages would be high too.

  30. Ok ok… So I know it’s Ed’s blog but I have to say I like the fact that he puts up loads of news articles – even though most of them are unfounded

  31. Keane-yes please, kranjcar-yes please. I don’t think wheater will come cos he was kissin his badge alot wen he scored the other day but remember Rooney with his shirt anyway more importantly van aanholtt on loan. Left back and winger

  32. I’d take Kranjcar in a heartbeat. Spurs want players from us though, let’s hope to god that doesn’t tempt Ashley into cutting corners should we actually be interested in any of their lot.
    Boro confirmed the day that they have had enquiries about Wheater, dunno if he’ll go anywhere though.

  33. If Wheater does leave for the prem, he’ll go to a southern club, he wont come here since Newcastle’s the closest thing he’s got to a rival (him being a boro fan).

  34. Keane is a definite no – he’s well past his best and Spurs are demanding ridiculous money for him, he’ll end up like viduka/owen I.e. Play once every 5 games and not give a flying – this is a striker who can’t get a game for spuds behind every other fvcker they’ve got and if he can’t score with bale,Lennon,modric etc it’s not gonna happen for him at toon
    I’d take Kranjcar but don’t see it happening
    Same with man city players, they want the loaning club to pay full wages and people like bridge are not worth anywhere near 90k a week

    I thought gosling was a box to box midfielder so he’ll look as good as Guthrie on the wing, if we play him we need to drop tiote or Barton, more likely he’s cover for when one of those two are injured/suspended

    think we’ll need to look abroad for signings

  35. Divvent want Keane, too old, too slow, too expensive. Would just be a big shot in the dressing room. Wouldnt even score many imo. Is he even fit?

    Exactly the sort of player we should avoid and one that spurs are lumbered with and don’t want, what does that tell you.

  36. Ben Arfa (Permanent)
    2 x loans
    that’s what I reckon we’ll get. Still talk of this Gradel lad on twitter, seems The Mail might have been on to something.

  37. Brettoon says:
    December 30, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    “Ok ok… So I know it’s Ed’s blog but I have to say I like the fact that he puts up loads of news articles – even though most of them are unfounded”

    It’s the benefit of not having inconveniences like work which helps that….

  38. 4411 says:
    December 30, 2010 at 2:52 pm
    Keane is a definite no – he’s well past his best and Spurs are demanding ridiculous money for him, he’ll end up like viduka/owen

    I think he’s pretty much at that stage of his career now tbh. I would be depressed if he came to the toon.

  39. Speaking to a Spuds fan and whilst he was lauding Keane for the work he has done at WHL, he also said that he isn’t the player he was once and has a lot of pace.

  40. toonsy –

    Exactly and if we are trying to be clever with money what would be the reward for such a large investment in Keane, he’s not gonna be chasing Carroll flick-ons he’s gonna be doing an Owen drifting around the box, we’ve got Nolan for that for half the money.

  41. I also think it will depend on these next two results, how much Pardew gets to play with in Jan. If we win the next 2 great. If we get sucked further towards the relegation zone Ashley might be tempted to part with some cash so it might not be such a bad thing in the bigger scheme of things.

  42. Agree with DJG that we do not want Keane. We’ve been here too often in the past with ex-stars. Anyway it’s not strikers we need, it’s creative players and please someone with speed and legs.

  43. I think Keane would be a good signing. He might be losing a bit of pace but he is still a good footballer. He is a hard worker and a good eye for a goal. For me it comes down to money , if we got him for anything under £3mil i think he d turn out to be a good signing over the next 12 – 18 months. But i think i read spurs r looking for £6 million. Im a big fan but wouldnt pay that

  44. Greedy has-been after one last big pay day, thought that was a thing of the passed, well I hope it is anyway.

  45. Just had a eureka moment!

    People have been asking why we are signing Ben Arfa now when we could do it in the summer?

    It’s because you’re only allowed two players on loan, sign him him permenantly and that free’s us up to get two players in on loan!

    who’s a clever boy!

  46. I Love Mike says:
    December 30, 2010 at 3:48 pm
    Just had a eureka moment!

    People have been asking why we are signing Ben Arfa now when we could do it in the summer?

    It’s because you’re only allowed two players on loan, sign him him permenantly and that free’s us up to get two players in on loan!

    who’s a clever boy!

    The guy on Twitter who you’ve got it off!

  47. To be honest I think we can pretty much ignore all the names that are being touted at this stage. Nobody actually knows how much money we have to spend (if any) and I’ll be amazed if we sign anyone who’s going to make a real difference.

  48. ILM

    Have you got a link for this twitter thread. Is it true that Grayson wants Best. lol. They are like 2nd in the champ and could be a prem team next season, Best is a mid table champ striker, why would they want him. The Leeds fans seem really p’d off about the link like so hope it’s true. :)

  49. Getting Ben Arfa signed up on a permanent deal would be a great move. Hope that he comes back early enough to make an impact, I fear we are going to need him.

  50. Good. Im glad the Leeds fans are pissed off. I hope them horrible little shitbags get Best just to piss them off a bit more.

  51. stu
    no one has mentioned on twitter signing Ben Arfa to free up loan spaces, and to be honest, I wasn’t even sure it was two players you’re allowed to have in one season, I guessed. And DJG yeah 2 secs i’ll get you the link

  52. Actually, this Gradel doesn’t look the fastest but he’s got a terrific shot on him. Could be the perfect little striker to play off Carroll perhaps?

  53. DLG
    my mate who’s a leeds fans says he is a right winger/attacker, similar mould of Routledge, better cross and shot on him though.

    He also said he was a grade A ball bag!

  54. Toonsy I hope we do get that good news next week. But as I said I dont really think we will see the real Ben Arfa until next season. So I hope we can get a couple of new players in through the window ;)

  55. Dave – Same here. As I said overnight at some point, Ben Arfa will be inconsistent to start, more inconsistent than ever. I just hope people realise that and keep off his back. An exceptional player on his day, but he can’t do it all, and it would be foolish for some to expect that he can.

  56. we shouldnt sign ben arfa until we are safe from relegation…plus he has only played four games for us….so get real.yous lot on here havent a clue about football.are u mackems in disguise

  57. If we sign up HBA then I’ll be sooooo happy. I’m not expecting him to make an impact this season but to have a player of that calibre on our books for the next fews years is exciting news. I’ll never forget the impact he had against Everton, he was skinning someone everytime he got the ball. I honestly feel if he had stayed injury free one of the big boys would have came in for him and we would have only had him for 1 season.

  58. id much rather keep that 6m. for some attacking mid./stiker at a young age, like the sort of n’zogbia syle of play, young age too..

    im starting to doubt guitireaz as an impact now, and id much rather have ranger on instead of routledge