Taylor and Carroll have “a great understanding”.

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Carroll and Taylor - Happy together?
Carroll and Taylor - Happy together?
We haven’t heard anything from Steven Taylor for quite some time now, but that ended yesterday when he revealed contract talks were being held.

Now we are hearing from him again, which indicates that normal service is being resumed from him, about the whole Carroll/Taylor episode (aka Glassjawgate).

It has been a fertile source for rumour that one, but even now, six months on, the facts are still yet to be laid bare for all to see. We will probably never know what went on, unlike in the old days where information leaked out of the club on an almost daily basis. This is “no comment” Newcastle, and Steven Taylor agrees with that new ethos.

“What I can say about it is ‘Don’t believe everything you’ve read and heard’,” Taylor told The Journal. “We have a fantastic team bond and everyone is happy. I’ve not got a problem with anyone at the football club.

“People reading all of that stuff about me and Andy were probably amazed to see us standing together on the podium at the end of the season, but we’ve got a great understanding. There’s a fantastic team spirit at Newcastle United and no one wants to put that under threat.”

Yet more fantastic words from Taylor there, and comes hot on the heels of him revealing his pride in wearing the Newcastle shirt yesterday. It is all beginning to paint a much rosier picture as the club look to tie down one of their home grown products to a new deal, although as an advocate of this new “no comment” policy, Taylor admits he won’t be saying much, honest!

“There’s always rumours knocking about with this football club. I remember when I was younger it was Ronaldo and Rivaldo signing for Newcastle United,” Taylor said.

“The best thing is not to react to it and to just stick together. As a club we have been criticised in the past but as a football club now our attitude is to just keep quiet about it, let people write what they want to write and we’ll just get on with it. It’s a successful strategy, as far as I’m concerned. Look where that got us last season.”

It certaily does work as a strategy, and whilst it can be frustrating for some people, it seems as though they will have to deal with the fact that Newcastle United is now very much a closed shop when compared to the last ten years of drivel we have had leaked from the club, like the fake sheikh if you remember? Where Shepherd and Hall got caught on tape openly admitting that they exploited fans who bought replica shirts, and much more besides!

Newcastle are staying out of the news, for once. It may be more monotonous, but it does seem like that players have bought into it, particuarly judging by the way the players conducted themselves around the Carroll/Taylor incident. It’s also working on the transfer front aswell as the press no longer know if they are coming or going with regard to players in and players out, which is nice to see.

Long may it continue!

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182 Responses

  1. the understanding is great.carroll can say you mess with me again and you know what will happpen. Taylor put in his place. Start of the pre season today. Wonder what position taylor will be in

  2. Richard, what part of what Taylor has said do you not understand?
    There was a trial by media on scant information about the incident which became a frenzy resulting in a demand for Carroll to be hung drawn and quartered, and unbelievably, our own supporters were demanding Police involvement even though there was no complaint or information to justify this.
    Please read what he said again,” Dont believe everything you have read and heard”, end of story, leave it alone and move on.

  3. richardj198y…I’m interested how you manage to come to your conclusion from this well written article mate. Taylor put in his place…eh..I missed summat somewhere !

    I cannot wait for the new season to start for several reasons…mainly to see how wor lads hold up against some of the best players in the world who are performing in the PL. The jury is out on that one among the bloggers.

    However another big reason for me is so that we can finally concentrate on footy…the mid season void, transfer speculation bollocks etc does my head in…..lets get started !!…Carlisle first up 0-8 Carrol 6 headers and a world record…

  4. Nah mate not going but really happy the season starts today for the same reasons as you mention MM

  5. anybody? any links? i definately want to watch our very first game of pre-season so i need a link.

  6. “TAYLOR AND CARROLL HAVE GREAT UNDERSTANDING”hoo taylor divvent taalk to wor lass nee more,or aal knock ya heed off UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  7. Tummy links are usually posted closer to kickoff. Not sure about preseason matches though mate.

  8. Here we go again, even our own fans are having a go and trying to disrupt the team spirit….

    Essential to a “team” is the spirit within the team, equally important is the image portrayed to the media. Well done to CH, and the senior pros at the club, who have achieved a first class team, with a great intact spirit. Flippin heck we got promoted back to the big league on a shoestring budget…well done to everyone ! MA has made stupid mistakes but we are Newcastle United, and will be here when he is long gone…

    Now we are the next step of the development, of course it’ll be tough, but we don’t need to go shooting ourselves in the foot as fans. The Champions League days are gone, the club are going through a redevelopment, let’s all get behind the lads !!

    ooopppsss….too much caffeine again…rant over…!

  9. aye sorry toonsy, you’re right, those days are not gone…I’ve got the toon Champs League DVD in the spare bedroom cupboard….

    Looks like the lads were bonding during the boot camp in Ireland…boxing before brekkie…just like wor hoose at the weekends..

    “That process is well under way after a boot camp in Ireland, and Harper said before Saturday’s clash with Carlisle: “We’ve had a fantastic week in Ireland training three times a day. All the lads were biking or boxing at 7am and training at 10.30am, so we’ve had a good, hard week in fantastic facilities, and we’re looking forward to our first game on Saturday.”

  10. munich mag,get behind the lads?i dont think they’ll be up for that kind of caper,although i’ve heard derek llambias likes the chocolate speedway.

  11. Just when the handbag`s incident was almost forgotten, you have to dig it up again, even adding insult to injury (glassjawgate) you must realize that will cause a rash of negative reaction on here.
    W`sup got a problem with Taylor ?
    Maybe running outta ideas, beginning to sound like a tabloid reporter .

  12. chuck,it’s a bit of lghthearted levity ffs,are ye the serial killer from that show?

  13. Trojan
    By the way your nom de plume is probably the best known brand of male contraceptives in the US.

    Light hearted levity you say, not too subtle hatchet job i say, either that or dumb choice of subject, moron !

  14. Chuck – And why is it a dumb choice of subject? Taylor was talking about himself you spanner.

    I have had enough of your constant sniping now. You can feck off.

  15. Munichmag@14…that was a load of bollocks mate, you shouldn’t drink so much coffee on an empty stomach…

    Toonsy@19 – can you elaborate on that statement mate, your intention is somewhat unclear…

  16. Munich – Less that one step in fairness. Three chances he has had to cut out the sniping and trolling, more if you count the warnings from everyone else. He’s out!

  17. kerdunk….boing…aaargh…(the sound of Toonsy’s arrow piercing basically innocent and sadly misunderstood chuck’s midriff)…

  18. Blimey what happened to free speech, nowt wrong with Toonsies subject matter or Chucks fairly mild criticism of it imo.
    Lighten up lads, sorry morale officer for stepping in here.
    I’m more interested in todays starting line up, anyone know it.

  19. yalreet toonsy, you don’t need to provide the history matey, I trust your judgement to recognise a wazzock when you see one…

  20. TEAM NEWS:

    Harper; Tavernier, Coloccini, Williamson, Enrique; Smith, Inman, Nolan, LuaLua; Lovenkrands, Carroll.

  21. SUBS:

    Krul, Barton, Guthrie, Routledge, R Taylor, Best, S Taylor, Perch, Ranger, McLaughlin, Ferguson, Henderson, Vuckic

  22. Toonsy, I’m not in the firing line of criticism so the constant sniping of you doesn’t register on my radar as I usually don’t read them so my apologies. You are always going to get smartass comments though (guilty of a few myself) but it does sometimes help to liven stuff up occaisionaly as people respond in a pro or anti manner.

    And this comment is a load of drivel but I might as well post it as I’ve writ it. :)

  23. I hope they pass to Inman today, The last time i saw him play he was stood out on the wing for 20 minutes shouting “Im free”… ;)

  24. Big Willy – I agree, but when it is constant it gets too much. I don’t mind people having a go at me, it’s happened enough, but when it is constant from a particular individual it becomes too much and means I don’t enjoy helping to run this place like I do usually. If I don’t enjoy then what is the point in me doing it as a hobby, if you can see where I am coming from?

  25. Toonsy this is a great blog mate I read it daily, any links for audio for the game today??

  26. MattyBarlow – Nowt at the minute mate, although I am looking and hopefully something will pop up at the last minute.

  27. I would assume that that is not CH’s “best” starting 11 so I would think he’s not so bothered about winning the game as opposed to give every one a relaxed competitive game. Probably field a complely different team in second half. Carlisle will most likely be totally gung-ho to win so CH won’t risk all of the “first teamers to start with, unless of course Tavernier, Inman and Lua-Lua have been performing so well in pre season that they are first choice. :)

  28. toonsy…@52…I have just reread my own posts, and would like to point out my own initial jibe was at the interpretation of this article by the very first post by richardj198y who seems to have consequently disappeared ….

    Nowt against your well penned article mate, but as Big Willy points out, the differing opinions certainly liven up the blog…keep up the good work mate!

  29. Munich – I know mate. I know nowt was aimed at me from you, even if it was I wouldn’t have been bothered as you don’t do it ALL of the time like some do. And that pisses me off :)

  30. 16 Jul 2010 23:13:40
    Newcastle United News
    Dan Gosling Could Have been On O’Connoll Street Dublin Because he is with The Newcastle Squad Who are Currentley in Ireland For pre season Training Hes is in Talks with the club Over a Deal Worth 25k A week.Goslings The New Peter Beardsley
    Other Players Been linked with Newcastle:
    Sol Campbell Free
    Keiron Westwood £1.8 Million The New Shay Given
    Two English Strikers
    Anthony Annan £3 Million Plus Shola Ameobi
    With Players Leaving The Club On Loan And Also Players Who Are Been Sold
    Nile Ranger On Loan
    Calum Morris Released
    Lough Released
    Donalson on Loan
    Fraser Forster On Loan
    Jonas Gutierrez to an Italian Based Club £7 or £8 Million highly Rated Over There
    Money Will Be Used On 1 Proven Premier League Goalscorer and A Left Winger And Defender On Loan From Another premier League Club Heard David Bentley On Loan and Frazier Campbell £4 Million are Two players In The Mix

    Raffo from LESH Site….

  31. LOL Ciaran – cheers mate, like the sound of a couple fo those have to be honest!!!

  32. Toonsy, absolutely mate comment 52. To be honest I don’t think I could do it although I’m no shrinking violet.

    Don’t think I’m being funny or take this the wrong way but in a way you provide provide a Freudian outlet for some of the sadder elements of the blog. :)

  33. chuck,you are a total prat,i see you come up with the usual american insult moron zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    well mr plastic newcastle fan,we’ll name it after you THE CHUCKLATE SPEEDWAY BATTY BOY.

  34. Big Willy – You mean I attract the anger of simpletons? :lol:

    TROJAN – Don’t worry about it now mate. It’s sorted.

  35. Raffo,It makes me laugh much crap is posted on that site is so funny its stupid…… Why do people believe in that crap ?

  36. cheers toonsy, you should know that 95% of my posts are deliverd in jest (I’m too docile to get emoticons to work !). However if someone starts to bad mouth the black and white stripes then I turn a bit radged, but thankfully that happens relatively seldomly..!

  37. Newcastle United transfer Rumours
    Dan Gosling Free
    Keiron Westwood £2.8 Million Or Joe Hart On Season Long Loan
    Matt Derbyshire £2 Million
    Cameron Jerome £1 Million
    Sol Campbell Free
    David Wheater £3 Million
    David Bentley on a season long loan
    Jonas Gutierrez £8 Million To Lazio
    Steve Harper £4 Million To Celtic

    Raffo another Lesh site.

  38. Munich – Like I said mate, nowt to do with you and nothing you done at all. Divvn’t worry man, i’m cool :)

    Sol Campbell then possibly, according to SSN 8O

  39. aarghhh…bbc i-player is blocked in Jaaarmany. Any other links about lads ?

  40. he used to be alright chuck,what happened to him?seems very bitter for some reason,ah well there’s always the new york yankees.

  41. I remember wor other LuaLua was a tremendous player, amazingly skillful, a real jack-in-the-box player, sadly he couldn’t quite cut it in the big league. Hopefully the wee LuaLua can combine the same skills with an English discipline to become a star at the toon. What’s the opinion on the lad from the bloggers, is he a good prospect ?

  42. Toonsy,I you got high hopes for LuaLua then……… cough cough :D


  44. Thanks toonsy@90. Pity about ooar ooar the Cornish farmer boy being a headless chicken, runs in the family obviously.

  45. H-T 0-0, sounds like we are having the usual problems in defence, they could have had two.

  46. at the same time, if Lua Lua is radge, what’s he doing in the starting line up…even if it is the second team, cannot understand it ?

  47. Well, disappointing, but first game back so I guess it’s undrstandable. Will be a whole new team in the secind half I would imagine.

  48. When was the last time we had pre-season friendlies when we performed other than utter garbage…? I mean, it’s taking the piss out of the supporters at the end of the day…at the most a day out on the bevvy for the lads, footy wise, forgetaboutit ! Having said that we started last seasons pre-season pretty crappily too…could be a good omen !

  49. What do u mean by Dart Toonsy? Ciaran – it has been the only thing for a the last week to get me excited!!!

    Sol Cambell wouldnt be all that bad IMHO, cheap and he looked v good for Arsenal last term

  50. “Big Willy says:
    July 17, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    Blimey what happened to free speech, nowt wrong with Toonsies subject matter or Chucks fairly mild criticism of it imo.
    Lighten up lads, sorry morale officer for stepping in here.
    I’m more interested in todays starting line up, anyone know it.”

    Big Willy, you’re clearly not a frequent visitor to Chuck’s blatant attacks on not only Toonsy, but any other blogger that becomes a target for his jibes.

    Workeyticket should have banned him a long time ago, and the blog is better off without him. In fact Newcastle dont need supporters like him either.

    As for Taylor speaking out… I think its another positive sign, as he is one of the major personalities in the team and he has just discredited any disharmony the media may have brought up when he and Carroll play together again. Good lad.

  51. I think we should hang fire before we start crucifying Lua-Lua, as we have always said confidence is the key and pitch time is needed. Another loan spell perhaps.

    Can’t get my head around the rumours re GK’s I’d be gobsmacked if we did sign more.

  52. Raffo – Good dart = Good shot/find/shout etc etc

    If anyone os listening to the readio stream, is that The Chi-lites I heard playing? Have you seen her? That one?

  53. I wish hughton had told sky sports we are not remotely interested in sol campbell. Why sign him Taylor Williamson Colo Kadar are all better and Perch I believe can play centre back. So piss off campbell and sign for the sad mackems

  54. Toonsy-It’s hard not to understand how a lad feels after he bashes your face in! :D haha.

    Also, i like the team the day. Tavernier and Inman getting a go is very promising, even if it is just pre season.

  55. JJ – dead right mate, the new PL season will be tough enough as it is, a UNITED front from the team and the fans is what is called for, Taylor communicated that well…

  56. i hope everybody doesn’t use Lua Lua as the scapegoat for the nil nil scoreline. there is no I in team

  57. Barton skipper!! good. Do we read anything into Smith being captain whilst Nolan was also on the field?!

  58. JJ as a site visitor I would probably just ignore any one trying to wind me up, although I do appreciate that Toonsy as the main man can’t.

    Seems like there is heavy rain and the Toon fans are in an open stand, hope it’s not an omen, you know the saying “It doesn’t rain but it pours” (or something like that).

  59. Krul, R Taylor, S Taylor, Perch, Ferguson, Routledge, Guthrie, Barton, Vuckic, Best, Ranger

  60. Jooooey Barton,Mess with him….. HE will mess you up like this bellend.

  61. Beat me to it Toonsy – then again you are about 12000 miles closer to the action

  62. Sounds like Perch has started relatively well, carlisle commentators saying he’s slotted in nicely. Say Routledge looks lively aswell. Almost fell over when I saw Best had bagged one!

  63. We all knew best would come good. Xisco and Best could be the partnership that takes us into europe

  64. Ranger, 2-0. Routledge roasted his man, cut it back and an easy finish for Ranger. A backheel apparently, lol

  65. To be honest i don’t really care what the rersults are pre-season. You can’t read much into pre-season games.As long we are fit and ready for the new season that’s all these games are really for.

  66. Is anyone else listening to this on the radio? These two love Routledge, they’re waxing lyrical like he’s Ronaldo or something, lol. “He’s brilliant, just super play, different class”

  67. Toonsy-Even when she’s ill, suffering, and probably wouldn’t perform to even anywhere near her full potential? You’ll take anything yee like :D

  68. Ross – She is incapacitated right now isn’t she? It’s only chance as she can’t run away and will be too weak to shout for help :twisted:

    Not that I have it planned or anything ;)

  69. Toonsy-Aye mate she’s worse for wear apparently. Hope nowt too serious or i’ll go into mourning, haha. Her and the bunch of plonkers that think they can sing are the only reason to watch the first few weeks of x-factor. She’s not there now so I doubt i’ll go near it at all, haha. Danny Minogue doesn’t sell it for me sadly.

  70. Vuckic sounding good this half. I would like to think after this CH decides to keep him in the squad. What a difference a half makes eh?!

    I think Danni is well fit mate

  71. Ross – Danny Minogue would be filth man. Sort if has a point to prove as she is the ungly duckling compared to her sister :lol:

  72. Thomas Vuckic him and his brother Haris are going to slaughter the prem next season… :roll:

  73. What is the 25 man squad rule. are Vuckic Kadar Donldson and the like exempt cause they are our kids. I mean if we had to name all our strikers and midfielders that would be the 25 taken care of

  74. Typical, I had to go off and do something and all the action happens, do they repeat highlights on the radio. :)

  75. Dont think CH could fail to notice the fact that Barton, Guthrie, Routledge and Vuckic have opened them up at will.

  76. Buda – Technically, any player under the age of 21 is unaffected by the 25 man squad rule. So we can include them AND 25 players over 21, of whoch 8 must be home grown.

  77. Toonsy-True mate. Funny thing is Danni Minogue when you look at her is still canny impressive but she’s just nowt on Kylie. Nee lass should have a body like that at what..41 years old is she? Put it this way, I wouldnt kick either out of bed but Cheryl still tops my list, haha. She could do with a few pounds on her though. Sly maccie d’s before or after i reckon.

  78. Not to put a downer on your wet dreams lads, but if you passed KM in the street sans make-up I doubt you’d give her a second look. When I was a young man the class lasses worked in Fenwicks, that was the place to fantasize. ;)

  79. What’s with the myth that Sol Campbell is slow? He is one of the fastest in the Premier League
    according to recent results. I saw him keep/catch up with many a striker for Arsenal last season. The only issue with Campbell is the fact he can’t play more than once per week.

    Still, just think about how he could help with the development of our young defenders. Not to mention he is a natural leader and would make a great captain for our club.

    I would be delighted to see Sol Campbell come here.

  80. Big Willy, thanks for the outing mate, I thought I was the only one who during my sprogdom had merved the make-up lasses at Fenwicks or Boots. I think I may have seen you one Saturday afternoon thirty five years ago next to the birthday cards wearing one of those 3-star jumpers which were all the rage…..happy days !

  81. Sorry but we do not need sol campbell. Left sided defence and attack and a striker if we let Ranger go out on loan.

  82. MunichMag, doubt if that was me mate as I would have been in my thirtys by then and past my sprogdom. Have to agree that the Boots lasses were canny as well as I went out with one for a while, she was a real looker with or without makeup and a goer. Aaah happy days!!