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One down, two to go!

July 29th, 2010 | 75 Comments |

Timmy, Timmy Krul. Timmy, Timmy Kruuuul.
Timmy, Timmy Krul. Timmy, Timmy Kruuuul.
Contract talks have featured fairly frequently over the summer so far, although admittedly they have only made brief appearances in the news.

Steven Taylor, Andy Carroll and Tim Krul have are three players that have been linked with signing new deals at St James’ Park, although in fairness the Andy Carrol deal is not of the highest priority.

The deals regarding Tim Krul and Steven Taylor are of a high priority however as they have both entered into the last 12-months of their respective contracts. Talks have supposedly been ongoing between the club and all the relevant parties, and those talks appear to have come to fruition today as Tim Krul committed himself to a new four-year contract on Tyneside. (more…)

Taylor and Carroll have “a great understanding”.

July 17th, 2010 | 182 Comments |

Carroll and Taylor - Happy together?
Carroll and Taylor - Happy together?
We haven’t heard anything from Steven Taylor for quite some time now, but that ended yesterday when he revealed contract talks were being held.

Now we are hearing from him again, which indicates that normal service is being resumed from him, about the whole Carroll/Taylor episode (aka Glassjawgate).

It has been a fertile source for rumour that one, but even now, six months on, the facts are still yet to be laid bare for all to see. We will probably never know what went on, unlike in the old days where information leaked out of the club on an almost daily basis. This is “no comment” Newcastle, and Steven Taylor agrees with that new ethos. (more…)

Taylor to commit to future on Tyneside?

May 1st, 2010 | 76 Comments |

Ready to sign on the line?
Ready to sign on the line?
It looks like Steven Taylor is set to be offered a new contract by Newcastle United during the summer in an effort to persuade the possible future captain that his future does lay at St James’ Park. Manager Chris Hughton will urge Mike Ashley to sit down with Taylor and thrash out a deal that will tempt the defender into putting pen to paper on a new improved contract.

I have my own very cynical view of this, of which I will go into in more detail later on, but it does look like a very positive move from the club as they look to secure the future of the lad who has spent nearly his whole life on Tyneside. It also moves to quash any lingering doubts surrounding whether Steven Taylor and Andy Carroll can put any differences aside after their now infamous bust-up a while back. Unfortunately it looks like we won’t see Stevie Taylor in first team action again this season as playing him at QPR is deemed too much of a risk for the 24 year old, but few can deny that up until the knee injury suffered back in January he was a very integral part of what has turned out to be the meanest defence in the division. (more…)