Sol Campbell close to St James’ Park switch.

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Campbell - Tooning in at Newcastle?
Campbell - Tooning in at Newcastle?
It looks like Sol Campbell could finally be a Newcastle player as reports suggest that the defender is to undergo a medical at the club this afternoon.

There have been strong rumours about the the 35-year former England international and a move to Newcastle throughout the summer, although the rumours have cooled recently.

In fact the last thing I heard was that Campbell was going back to Arsenal for this season, so something has changed along the way, but what? We’ll probably find out tommorrow as that is when Sol should be confirmed as a Newcastle player, providing everything goes to plan with his medical of course.

To be honest, I was a tad sceptical when I first read the link with Campbell and Newcastle al those weeks back, but my opinion has somewhat changed now and I actually believe that he could be a good signing for a year or two. For me, Campbell showed that he still has the ability to play at the top level when he turned out for Arsenal last season, and he was sursprisingly quick still in the sprint tests according to his fellow professionals.

Campbell would bring more than just defensinve cover on the pitch, something that we desperately need in my opinion, but it is also his experience that could prove to be invauable for us this season. Campbell has very much ‘been there and done it’ in the Premier League, and perhaps he can shift some of that knowledge onto our current defenders.

Think about it, it would be the first time that Steven Taylor actually has an experienced defender working with him. Hopefully some of Campbell’s experience and knowledge can rub off on him and smooth some of the rough edges off his game.

That is heading into the coaching territory now, but that is something that Campbell could be interested in getting in to. In fact, nobody knows the details of the deal yet and I would be pretty chuffed if Campbell signed on as a player coach.

In my mind it is a decent bit of business, especially given that we only actually have two central defenders fit. Campbell knows the score, he knows Hughton, and now he has married into them, he knows what the club means to the fans.

Welcome aboard Sol, possibly.

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115 Responses

  1. I like this signing. Not costing a great deal I imagine and he does bring experience and ability to a position where we are somewhat lacking. It is a short contract so no worries there and at this time we are in desperate need of the help. No arguments from me.

  2. Sol Campbell on a free? Didn’t Everton pay 10 million for Sylvain Distin last summer?

  3. TOONSY,not a bad coup for your 300 post m8.
    you called this one after sat game,a toonsy exl again,one in the eye for big dave ;)

  4. Good signing. And if the Samuel stories were true perhaps that deal will be completed soon – now Bolton have signed the young Madrid left back.

    Nice to see a bit more transfer activity at this stage and I think we will be waiting to get the best couple of loans possible given the lack of funds available.

  5. An insignificant signing as cover for the injured Taylor. Sol was once a great player and his awarness will be there, any pace however as he showd last year has gone and this will be exposed in the Premiership.

    For those of us old enough to remember: Joihn Barnes, Ian Rush, Stuart Pearce etc. All great players but passed it by the time they arrived at Newcastle. this will be no different.

  6. RICHIETOON someone trying to beat your wit,think they maybe on to a loseing bet like :)

  7. Free Scoring Smudge

    “Sol Campbell on a free? Didn’t Everton pay 10 million for Sylvain Distin last summer?”

    No they paid 5 million

  8. Of course something’s changed if he’s not going back to Arsenal…….

    The reason’s obvious Toonsy, he’s realised that if he’s going to be living in Northumberland, if he went back to London, he couldn’t get back hyem for his dinner!

  9. Great move, good cover in defence and guide the young lads on. Hope he coachs when finshing playing.

    Also maybe we just need an older and wiser forward to come in as well to link up with Caroll, be great for the spine of the team. Harper, Sol, Smith/Nolan then a forward, all the wise heads of people who have done this before to guide the team on through the hard games.

  10. will we sign anybody in attack that will add to last years side? A classic no 10 will be great but who??

  11. I don’t think he went back to arsenal because they offered him a 1 year deal. My mate seems to think this will be a two year deal, probably right.

  12. We’ve got 6 strikers right now and very little money to spend. Don’t think we are going to see a forward, unfortunately.

  13. sorry for not introducung myself. Read the blog for about 4 months.Life long Mag. i was mascot when I was nine away at coventry 1987 we won 3-1 or 3-2 can’t remember!!!!! just remember gazza being great with me!!!

  14. IMO We should try for Armand Traore on loan from Arsenal who have Clichy and Gibbs ahead of him, Good cover for left back and left wing.

    Reo-Coker would be a more energetic and talented replacement for Butt, Pace, Good tackler and Passer and Totally out of favour at Villa after his wrestling match with O’Neill, They may loan him if they cant sell him just to get him out of the way.

    We Could try for Pasquale Foggia from Lazio, quick, skillful dribbler can play on either wing and off a front man (Like Ben Arfa) they have loaned him out twice in the past.

  15. I remember hearing a debate on 5 Live late last season and Campbell came up. Can’t remember who it was, possibly Perry Groves pointed out that in the last game Opta had timed Campbell as the fastest player on the pitch. He’ll be slow turning at 36 but not slow.

  16. could be a good signing but where else do we need cover?

    Id like to see us take advantage of the fire sale at city, I think Garrido for about 1m could be a good punt.

    Mock me if you will but id rather have garrido than Jay lloyd samuel!!

  17. cheers ice dog. Looking forward to getting involved. what do you guys reckon about the use of the loan system? I think between Premiership clubs it shouldn’t be allowed why should we or anyone else have to nuture the top teams talent? im for for getting foreign talent with a view to a permanent signing and loaning out our players for experience i.e donaldson airey etc

  18. good signing,, samuel wud be a good cover and van aanholt on loan wud have me sorted in defence just need a gud winger,, i personal think ben arfa wud b nippy and then a sure fire scorer to partner carroll wud du for a gud litle transfer window,, perfik

  19. AngelOfDeath says:
    July 27, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    “A question to be answered.

    Xisco signed a contract with us on 3yrs right.

    So am i correct to say that,this season ish his last with Newcastle?”

    It was longer than 3yrs, AOD, more like 5 years.

  20. been lot of debate on loans,fors and againsts,its a hard market at the mo,clubs have to cut there cloth imo

  21. By the way DANNY BOY(I’ve already told the others on here) if you have a minute please watch this clip:

    On 24 seconds you see a guy wink – well I met him! I was at a club in manchester called Queen’s Heaven (yes it’s a straight bar;-) LOL).. he came over and offered to buy me a drink – he’s reeeeally friendly.
    Just wanted you to know that m8!

  22. In his first interview since returning to the fray he told the Chronicle : “I’m happy to be back – I’ve got three years on my contract here and I’m looking forward to them.

    Agreed Worky, he must have signed a 5 year deal if he’s got 3 left.

  23. people obviously haven’t seen him play if they think Campbell is slow, granted, at his age he has slowed down, but to say he is slow is wrong. He is still quick and i think he would be a great addition, wont play every game, but when the injuries come about we will be thanking our lucky stars CH went for him.

  24. oh dannyboy,the pipes,the pipes are calling,
    from glen to glen,and down the mountainside,
    you were a mascot against coventry,when you were nine,
    welcone to the blog on the tyne lol.
    welcome aboard.

  25. icedog says:
    July 27, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    “I was at a club in manchester called Queen’s Heaven (yes it’s a straight bar;-) LOL).. ”

    Oh aye, icedog? I’ll bet it was on Canal Street ;-)

  26. icedog says:
    July 27, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    “WORKY that wasnt my comment m8,somebody playing at the con game,not funny like”

    I’ve just blocked them, icedog.

  27. cheers trojan even though i was born in Stafford my Mum and Dad both from Newcastle, my Dad was best mates with Stan Seymours son – Colin, who used to do the old score board

  28. WORKY i can take it,but didnt like that trick on a new lad on blog,but cheers m8

  29. Transfer killin brennan signing today being anniunced tomorro fee of 850,000

  30. Brownrob any truth in it then big step up for him if it is but then again that’s what scouts get paid for to find hidden gems his free kicks look good

  31. Im not sure to be honest, sure Beckford has played Lower League all his life and seems to be settling in well at Everton, and Kevin Phillips did something similar with his career!

    Dad used to do some work for a guy who was on Bohemians board a few years back, not sure if he still is so I will see what I can find out!

    For an unproven player I would want to buy at most £250,000

  32. I think it’s Arsenal’s policy only to offer players over 30 a 12 month deal so maybe we have given him 2 years & a coaching role & perhaps he wanted to be closer to his new gaff but I can’t really see a downside to this.

  33. If we get him, he could prove to bring invaluable experience.

    Why do I worry that his legs will be shot this season though? Wouldn’t it be typical. It’s a sobering thought, to imagine Colo, Williamson or Campbell dealing with the movement and pace of the likes of Rooney, Ashley Young, Agbonlahor etc.

    And the cynics would argue he’s a fairly selfish individual. Still, if we get a decent season out of him, job done I guess?

    Puts to bed the ‘Under 26’ ethos though eh? That fits nicely if they’re cost-effective but if not, the next option is normally the cheapest option for this regime. Whether it’s the best option, we’ll have to see next season.

  34. ice – he’d be in bits by the time we drag him round the hills of Durham city man! Only the strongest survive! Been hammering the bike more than running actually. Did another 30-miler last night. Just in case anyone forgot why I’d do something like that…

    I know one of you feckers will eventually donate something. Think of the pain I’m going through for training and the agony of the event. Then think of the good cause it will help. How can you not?

  35. Maybe it shouldn’t really matter, but personally i’m extremely happy at the amount of British players we’ll have for next season.

    I think they’ll have a better understanding of the passion of the club and the area – or should do at least!

  36. Killian Brennan? Nearly 27 and stuck in the Irish league?


    I know a few kids in local leagues who chip in with crucial goals and can whip a ball in but I wouldn’t recommend them for the Premiership.

  37. Decent summer so far considering we were all expecting the worst.

    Campbell will add some much needed experience to the back while Taylor is out and I look forward to seeing what sort of partnership he makes with Colo.

  38. Anyone remember that crazy old Irish broad that used to post on Ed’s blog – Sinead!!??

    I’m sure she coulda given us the lowdown on old Killian!!! :)

  39. Rangerman@65

    If the window closes and we end up with:

    Young LW/LB type

    I don’t think I can be disappointed since I expected worse plus maybe 1-2 key departures.

  40. Dreadful summer so far. A 35 year old centre half and a cheap utility player who wasn’t that much of a hit at his old club. I’m not counting Gosling as he is more of a January signing in reality, and no use to us for most of the season. Hopefully things will pick up, top quality winger and striker needed asap, and a tough tackling defensive midfielder wouldn’t go amiss either. And possibly a left back!

  41. i loved my summer Macas!the day we moved forward when nicky butt left the more playing and coming on to give the ball away and player yes but a good cheap player u will change your mind moblie and energy.what do u wont with people coming on we got no money at least we no.

  42. I don’t think Campbell is slow at all, he’d beat Taylor for pace IMO.

    If he does well then I’d be tempted to stick Taylor at right back when he’s fit since he gets up and down reasonably well.

  43. Ranger – no argument there but then Taylor isn’t exactly a flyer either on the turn. Unless you mean Ryan Taylor? Ah hang on…

    Campbell was quick back in the day but now? I’m not so sure he wasn’t looking a bit rusty and I just think he might pack in altogether this season.

    My worry is that we could have some very good defenders who can read the game (Colo/Campbell) and who are good in the air and combative (Williamson/Campbell/Taylor) but none who are fleet-footed and particularly swift. Unless Jose is going to sweep round.

  44. BBM – just pinged some dosh on the Justgiving site. Good luck on that one; your bum’s going to look like a train-crash, mate!

    Last weekend I did a 24-hour endurance mountain-bike event, so I know the feeling. Best suggestion I’ve got is Clif bar gel cubes. Not sure how they work, but they’d re-start long-dead road-kill.

    And for those who haven’t sponsored wor Bowburnmag, here’s that link again:

    Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrn! Just a fiver will do it; that’s not even 2 pints!

  45. asim – We got relegated last time around because we had very litle pace, skill or creativity, and those areas have still not been addressed. I’m not saying they won’t be addressed, but as it stands it’s been a poor transfer window so far

  46. Ah cheers Whumps. And cheers for the plug icedog.

    I was going to go for BUTT’r cream that I saw being advertised. Just for the crack like…

  47. Good comment on Campbell from an Arsenal fan;

    “He improved a lot towards the end of this season up to the point where he even outsprinted Gareth Bale”

  48. TOONSY dont wish to harp on like but you will be in my thoughts till monday,i dont know what but if i can help in anyway send me a e-mail m8 ill do what i can

  49. killian brennan 26 playing league of ireland football,setanta cup winner lol.lets go the full hog and sign up cillian murphy,anthony hutton,jonathon wilkes,dj harvey,and the gmtv presenter ben shepherd.
    dodgy as fook if we sign him,we’ll take some stick from sunderland fans.

  50. macas,i’ll go along with that,been one of our biggest problems for the last 4 or 5 years,no pace of creativity in the midfield.

  51. Macas we actually did have some decent pace and creative players in the team, Martins, Lovenkrands, Duff, Jonas, Enrique, Beye ,Viduka and Guthrie. What we didn’t have was any spirit, permanent coach or any kind of reponsibility or pride in the shirt. I think Hughton has instilled that in the team and that matters more than pace or creativity. Stoke and Birmingham have proven you don’t need those to succeed in the PL.

  52. Macas@78

    True, we have little creativity but that wasn’t the sole reason we were relegated. The main factor in our relegation was the “carry on” with Ashley and the Blanket Boys and all the other carry on that season. 5 managers in one season!

    Watch Joey Barton this season, he’s going to be immense. I can feel it in my stones.

  53. daverism,hope your right the blokes never hardly kicked a ball for newcastle,in the last two years.

  54. no! the problem has been we kept playing central midfielders on the wings. until it changed when we bought routledge. milner charles never played him. milner only started getting in the team late on.we have had a lot of bad injuries as well.barton never has played for us and when he did late on last season was putting killer balls throu which we scored from apart from him not being fit. he is like a new player for us this season unless he breaks down again.but some people dont like him but he is streets ahead of anybody dan gosling going to be great if he gets over his injury box to box scoes goals that what we were missing more then anything in central midfield. butt germi smith couldnt score and we kept playing them why.

  55. daverism,man utds fans not cause riots,burn cars,have protests against the american owners,and they still won trophies.

  56. Trojan, you’re reet. Jail and Injuries, however whenever I’ve seen him play there’s flashes of his skill. Some of the balls he plays are top quality. If I’m not mistaken this is his first full preseason with us, and you know what they say.. Preseason sets the platform for the rest. I know there’s a few lads on here who agree. I’ll stick my neck on the line and say he’ll probably be our player of the season.

  57. Everton statement, just basically slagging off Gosling’s agent.


    In the wake of a report in a Sunday newspaper in which the agent of Dan Gosling made a series of allegations, Everton Football Club has decided to take the unprecedented step of setting straight a record of recent events which has, in its opinion, been deliberately distorted.

    In the article, Mr David Hodgson suggested that not only did this Club not wish to extend Mr Gosling’s stay at Goodison Park but that it had been deliberately tardy with regard to the formal offer of a new contract, presuming that an injury sustained by the player during the course of last season was of such a serious nature it would prevent him from signing for another club.

    Both claims are ludicrous, totally without substance and grossly misleading.

    The manager of Everton, David Moyes, and the Chairman, Bill Kenwright, contacted Mr Hodgson in November of last year to jointly offer Dan Gosling a new contract.

    Several subsequent conversations took place during the course of which Mr Hodgson not only indicated that the deal offered would be “fine” but also reaffirmed that a “hand-shake agreement” was in place dating back to when Mr Gosling joined the Club as a 17 year-old in January 2008.

    It was Everton’s understanding that this Gentleman’s agreement would guarantee that the player would extend, by at least two years, the three-year deal he signed upon his arrival from Plymouth Argyle.

    “In the very long history of our Club, our executive team have never once forgotten or neglected to deal properly and professionally with contractual matters,” said Mr Kenwright. “We place our trust in people; we always keep our side of any offered deal – and all we have ever asked is that others do the same.”

    Everton’s CEO, Robert Elstone, confirmed that the Club had wished to extend Mr Gosling’s stay on Merseyside.

    “We wanted Dan Gosling to stay with us – and, after what we had been told, we expected him to stay with us. However, in the first week in June, Mr Hodgson rang David Moyes seemingly content that he had manoeuvred a situation where Dan was a free agent,” he said.

    Mr Moyes confirmed that he had spoken – on several occasions – to both player and agent in relation to Mr Gosling’s progress and future.

    “Dan came to see me and told me that he saw himself as a central midfield player rather than someone who operated in a wide position,” he said. ” I did not think at that point that he would get into the Everton team as a central midfield player.

    “I was always fully aware of the handshake agreement which Dave Hodgson had with a senior Club official regarding Dan’s fourth and fifth years – and because of that agreement there wasn’t, in my opinion, any necessity to put anything in writing. The first I knew of a problem was when Dave rang me to say that Dan’s contract had lapsed and that he would be seeking to leave us on a free transfer.

    “I told Dave that he had an agreement with the Club which he was now reneging on. We scouted Dan Gosling and brought him in when several other Premier League clubs looked but did not purchase.

    “We feel aggrieved that they have contrived a situation to get the player out of the Club when, if he had come and said that he wanted to leave, we could at least have done something about it – but at no point did Dan say he wished to leave.

    “I read at the weekend that he cried when he didn’t receive a formal, written offer. Well, trust me, the money Everton were offering was certainly not a crying matter,” he added.

    The Premier League tribunal found that as Everton had relied upon both a verbal and a Gentleman’s agreement and had not put a contractual offer in written form before the acknowledged deadline, Mr Gosling was entitled to leave the Club on a free transfer.

  58. RunLikeTheRouteldge –

    Duff – never really performed at his best for us, and didn’t have blinding pace
    Martins – was out injured for a while and we haven’t replaced him since he left
    Jonas – no real end product in his first season
    Viduka – was injured most of the season
    Beye and Enrique – both good players but we still haven’t found an adequate replacement for Beye
    Guthrie – no pace, and not particularly creative either, tidy passer but we need more than that in my opinion

    For me the way to stay up is to beat the teams around us, and you need that little bit of magic to do that on a consistent basis

    The addition of Routledge will help, but he still has to prove himself in the top flight, and if we get an injury to wither of our wingers we have no decent backup for them

  59. what i’m saying daverism,is you couldn’t blame the newcastle fans for having a protest against ashley,after some of his decisions.the liverpool fans have also been protesting for ages now,newcastle went down because they were sh** cant blame fans for protesting,we went down because ashley sold players in our side,who were creative,and replaced them with plodders like nolan and ryan bloody taylor.

  60. Er, don’t try and twist my words mate.

    I do NOT blame the fans. However, alot of Ashleys decisions after that day against Hull were based on the fact he wanted out. If you didn’t notice, the point I was trying to make was that 5 managers in a season essentially pushed us into the CCC.

    I suggest you don’t jump the gun and imply that I’m blaming fans. At the end of the day, protest as we might, we have f*** all say in what happens at NUFC. the players are pros and should be able to deliver on the pitch regardless if the mood of the fans. Playing under 5 managers in a season would cause the top pros to think “errr… Sack this shat!”

  61. toonsy plus the most expensive squad never to see any of the players bought injury free. shearer owen martins duff smith barton shall i go on have i missed any1.

  62. Macas – with you on the winger thing. You can’t substitute specialists out wide, as Barton and Guthrie have shown.

  63. Free Scoring Smudge – get your facts right!
    Everton paid £5m for Distin having made almost £20m on the sale of Lescott.Good business in anybody’s book!!!

  64. rangerman – top find … 2nd fastest palyer in the premier league … can’t quite believe it but I do believe everything I read in the sun …

  65. milner,nzogbia,those two could have kept us up,no problem,they would have created more chances for our front men,toonsy the league doesn’t lie,we finished third bottom.

  66. Milner only created 2 league goals in the season before he was sold and we picked up under Keegan when he was out and we switched to a 3 man attack, N’Zogbia on the other hand didn’t maintain any sort of consistent form since he had that run when Roeder was caretaker.

    So how you can say they would have kept us up without any problem is a strange one.

  67. because they were quick and direct,and caused opposition defences problems,when they left we had nothing apart from jonas no end product guiterrez,and a pedestrian midfield.even joe kinnear said we were workman like and couldn’t create chances for viduka,owen etc.
    nowt strange about it rangerman,they would have give us more impetus going forward,so do you think ryan taylor was a better replacement for n’zogbia?now that’s a strange one.dont you find it strange that milner may soon sold for 24 mill?charles n’zogbia is attracting interest also.see it for what it is,mike ashley dropped the biggest bollocks of all time,we need to stop burying our heads in the sand.

  68. Aye, Milner is about to be sold to City for 24m. I mean, it’s not like they could go well, well overboard with their cash. Toure is worth a quater mil a week.

  69. it’s not the point though is it,look at last season he was right up there with top assists at villa,charles n’zogbia had a good season at wigan.they were both players newcastle should have had playing for them.
    we ended up with players like ryan taylor,howay daverism surely you cant think he’s any good.

  70. Lads I am getting big stick form a pal everton fan, is gosling on 30k a week and how much is cambell going to be on?

  71. Nobody knows for sure but the press seem to think that Gosling is on 25k a week. Campbell is, again according to the press, going to be on 35k a week.