We played our part Ashley, now it’s your turn.

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Ashley needs to play his part now.
Ashley needs to play his part now.
Reports at the weekend from a certain news outlet claimed that Newcastle had been in touch with them to clarify any rumours about transfer speculation, and whilst they were at it the club casually clarified that “no new capital outlay” actually meant no money to spend.

Now of course this has played right into the hands of some who choose to believe what the Sunday Sun publishes, and has raised fresh doubts and given a new avenue for criticism towards the club, despite an official statement saying that the club would not be confirming or denying anything unless it came through official channels, a fact that appears to have been forgotten by quite a few people. When it suits eh?

Capital outlay has been defined before by us, and by any other number of other sources. But just in case people missed it, it means we wont be buying players with the fee spread over a number of years. This is not a new approach, and Ashley has said before that any purchases will involve us paying cash up front only. That is all very well, but it does weaken our hand somewhat as the money can’t be stretched any further than what you have, which could be why Chris Hughton only expects to bring in a few faces.

The thing is, will a few faces be enough? It’s my own opinion that the current team we have could do just enough to survive, and with a bit of luck, survive quite comfortably. My main concern is what will happen when the injuries start mounting up, which they no doubt will. This is why the squad as a whole needs strengthening.

Still we await a back-up for Jose Enrique, and that has been the case for a long time now, but it isn’t the only position where we need to cover or strengthen. Another striker in the Lovenkrands type mould would be nice, and perhaps some cover for both of the wide positions, and that is not to mention a creative midfielder who can spot a pass and pick open a defence.

Still, areas that need strengthened are a matter of opinion, unlike where the money will have to come from for any new players, this is where Mike Ashley needs to do his bit. Way back at the start of last season I seem to remember that crowds were expected to be around the 25,000 mark. We beat that, in fact we weren’t too far off doubling it as an everage throughout the season, whilst breaking attendance records galore along the way. We, as fans, have backed the team, now Mike Ashley must pick up the reins and back the team in the transfer market.

We do have more money coming into the club this season, a lot more in fact. We have new sponsorship deals, new kit deals, fresh income from the Premier League plus around £13 million coming in from players who have been sold previously. Remember, none of that is going to pay back Ashley’s loan, as was detailed in a brief statement a while back, so it’s hard to imagine that there wont be any money to spend.

Granted, we have a £20 million overdraft that needs paying off, but despite that I can still see money being spent. Not silly money, but sensible investment of the kind that will allow me to force my children into supporting Newcastle in the future. First things first, we need to make sure there is enough ‘sensible investment’ to keep us in the Premier League.

We’ll only know if that is going to happen later on the window, which incidentally still has 91 days remaining. As fans we have stuck by the team, despite everything that has gone on. We have remained constant, we all want to see the team do well. We have done our part, now it’s time for them to do their part.

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172 Responses

  1. I also have faith……Faith that the money you mention coming in will go straight into MA’s pocket and we’ll still owe him 111 million quid!

    Thought we had a pact, never to talk about the ‘no new capital outlay’ issue again!

    It will only end in tears…….

  3. I think we should stop talking about Mike Ashley full stop-Can’t stand the Bloke and he hates NUFC.

  4. What a shock!

    No wonder season ticket sales have gone down like a lead balloon! Can anyone really blame them?

  5. toonsy, what have you done… you just want to have a rowdy day i think! lol
    I ma going to contact my mate at zurich investment and ask him to define what ‘no captial outlay could mean as i am sure there are more than one way to take it’. When he tells me i will post it… cos to be honest, although i aint saying your definition is wrong…. i dont take it as the right outlook either.

  6. Well it is the ‘blog’s birthday, so I thought it best to celebrate it the way we know how, with an argument and one of the most controversial staements made since it’s inception ;)

  7. Toonsy,

    Capital outlay has been defined in sveral ways….don’t just choose one because it suits what you want to believe.

  8. i think you could be right craig. he will not spend another penny out of his own pocket again. from now on the club has to be self-sufficient.

  9. I reckon there is enough quality in our team to stay up, providing the team can remain focussed. Surely there are a couple decent free transfers and loan signings out there. The more debt we can clear the better off we will be when football implodes.

  10. Nibby – If I detailed evry way we would have a 10,000 word blog. Hmm Blog, they are about opinions aren’t they?

    Hence, that is my opinion ;)

  11. He wants out! That much is obvious. He won’t spend another penny as he knows he won’t get it back.

  12. CAPITAL: Wealth in the form of money or property.The OUTLAY: spending or disbursement of money.

    So from these exact definitions on capital and outlay we end up with we end up with the meaning of CAPITAL OUTLAY surley…. it must mean no money will be spent!! i can not see how anyone can look into it any other way.

  13. Malchick, i got no issues with that, the club being self sufficiant. Thing is though (and i must be right cos even my nemesis toonsy agrees) – we are into instant profit this season… and not in any small mumbers either. This being the case why can we still not spend any money?? the answer is simple… Ashely is creaming it all off to recoup what he has spent, even though he says he isn’t. What other answer could there possibly be??

  14. “He wants out! That much is obvious. He won’t spend another penny as he knows he won’t get it back.”

    therefore the less he spends the quicker he can sell up and ship out. best for all concerned. although there’s no guarantee the next owners would be any better. barry moat, heh heh….

  15. and if we are loosing 35 million a season which ashley would have us all think, why did he not sell it to moat for the offered 80 million instead of hanging out for 100 million?? nope… we are a launder/ tax avoidance machine in the vast cashley empire. we all agree ashley is good with money etc, this being the case, why is he hanging onto our club with a vice like grip?

  16. Can’t promise that Craig, if you catch me at the wrong time again I might ;)

    Way i see it is that any money will be self sufficiently generated by the club to buy players with, hence the no NEW bit.

    Ashley has already said he doesn’t want his money back yet. So by definition, if we are believing this original statement, then we have to believe the second aswell, right?

    Or does that not sit with people who claim he is creaming off the cash?

  17. So you believe the first statement as it suits your agenda, but not the second one because it doesn’t, Craig?

  18. malchick says:
    June 1, 2010 at 9:58 am

    Nobody will buy the club for what he wants. Don’t forget he will want his £111m loan too.

    You’re looking at spending more than £200m on a newly promoted team.

    Ain’t gonna happen.

    Were fcked!

  19. @20…. yes, this is the only issue. If we can get rid of the wanka, lets hope a stable person / outfit buys us cos the last thing we want is someone even worse than ashley. I wish we had never heard of him. Someone like Bill Gates would do me.

  20. Craig – You want that other gadgie from Microsoft, Paul something. Sports mad apparently.

    Alas, nobody wanted to buy us last time, the last two times in fact.

  21. i dont have an agenda at all. I jsut think that no captial outlay means exactly that – as per my post@17. i really do think it very obvious. I see CH has said today he might not do any business until well into July as the other prem teams will not decide on if they will or will not loan out their young guns till then due to new FA ruling on squad make up etc. Again,. another little hint, a softner from CH of our intentions – freebies and loans.

  22. I still think we need to sign up our players who have two years and under on their contracts…. this is a priority as much as anything else. our structure is a fcuking joke.

  23. Craig – There was the original one, then another clarification saying that he is not looking to take money out of the club, then the one about the Daily Mail.

    It went like this:

    “In relation to recent media speculation following the statement made by the Club on May 9, Newcastle United would like to make it clear that owner Mike Ashley is not looking for his interest free loan to be repaid, or to take any money out of the club.”

    Short but to the point.

  24. he should have sold us in dubai when he had the chance for 220 million last year instead of slagging down the arabs and not turning up for the meeting even. Class owner we have.

  25. toonsy says:
    June 1, 2010 at 10:13 am
    So are Liverpool, by that reckoning.

    Possibly. But if their owners drop their asking price they’ll be sold tomorrow.

  26. Dunno Stu. Liverpool would still cost near on £400 mill, even if the Yanks gave it away as that is what the debt is, near enough. Then they need a new stadium if they really want to hit the heights consistently. Would still cost a bomb.

  27. thanks toonsy, yep, i think that the seocnd article was a load of wank. He will of course pay off the 20 million overdraft – which i agree with …. but the rest of the money… where is that going? it cant just hang around in cyber space while we drift on towards another relgation fight. It will drift into ashleys pockets. To me though, everyone can win out of this. 32.5 loss last season. extra income this season of 60 million, plus shirt deal, plus Northern Rock new` deal kicking in (which i think is worth 7 million isnt it?), 13 million from previous sold players and also the other two new sponsor deals (minor) etc. And we have to rememeber that the 32.5 million loss was also incorporating players on high salaries that have systamatically left nufc as the year as passed. If we had started last season with the same players we had at the end, the loss would have been considerably less. So, we are looking at a minimum of 80 million extra income this season. This means a profit of just under 50 million before outlays. We can pay off the 20 million bank loan, give CH 15 million and `ashely can take around 15 million too. Everyone is happy, no more fights etc. Will this pan out like this……….will it bollox. its gonna be chaos as usual.

  28. “Possibly. But if their owners drop their asking price they’ll be sold tomorrow.”

    aye, but it’s not their own money they’ve invested. any idiot can spend someone else’s money. look at freddie shepherd. different when it’s your own, innit?

  29. i’ve read with interest the two sides on the capital outlay fiasco,typical from the so called echelons of power.everything is left up in the air,and sadly open to interpretation,like some religeous zealot interpreting a holy text to suit his or her agenda.
    my feeling is during this transfer window hughton will try to bring in some young up and coming youngsters on loan to try and give the impression that they are working to their plan.
    mike ashley will think because he spent 5 million in january that his spending for 2010 is done,i said in an earlier blog in the year,he would be daft enough to gamble on the squad being good enough to stay up.
    we may be thrown a few scraps from the table in january,but by then it may be too late.
    i still think their selling pitch for season tickets will be the three year in the making scoreboard.

  30. Craig – The key for Liverpool is keeping Gerrard and Torres. If just one of them goes than I feel that would be, not the end completely, but the end of them being competitive.

  31. yes but to me, in my very limited knowledge of finance, debt is good to a certain extent. Without debt we have no credit rating, good or bad, even as individuals. i agree that it should be kept well under check though. There is that very famous saying… never worry about owing a bank money…. let them worry about it. Or, if you owe a bank a pound they will hound you, owe them a million they treat you like royalty. When we are dealing with someone of ashleys clout, resources, back up and empire, nothing is what it seems and very little can be taken on face value.

  32. I have images of Craig being an angry little man, typing away furiously on his keyboard, getting all red when someone says something that doesn’t suit his little agenda! Maybe with a picture of Ashley on a dart board behind him, with one dart right between the eyes!

  33. TROJAN has just hit on my worst fear, that we may wait until January to see how it’s going first.

    Get a couple of cheapies in now, and top up later if needed.

  34. Maverick says:
    June 1, 2010 at 8:52 am

    “I also have faith……Faith that the money you mention coming in will go straight into MA’s pocket and we’ll still owe him 111 million quid!”

    I completely agree… Mike Ashley is just putting the extra money straight onto his pocket… Why else would he be so quick to clarify that the loan is not being repaid?
    Because if it weren’t being repayed the would be surplus funds to spend on a small transfer budget.
    But no… he will put it in his pocket, and then he will still want his loan back when he sells.

    He is a typical rich scum with no morales. People don’t get that rich for no reason. They are either extremely talented (Bill Gates) or extremely sly and heartless (Ashley).

    Can’t stand the guy, the more chances you give him, the more he will take advantage of you!

  35. The mantra last horrible summer was:”What have we done to deserve this”?Like most of you I was expecting a more peaceful and enjoyable time this summer,but you know who, has managed to do it again,spreading confusion and insecurity
    I cannot wait for next season to finally take off,when we hopefully will be able to enjoy our beloved club putting up a decent effort in the P.L.and no longer have to bother with what goes upstairs by our silent manipulator.

  36. All this talk about Liverpool…

    They may be nowhere near the force they once were. But they are still miles ahead of Newcastle in terms of playing staff. If they don’t finish top half next season, we’ll still be about 15 points behind them…

  37. “never worry about owing a bank money…. let them worry about it.”

    leeds and portsmouth ring any bells? and approx 50 percent of clubs in the football league. it’s that kinda philosophy which uefa are clamping down on, or are they all wrong as well..????

  38. It would just be stupid to pay off all the overdraft in one go to the detriment of the team. It’s a false economy. No good having no overdraft but being in the Fizzy.

  39. Toonsy:

    This is what my mate in zurich investment bank has just sent me regarding capital expenditure. To me (and i am still confused), i think he means the only money spend will be self generated through sales OR we will spend nothing.

    Good morning Craig

    I would interpret it to mean there’s no more spending at present. For example, If I decided to make no more capital outlay in my business, I would ‘make do with what I’ve got’. In NUFC to me that would mean the same, there could still be sales and purchases I would have thought, if the income matched the expenditure. That’s my thoughts though.

  40. Liverpool is a spiralling cycle for me. It’s easy to say that from the outside looking in, but;

    They have dropped to a level that isn’t acceptable, they need to buy players of a calibre that will get them back up there.

    They cant do that because they haven’t got the cash, and what cash there is is being used to pay debt, so to buy more players and get the money they will need to sell more assets or drift further off the pace.

    As I say, it’s easy to cast judgement from the outside looking in, but it don’t look pretty. For 2 years running now the accounts have carried a warning that failure to qualify for Champions League could hit them hard with the lost revenue. Interesting to watch.

  41. Craig – Still confusing lol

    It kind of makes sense that the transfer budget is already set out of our income of sorts, but we’ll have to wait and see on that I guess.

  42. I really really really don’t get what is so hard to get about the NO NEW CAPITAL OUTLAY…

    Its simple, so let me put it to bed for those of you clutching at straws…



    But it has been no different since Ashley has arrived.

    What ever he has spent on tranfers he has later sold players for an even more substancial amount…

    He has never has a negative net spending during a transfer window. This time he is just being up front about it…

  43. Toonsy,

    Unfortunately, the exact statement you made for Liverpool applies to us…
    Except, we have less debt, but we also have no where near the sellable assets that they have.

    Eg: Gerrard 24mil, Torres 40mil, Reina 8mil, Macharano 20mil etc…

  44. The difference is… we have an owner with enough CAPITAL to help us.

    If he just have us a budget to secure a solid placing this year, we could be self funded by next year.

    Liverpool dont have that option yet – but neither do we because Ashley is an @rsehole delux… and thick as pigsh!t…

  45. jj… i will go along with that, sele before you buy. thats what i also buy into. in other words, we are not going to build a team for the future, we are jsut going to fcuk around with the one we have.

    @i love mike… i like your psyc profile of me. it has made me see into yours too. I can now concude that you have no idea of how to suss out someone or judge them. You could be no further from the truth about me. every single thing you say is wrong. class man. haha

  46. ashley will do whats best for ashley,he couldnt give a fk about the fans or this club, he will put this club at major risk just to get his money back(5 year plan, i says on here months ago that it would be a disaster going up under ashley coz he wont invest what is needed to give us a fighting chance in the prem,there has been alot of people on here defending ashley i just carnt see how yous can anymore…

  47. Craig – that’s what the guys at my place said as well, almost to the letter. It’s obvious a different beast but that was their interpretation too.

  48. It’s just ridiculous that people on here are trying to make out that ‘no capital outlay’ means we will still be spending money, only not over a period of time or it’ll be generated by the club ect.

    It means and has always meant there will be fck all spent this season and it ain’t gonna change anytime soon if were not breaking even for five years.

    So we could be making no cash purchases for five years! Surely even Ashley couldn’t be that thick!

    Oh yes he could, I here you say…

  49. hitman, it’s not a case of defending him. it’s just getting things in perspective. we all want the same thing i reckon.

    no-one actually likes him, do they?

  50. BBM… must be about right then. So i think we can conclude that this means, loand, OR freebies OR sell before buy. We will not buy players without selling a palyer/s to similar value. this is what i think is true.

  51. bollocks,malchick,i says from day one this man would be a disaster for this club,and ive been proven reet,the only time ashley will spend money is in january and that is if were looking like going down.hes 1 slimy fk

  52. not necessairly craig, it’s wherever the club can generate funds. that’s your own pal’s explanation.

  53. The next worrying piece of the jigsaw is that Hughton has expressed his feeling that any activity will be done late in the transfer window. And the talk was around loans and the complexities of bigger clubs waiting until the last minute to let players go with complicated release clauses. The suggestion is that this will be much the same for all clubs but from a Newcastle point of view that in areas where it’s essential we strengthen in quality and numbers, we could be scrapping around at the last minute again. I’d hoped January was an indicator of forward-thinking.

  54. our squad wasnt big enough last time we were in the prem,and its still not big enough now,it baffles the fk out of me why he wont invest in the team,the mans a fkin clown..

  55. ayee BBM they wait till the last minute then tey have the excuse that they tried but ran out of time to get deals done…they have learnt nowt and they are taking every newcastle fan for mugs..

  56. malchick says:
    June 1, 2010 at 11:09 am

    “not necessairly craig, it’s wherever the club can generate funds. that’s your own pal’s explanation.”

    Indeed. Generating funds like £13 mill coming into the club from transfers, sponsorship, kit deal, telecomms deals etc etc.

    There should be money already there from within for transfers.

  57. Aye BBM, but it also says that after this season the big clubs won’t be loaning any of their youngsters out because they will need them in their squad because of the new rules on academy players.

    That will close another of Ashley’s master plans.

    We’ll be down to free transfer only, but they must pay us to play!

  58. Fast forward to August:Lights burn late into the night as Ashley Houghton and the team chase targets The window closes with the loan signing of two unknowns and a free transfer from the Outer Mongolian B league.
    Its all part of the excitment of being a toon fan.

  59. its time for hughton to grow a set and tell the fat controller,that he needs money to give us a fighting chance in the prem..

  60. its my pals explanation for sure.. but saying as this type of thing is his job, has been doing it all his life, and works for zurich ivestment bank….heading up an entire floor dedicated to loans and re-finance i think it safe to say he will be bang on the nail with this one. BBM has also said its what he has been told to, not by people like you are me, from people that work in this sector and have done for over 30 years in the case of my mate.

    Toonsy… i agree, even with what my mate says, we do have 13 million of ‘self generated’ funds now coming in. we should be able to use them.

  61. 72…. i kinda think you are right there. i wonder how long it will take CH to get as pissed off as every other manager under ashley? end of the window should do it i think.

  62. toosny… there is your next blog…. IF we do need to sell to buy etc which of our better players are we ok with loosing. No point saying best etc as we would not get 50p for him.

  63. Fed up already, does anyone actually give a shit about the World Cup, and who makes the England squad?


    When the tournament arrives then will be behind them, but right now it does my heed in.

  64. No Capital outlay is obvious to me-no transfer fees will be paid-cant understand what the confusion is about.
    If the club do make a 20m profit this season it will go to pay off the overdraft and next season it will go in part to reduce the owners loan. There is no doubt that Ashley has a 5 year plan to reduce his loan to the club to nil and pay out transfer fees only in an emergency if we look like going down again.

  65. toonsy says:
    June 1, 2010 at 11:14 am

    Every penny of incoming money is money generated by the club. The fact that were not going to be breaking even for five years suggest there is no spare money – Certainly not generated by the club.

    That means there will be no money spent.

  66. the fans carnt be blamed this time if it goes tits up,its all on fattys head,but no doubt a few will try and divert the blame away from ashley..

  67. Allegedly Theo Walcott isn’t going to the World Cup. I got an email earlier on saying he’s supposed to be on a flight to the Caribbean. I thought it was a 3rd-hand rumour but looks like it’s doing the rounds anyway.

  68. samthecat…. perfectly put mate. i have been saying this for ages. i think its cos i swear alot and call everyone cnuts that it does nto go through. The reason we are still arguing is cos even though cashely has said he will not spend any cash, several still think it means he will for some reason. lol
    toosny….i too dont give a shit about world cup. nver have done.

  69. stu, a break-even plan would still include outgoings. they’re not gonna say how much they have available for players over the next 5 years. that would be madness…

  70. bowburnmag says:
    June 1, 2010 at 11:33 am

    If that happens I will platt fog while flying a convertible plane, through an ash cloud!

  71. All the apologists for MA were saying that his 100 mill loan for the club had been written off, so whats their take on the fact it hasn’t and we’re gonna owe him it for years to come!

    I seem to recall it was 100 mill asking price but we were allegedly debt free!!

    How can you believe anything this guy comes out with.

  72. craig – never really sure with these sort of things to be honest. Unless I got it from someone I knew. I’d be surprised if it’s not bullsh*t. He provides Capello with flexibility, as do Rooney and Milner. So you can understand his plans.

  73. 86… bang on man… lets not forget, ashely has himself admitted he lies to the fans all the time to shuit them up!! ffs, he has admitted this. nothing can be trusted that nufc say.

  74. Let me try again.

    I wouldn’t have thought they could factor in transfer budgets five years in advance. They won’t know the turnover or what will happen to fees.

  75. walcott is a bit of an engima though isnt he. he can flit through defences like dyer at his very best but then unlike dyer, walcott can not score a goal to save his life. He seems to dribble his arse all the way into the box with pure class then turn into a headless chicken and bollox it up more often than not.

  76. Aye, Walcott’s finishing is awful.

    You watch, he’ll score a hat-trick against us next season now.

  77. “I wouldn’t have thought they could factor in transfer budgets five years in advance. They won’t know the turnover or what will happen to fees”

    well that’s the idea of a “plan” innit? it’s not the annual accounts they released.

  78. the world cup,il watch it like but doubt we will go far,the game against the japs was a disgrace,would of thought the players would want to do there best to get to SA..

  79. malchick says:
    June 1, 2010 at 11:51 am
    “I wouldn’t have thought they could factor in transfer budgets five years in advance. They won’t know the turnover or what will happen to fees”

    well that’s the idea of a “plan” innit? it’s not the annual accounts they released.

    There’s a decent chance it would change if we got relegated. Wouldn’t that make a bit of a mockery of ‘a plan’?

  80. malchick…. we have no plan as a FOOTBALL team though do we. thats the whole point. We are like a headless chicken making knee jerk reactions and decisions. we have zero planning. all we do is fight fires and plug holes with no long term statergy. This will be proven this window when our first peice of business is selling taylor… just watch. And what did nufc just say a few days ago… never again will our home grown talent leave blah blah shite.

  81. The point everyone seems to ‘overlook’ is:
    Who’s ‘Capital Outlay’ are we talking about not being Capitally laid out?
    MA’s or the club’s?
    This is where the problem lies.
    I took it to mean that MA will not be funding the club anymore, i.e. He , personally, will not be laying out anymore capital.
    While the club has to become self sufficient.
    Y’get me?

  82. @100… the club is of now very self sufficant already. ALso saying as the release was an official nufc release you have to think it is reagrding nufc and not shit head.

  83. craig,
    well, that’s a moot point & where the ambiguity comes in, isn’t it?

    The crux even?

  84. & if the club ‘is’ self sufficient & generating cash, then surely we will be able to spend on players?
    That kinda defeats the argument.

  85. “This will be proven this window when our first peice of business is selling taylor…….and if we had a plan why you loan out ranger to norwich and keep best?”

    i’m amazed at your insight at the inner goings-on at newcastle craig, really i am.

  86. MA is a successful businessman, regardless of what us lot think.
    He will get this club to run itself, properly.
    He couldn’t give a shit what anyone calls him, he’s probably heard it all before, right to his face anyway.
    He’s hard nosed.
    The club was in a total mess financially when he came along & he will sort it out, cos it’s al he knows.
    None us us lot need to like it/him. But it’s gonna be done anyway.
    Either gan to the game, don’t gan to the game, it makes no odds.
    The club is going in this direction for the foreseeable future.

  87. It’s all the drugs keeping me on the straight & narrow toonsy.

    I think i’ll take that as a compliment mate.

  88. Clint

    You got there before me, was about to put the same sort of thing down as I was reading the comments.

    The way I see it is (going back to my days as an accountant)capital is a business owners personal money that he/she has put in to help run the business. As we know, NUFC or St James Holdings is a company run by Mike Ashely and is not Ashely himself. So Ashely isn’t going to put money into the business, the business will provide all running costs. Could be from player sales could also be from sponserships and repaid debts etc.

    I know Ashely is the sole owner of the club, but he has it set up as a business just like his many others, so I’m guessing that o Capital Outlay just isn’t him putting the money in, but he can still sign off money going out.

    I’m no Ashley fan at all, just trying to be balanced ala Toonsy, Clint, Worky etc

  89. Heaven forbid if people should get hold of some info on MASH holdings ;)

    I mean 8O

  90. If MA puts his hand in his pocket, there will be people moaning that he has the nerve to expect the money back? What can the man do? Let’s just get behind the club, short term pain-long term gain.

  91. jay jay says:
    June 1, 2010 at 12:14 pm
    If MA puts his hand in his pocket, there will be people moaning that he has the nerve to expect the money back? What can the man do? Let’s just get behind the club, short term pain-long term gain.

    Who has ever moaned about the fact that Ashley will want his money back? He’s put it in, so he’s entitled to it back.

  92. Thanx Simon,
    it makes sense, doesn’t it?

    Cheers toonsy,
    you gotta try, hey?

    Bang on jay jay.

  93. Plenty have moaned about MA taking back his loans, creamy money off, etc.

    In this very blog.


  94. Malchick

    its not insight is it… are you new to supporting newcastle under ashely or something? Just think of the last thing we should do and he will do it. its obvious. of course it might not be taylor but we have to look at our options. We dont have that many high value assets left as cashely has flogged them or failed to resign them when he had the chance to. So, it aint gonna be carroll is it – the bloke is well in with CH and CH is always playing him up. Wont be Jonas as it will be certain doom this season. Who has less than a year on their contract and has just had his face kicked in by CH’s favorite player? WHo has genuine interest from clubs with aspirations? Which player has been linked nearly every day with a move away from .com stadium but says nothing to reasure fans even though he himself knows we would like it? We have not even opened contract talks yet with taylor and he has less than a year to go. We have to either sign him up now – and he will want more money (no chance under cashely) – or we will have to sell him. If we wait till january he will be worth 2 million tops to newcastle. Ashely has as usual fcuked up and let a star player drift into his last year of contract. now stevie holds all the aces. so, do i really have insight dude… nope, just logic. you should try it too.

  95. Simon – Being balanced doesn’t exist, it’s not allowed. You read this place often enough to understand that ;)

    The way it goes is if your not ‘anti-Ashley’ then you are ‘pro-Ashley’, or an ‘Ashley apologist’.

    :D :D

  96. It does Clint, and if he can get us running without a loss and still getting players, all the better if you ask me.

    Like I said, I’m no real fan of the man at all, but he has made more money than I can ever dream of by running companies that work.

  97. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 1, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    I was kinda talking of reasonable people.

  98. 116… most like me have said everyone could be happy if ashley spreads it around. i think everyone agrees he should make some profit for himself, its his club. But zero investment on players in three years is pretty bad i am sure you will agree. i would like to see the national stats for this. i wonder if there is another team as far down as div 1 who have done this.

  99. I don’t hold to the idea that Ashley hates us, or our club. That makes no sense to me. I’m sure he’s not too pleased with the constant slagging off, or continually being accused of “creaming off” money. Unless he’s taking repayments for his loan, which, apparently, he isn’t, then there’s no way he could help himself to the club’s money.

    Whatever happens, we won’t know about it until after it’s happened, so let’s all stop getting so wound up about it. The team will be “strengthened” in Hughton’s own words, so there will be players coming in. I don’t really care about how, or for how long, my main concern is survival for this coming season.

  100. Toonsy as far as I’m concerned, I’m a Newcastle fan, doesn’t matter who runs the club, I’ll be behind the team no matter what.

    Yes I care about the fact we have had so called thugs on the pitch at times like Bowyer and now Barton, don’t like it, but not going to boo them either while they play. I’ll just let the owner of the club get on with it. You never know, one day we might have somebody come in like Man City and provide lots of money no matter what. Be great if it happens, as long as they stay, don’t get board and want the cash back. But right now, all we can do is get behind the team and hope for the best this season.

  101. Stuart’

    I agree with what you said mate.
    If you lend someone money, you expect it back, fair enough.

    If that person says: Ah, have it!
    You ask if they mean it,
    ask again if they really mean it,
    offer it up again,
    if they refuse to take it, you think whey hey, quids in,
    thanx mate, i own you one.
    Don’t ya’?

  102. 123… what you mean stop getting wound up about ashley. thats impossible really isnt it. besides, its a blog, there are meant to be people like me that hate him.. and also people that love him too… dont worry T____sy. i wont say you loool!

  103. not normally a doom and gloom sort of guy,dont wish to get into this will he wont he debate i had my say before so i will wait and see,but for the first time in years i have NOT renewed my season ticket,but will say this,by not bringing in new faces i belive the presant set of players after a while will think the shirt is theres as there is no one to replace me so why worry,bad attitude will creep in imo

  104. Craig,
    speaking as a maverick,
    i don’t follow others ways of doing things, or compare for the sake of it.
    That’s not to say i don’t take note of stats mate.
    But sometimes one has to set a precedent.
    I can’t get wound up about this, i’m gonna support the Toon come what may.
    We can always go somewhere else.

  105. Quick question, not facetious.

    If I think that ‘Capital Outlay’ means we won’t be spending any money on players, does that make me unbalanced?

  106. Icedog – Has Dave365 suckered you into gambling your season ticket money away? ;)

  107. Darren Bent not going to SA!

    Always said he wouldn’t be deemed good enough.

    Andy Cole mkII?

  108. bowburn,
    technically, i don’t think so.
    Though one could argue that you haven’t covered every option in your appraisal of said term.

  109. Bowburn – Yes, immensely (Joking) ;)

    End of the day, who really knows? The statement was so ambiguous that it was always going to lead to a certain amount of uncertainty.

    I choose to believe (and hope) that money will be spent by the club as it is generating it’s own money now, whereas others have a different viewpoint, as has been demonstrated here.

  110. Au contraire, that is merely my conclusion though I considered many other alternatives.

    I’m prepared to dangle my legs on the side of pessimism on this one while still getting splinters in my ar*e. I’m convinced I’m still in the group (and on the fence) of reason.

  111. “are you new to supporting newcastle under ashely or something?”

    no, some of us have actaully seen worse times.

  112. With the Premier league on the verge of financial meltdown, it’s nice to see a sensible comment from Clint @ 107, with people seeing “millions” as “pennies” it’s sobering to see we haven’t really changed as fans after a relatively successful season in the championship, while chairman/owners seem quite happy to rape and pillage their clubs to appease the baying masses, the reality is that clubs’with generations of support and history will simply cease to exist, as Crystal Palace will be finding out this afternoon….

  113. looks like them from the dark-side are signing another player 2mil for goalkeeper,capital outlay maybe lol

  114. Craig – No, Bent, Walcott and Adam Johnson out at the minute by the looks of it.

  115. Turns out that bloke’s lass’ mam’s next door neighbour’s Kleeneze’s deliverer’s mate in the bar who knows the woman at the baggage-handling was right after all.

    You heard up there first…

    * points up *

  116. Walcott, Johnson, Bent, Baines, Dawson, Parker and Huddlestone are the 7 missing out apparently.

  117. Heskey has scored 7 goals in 57 appearances for England and is the Mariner/Barnes of this era, Walcott should have been selected instead, at least he would do something different coming off the bench instead of falling on his arse all the time like Heskey does.
    Just waiting for Bent to announce his is now moving on to further his England career

  118. TC,
    only cos walcott was injured for loads of it.
    lennon is fast-the end.
    No shot, no poise, soft hand movements, gets lucky very occasionally.

  119. Like I said earlier: Bent = Andy Cole MKII

    Decent Prem striker – just hasn’t got the certain je ne sais quoi to make it at international level.

    That’s why I was saying the other days that, provided he keeps improving, Andy Carrol could leapfrog Bent in the pecking order in a couple of years – cos he brings something different to the table.

  120. He may ‘win’ the odd free kick though, through being knocked off the ball, then the ref will take pity on the ‘little lad’ being bullied.

  121. bowburnmag says:
    June 1, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    Know where I can get a convertable plane?

    The hard facts are that Walcott has had a pretty poor season and he’s looked poor in the two friendlies. It looks like Capello was saying to him in them friendlies show me why I should take you…

    Glad Joe Cole is going though.

  122. I hear what you’re saying, CLiNT, but Walcott’s end product has been non-existent in the 2 warm-up games.

    Still think it’s a bit harsh tho. I think he could have found room for both.

  123. bent always looks crest-fallenly at the bench when he misses a sitter, bad form.

  124. Weird,
    walcott was the only one that looked like he was putting any effort in to me.
    You’re better off not listening to the divvy pundits like.
    lennon did f*** all, walcott set up glen johnson’s goal at least & upset defenders.

  125. Aye – Rooney is lucky to make the plane after that performance! ;) :)

  126. TC,
    on the other night’s performance, england won’t make it out of the group.

  127. Although it is slightly worrying that we played so gash in both games, in a weird sort of way I’d rather that and have everyone write us off, than beating both teams with ease and thinking we’re gonna win the damned thing!

  128. i prefer cole to walcott. walcott is going to be one of them players that is full of promise but ultimatley always lacking. he just goes to bits in the box. tell you what, we have a walcott at nufc… our very own jonas.

  129. the financial position is one that needs sorting. I haven’t been an Ashley fan but if he makes us stable I’m happy to get him a pint. Liverpool are going to crash and burn soon. No champions league next year and if this follows.. Up siht creek with out a paddle. Look at portsmouth. Played ac milan two seasons ago and now down playing scunthorpe with there youth team. All the players lost there value once other clubs knew their financial position. Getting relegated lowered the value again. As the wages will cripple the club. Man uniteds interest last season cost one cristiano ronaldo. Next years costs a similar amount. Bye bye rooney. Whereas a club that doesnt have this cost can invest wisely. everton sold rooney, lescott for tons of money. Survived the prem league still but invested the money back into the club. Would have 5 players of equal quality over 1 ronaldo, only takes and injury. Sorry to digress. But as toonsy says its about ur opinion

  130. Rich – The swear filter thingy doesn’t like Scunthorpe ;)

    Which was a pain in the arse when we were playing them :lol:

  131. never even noticed. I was reading the other day about the premier league debts. It meantioned that the original loan from sir john hall was to pay for the staduim upgrades that was meant to be repaid over 15 years. However freddy shep kept deferring the repayments with his agreement so they could purchase better players. Ie shearer etc. But at least it got us the stadium. What did hicks and gillet give liverpool for their current debt. O yer nothing… And the glaizers put man utd in debt for nothing.
    Just looked at the ways how man utd extended parts of the stadium to increase capacity. Could we mimimise fuss of construction but add extra seats i really doubt it.

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