Playing the loan game is now much tougher.

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The loan arrangers?
The loan arrangers?
Next season will see the Premier League introduce a new set of rules, with the ultimate aim being to try to force clubs to focus on domestic youth players.

Of course there are ways round it, as is the way with most pieces of new legislation. Even with the new rules teams will be able to go abroad and snap up the most promising youngsters from around Europe, but it does now mean that they will have to be a bit more careful before they proceed with that whilst taking the new home grown rules into account. The definition of home grown is for a player to be trained for three years under the age of 21 by somebody in the English and Welsh professional system, and their must be eight of them in each squad. Players under the age of 21 do not count towards the squad of 25 players so can play at anytime despite not being registered, and it’s that last part that could spell trouble in the loan market for Newcastle this summer.

A lot of clubs will be looking to hang on to their most highly rated youngsters, and those will be the players that we will be looking at should the club decide to rely solely on loan players. It would make no sense for teams at the top like Manchester United or Arsenal to loan out players who could, if the circumstances arose, come into their team and do a job for them. And at the very least, the parent club will no doubt be looking to insert a clause where a player can be recalled at short notice, making it harder to rely on loan players.

“The loan market is open to us and if it is the right player then it is something that we will do,” Hughton told The Journal today. “However, managers will want to assess things when they get back after the summer.”

“We’re busy working on things – but I don’t see anything happening imminently.”

So there was both a caveat for working in the loan market, and also a hint that signings are planned. And if you look back at what Hughton has said previously, ther have been many more caveats suggesting that we will be in the transfer market, although it does now appear that it will be later in the summer rather than sooner.

“With the World Cup this summer I really can’t see any significant movements until quite late, and of course there isn’t a lot of money out there in the market.” Hughton said.

“We’re no different from a lot of clubs. It could be June or even later in July after the players have come back from pre-season before we see anything happening in the market. We will be aware of what is going on, but what usually happens is that one player signs for a club and that may mean another player becomes available.”

No doubt the focus will be on that last paragraph as people interpret it in their own varying ways. But what it means to me is ‘common sense’. Players that aren’t available now may well become available later on in the summer, we just don’t know.

So as it seems that signings won’t be happening in the near future, it leaves us free to speculate a little, enjoy the weather, and look forward to the World Cup.

In fact scratch the weather, it’s just started raining!

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29 Responses

  1. kind sick of world cup shite like, more important things to think aboot ie the toon,will still watch it like

  2. On the contrary for me, icedog.

    I’m looking forward to the World Cup giving us all something to do and talk about – rather than going back and forth over all this statement bollox and wondering whether we’ll buy/sell/loan anyone.

  3. TC – Agreed. Imagine if there was nee World Cup 8O

    Me and the toaster would be going for a bath!

  4. It’s all the rank jingoism that f***s me off.
    The ‘english’ are the ‘ruling class’ ponces, nowt to do with me.

  5. craig,
    no way,
    he’s too good for div 2 like.

    I’d have ‘him’ back.

  6. “the definition of home grown is for a player to be trained for three years under the age of 21 by somebody in the English and Welsh professional system, and there must be eight of them in each squad. Players under the age of 21 do not count towards the squad of 25 players so can play at anytime despite not being registered”

    i’m not quite following this, toonsy. so every club needs at least 8 home-grown players in their squads, but players under the age of 21 don’t count, yeah?

    so therefore you need 8 home-grown players over the age of 21, yeah? so why would clubs “need to hold onto their highly rated youngsters”? if they don’t count then it makes no difference if they hold onto them or not. or are you talking about youngsters over the age of 21?

    i can see the reasoning behind clubs maybe not letting go of any home-grown players over 21, but under 21 it makes little difference.

    or have i got it wrong, again?

  7. its the usual crap, they make a rule up with loads of loop holes in so that you can bend the rule in any direction you see fit. it will have no effect on anything at all.

  8. craig,
    totally agree about their tinkering with the ‘rules’ mate.

  9. I would be very suprised if Johnson misses out, carra at RB? who would cover?

    On Toon matters I thought all this crap with the statements had passed over. I like many others are sceptical but hopeful of a little investment with a couple of players coming in. I would like Boyd simply because he can put the ball in the net, he is free, and I think will be better than Harewood who CH seems to like. I think it is a shame we are getting so worked up when the season has only just finished. If the window was closing at 5pm today then I could understand it.

    I dont know what new capital outlay would mean, I dont give a rats. I shall see who does or doesnt come through the door and whomever it shall be will get 110% support from me at St James’.

    Having said all that, should we need to sell then get shot of R Taylor, Best, Strolla, Smudge. None of them are first choice starters and could be used to bring in some real talent. I would even consider selling someone like Jonas, if he has a storming world cup and we could milk him for all its worth, though I think we all know fat boy would give him away for a cup of bovril and a half time pie.

    Freebies, loans, cheap as chips would be fine as long as they improve the squad.

  10. There you go, the so called model he wants to follow are spending money and spending it on proven international players. Time to get real Mike

  11. World Cup will be a disaster for England. Worst team since we didn’t qualify for USA in 1994. Out in the group stage I reckon.
    I’m not like some on here who don’t care about how well England do. I really want us to do well it’s second in line to NUFC doing well and only just above Sunderland doing badly on my list of top 3 things I want to happen in football.
    I need to find a second team, but I just can’t do it. I hate all this second team crap. I don’t want anyone else to do well in the PL other than NUFC and I don’t want anyone else to do well in the World Cup other than England.

    So, Capital Outlay. Is that when you spend money on the hoy in London?

  12. so whats the clubs plan here,loan out are young players and bring in other clubs young players,,that makes sense…NOT :wink:

  13. Stoopid if you ask me Hitman.

    Ranger is better than Best but CH don’t want to admit it :)

  14. Aye hitman esp when Ranger and Forster for two would count in the quota system wouldnt they?

    Clint – yeah we have but I was surmising that selling for decent money isnt always a given with Ashley.

  15. joe cole in the squad but walcott isn’t. That’s interesting, I was really really hoping cole made it I think he offers us something threatening in attack, and he’s experienced and at his peak now. Bollocks to not supporting England in the world cup! What’s that all about? My dad’s a geordie born and bred and would give anything for us to win the world cup again so the argument that being a geordie is different to being english is totally and utterly beyond me!

  16. I think england can be the dark horse of the tournament , esp with capello in charge , he is a great manager , good luck to england. Just wish ireland were there

  17. I’d rather be poor in pre WC freindlies than at the actual tournament.

    Teams that win it generally get better as the tournament goes.

  18. of course i surport england and hope they do well and look forward to watching it,just get sick of rags talking and shuffing it down my throat,toon 1st england 2nd for me like,think the players give a stuff about any club, no there ego is all that matters to them imo