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NUFC Blog: One year old today!
NUFC Blog: One year old today!
Part One.

Part Two >>

NUFC is one year old, and what a year it has been for Newcastle United! June of last year may have seemed like a strange time to start a ‘blog about Newcastle United, a time when the club had just been relegated, but at least no-one could blame us for being ‘glory hunters’!

It all started on June 1st with a simple welcome blog from myself, but this particular story won’t be a exercise in navel gazing about our own little website, it will be about a turbulent year in the history of our great club, as viewed through the lens of some of contributors, past and present.

Though relegation would hardly seem like the perfect time to ‘kick off’ with the site, there was of course much to write about in the crazy world which is Newcastle United. Mike Ashley caved in to fan pressure once again, and attempted to sell the club for a second time while it was being ripped apart by turmoil.

The first story I have chosen in this trip by memory lane was by ex-contributor, ‘Stardust’ on June 2nd, which covered a statement on Ashley’s second attempt to escape from his Geordie hell with little embellishment. Sir John’s statement cover quite a few of the issues of the time nicely.

The second attempted sale, as we now know, created even more turmoil as the club’s name was traduced further in media, as wild speculation, gossip, and yet more phantom bids from publicity seekers ran rife. The third story I have chosen is once again from Stardust. It was published on the third day of the blog’s existence with the title “Are we unbuyable – unmanageable – uninvestable?”. It looks at the negative PR owning Newcastle United attracts when things aren’t going well, as they often do, and how this may be a deterrent to many businesspeople who may be interested in the aquisition of a major football team.

Next come two blogs on the same theme, the first from a major contributor to the blog in times past, ‘Bowburnmag’, on the fourth of June that year and the second from ‘Geordie Deb’ which was published twelve days later. In these pieces, they go ‘Back to the Future’, looking forward to the then upcoming season in football’s second tier by looking back to the days when their earlier days as fans when we were in the lower divisions. Both stories were entitlted “Standing Room Only”. Bowburnmags is here, and Geordie Deb’s variation on the same theme is here.

Moving on to the end of that month, we had two conflicting views on the same story. The first was another story from Bowburnmag, a firm supporter of the then NUSC (Newcastle United Supporter’s Club), which looked at the NUSC’s demand that Alan Shearer be appointed as manager with immediate effect. The second was another from myself on the same subject, and what I saw as the damage this clueless and opportunistic organisation was doing to the club making bellicose demands on the current owners, while potential new owners may have looked on with horror, then moved on. The NUSC, in their subsequent incarnation as the NUST (Newcastle United Supporters Trust) eventually attempted to launch a bid to buy the club with fan’s pensions and savings, but lost all credibility when they attempted to make the ridiculous claim that Mike Ashley was making £7 million per month profit from Newcastle United, a claim which was obviously false, but more on that story later in the movie. Bowburnmag’s piece was entitled Fans right to send SOS to Mike Ashley?“, and my own, “Wor Al protests: What are they thinking?

Moving on to July, Bowburnmag published his rather reflective story, “Newcastle: United by faith, hope and stories?” on the 6th, in which he expounded on one of his favourite theories, that fans of other teams are deluded themselves for thinking that Newcastle United fans are deluded. It is an thoughtful and well written piece.

On the thirteenth of that month, goalkeeper, Steven Harper gave a revealing interview about the demoralising effect of a second sale. In the interview, he revealed his frustration at the state of limbo it left the club in, with no way of planning for the future, or even the present in some cases. I covered it in a piece called Steve Harper: Newcastle United “dying slow and painful death”.

On the 25th June, I wrote the first of my match reports for the blog, and what a decisive game it turned out to be in hindsight. It was the 6-1 pummelling by the mighty Leyton Orient. Of course most of you now know about the now legendary post match ‘conference’ which came after this abject and humiliating defeat, and the emergence of Chris Hughton as a leader who could take us back to the Premiership. Anyway, I titled it “The worst Newcastle United performance I’ve ever seen” and despite being a Magpie for many years now, I wasn’t exaggerrating!

At the end of July, the one event which dominated all others was, of course, the death of Sir Bobby Robson, who had fought a long battle with various forms of cancer for many years in the latter part of his career. The whole region and beyond mourned the loss of one of football’s most loved and respected figures, and one of the North East’s greatest ambassadors. It seems a suitable place to bring the first part of this one year retrospective to a close. Of the several stories paying tribute to the great man in this blog, the one I have chosen is Geordie Deb’s excellent and thought provoking “How fans can honour Sir Bobby“. Here she looks at how fans can truly pay their respects to the great man by showing the qualities that he did himself, by showing patience, humility, the abilty to lose with grace, be magnanimous in victory and to show respect.

Part Two >>

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183 Responses

  1. Love the blog – I thought Ed’s could not be beaten but this one has done the trick. Well done to all contributors.

  2. Congrats to all involved – great site!
    Worky – a side issue. A while back you stated Wilhelm’s was the best translation of the Tao Te Ching. I’m aware his is the best for the I Ching but didn’t realise he also did Tao Te Ching. Have you got an ISBN for it? Cheers.

  3. EH Toonsy, you write about 95% of the articles and you didn’t get a mention…

    Your must suck ;)

  4. Well, you’re the on keeping it going now…

    Anyway, the main reason I don’t read Ed’s blog so much now, is that he kept calling himself “we”. Which made me think he was stating mine and every other Toon fan’s opinion instead of his own :-)

    Nice simple layout, no pop up ads, nice bunch of bloggers apart from one old Yank that needs some loving, and a controlled quantity of blogs posted to allow conversation to flow and banter to grow.

    I often refer your site to others looking to create a successful blog.

    Keep it up!

  5. great piece toonsy as have 99.9% of all the other posts been 1yr already,doesnt time go quick when your enjoying yourself,so they say :)

  6. TOONSY i ment the post as a hole not to one person,you were about as worky was not.simples

  7. Happy Birthday and well done lads and lass.

    Any chance of an article explaining what ‘capital outlay’ means :-)

  8. Yeah, this blog has come along tremendously in the past year, pull credit to you all and big mention to BBM and geordie deb et al who have contributed valiantly.

    One problem however I have noticed recently is the constant negative, repetitive and mindless posts from certain users which only go to put off others from contributing, and thereafter, lowers the standards of responses from the people that do (swearing and insults) and is seemingly all done in order to inflate egos. Thus, leaving the banter of a fantastic blog @ 0! Sad times.

    There is a massive difference between being negative and a realist, and even more so between a pragmatist and just generally being boring!

    Keep up the good work though aye

  9. I.L.M.often said the same m8,but must say its only a small % like that,which is the same in all walks of life,just have to get on with it eh

  10. Icedog…moi?…..I don’t really care what it means because even if there was just one definate meaning you never know when the club or the media are telling the truth so I’ll just wait until the end of the window and see what has been done…or not.

  11. Been a fan for most of the year I was a regular reader of Ed’s and still am, but I like the differences between the two.

    Ed’s is a place where almost all mentions of Newcastle United can be found in one spot, thus reducing the need to visit several sites.

    This blog is nice because the limited threads allow for expanded discussion.

    I’ve really enjoyed coming here almost daily to read the news, fan praise and appreciation, the fan rants and raves, and genuine lunancy (on some occassions).

    I hope you can keep this going for many, many moons.

  12. RICHIIETOON same as my stance m8,lets not take painkillers until we have any pain like

  13. richietoon says:
    June 1, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    “Any chance of an article explaining what ‘capital outlay’ means”

    I already have, richie. But there are some people with their own agendas, usually journalists and the anti London brigade, who insist on confusing the issue by constantly posting incorrect interpretions of what it actually means.

  14. “Any chance of an article explaining what ‘capital outlay’ means”

    I heard it was a term for razzing loads of money on roulette :lol:

  15. Eeeh Worky what a surprise eh?

    We’d a thowt it eh?

    We’d a thowt there’d be so much back-slapping in response to what is a good article and a concise reflection on what has been quite a roller-coaster of a year.

    Keep it up lads and lasses – and of course the site’s so so-eloquent punters without whom it’d be nowt!

    Hawaaaaay the lads and lasses!!!

  16. Yeah I know Worky,that’s why I tend to stay out of the arguements over interpretation as ‘head’ and ‘brick wall’ usually spring to mind,like I said I’ll wait and see where we are when the window slams shut.

  17. Congrats to everyone on doing such a great job with this blog. I really enjoy reading it, whether I write a comment or not.

  18. carnt believe its been a year all ready worky,dosnt time fly when were having fun :)

  19. Thing is, for all the bickering and such, there is still football talk that goes on.

    In a nutshell, we all want NUFC to be at the top, and we all have differing ideas of how to do it.

    I also note that some of the more vocal individuals are yet to say happy birthday ;)

  20. Congrats on your b’day – really good job

    think it’s an improvement on Ed’s newsnow site although this site is a result of his site, then again his was a result of soccerlens and him falling out with the guy who runs that :)

  21. aye happy birthday,the best toon blog on the net,hope its here for many more years :)

  22. aye toonsy,dont know if theres any truth in it like,coz hughton come out and squashed it..

  23. Happy birthday to the blog crew past and present, lets hope that the next year(s) are ones talking about our many success’s.

  24. Nobody will know owt until any deal is done. That is because of them privacy clauses mentioned.

    Gpoing out on a limb I would say that deals have been done or will be done around the start of July, and we will get a statement here is x,y and z. Oh, and by the way this is the kit we will be wearing.

    I hope I am right, us optimists can only be optimistic for so long before I flip mentally and start killing people.

  25. Happy Birthday to all who contribute to this excellent site. We love the Newcastle United Club……lol.

  26. workyticket says:
    June 1, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    richietoon says:
    June 1, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    ““Any chance of an article explaining what ‘capital outlay’ means”

    I already have, richie. But there are some people with their own agendas, usually journalists and the anti London brigade, who insist on confusing the issue by constantly posting incorrect interpretions of what it actually means.”

    I’m part of the anti-London brigade! Whoop whoop! :-)

  27. Worky Happy birthday and keep up the good work, you might think sometimes that all your hardwork is not appreciated but I can assure you that all the hard work by yourself and your chief reporter is well and truely appreciated and all the others that dedicated alot of their time and effort into keeping us ( The Bloggers ) with somewhere to get bits and pieces of info, have a bit of Banter and at times to let of some steam :lol: .

  28. Been a year already ?

    Have to say, there`s been quite a turnover of those both commenting and writing the blog.

    And hey, so what`s up with “Igor”, don`t he get a mention ?

    Then there`s “Angeldust” though a whackjob could be entertaining.

    Seems many have fallen by the wayside and some still with Ed.
    But face it with a club like this and it`s supporters, there`s never a lack of controversy and if things get boring always someone to stir things up.

  29. I love capital outlay or do I love no capital outlay? I’m not sure, gonna hide under the stairs until it’s all sorted.

  30. Happy birthday!

    Naturally I would like to congratulate myself too for being the best blogger and obviously the most popular.

  31. Great blog lads and lasses, keep up the good work. The blog is always my first port of call after a hard days graft. There’s always some good crack to be had, keep it up everyone !

  32. Happy Birthday folks – and thanks to…

    worky – dedicated and informative throughout in article-writing but particularly also the behind-the-scenes stuff as blog guru and owner.

    Stardust – in the early days for articles and throughout for entertaining comment nonsense (with sporadically valid points).

    Hugh – for helping with design and maintenance and holding the fort on articles for long spells and for some genuinely great reads. Hope this finds you in good health and spirit pal.

    MickyToon – for short yet entertaining contributions both article-wise and commenting that often speaks my mind for me.

    Geordie Deb – for top notch previews and thought-provoking reads.

    Excelsior – for brilliant illustrations and controversial opinions.

    ANDYNUFC – short but sweet fella!

    toonsy – for currently leading the way on NUFC prose, dedicated journalism and always being on hand for a fight with the antagonists in the comments.

    Lastly and not least, as some have mentioned, Happy Blog Birthday to the people that it was done for. Newcastle fans around the globe. Here before any regime, here after and here always.

    Sometimes you want to go,

    Where everybody knows your name,
    and they’re always glad you came.
    You wanna be where you can see,
    our troubles are all the same
    You wanna be where everybody knows
    Your name.


  33. BIG DAVE it was TOONSY doing m8 not mine,i tryed to cover up for you,dont think i would spread those sort of things about you,TOONSYS a fox m8 watch him ;)

  34. Icedog I know it wasn’t you, your not the type :lol: I did notice Toonsy was trying to imply that you were an oldie kid, but all good things come to them that wait ;)

  35. Aye Icedog, my mrs says i’m a fox ;)

    Oh no wait, she says I am a lazy untidy good for nothing shit.

    Naturally, being one to avoid an argument and confrontation in general, I just let her have her thoughts without any reply ;)

  36. BIG DAVE come on 365 give us your thoughts on who will end up in last 4 in world cup,no ifs and maybes m8

  37. TOONSY ay i think shes 100% spot on,in fact shes being kind to you, shes will feel sorry for the under-dog like :)

  38. Ice I would guess Argentina, Spain, Brazil and ???
    Toonsy > Naturally, being one to avoid an argument and confrontation in general,
    You used to be like that but lately you have turned in to a right little Hitler :)

  39. Last 4 of World Cup?

    Brazil, Germany, Spain, Argentina.

    Off the top of my head and without checking if they clash beforehand.

    Which raises an interesting question, what is the ‘blog doing for the World Cup? Following England etc?

    One for the gaffer to answer ;)

  40. happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear nufcblog.org……………………….

    happy birthday to you :)

    (to the tune of happy birthday)

  41. Kris Boyd…hmm…


    interesting point made …”Frankly, Kris Boyd was sometimes hit or miss. He was loved by some and not so much by others but you can’t take away his goalscoring record….and “I don’t think, with all due respect to Kris Boyd, he is going to be picked up by one of the top clubs in the (English) Premier League. I don’t think very many of them have been chasing him.”…could be sour grapes…

  42. I would like to see England do well but I think they will fall well before the final hurdle. Hitman named a decent shout imo yanks or I fancy an outsider type team to make it maybe one of the African nations

  43. well i think the ivory coast will be in the shake up,italy/brazil/???,wont go for spain as history says they are bad travelers

  44. TOONSY was just thinking seeing you back a bit,can you remember who where some of the first guys to post on the early blogs,and are they still posting

  45. Thing about England, I look at their team and it’s basically being designed to accomodate Rooney, which obvioulsy is because he is a world class player.

    But it’s also putting all pur eggs in one basket.

    Goalkeepers – Any one of them can balls up at anytime.
    G Johnson – Not convinced defensively
    Terry – Hasn’t looked the same since he got caught with his pants down.
    Ferdinand – Shaky, got ripped apart by the Japs
    Cole – No concern about him, point his ex in my direction ;)
    Wright-Phillips/Lennon – Lennon would be better as he has pace.
    Lumpard – Not convinced me for England.
    Gerrard – Same as above.
    Joe Cole – No concerns.
    Rooney – No concerns, if he keeps his temper in check.
    Heskey – There are goalkeepers that have a better goals to games ratio.
    Crouch – Will be fine against shite teams
    Defoe – Hmm, good enough?

  46. I suppose you could look at it this way. Heskey is going as he gets the best out of Rooney, apparently, and the stats back it up. Think Rooney has scored 2 goals when playing up top with someone else compared to 9 goals when playing with Heskey.

  47. Ice I know you never asked me but the guy just above you ( Stuart ) is one of the original poster along with BBM Geordie Deb, Batty and a few others that arnt on as much, I can remember for the 1st week or so I just read but wouldn’t comment as I felt like I was betraying Uncle Ed and I used to slag batty about being a traitor, plus to be honest I never got on with Stardust but got to like him in time

  48. Toonsy its not nice to say it but I think Rooney’s injuries will be back to haunt him, and as you rightly said they rely on him to much

  49. BIG DAVE cheers for that,i used to post on eds blog too,but dont now,couldnt keep up any way,agree about stardust,to me a blog bully,and when he doent win turns to insults,not my cup of tea.heard he was one of toonsy best mates like ;)

  50. this blog has over took eds by miles, this is the place to be for us toon fans,there is no better out there.

  51. toonsy, for me Hart hardly ever makes any mistakes. I certainly haven’t seen him make any. Think you’re being harsh on him.

    Also England will do better than many are predicting.

    We always get to the quarters and I now think we have a better team than in 2002 and 2006 and we most certainly have a better manager.

    In international tournament football a tactitian as good as Capello will make a real difference. Eriksson showed how limited he was and it cost us.

    I still think Spain will win it but I reckon we will go far.

  52. think it was hitman and batty that built the very first bunker,think komfort painted it out

  53. Happy birthday to you,
    squashed tomatoes & stew,
    you look like a monkey,
    & you live in the zoo.

  54. me and batty had to build a bunker,coz worky and stardust were on the attack :)

  55. toonsy,
    it’s blatantly obvious if you watch football whilst forming your own opinions at the same time.

  56. STUART what i worry with spain is they are very bad travelers,have been strong fav many times in the past and came up short,ivory/c will go far i think

  57. Ice I had a big falling out with him on Eds just before here started, but I got to see a different side to him ( rather than the sometimes arrogant and abusive )after a while and he could be quiet funny at times some of his and Stuart spats were brill. Did you post much on Eds before it closed ?. Eds was a real cracking blog before it closed and at 1st I thought nowt would replace it, but I think this is a better blog.

  58. Shout out to Rodzilla as well, the crazy fecker. Helped out with blog suggestions and contributed on the comments. Utterly off-the-wall on a weekend but always had something valid to say during the week about football.

    Reet, I’m home alone again so popping next door for beers and Mock the Week. Bachelor lifestyle again until Friday!

  59. EDs blog would still be going strong if he didnt decide to walk away,plus it was bad timing as we had just went down.

  60. Hitman – Ed shut after we lost to Scunny, that was the last real input.

    Now of course he is back…

    I’ll stop there before I get carried away ;)

  61. toonsy,
    re: what you were saying about heskey/rooney mate.
    Soz i was a bit opaque back there.

  62. BIG DAVE used too about twice a week,aye stuart puts his point and sticks to it which you might not agree with at times but thats his right,sometimes i do sometimes i dont my right too,all power to him like

  63. ho ri te!!!
    ha ho ripe!!!.
    ka mau!!!! hi!!!
    rin rin a pa quia awana ri pa kia ne oki!!. akia ne oki!!
    Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora!
    Ka mate! Ka mate!
    Ka ora!
    Tenei te tangata puhuru huru!
    nana nei i tiki mai!
    whatakawhiti te ra!
    A upa…ne!
    A upa…ne!
    A upa ne kaupane whiti te ra!!!

  64. eds blog was best in the early days i thought. when it got bigger there were bloody pop ups everywhere and i was forever re-setting my password too. it was good though. i see a fair few on here that used to go on there but a fair few have fell by the wayside as we have gone alone. This blog is great though and i enjoy the crack. drives my wife crazy.
    I hope no-one takes offense with me when i disagree – which is alot i know. it would be a boring blog if we were all puppets wouldn’t it. I always keep it on footy though, never personal.

  65. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 1, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    they’re wrong mate.
    You’re very civil.”

    Not bothered really ;)

    I don’t do it deliberately, I just have a view and stick to it. I always admit when I’m wrong though.

  66. TOONSY dont know who started that rumour,but thinking about it might just be right like ;)

  67. toonsy,. i think you are really argumentative… which is great so dont stop. i will be left rowing with myself over fat knacker ashley, profit, loss, and about 70% of all things newcastle.

  68. Toonsy for what its worth I think your a decent fella and dont think your really argumentative but you have toughened up. But ye do realise there is still some that go out of their way to have a go at you over anything

  69. Anyway, on a ‘blog related note. I apologise if it seems that at the minute I am just kind of reporting news, but it’s only really as there isn’t much going on at Newcastle right now, and there is only so many times the same thing can be said.

    It’s not like there is a catalogue of bumbling errors to jump on like there has been in the past, but I do try to keep it as original as I can, and generally only use a bit of news to try and fly into a debate or discussion.

    Just don’t want people to think the ‘blog is going that way, and trying to give a reason that pobably most of you will understand anyway :)

  70. CC dont think people take offence i dont anyway and why shouldnt you have a point of view,without insults of course,my point ex about eds blog,thinking of calling him machine-gun ED like

  71. craig,bellamy has already come out and says if he leaves man shitty he will only go to cardiff.

  72. he’s an obnoxious little shit Craig as I’ve said on here a few times but I’d love it just love it if we got him back but don’t think we could afford his wages never mind a fee.

  73. M.O.
    Ok, thought it might be like.
    was thinking nepalese or hindu but there y’go,

    He has a lot to answer for that Mao.

  74. how about doing a sort of end of day round up of the transfers in and out of all prem teams each day toonsy… so we can see how far we are falling behind with the YID and his master plan. it could roll over as a runnimg total in cost etc. if you start it now it should be easy to keep up with as there hasnt been too much activity yet. what you think?

  75. It’s the words to the haka, very uplifting, good for morale :grin:

  76. richietoon… if he wants to go to cardiff i am sure we can afforsd his wages. you know, if we had just kept half of the great players we have flogged off for shite we would be a top 6 team. parker, bellamy, milner, woody, given, zogs, bassong plus so many more, all still top class players in prem and better than we have. too many fcuking managers with too much ego. no stability… stability has to be key.

  77. Craig – That’ll just depress everyone, seeing other teams signing players lol

  78. always liked bellamy,dont think nolan sorry hughton would want him at the club,with all this harmony and love fest the players are having :wink:

  79. What I really want is the Premier League fixtures to be announced. Think it’s the 17th June?

    Jesus, just over two weeks away 8O

  80. MO @134…thought it sounded a bit like the haka mate. Dyer and Bowyer did the haka at the toon a few years back, slapping each other a bit..

    I read somewhere that Bellamy wanted to go to Cardiff cos he always wanted to play alongide Chopra..

  81. Happy birthday! Certaintly the best place to come for info about NUFC.
    Also, usually being one of those who only reads the articles I have caught myself posting time by time as well. Probably this place has a good karma…

  82. craig im with you on this one,we will be out spent by blackpool..whos average gate last season was just over 8000

  83. There’s the thing tho Craig he wants to go there to be home,it would be nice if he feels the same way about us.The fans need to play their part in the stability bit as well,a few bad results if the fans turn on the board it won’t be the board that goes it’ll be CH whether he’s been given cash to spend or not.It’s the way it is unfortunately.

  84. BIG DAVE aye m8 could be, havent heard the comment for a good while i think toonsy ganning soft like when sober,just what i heard dave;)

  85. Hitman – Closet gayness mate ;)

    Thats the rumour I heard anyway. Carroll is hung better than Taylor. Taylor had enough of being called ‘pinprick’, tried to start and Carroll finished it.

    As I say, take or leave it, but it’s what I heard from a bloke down the chip shop, think his name was Elvis.

  86. Richie – Your comment on the other thread was moderated because the swear filter doesn’t like the word ‘Scunthorpe’.

    Can’t argue with the taste of the filter like ;)

  87. 144… maybe richietoon, but i think that most of us are behind CH now nad i dont expect him to get any backing at all in this window. I hope and think that we will be cool with CH but pissed with cashley when it all goes pear shaped… which i think we all know it will.

  88. Craig – Thing is, we got pissed at Shepherd and look what happened. It wasn’t him who carried the can, he just pulled the trigger on whichever manager it was at the time and blamed it all on them.

  89. Hitman @149 Toonsy should like him then as he is allways harping on about “fisting” and having sessions with fellas so you never know its just what I can make of it ;)

  90. I mean if the fans turn on the board and Ashley it would be CH who would go its never the board.
    When did I mention Scunny Toonsy? I’m all confused

  91. TOONSY must have wrong bate on my fishing rod, let me think awhile.CLINT@115 no prob bud

  92. Around 8pm, on the Ashley must play his part thread. It’s sorted now.

    General gist was you were going on about football finances, and say Pompey were playing AC Milan two years ago, but now they will be playing Scunthorpe.

  93. I cant believe Carroll and Guthrie never made the cut. There’s no justice in football. Toooooooonnn!!!!

  94. when FFS was in charge i carnt recall many fans worrying about the clubs finances toonsy.
    ashley has played a belta here he has some fans convinced this club would of went under if FFS was still in charge,thats just not the truth.

  95. richietoon never worry mate he confuses most of us at times.
    Jay Jay if I was you mate I wouldn’t go for a session with him, I would rather go into the Glen Inn with a Rangers top on :lol: you would be safer

  96. Who gives a fck if Taylor us gay! As long as he gives his all on the pitch, I don’t give a flying!

  97. Toonsy @155 that wasn’t me mate,I was thinking bloody hell how much did I drink that day :-)

  98. The hole in the wall in a rangers top would be a bit more of a challenge mate :)

  99. Happy birthday to the blog AND THANK YOU wORKY FOR CREATING A BRILLIANT SITE.

  100. i would just like to point out that Ashley didn’t put the club up for sale because of fan pressure.

  101. I don’t know but it wasn’t due to fan pressure atleast not the 2nd time the first time deffinately was though.

  102. I want to post some hillarious comments from the mackems but it wont let me you know why worky ?

  103. Just watched 2012.

    An entire 2 hours of the cast escaping the clutches of impending doom via various vehicles amidst a doomsday/end of the world scenario. Some shameful acting and despite the brilliant cinematography, a shambles of a film. My pal should ask for his 3.99 back and maybe while he’s at it, see if we can get the 2 hours of our lives back please…

  104. Great blog, thanks a lot! You’ve a great writing style which makes the articles fun to read.

    As for Ed’s, I deleted it after too many pop-ups and other commercial nonsense.

  105. summerof69 says:
    June 1, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    “I want to post some hillarious comments from the mackems but it wont let me you know why worky ?”

    That will be the Mackem filter, Summer.